Opal Tometi

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Venezualan dictator Nicolas Maduro (left), Opal Tometi (right).

Opal Tometi is one of the co-founders of the bloody violent Marxist revolutionary group Black Lives Matter (BLM). Along with self described "queer" co-founders Alicia Garza and Patrisse Cullors, BLM has called for the extermination of the white race.[1] White supremacy is defined as white males who identify as heterosexual. Only white males with a gender identity among the 58 or so Facebook recognized gender identities other than heterosexual or "straight", are not considered subhuman (untermensch in BLM fascist parlance). The vast majority of BLM activists, supporters, and financial backers are white progressives.

Under BLM's declared socialist agenda, BLM has no concern whatsoever for the lives and wellbeing of African Americans.


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