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The Workers World Party (WWP) is a communist, extreme left-wing political party in the United States. The history of the Workers World Party is they were formed by Sam Marcy and his followers in about 1959 when they left the Socialist Workers Party (SWP). The SWP is Trotskyist, and as the Trotskyists were not friendly to the Stalin-era Soviet Union, the SWP opposed the 1956 Soviet invasion of Hungary. Sam Marcy and his followers supported the invasion. Marcy led his followers out of the SWP and started their own political party. The Workers World Party has been known to take the most extreme positions that even most other U.S. communist parties will not take: they were the only U.S. communist party to openly defend the Tiananmen Square massacre by the Chinese government, and the North Korean regime of Kim Jong-un, and one of the few to openly defend the regime of Slobodan Milosevic in Yugoslavia. The WWP is often characterized as hardline Stalinist, which is ironic given their Trotskyist roots.

According to their website the WWP "promotes international working-class solidarity, the right of every nation to sovereignty and self-determination, and militant resistance at home to imperialist interventions and wars." [1] The ATTAC Terror Report [2] characterizes the WPP as follows:

2020 Leftwing riots

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WWP’s Monica Moorehead wrote an article May 28, 2020 titled, Against police violence and capitalism, to rebel is justified:

“Workers World salutes all the brave protesters in Minneapolis, currently ground zero against police terror. We also salute those activists in Los Angeles, Memphis and other cities who are organizing protests and braving the pandemic to be in the streets or in car caravans to show solidarity with the demand: Justice for George Floyd and all victims of police violence.”

Moorehead goes on to quote WWP founder Sam Marcy’s defense of the 1992 Los Angeles riots—in which 63 people died:

“In times when the bourgeoisie is up against the wall, when the masses have risen suddenly and unexpectedly, the bourgeoisie gets most lyrical in abjuring violence. It conjures up all sorts of lies and deceits about the unruliness of a few among the masses as against the orderly law-abiding many. “Marxism here again cuts through it all. The Marxist view of violence distinguishes between the violence of the oppressors as against the responsive violence of the masses. Just to be able to formulate it that way is a giant step forward, away from disgusting bourgeois praise for nonviolence. It never occurs to any of them to show that the masses have never made any real leap forward with the theory of nonviolence. Timidity never made it in history.”[3]

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