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Liberal lies are a blatant attempt to influence people in the wrong direction. When liberals can't win an argument by using facts and reasoning, they engage in irrationality and deceit.

Lies about conservatives and racism

For example, liberals have claimed for decades that U.S. Conservatives are "racist" and that the side that truly cares about oppressed minorities is the liberal side. The evidence for this is that Democrats JFK and RFK helped Martin Luther King with the civil rights movement and that LBJ signed the Civil Rights Act. But the evidence against it is that the majority of southern Democrats opposed equal rights for blacks. White House support was the exception, not the rule. It was rather the party of Lincoln (today's Republican Party) which freed the slaves. And President Bush appointed more people of color to high office than President Clinton.

Lies about science and wealth redistribution

Liberals lie about science, when it suits their cause. They want massive international wealth redistribution. When they couldn't get it through communism, they turned to indirect means like the Kyoto Protocol which mandates a "carbon tax" on the use of fossil fuels. This tax has nothing to with "saving the Earth"; that is just another liberal lie. Warm weather is good for the environment, particularly for farming. Anyone who cares about the poor would want them to be able to grow more food for themselves. Actually, liberals just want to get more power over money so they can be bureaucrats and fund their liberal social causes.

Lies about women's health and abortion

Ron Fitzsimmons admitted he "lied through his teeth" when he claimed late-term abortions were uncommon and used only in the most extreme situations. He admitted partial birth abortion was almost always performed on healthy mothers with healthy babies.[1]

Lies about guns

Liberals have made numerous false statements about guns with the aim of promoting gun control,[2] including the twisted statement that more Americans have been killed by guns in the U.S. since 1968 than in every battlefield in U.S. history, a statistic that is only accurate if one includes suicides where one uses a gun.[3]


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