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Liberal slander is often used to destroy the credibility of experts who disagree with the liberal agenda. The purpose of the slander is to get average people to dismiss expert arguments from those having opposing views.


Dr. Elizabeth Whelan wrote:

  • Barbara Walters, for example, canceled a TV appearance by me, calling me a "paid liar for industry" — even though I had no support whatsoever from the food industry or any other industry in writing and promoting the book.[1]

Alexander Cockburn wrote:

  • Michaels is sometimes slammed as a hired gun for the fossil fuel industry, but I haven't seen any significant dents or quantitative ripostes to his meticulous scientific critiques.[2]

Evolutionists often attempt to discredit Creation scientists by aggressively slandering them.[3]

Liberals frequently label conservatives and conservative beliefs – even if the belief was mainstream only a few years prior – as "far-right" or "ultra-right."[4][5][6] They also label Christians who support biblical marriage as "anti-gay," equating them with non-western Muslims who support stoning homosexuals.[7]

The mainstream media frequently labels conservatives as "racist" even when they clearly are not.[8]

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