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Bigotry is prevalent among liberals.[1][2] More specifically, it is common among atheists, elitists, racists, Muslims, homosexuals, and religious extremists (i.e. Westboro Baptist Church, Ku Klux Klan, Al Qaeda, etc.) towards critics of their ideologies. Some liberals deceitfully claim to uphold equality of all viewpoints and free speech, but are in fact routinely prejudiced against opposing viewpoints. They are particularly bigoted against Christians (and indeed faith in general) and Family Values. It is typical to see liberals refer to their opponents as "racists", "fascists", "Nazis", "rednecks", "gun nuts", "fanatics", or any number of more profane slurs. Bigotry can also be evidently seen when people refer to others who disagree with them as "bigots" or "intolerant", and this is a severe form of hypocrisy because it excuses their accountability by blaming someone else. The mainstream media is one of the liberal institutions that promotes bigotry.[3] Sometimes, conservatives and Christians develop the mindset that they will not be the victim of liberal bigotry if change their behavior to appeal to liberals while still holding the same beliefs, but this does not reduce the left's bigotry.[4]

Examples of liberal bigotry

  • The infamous Hamilton Square Baptist Church Riot, in which homosexuals maliciously attacked a church, terrorized its congregation, assaulted some of the parishioners and threatened young children present at the church.
  • Liberal and pro-abortion attacks on Pregnancy Centers.[5]
  • Students threaten and verbally abuse a student wearing a McCain T-shirt.[6]
  • Homosexual "rights" supporters protested outside of Los Angeles' largest Mormon temple because members of the Mormon church gave millions of dollars to the campaigning for Proposition 8, which banned same-sex "marriage" in California.[7]
  • Homosexual "rights" protesters at a pro-Proposition 8 rally tore a cross out of an elderly woman's hands and stomped on it. They then proceeded to verbally accost the woman for at least 10 minutes, some of which was shown on live TV.[8]
  • An ad for the campaign against Proposition 8 depicts Mormons as a type of religious "gestapo".[9]
  • Radical homosexual anarchists shouted profanities and blasphemies in a Michigan church, before engaging in malicious mischief such as unfurling a banner, throwing glitter at the parishioners and illegally pulling a fire alarm.[10]
  • Someone hacked the website of the Mormon church and replaced the front page with a video of homosexual porn.[11]
  • Bill Maher's movie Religulous uses lies and distortions to mock most major religions.[12]
  • Liberal "comedienne" Samantha Bee frequently accusing conservative politicians, public figures and the general public of being "bigots" for refusing to support liberal ideology on her show Full Frontal with Samantha Bee while hypocritically resorting to bigotry herself.
  • The ACLU attempted to stop a Christian band from playing at a city festival.[13]
  • New York Times correspondent Dan Mitchell allegedly sent a harassing Facebook email to a conservative correspondent for World Net Daily[14]
  • "Hate speech" laws might be able to be used to ban the Bible.[15]
  • Colorado law SB200 bans discriminatory references to homosexuals, which might include the Bible.[16]
  • Liberal Paul Krugman calls the Republican Party a "haven for racists",[17] ignoring that the Democrat Party is the party with the racist history and the Republicans have always opposed racism.
  • Liberal Charles Karel Bouley calls for the death of Joe the Plumber.[18]
  • Former Saturday Night Live cast member-turned-Democrat senator Al Franken mocks Christians while the liberal media covers for him by not publishing what he said.[19]
  • Democrat John Murtha called his constituents "rednecks".
  • Barack Obama accuses the public of clinging to guns and religion.
  • Big Brother host and The Talk co-host Julie Chen hypocritically accusing those who criticized Bruce Jenner for engaging in gender confusion by claiming to be a "woman" of being "bigots" while displaying her own bigotry in attacking Jenner's critics.
  • Muslims in India rioted when an author criticized Islam.[20]
  • The Ku Klux Klan's often violent activities against African Americans, Jews, homosexuals and Catholics.
  • The Holocaust; an attempted extermination of the entire European Jewish population by the Nazis.
  • Liberals on the Huffington Post website attacked one of their own, a liberal Brown University student who enrolled at Liberty University to investigate the school and write a book about his experiences, when his findings conflicted with their bigoted beliefs about conservative Christian evangelicals. They also predictably attacked Christian beliefs.[21][22]
  • In September 2017, a UC Riverside was recorded stealing a "Make America Great Again" hat from a Trump supporter and insulting him. He illustrated her lack of tolerance by demanding that the owner of the hat (which she claimed represented "genocide") be punished for wearing it, and said bigoted statements like "your f***ing freedom of speech is genocide, homeboy," "I swear to G** I could burn this s***," and "I f***ing hate this country. I hate it, and I’m not leaving."[23][24][25]
  • Also in September 2017, Saturday Night Live writer Jen Statsky tweeted on her Twitter account that she thought anyone who voted for Donald Trump "should have (their) children taken away", which drew overwhelming criticism against her in response.[26]
  • On October 1, 2017, a homosexual coffee shop owner kicked several Christians out of his shop because their very presence offended him.[27] This happened despite the fact that liberals and supporters of the homosexual agenda support forcing Christian business owners to serve homosexuals even when the context of that service would violate the religious beliefs of the Christians.
  • On one notable occasion in February 2018, the co-hosts of The View mocked Mike Pence's Christian faith and calling Pence's talking to Jesus Christ (and Christ answering) a "mental illness."[28]
  • After Fox News commentator Laura Ingraham mocked the fact that far-Left anti-gun child activist David Hogg had been rejected by several colleges, Hogg (despite using far more extreme and even bigoted commentary against conservatives[29]) targeted Ingraham's advertisers and refused to accept her apology, then was joined by Hollywood liberals in further bigoted and profane online attacks on Ingraham.[30]
  • A homeowner in California received some media attention in 2018 because she refused to sell her home to any Trump supporter.[31]
  • Liberals have written and said bigoted things about Christian businesses, such as questioning whether Chick-fil-A should be allowed to expand into New York City because of its Christian values and calling it "creepy."[32]
  • As examples of the Left's growing intolerance of conservative Christianity, Senators Bernie Sanders[33] and Cory Booker[34] both opposed nominees purely due to their adherence to Christian views on spirituality and morality.
  • In May 2018, Mitt Romney smeared conservative Christian pastor Robert Jeffress as being a "religious bigot" for holding the traditional Protestant Christian view that salvation is found only through Jesus Christ alone.[35]
  • A church in Indiana was kicked out of its building after posting a sign effectively saying that homosexuality is a sin.[36]
  • The many acts of violence and harassment by leftists against Trump supporters[37] and pro-life individuals.[38]
  • In August 2018, The New York Times defended new hire Sarah Jeong after it was revealed that she had made multiple racist, sexist, bigoted, and intolerant comments against white people, men, the police, and Donald Trump – not liberal-favored groups – and it tried to justify her blatant racism – it also knew of her tweets when it hired her. Jeong's racist tweets have drawn massive criticism against her on her Twitter account.[39]
  • After winning a Supreme Court case (on very narrow grounds) protecting his religious freedom with regards to being forced to violate his conscience, other left-wing groups, including Satanists and gender-confused people, jokingly requested cakes from Phillips expressing their anti-Christian points of view, and he even was sued for this.[40] Other anti-Christian individuals harassed him.[41]
  • In November 2018, a Democrat Illinois State Representative made a comment directed at a conservative Republican state representative, stating that she wished the latter's loved ones would die from Legionnaires Disease because he refused to support a bill that she supported.[42]
  • A Christian student at UC Berkeley in the student government was harassed, to the point where she feared for her safety, because she abstained – as opposed to voting "no" – from a symbolic student vote celebrating the homosexual agenda.[43][4]
  • Homosexual activists target churches when they do not endorse the homosexual agenda in violation of biblical teachings.[44]
  • NBC News anchor Chuck Todd announced he would not host anybody who did not accept human-caused "climate change", labeling them as "deniers."[45][46]
  • Far-left Democrat congresswoman Rashida Tlaib hung a map in her congressional office with a sticky note calling Israel "Palestine."[47] She earlier endorsed the anti-Israel BDS movement.[48] In addition to these anti-Semitic actions, Tlaib also made a bigoted tweet accusing Jewish-Americans of having divided loyalties, an attack frequently made by anti-Semites.[49] Tlaib also made bigoted statements against President Trump, saying that "we’re gonna impeach the mother****er,"[50] and many Democrats defended her vulgar comments.[51]
  • Far-left Democrat Representative Ilhan Omar promoted a homophobic conspiracy theory that U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham was a homosexual blackmailed by President Trump.[52][53] Additionally, the Democrat Party appointed Omar – who takes very anti-Israel positions – to the House Foreign Affairs Committee.[54]
  • The liberal media scorned the fact that Christian schools promote Christian values, treating it as "unusual" and "harmful", upon hearing news that Mike Pence's wife had begun teaching in a Christian school.[55] In response, Pence verbally ripped into his wife's critics for their anti-religious bigotry.
  • A University of Georgia TA stated that "some white people may have to die" for blacks to advance.[56]
  • In January 2019, the mainstream media, left-wingers, and many token conservatives rushed to judgment against a group of Catholic students wearing MAGA hats, claiming they harassed an American Indian activist when the activist actually harassed them in a publicity stunt.[57] The media engaged in character assassination and falsely smeared the students as "racists" and "bigots,"[58] while self-righteous pundits and liberal activists made racist[59][60] and nasty attacks against them[61] and they called for violence against them, all based solely on contrived and manipulated fake news opinion pieces disguised as "news" churned out by the liberal media to fit its narrative.[62]
  • Liberals often have a bigoted attitude toward the MAGA hat.[63][64] For example, in January 2019, Alyssa Milano compared people wearing MAGA hats to KKK members while ignoring that the KKK was founded by Democrats as that party's terrorist wing, a fact which a number of Milano's Twitter critics pointed out to her as part of a massive wave of criticism against her for her misinformed tweet.[65]
  • Democrats opposed several of President Trump's judicial nominees because of their personal religious beliefs.[66]
  • American Indian activist Nathan Phillips tried to force himself into a Roman Catholic church and disrupt its mass.[67][68]
  • Liberals have frequently demonized white men, despite the fact that the majority of liberals are themselves white.[69]
  • Many liberals hate ICE so much they even cursed, mocked, and slandered individual agents simply upon hearing their association with the agency.[70]
  • In February 2019, 2020 presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg called Mike Pence's traditional Christian views on homosexuality "fanatical."[71]
  • In the UK, 7 members of the socialist Labor Party resigned in February 2019 over its anti-Semitism.[72][73]
President Obama with Jussie Smollett.
  • In January and February 2019, liberals "pounced" on a claim by left-wing homosexual actor Jussie Smollett that he was the victim of a violent hate crime by Trump supporters – once again smearing Trump supporters as evil people – when it was later found he made up the story.[74]
  • Comedians Jimmy Kimmel and Joy Behar both have dressed up in blackface to amuse their primarily leftist audiences.[75]
  • Far-left activist Keith Olbermann described a Mississippi hunter a "pea-brained scumbag" for legally killing a turkey and making a video describing what hunting is like, with Olbermann calling on his Twitter followers to make the hunter's life a "living hell."[76]
  • Hollywood actor and left-wing activist Chris Evans stated that he could not do the "mental gymnastics" needed to associate with a Trump supporter.[77]
  • Yale University adopted a policy of only funding fellowships for organizations that hire LGBT++ students, something discriminatory against Christians who believe marriage is between one man and one woman.[78]
  • Leftists have made personal and death threats to Trump Administration officials working on border security.[79]
  • Several 2020 Democrat presidential candidates said they would only consider a woman as their vice presidential running mates, and with others attacking white people and claiming that women govern differently than men.[80]
  • A professor at Trinity College in Connecticut claimed on Twitter that "whiteness is terrorism," something the university defended as "academic scholarship."[81]
  • A Democrat state representative in Alabama defended abortion by stating that "some kids are unwanted, so you kill them now or you kill them later."[82] When confronted about the statements, he stated that Donald Trump Jr. should have been aborted.[83]
  • Brian Sims, a Democrat state representative from Pennsylvania, resorted to racism, ageism, misogyny and anti-Christian bigotry as he attempted to doxx two pro-life teenage girls, and he harassed an elderly pro-life woman by telling his followers to target her home.[84] Despite these statements and actions toward pro-life individuals, he only chose to apologize to fellow pro-abortion activists.[85]
  • Left-wing New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand compared being pro-life to being "racist".[86]
  • William Latson, the Principal of Spanish River Community High School in Boca Raton and a registered Democrat, said, "I Can’t Say The Holocaust Is A Factual, Historical Event" and later wrote, “Not everyone believes the Holocaust happened.”[87][88][89]
  • In one notable instance in 2019, a left-wing writer ended a decades-long friendship because his conservative friend refused to stop wearing his MAGA hat.[90]
  • Despite claiming that the U.S. Women's National Team "is about inclusion", its members trashed a Christian soccer player who had previously refused to play on the team because she would have been forced to wear a pro-homosexual jersey against her conscience.[91][92][93]
  • Left-wing bigots unjustly stripped Kathy Zhu, Chinese-American Miss Michigan winner in the Miss World America contest, of her crown. Zhu was a College Republican and active volunteer for Chinese-Americans for Trump, and her title was taken from her because she expressed conservative views.[94]
  • Liberal actress/singer Bette Midler drew heavy flack on Twitter for a racist tweet she posted where she accused black attendees at a Donald Trump rally of having been "paid" to attend the event, basically implying that blacks cannot think for themselves.[95]
  • An Alabama church posted a sign stating that "A black vote for Trump is mental illness."[96][97]
  • The New York Times published an op-ed attacking conservative Christians.[98]
  • Beto O'Rourke at a nominal "anti-hate" rally cheered and supported a song with hateful and profane lyrics stating "f*** Donald Trump."[99]
  • A UC Berkeley instructor claimed that "rural Americans" are "bad people" who have made "bad life decisions."[100]
  • In December 2019, comedian Patton Oswalt labeled President Trump, his voters, and his current supporters "a**holes."[101]
  • A New York Times columnist labeled opponents of mass migration "snakes and vermin."[102]
  • In December 2019, liberal NBC anchor Chuck Todd mocked conservative Christians for believing the Bible.[103]
  • In December 2019, a former Obama speechwriter called the U.S. Constitution and the Old Testament of the Bible "evil."[104]
  • Senator Barbara Boxer mocked Condoleezza Rice for being unmarried and having no children.[105]

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