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These are the tools used by liberals, in a proposed order of priority:

  1. Deceit [1] (see also: Atheism and deception)
  2. Interrupting speakers [2][3]
  3. Holding conservatives to a higher standard than they hold themselves.
  4. Bullying.
  5. Censorship.
  6. Capturing and misleading youth.
  7. Using liberal euphemisms.
  8. Sowing division among conservatives, such as atheists complaining that one particular prayer might offend someone of another religion.
  9. Desensitization.[4]
  10. Jamming.[5][6]
  11. Conversion.[7]
  12. Undermining religion.
  13. Misleading, "apples to oranges," statistics, or outdated ones, such as those used to support the "wage gap" myth
  14. Mocking science when it isn't weaponized as left-wing propaganda.[8]
  15. Portraying criminals and miscreants as being "conservative" when, in fact, they are not.
  16. Dismissing valid conservative criticism for no reason.
  17. Using the term "conservative" as a pejorative.
  18. Insisting on globalist terms and phrasing to the detriment of American English and meanings. This is an anti-American effort to promote "one-worldism."
  19. Never playing fair and seeking to change the rules whenever it doesn't suit them, such as demanding ending the Electoral College when they lose an election because of it, or court packing because they think the Supreme Court is too conservative.[9]


Please add to the list or adjust priorities, or add examples (as references) to illustrate how these liberal tools are used.

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