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Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders
Junior U.S. Senator from Vermont
From: January 3, 2007 – present
Predecessor Jim Jeffords
Successor Incumbent (no successor)
U.S. Representative from Vermont's At-large Congressional District
From: January 3, 1991 – January 3, 2007
Predecessor Peter Smith
Successor Peter Welch
Party Democrat and Democratic Socialist
Spouse(s) Deborah Shiling (1964 – 1966)
Jane O'Meara
Religion Jewish (In Name Only)

Bernard "Bernie" Sanders, born September 8, 1941 (age 82), is a Marxist-Leninist, Communist, pro-inflationist limousine liberal elite millionaire 1%er,[1] and demagogue who preys on naive and unsuspecting youth, minorities, and working people with class war hate speech. He currently serves as a United States Senator representing Vermont. His extremism is visible in his 2020 Presidential campaign slogan, "No Middle Ground."[2] Sanders is a pre-eminent leftwing Socialist mass murder denier and proponent of communist dictatorship.[3] Sanders has openly advocated for the extermination and genocide of infants from the Third World.[4][5][6]

Sanders has long-time associations with Marxist, Communist, and Anti-American organizations.[7] He ran for office on the Vermont ballot as a supposed 'Independent', is the founder of the Communist-dominated Congressional Progressive Caucus, and caucuses with Democrats. He has been instrumental in the far-Left take over of the Democrat Party. He calls himself a Democratic Socialist, registered as a Democrat to run for the presidency in the 2016 elections, dropped out, re-registered again for the 2020 presidential election and dropped out again.

He served in the House of Representatives for eight terms after serving several terms as mayor of Burlington. Sanders has a 100% pro-abortion voting record. Sanders has a child born out of wedlock.[8]

Sanders has a devout and violent following. He tickles his supporters' ears with all the usual Marxist claptrap: Banks are bad, equality, the middle class, minimum wage, housing the homeless, free healthcare, free college, a government so big it will be like living in a utopia. He is a radical socialist who supports pro-abortion movements, such as Planned Parenthood.

2020 presidential campaign

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Sanders has inspired leftist acts of violence, including kind words for Antifa and mass shootings of Republicans and Trump supporters, in the name of socialist revolution. Sanders oft repeated slogan is, "There Is No Middle Ground."[9] NBC News Director Chuck Todd compared Sanders supporters to Nazi Brownshirts.[10] Democrat hardliner Chris Matthews of MSNBC speculated that if socialism wins, there will be "executions in Central Park." [11] Ironically, Sanders began his win streak of government run healthcare and liberal censorship at the same time the Communist Party of China was wrestling with the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

True to his Marxist convictions, Sanders claims that his own words "mischaracterize" his thinking.[12] The Sanders campaign has defended Sanders' use of the N-word.[13]


Among the dreams that Sanders presents as plans are:[14]

  • Murder the preborn: Fully fund Planned Parenthood, protect women’s availability to safe and legal abortion. health, and access to contraception.
  • Protect those who promote sodomy, lesbianism, gender dysphoria, etc.: Pass the Equality Act under which faithful Christians will be persecuted for obeying God and conscience.
  • Assault weapons: Regulate assault weapons in the same way that we currently regulate fully automatic weapons — a system that essentially makes them unlawful to own. Support “red flag” laws and legislation to ensure we keep guns out of the hands of domestic abusers and stalkers
  • Free Pre-K and child care and public education (and indoctrination) for all. Guaranteed universal full-day, full-week pre-kindergarten education funded in full by the federal government for every child to regardless of income, starting at age 3. Make transformative investments in our public education system. Double the number of early childhood educators in this country to more than 2.6 million. Guarantee everyone working in the field of early education a living wage. Require anyone providing direct service to young children have at least child a Child Development Associates (CDA) credential, require all assistant teachers have at least an Associate’s Degree in early childhood education or child development, and require all lead preschool teachers have a Bachelor's degree in early childhood education or child development. End for-profit charter schools.
  • Education spending: Invest $10 billion to create and expand HBCU (historically black colleges and universities) medical, dental, and teacher training graduate programs. Invest $5 billion in HBCU infrastructure grants and cancel all institutional HBCU loan debt from the Capital Financing Program. Double Title III and Title V funds to decrease the funding gap between HBCUs and MSIs and predominantly white institutions Set the starting salary for teachers at no less than $60,000. Spend $50 billion over the next decade to substantially expand access to summer and after-school programs, teen centers and tutoring. Provide year-round, free universal school meals. Ensure that the federal government provides at least 50 percent of the funding for special education. Rebuild, modernize, and green our nation’s schools. Provide funding for union training fund programs to help early care and learning professionals, with strong protections for unionizing, etc. regardless of immigration status.
  • College for all: Guarantee tuition and debt-free public colleges, universities, HBCUs, Minority Serving Institutions and trade-schools for all. Cancel all student loan debt for the some 45 million Americans who owe about $1.6 trillion. Invest $5 billion in high-quality teacher preparation programs at Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Minority Serving Institutions of higher education (MSIs), and Tribal Colleges.
  • Housing for all: Invest $2.5 trillion to build nearly 10 million permanently affordable housing units. Investing $70 billion to repair, decarbonize, and build new public housing. Make Section 8 vouchers available to all eligible families. National rent control standard.
  • Medicare for All: single-payer, national health insurance program to provide everyone in America with comprehensive health care coverage, free at the point of service, including home and community-based long-term care, in-patient and out-patient services, mental health and substance abuse treatment, reproductive and maternity care, prescription drugs, dental, hearing, vision, and home. And more.
  • Jobs for all: Enact a federal jobs guarantee, to ensure that everyone is guaranteed a stable job that pays a living wage. Create 20 million jobs as part of the Green New Deal, and millions of healthcare jobs and new jobs in early childhood education.
  • Worker Unionization: Eliminate “Right to Work for Less” laws. Double union membership within Bernie’s first term, including by allowing unionization of farm workers and domestic workers. Shift the wealth of the economy back into the hands of the workers who create it. make corporations pay their fair share of taxes by reversing Trump’s corporate tax breaks and closing corporate tax loopholes to raise up to $3 trillion over 10-years.
  • High speed Internet for all: Provide $150 billion through the Green New Deal in infrastructure grants and technical assistance for municipalities and/or states to build publicly owned and democratically controlled, co-operative, or open access broadband networks.
  • Debt cancellation: Eliminate all of the $81 billion in past-due medical debt held by 79 million Americans.
  • Government banking business: Allow every post office to offer basic and affordable banking services.
  • Social Security expansion: Expand Social Security benefits for all recipients. Quadruple funding for the Older Americans Act and expanding other programs seniors rely on.
  • Veterans: End restrictions on access to care and benefits based on the nature of one's discharge.
  • Green New Deal: provide $200 billion to the Green Climate Fund. Transform US energy system to 100 percent renewable energy. Invest weatherization, public transportation, modern infrastructure and high-speed broadband.
  • Decriminalization: Cut the national prison population by 50%. Reversing the criminalization of addiction. Legalize marijuana and expung past convictions. Abolish the death penalty, three strikes laws, and mandatory minimum sentences. Guarantee a “Prisoners Bill of Rights.” Outlaw for-profit prisons and detention centers. Ban cash bail. Outlaw the use of facial recognition software for policing.
  • Immigration: Institute a moratorium on deportations. Welcome refugees displaced by climate change. Break up ICE and CBP..
  • Feminism: Pass the Equal Rights Amendment.
  • Elections:Guarantee the right to vote for every American over 18, including those Americans currently incarcerated and including felons.
  • Punish prosperity: Increase annual taxes on the wealthiest 180,000 U.S. households, which would cut in half the wealth of billionaires over 15 years. Increase IRS funding for enforcement and require the IRS to perform an audit of 30 percent of wealth tax returns for those in the 1 percent bracket and a 100 percent audit rate for all billionaires. The wealth tax includes a 40 percent exit tax on the net value of all assets under $1 billion and 60 percent over $1 billion for all wealthy individual seeking to expatriate to avoid the tax. Raise taxes on companies the pay their CEO's far more than typical workers. Tax Wall Street speculators through the Inclusive Prosperity Act Financial Transaction Tax.


Bernie goes toe-to-toe with capitalism.

See: Individuals who have served on Bernie Sander's staff Sanders hired Paul Manafort partner Tad Devine as an advisor on both his 2016 and 2018 campaigns. Devine managed Putin ally Viktor Yanukovych campaign for the presidency of Ukraine. Upon Sanders announcement of his intention to run, Sanders immediately shot up as the top frontrunner of Democratic hopefuls in the 2020 Presidential election. Many former Bernie supporters turned against him because of his disrespectful and nasty personality.[15]

Former Bernie Sanders campaign co-chair Nina Turner said voting for Joe Biden is like "eating a bowl of s***."[16]


A senior political advisor to Sanders and former adviser to the anti-Semitic Women's March, Winnie Wong, tweeted a gif of far left UK Labour Party leader and anti-Semite Jeremy Corbyn dancing on the grave of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. The gif also contains a Red Rose, the symbol of the global socialist movement and conspiracy.[17] after Conservative Party Prime Minister Theresa May resigned in the Spring of 2019. Wong tweeted the image and wrote, "Jeremy Corbyn's gonna to be the next PM of England. That's gonna be so much fun."[18] Thatcher, who was British PM at the demise of the Soviet Union famously said, "There is no alternative to capitalism."

Leading anti-Semite Linda Sarsour is one of the chief surrogates of the Sanders campaign.

Sexual violence

Sanders ran a campaign that was rife with sexual violence and harassment against males, females, and other genders. Sanders ignored complaints from at least two dozen male and female volunteers (and however many other genders) of "sexual violence and harassment" in his 2016 presidential campaign.[19] The New York Times reported that Sanders had apologized to female victims of sexual violence who "were not treated properly",[20] however male victims of sexual violence in the Sanders campaign have not been addressed. Secondly, a mere "apology" does not address the serious issue of sexual violence in the Sanders campaign. No single person has been reported to have been arrested or disciplined.

Sanders did an interview with ex-stripper Cardi B who admitted to drugging and robbing men.[21]

Unfair labor practices

Sanders’ campaign was hit with an unfair labor practice complaint alleging illegal employee interrogation and retaliation against staffers. The complaint to the National Labor Relations Board, lists five potential violations of the National Labor Relations Act. The charge also alleges that the campaign unlawfully discharged an employee, modified a labor contract, and engaged in illegal discipline.[22]

Starvation wages

Venezuelans eating "Bernie Burgers" out of a garbage truck.[23]

While Sanders vowed a $15 minimum wage, he was only paying campaign workers $13 an hour. Many complained of poor working conditions. In response, Sanders raised pay to $15 an hour and cut their hours.[24][25] Loss of hours and part-time status had the effect of reducing healthcare benefits.


Bernie Sanders said of Baltimore, Maryland:

Residents of Baltimore’s poorest boroughs have lifespans shorter than people living under dictatorship in North Korea. That is a disgrace.[26]

Sanders further added, "anyone who took the walk that we took around this Baltimore neighborhood would not think you’re in a wealthy nation, you'd think that you were in a Third World country”.[27]

Baltimore Deputy Police Chief was robbed at gunpoint.[28] By mid 2019 Baltimore was a rat infested dump with 180 homicides.[29] Baltimore is so infested with rodents the Baltimore Sunn' published a map of rat hot spot map.[30][31] Speaker Nancy Pelosi white-flighted from Baltimore in 1962.[32][33]

Sanders supports racist killer Dylann Roof’s right to vote.[34]

New Jim Crow

See also: The New Jim Crow

Bernie Sanders voted for the Clinton era 1994 Crime bill,[35] authored by Sen. Joe Biden. The bill added more than forty crimes that would be eligible for the death penalty. The NAACP and other groups lobbied against the bill.[36]

By 2001, the United States had the highest rate of incarceration in the world. Human Rights Watch reported that in seven states, African Americans constituted 80 to 90 percent of all drug offenders even though they were no more likely than whites to use or sell illegal drugs. Prison admissions for drug offenses reached a level in 2000 for African Americans more than 26 times the level they had been under Ronald Reagan.[37]

Among other provisions, the bill targeted "Superpredators," and handed out 20-year mandatory sentences for gang membership or recruiting. The bill did "everything but hang people for jaywalking.”[38]

Iowa and New Hampshire

See also: 2020 Antifa riots

As Sanders rose in the polls, leftist violence escalated.

The poster reads, "Deathcamps for Trump Supporters".
  • Bernie supporter tried to burn down GOP HQ in California.[39]
  • Leftist attempted voter intimidation and suppression at Trump registration event by deliberately driving his vehicle through it.[40]
  • Leftist wanted to "Slit Republican throats" at a voter registration table.[41]
  • GOP Headquarters vandalized in New Mexico.[42]
  • Retired cop punched in the face when red hat triggers leftist.[43]

Love of communism

A satirical article has Sanders reminiscing about his drunken honeymoon to Time magazine in his beloved Soviet Russia saying:
"on our honeymoon, I took Jane to Russia, back when it was still known as the Soviet Union. Russia was an incredible place back then, before the billionaires ruined everything. Who needs 30 different types of deodorant anyway? In the glory days of the Soviet Union, there was one brand, it was called “Deodorant,” and you had to wait four hours in line for it. By the time you got your hands on one, you were sweating so badly, not even the greediest billionaire’s fanciest deodorant could mask the stench. Or as I call it: The sweet smell of equality!"[44][45]
Vladimir Putin commented on the glory days of the Soviet Union:
"Whoever does not miss the Soviet Union has no heart. Whoever wants it back has no brain.

Barack Obama said of Sanders during the 2016 primaries, "I am hurt, though, Bernie, that you've distancing yourself a little from me. I mean, that's just not something that you do to your comrade."[46]

Prison industrial complex

Sanders adopted Linda Evans prison industrial complex slogan as part agenda.[47] Evans is a far left radical member of the terrorist group Weather Underground[48] who was convicted and sentenced in 1987 to 40 years in prison in connection with the 1981 Brinks armored truck robbery in which two police officers and a guard were killed. In a second case, she was sentenced in 1990 to five years in prison for conspiracy and malicious destruction in connection with eight bombings, including the 1983 United States Senate bombing.

While in prison, she authored The Prison Industrial Complex with funding from the George Soros Open Society Institute.[49]

Bernie Sander's on Biden's dementia

See also: Biden's age and Bernie Sanders' age

Bernie Sander's believes Biden's overall health and well-being is the issue when it comes to whether to whether or not Joe Biden is able to perform his presidential duties should he be elected.[50]

Spefically, The Week reported about Bernie Sanders' comments about Joe Biden's age:

Sanders likewise conceded to Politico that his age is "part of a discussion, but it has to be part of an overall view of what somebody is and what somebody has accomplished," as well as "the overall health and wellbeing of the individual."[50]


The Sanders campaign is funded by donors in the wealthiest Zip codes in the United States.[51]

Geographically, Bernie's top dollar zip code is 94110 in San Francisco. The average household income in this part of the Mission District, specifically the Inner Mission, the Bernal Heights area, is $166,302. The median home value is around $1.5 million and the median rent is almost $5,000 a month. The next top dollar zip code in San Francisco, 94117 or Haight-Ashbury where the average income is $201,503 and average home values top $1.6 million.

The Brooklyn zipcode of 11215 or Park Slope is the second biggest top dollar zip code of Bernie donors. It’s a place where a three-bedroom apartment can go for $2.9 million.

In third place on Bernie’s donor list is 10025 or the Upper West Side of Manhattan. With an average rental price of $4,695 per month, it’s not exactly an inexpensive place to live. The UWS is the 8th richest neighborhood with a $190,281 mean household income.

11238 or Prospect Heights, in fourth place, is a newly gentrified neighborhood in Brooklyn where the median sales price passed $1 million, and you can expect to spend $800,000 for a one-bedroom co-op.

In fifth place is 98103, the Seattle neighborhood of Wallingford. With an average household income of $124,504, the University of Washington neighborhood with its $800,000 homes isn’t working class. Among the cheapest housing options is a $400,000 one-bedroom condo that’s a mere 757 square feet. The area is so expensive because it’s home to tech employees, including Microsoft engineers. Microsoft employees are among Bernie’s top dollar donors.

And in seventh place is 90026. The Echo Park neighborhood in Los Angeles where the median price for housing is $813,000, and rents can hit $6,700 a month.

In eight place is the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago at zip code 60647. A condo will set you back over half a million dollars. The rush got so bad that a garage transformed into a home was going for $2.85 million.

Ninth and tenth on the list of Bernie’s money neighborhoods are two expensive Manhattan areas. 10003, Union Square and Greenwich Village in downtown Manhattan, is home to NYU where condos cost millions of dollars. In tenth place is 10011 or Chelsea and the West Village of Manhattan. It’s also the single most expensive zip code in New York City. Not only is it the most expensive area in New York, but it’s the 23rd most expensive area in the country with a median sale price approaching $2 million. And with average monthly rents of over $4,000, it’s the 19th most expensive rental area in the entire United States. It’s also home to New York’s Silicon Alley, the city’s tech industry ghetto of dot com and fintech startups.[52]

2016 presidential primaries

At a press conference on April 30, 2015, Sanders announced his intention to run for the Democrat nomination in the 2016 presidential election.[53] Sanders accused his main rival, Hillary Clinton of racism, but in the end he backed the racist Democrat nominee.[54]

USA Today reported a 37-page indictment from special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation shows that Russians worked to boost the campaign of Bernie Sanders to damage Hillary Clinton. The Russians “engaged in operations primarily intended to communicate derogatory information about Hillary Clinton, to denigrate other candidates such as Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, and to support Bernie Sanders."[55]

Ted Devine (left) Bernie Sanders (center) Paul Manafort (right). Devine and Sanders colluded with Putin stooge Victor Yanukovich and reported to Russian intelligence officer Konstantin Kilimnik. Manafort faces life in prison. Devine was hired by Sanders as chief strategist for his 2016 and 2018 presidential campaigns.[56]

Sanders hired Paul Manafort partner Tad Devine of Devine Mulvey Longabaug as his chief strategist.[57] Devine and Manafort worked for the election of Putin crony Victor Yanukovich as President of the Ukraine in 2010.[58] In February 2019 Sanders entered the 2020 presidential election and re-hired Devine's company, of which Devine is president.[59]

Sanders calls himself an outsider and anti-establishment. He has spent the last 40 years in politics, though admittedly, he has never been able to attain the level of "establishment", because he has been unable to be accepted by anyone, nor to receive much support on any of his issues. His own views are the reason why he has long been an "outsider", even though he's been admitted to serve in the government.

Sanders does take pleasure in creating the same straw men as Obama. Specifically, the GOP war on women. Calls to defund Planned Parenthood is an opportunity for Sanders to denounce the treatment of women. He would kill a child in the womb for any reason and at any term but the GOP is extremist. Sanders will say the GOP wants to deny women's health services. The facts are that 13,000 women's health centers are available that are not owned by Planned Parenthood. He supports babies chopped up and sold for parts. No concern for underage victims of rape not being reported. He is indifferent to the fraudulent billing of the US government.

Class warfare is a favorite theme for Sanders, pitting rich against the poor. His Marxist linchpin is the argument that the banks are too big. He also claims that billionaires are hurting the country, citing the Koch brothers over and over. He believes that America needs to spend another $18 Trillion dollars despite being $18 Trillion in debt. He has also made claims supporting single-payer healthcare, free college tuition, etc.

In one rant, Sanders claimed that Americans needlessly have too many choices when it comes to deodorant brands, noting that he counted 23 different types of the product for sale. Somehow he tied the story into feeding the poor. produced a satirical video mocking its absurdity titled "The Bernie Sanders Save the Children Fund".[60]

He has said that America is racist, and he frequently puts America down.

Sanders is the author of "Rape Essays," a 1972 essay on sexual behavior filled with lurid sexual fantasies. He claimed that it was a satirical essay against traditional gender roles.[61][62]

Sanders uses what some people call Christian socialism to further his campaign, citing Pope Francis. However, Sanders cherry picks what elements of Christianity he agrees with and ignores the rest. He told a crowd of 300 in Alabama that Jesus was a socialist.[63]

Sanders has expressed his undying support for socialist tyrants and mass murderers. Some Florida Democrats call Sanders undying devotion to the authoritarian dictator Fidel Castro "unacceptable" and "insulting."[64]

Democratic Socialism

See also: Democratic Socialism, Democide, Berlin Wall, and North Korea

Sanders began his electoral political career in 1971 as a member of the Liberty Union Party, which originated in the anti-war movement and the People's Party. He ran as the Liberty Union candidate for governor of Vermont in 1972 and 1976 and as a candidate for U.S. senator in 1972 and 1974.[65] Sanders claimed the U.S. government and CIA were responsible for a series of domestic bombings.[66] In 1980, Sanders ran for mayor of Burlington, Vermont at the suggestion of his close friend and political confidante Richard Sugarman, a professor of religion at the University of Vermont. He defeated the incumbent Democrat mayor by 10 votes and served for eight years, from April 6, 1981, to April 4, 1989. From 1980 to 1984, Sanders campaigned for the Socialist Workers Party and was investigated by the FBI because of his association with the Marxist group.[67]

In 1986, Sanders unsuccessfully challenged incumbent Governor Madeleine Kunin (D) in her reelection bid. Running as an independent, Sanders finished third with 14.4% of the vote. Kunin won with 47%, followed by Lt. Governor Peter P. Smith (R) with 38%.

In 1990 Sanders was elected to the U.S. Congress as a Socialist on a third party ticket. Sanders was a leading member of the National Rainbow Coalition at the time and was one of two candidates endorsed by the He was supported by the Democratic Socialists of America Political Action Committee. "DSAer Democrat" Neil Abercrombie also sought to regain the House seat representing Honolulu.[68] Sanders was endorsed by the AFL-CIO, environmentalists and Democratic Party leaders.[69]

DSA supported Sanders 2006 Senate race.[70][71][72]

Sanders has praised failing and flawed welfare systems of other countries as a model for the U.S. to follow.[73]


In 1985 Sanders traveled to New York City to meet with Daniel Ortega a few weeks after Nicaragua imposed a “state of emergency”, mass arrests of the socialist regime's critics, and the shuttering of opposition newspapers and magazines. Sanders refused to condemn the decision. Sanders said in a press conference that he was “not an expert in Nicaragua” and “not a Nicaraguan." “Am I aware enough of all the details of what is going on in Nicaragua to say ‘you have reacted too strongly?’ I don’t know.” Sanders later said that the Sandinistas’ brutal crackdown “makes sense to me.” TV talk-show host Phil Donahue told Ortega that his actions looked "fascist".

In 1985 Sanders was "the highest ranking American official” to attend a parade celebrating the Sandinista seizure of power in Nicaragua as Daniel Ortega's guest. Other wire reports described it as an “anti-U.S. rally" with the crowd chanting “Here, there, everywhere/the Yankee will die.”[74]

Sanders thought the Sandinista Marxist-Leninist clique had much to teach Burlington: “Vermont could set an example to the rest of the nation similar to the type of example Nicaragua is setting for the rest of Latin America.”

In 1987 Sanders hosted Nora Astorga of the Sandinistas to Burlington. Astorga had lured Gen. Reynaldo Perez-Vega, a high-ranking figure in the Somoza regime, to her apartment with promises of sex. Perez-Vega’s body was later recovered wrapped in a Sandinista flag with his throat slit.[75]

U.S Peace Council

A notice was placed in the communist newspaper, the Guardian (NY) on November 8, 1989, concerning an upcoming U.S. Peace Council national conference.[76] The U.S. Peace Council was a Kremlin-backed anti-American communist front organization. Speakers included Bernie Sanders, Rep.John Conyers, Leslie Cagan, Holly Sklar, Jack O'Dell of the Rainbow Coalition, Zehdi Terzi of the Palestine Liberation Organization, Gunther Drefahl of the East German Peace Council among others.[77]

'Socialist Scholars'

Sanders was a regular speaker at the Democratic Socialist's alleged 'Socialist Scholars' conferences and other DSA conventions throughout the country along with DSA vice chair and former director of the National Gay and Lesbian Clubs Christine Riddiough, DSA director Jim Shoch, Harry Magdoff, Paul Sweezy, Frances Fox Piven, Joseph S. Murphy of CUNY, President of the SEIU Local 1199 Dennis Rivera, author Ellen Willis, Doug Henwood, Robert Heilbroner, Bill Tabb, Robert Fitch, Jane Slaughter and Ellen Meiksins Wood.[78][79] Sanders was introduced by Congressman Bob Filner as the keynote speaker at DSA's national convention in 1999.

I.F. Stone

In October 1988, KGB agent and American propagandist I. F. Stone wrote a letter endorsing Burlington mayor Bernie Sanders' congressional run:
Dear Friend,
I've been politically active all my life. I was a member of the Executive Committee of the Socialist Party in New Jersey, before I was old enough to vote.
Now I'd like to ask you to join me in a historic step forward in American politics. My favorite Mayor -- Bernie Sanders of Burlington, Vermont -- is running for Congress, and with our help he can win an unprecedented victory for us all.
Bernie is a unique figure in our political system. He's an unapologetic socialist who has been elected Mayor of Vermont's largest city four times. He has proved that a socialist, running as an Independent against the combined opposition of Republicans and Democrats, can be successful by speaking out for working people, the elderly and the poor.
Under Bernie's leadership, Burlington has become a vibrant, innovative city, nationally recognized for its accomplishments. The U. S. Conference of Mayors recently gave it the "Most Liveable City" award, and even the conservative U.S. News and World Report has spotlighted Bernie as one of the country's Top Twenty Mayors (December 21, 1987).
Bernie has been a leader in the struggle for peace and justice . His activism was instrumental in Vermont's strong support of the Nuclear Freeze in its town meetings in 1982. He has traveled to Nicaragua to speak out against the Reagan Administration's war, and to establish a Sister City relation between Burlington and Puerto Cabezas. More recently, he went to the Soviet Union to set up a Sister City program with Yaroslavl.
While socialism has a long and proud history in America, extending back to the utopian experiments of the early 1800s, it's been a long time since we've had a socialist voice in Congress. Not since Victor Berger of Milwaukee in the twenties , has the debate gone beyond the limits set by the conventional two-party system.
Having Bernie in Washington will widen out the limits of political discussion. He'll speak up loudly, as he has in Vermont, for real alternatives. He'll show that we need a pragmatic socialism to deal with the grave problems of our economic system.

Voting record

Bernie Sanders has missed 4.4% of the roll call votes, higher than the average 1.7% of lifelong senators' records.[80] As of October 2015, he has introduced 353 bills in his 16 years in Congress, though only 3 of them were into law, giving him less than a 1% success rate.[81]

Between 1995 and 2007, Sanders passed 17 amendments by a recorded roll call vote, the highest of any member of Congress during that period.[82]

CPC founders

Once elected, Sanders was the founder of the Congressional Progressive Caucus. Co-founders included House members Ron Dellums, Lane Evans, Tom Andrews, Peter DeFazio, and Maxine Waters.

Since 1998 the Progressive Caucus has held its own Progressive State of the Union. Attendees and speakers include Tammy Baldwin [D-WI], John Cavanagh co-director of the Institute for Policy Studies, John Conyers [D-MI], Peter DeFazio [D-OR], Karen Dolan, Coordinator Institute for Policy Studies, Earl Hilliard [D-AL], Maurice Hinchey [D-NY], Stephanie Tubbs Jones [D-OH], Barbara Lee, [D-CA], Jerrold Nadler [D-NY], Grace Napolitano [D-CA], Major Owens [D-NY], Bernie Sanders, [I-VT], Jan Schakowsky, [D-IL], House Minority Whip David Bonior (D-MI), Dennis Kucinich (D-OH); Cynthia McKinney (D-GA); and Lynn Woolsey(D-CA).[83][84]

CPUSA 'Jobs for All' bill

In 1997 Rep. Matthew Martinez of California introduced the "Martinez Public Works Jobs Bill" at the request of the Los Angeles Labor Coalition for Public Works Jobs. The leaders of the Coalition and its only affiliate, the New York Coalition for Public Works Jobs, are all members and supporters of the Communist Party USA. The bill had 33 original co-sponsors, including Sanders.[85]


In 1995 Marcy Kaptur, Peter DeFazio, Nydia Velasquez, Gene Taylor and Bernie Sanders co-sponsored a Bill, to force the US to withdraw from NAFTA.[86]

Council for a Livable World

The Council for a Livable World, founded in 1962 by long-time socialist activist and Soviet agent, Leo Szilard, is a non-profit advocacy organization that seeks to "reduce the danger of nuclear weapons and increase national security", primarily through supporting progressive, congressional candidates who support their policies. The Council supported Bernie Sanders in his successful Senate run as a candidate for Vermont.[87]


Sanders orchestrated a deal with Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez, Citizens Energy President Joseph P. Kennedy II and the Vermont Office of Economic Opportunity for a delivery of more than 2.5 million gallons of discounted heating oil.[88]

At the height of the humanitarian crisis caused by socialism in Venezuela in 2019, Sanders still refused to call on fellow socialist dictator Nicolas Maduro to step down,[89] and he refused to describe Maduro as a dictator.[90]

European Socialist ties

The Party of European Socialists dialogue with the US Democrats and the Transatlantic partnership "was a priority over the last years" (written in 2009).

Delegations, meetings and exchanges of information were held on a regular basis. After the [2006] victory in the Congress, where the Democrats won the double majority, a Party of European Socialists Delegation, led by PES President Poul Nyrup Rasmussen, discovered the new mood in Washington D.C., on 15–18 April 2007. It had meetings with Governor Howard Dean, Chair of the DLC; Congressman Barney Frank (D-MA), Chairman of the Committee on Financial Services; Senator Bernie Sanders and with Senator Ben Cardin; John Podesta, CEO of the Center for American Progress, Former Chief of staff of President Clinton; John Sweeney, President of the AFL-CIO and Andy Stern, Chair of Service Employees International Union (SEIU). The underlying motive of the delegation was reiterated with the need for US and EU progressive forces to actively prepare for the post-Bush EU-US relations.[91]

CPUSA Draft Bernie for President campaign

In response to an organized campaign to draft Sanders for a presidential run in 2012, CPUSA member John Case wrote in the official communist organ Political Affairs:

To use Carl Davidson's excellent slogan around which left and working class forces can mobilize-- "peace and prosperity vs war and austerity" -- this is clearly a time when we can qualitatively expand the base of support for the principles the slogan expresses. The question is: can we do this and not end up playing a Nader-like spoiler role, that concludes by electing the Right, in those campaigns, primaries, etc where our main objective is to move the political center leftward and strengthen the hand of center forces against the right. Of course, in those campaigns where the left coalition has winning chances, where the center is ready to be led by left forces, tactics differ.

The complexity of the US political process at this moment requires shrewd and careful AND BOLD calculations There are few, if any, politicians on the left more shrewd than Bernie Sanders. I am not convinced about Bernie's denials. I got to know him somewhat in my years as a UE rep in Vt, and later as DO for the Communist Party in N. New England. With a few arguable exceptions, he has always -- both ideologicaly and politically -- pursued a working class line. As important, he become a demonstrated master of very concrete tactics directed at isolating the right, without appearing irresponsible or reckless to center forces. He kept focused on the concretes -- especially economics, and non-corrupt governance -- that blunted repeated attempts by the right to isolate him.
He would have to run as a Democrat in the 2012 primaries, in order not to be counted as a spoiler. Unlike Nader, Bernie has never been a 'spoiler' politician. But running as a Democrat, after years of success as an Independent is something I think he would be temperamentally loath to do. Part of his success at independence is due to some very peculiar features unique to Vermont political history, that would not be practical to reproduce nationally. Nonetheless, I am sure he will be tempted.

Personally, at this point, I think a primary challenge against Obama is a mistake -- the history of such challenges is not encouraging for defeating Republicans. Obama is not a Blue Dog-er, IMHO, but rather a liberal doing what Presidents do -- not straying too far from the Center. I think we should focus our primary challenge energies against the blue dogs and in local and state campaigns where we can strengthen and galvanize our grass roots base. But I am willing to be persuaded otherwise -- only if we ourselves--the Left are grown-up enough to be as shrewd and smart and flexible as Kucinich on health care, or Sanders through most of his career.[92]


Sanders advocates for a globalist and weak U.S. foreign policy in which the goal is "'global engagement based on partnership' rather than dominance or withdrawal."[93] While originally holding protectionist and even some nationalist views, he has caved to the uniparty establishment and endorsed globalist policies.[94] He supports giving every American a government job.[95]

In November 2019, Sanders released an open borders immigration plan that would end deportations, abolish ICE, and give welfare to illegals, among other provisions.[96]

Disregard for the law

Sanders showed his contempt for federal law by hiring an illegal migrant as his spokesperson.[97][98][99]

Controversial votes

Economics 101 teaches that a loan that cannot be discharged in bankruptcy would have a lower rate than loans that can be discharged.

In 32 years of politics, Sanders authored 353 bills. Only three that made it into law and two of those were renaming post offices. Conservative Review has compiled a Liberty Score on Sanders. He gets a 'F' at just 16%.

Sanders headed the Veterans Affairs Committee. Under his purview; waiting list deaths, destruction and manipulation of medical records, whistleblowers punished, opioid abuse, fraud unpunished, mismanagement rewarded with pay raises, wait times to see a doctor has never been longer. Sanders has done next to nothing to fix these issues. Even as he campaigned, he remained a member of the committee with no plans to turn the duties over to somebody that would give it the time it deserves to fix.

During Sanders's 2006 Senatorial campaign, Republican opponent Rich Tarrant made an issue over Sanders 2003 vote against the Amber Alert even though he was actually in favor of the Amber Alert system to notify the public of missing children. The reason for his 'nay' vote was because the bill allegedly contained unconstitutional provisions[100] in it's 47 pages according to Sanders. Sanders earlier voted in favor of Megan's Law,[101] which made sex offender information public. Bernie responded with an ad to try to clarify his position.[102]

He was also one of only nineteen Congressman to vote against the Victims of Rape Health Protection Act passage, which would allow sexual assault victims to find out the HIV status of their suspected assailant[103]

After damning evidence of election fraud by the group ACORN, Sanders joined six Democrat Senators that voted to continue funding ACORN. The vote failed, and ACORN was stripped of funding in the Senate.[104] Bill Wilson of Americans for Limited Government said, "The ACORN Housing Corporation has long been pushing the very loose-lending policies that helped destroy the housing industry. And now it has been exposed for working with prostitutes, as well. Yet, these seven Senators [Sanders] have knowingly voted to keep sending taxpayer money to a highly corrupt organization of pushers and pimps," [105]

Handshake with dictator

On April 15, 2016, Sanders shook hands with former Marxist dictator of Bolivia, Evo Morales during a meeting at the Vatican.[106] Morales was the president of Bolivia from 2006 to 2019, establishing authoritarian socialist policies including an expansion of government power and abolition of term limits.[107] The Morales regime was overthrown in 2019 by the people of Bolivia through protests attended by tens of thousands followed by the Bolivia's first democratic election in decades, electing Jeanine Áñez as president in a landslide victory.[108]


Mass grave of victims of Bernie Sanders beloved Soviet Union and socialist ideology.[109]
See also: Marxist-Leninism

Sanders' godless utopian Socialist ideology is responsible for some, if not the most horrific and despicable crimes known to humanity in the entire history of the planet. The fact that few of the promulgators and instigators of these inhumane doctrines have ever faced scrutiny or justice is a crime itself. The failings of one generation to protect its children from the hate, resentment, and twisted reasoning underpinning Socialism, which justifies the most atrocious human rights abuses and murder committed by governments, is an indelible moral blemish on the generations that fought the evils of National Socialism in World War II, and Communism in Cold War.

In 1997, while Sanders shuttled across the country to various DSA conferences picking up the broken pieces of the communist dream, the The Black Book of Communism appeared documenting a history of political repressions by Communist states, including genocides, extrajudicial executions, deportations, killing population in labor camps and artificially created famines. In the first chapter of the book entitled Introduction: The Crimes of Communism, Stéphane Courtois states that "Communist regimes turned mass crime into a full-blown system of government" and they are responsible for a greater number of deaths than Nazism or any other political system.

Even former Swedish prime minister Carl Bildt criticized Sanders for his support for communist countries.[110]

Estimated number of victims

According to the chapter, the number of people killed by the Communist governments amounts to more than 94 million.[111] Most of these murders occurred within Bernie Sanders lifetime, and even during his collegiate years when Sanders first committed his life to this vile ideology. The statistics of victims include deaths through executions, man-made hunger, famine, war, deportations and forced labor. The breakdown of the number of deaths is given as follows:

Communist megamurders, 1900-1987. Source: Prof. R.J. Rummel. Two-thirds were killed by governments, quasi-governments, and guerrillas.[112]

According to Courtois, the crimes by the Soviet Union included the following:

  • The execution of tens of thousands of hostages and prisoners
  • The murder of hundreds of thousands of rebellious workers and peasants from 1918 to 1922
  • The Russian famine of 1921, which caused the death of 5 million people
  • The Decossackization, a policy of systematic repression against the Don Cossacks between 1917 and 1933
  • The murder of tens of thousands in concentration camps in the period between 1918 and 1930
  • The Great Purge which killed almost 690,000 people
  • The deportation of 2 million so-called "kulaks" from 1930 to 1932
  • The death of 4 million Ukrainians (Holodomor) and 2 million others during the famine of 1932 and 1933
  • The deportations of Poles, Ukrainians, Moldovans and people from the Baltic states from 1939 to 1941 and from 1944 to 1945
  • The deportation of the Volga Germans in 1941
  • The deportation of the Crimean Tatars in 1943
  • Operation Lentil and deportation of the Ingush in 1944

Communist leaders

Sanders has praised several left-wing dictators during his career.[113]

Sanders supported the so-called 'Democratic' 'People's Republic' of 'Korea' during debates with Clinton, saying that Russia was a worse threat to American security than North Korea (or himself), an objectively false statement full of typical liberal-socialist claptrap. The Kim Jong-un of North Korean fame said of Sanders: "I have greatest confidence in Senator Bernard E. [sic] Sanders in holding the lackeys of the U.S. administration to account".[114][115] Comrade Fidel Castro also praised the eminent "socialist transformation of America" under Sanders, adding falsely: "Americans have witnessed the utter failure of Capitalism, the destruction of its middle class and is tired of the endless wars. The Cuban model has proved its superiority and Americans now see through the government propaganda and now praise our country’s centralized economy, our health care system, our education system: Americans are hungry for Socialism."[116]

Sanders praised China for making "more progress in addressing extreme poverty than any country in the history of civilization" even as he admitted the country was becoming "more authoritarian."[117]

Sanders fawning over communists and communism earned him the nickname Breadline Bernie.

Eugene Debs documentary

In 1979, Sanders wrote, directed, and lent his voice for Debs' dialogue[118] in a documentary which shows a long-standing respect on part of Sanders for what Debs stood for.[119]

Ukraine war

Bernie Sanders self proclaimed anti establishment and anti war machines voted to pass $40 billion from American taxpayers to fund Ukrainians Nazis in war.[120]

Bernie Sanders' religious views and atheists/agnostics support of Bernie Sanders

See also: Essay: Bernie Sanders is a closet atheist and Atheism and socialism

In many religious countries and even irreligious countries there is a stigma related to atheism and as a result many atheists are reluctant to: call themselves atheists and/or be outspoken atheists (see: Stigma of atheism and Views on atheists and Closet atheist).

Jon Green wrote about Bernie Sanders:

Bernie Sanders is, as he’s suggested before, Jewish with an emphasis on the ish. His Jewish heritage has informed his morality and his politics, but he doesn’t claim to be observant in any officially religious sense.

In an interview with the Washington Post published this morning, Sanders went a step further, making that point as clearly as he ever:

“I am not actively involved with organized religion,” Sanders said in a recent interview.
Sanders said he believes in God, though not necessarily in a traditional manner.
“I think everyone believes in God in their own ways, “ he said. “To me, it means that all of us are connected, all of life is connected, and that we are all tied together.”

As atheist blogger Hemant Mehta pointed out, that’s basically a really PC way of saying you’re an atheist. Sanders may have used the word “God” to describe his belief system, but it’s pretty clear that his version of God isn’t an old man in the sky. There’s no actual deity involved — no theism — just a generalized interconnectedness.[121]

Deseret News declared:

Speculation about Sanders' religious views ramped up last October after an appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" during which he was directly asked whether he believes in God.

It was the nature of the candidate's response that piqued the interest of some viewers.

Jimmy Kimmel cited Sanders' claims that he is "culturally Jewish" and that he doesn't "feel religious" and then asked about a belief in God. He also questioned whether Sanders thinks it is important for Americans to embrace a higher power.

"I am who I am and what I believe in and what my spirituality is about is that we’re all in this together," Sanders responded. "That I think it is not a good thing to believe that as human beings we can turn our backs on the suffering of other people."

He continued, "This is not Judaism — this is what Pope Francis is talking about — that we cannot worship just billionaires and the making of more and more money. Life is more than that."

A few months later, speculation once again raged after Sanders did an interview with The Washington Post in which he said that he doesn't necessarily believe in God in a traditional sense.

"I am not actively involved with organized religion," he told the outlet. "I think everyone believes in God in their own ways. To me, it means that all of us are connected, all of life is connected, and that we are all tied together."

His brother Larry Sanders also told the outlet that the candidate was "quite substantially not religious."[122]

The Religion News Service states: "Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders dashed the hopes of some atheists when he declared he had 'very strong religious and spiritual feelings' at a Democratic town hall."[123]

Sanders denies he is an atheist.[124]

Sanders identifies as "Jewish", though admits he's "not particularly religious".[125] This is consistent with many others on the secular left, and indicates that Sanders is culturally Jewish, though actually an agnostic/atheist. He has shown strong intolerance for theologically orthodox, conservative Christians and Christian beliefs.[126][127]

Atheists seem to like Bernie Sanders, for some reason. The might have something to do with the connection between atheism and communism, as the atheist Karl Marx, the author of The Communist Manifesto, once stated: "Communism begins from the outset (Owen) with atheism; but atheism is at first far from being communism; indeed, that atheism is still mostly an abstraction."

After Sanders' heart attack on the 2020 presidential campaign trail,[128] the was a notable lack of Sanders supporters offering "thoughts and prayers".

Atheists/agnostics support of Bernie Sanders in the 2016 Democratic presidential primary

See also: Atheism and socialism

The Amazing Atheist

TJ Kirk, self-called The Amazing Atheist, has pled to all Hillary supporters to stop supporting her, and to support Bernie, instead, because he believes the Socialist has integrity.[129]

Hemant Mehta

The atheist Hemant Mehta voted for Bernie Sanders in the Democratic presidential primary.[130]

David Pakman Show

David Pakman, of the David Pakman Show, is an agnostic.[131]

Pakman hints at Bernie support while portraying Hillary negatively, where he shows his bias,[132] and calls the Best of Conservative politicians "the Best (Worst?)", indicating his negative bias toward conservatives. David Pakman often pretends to be unbiased, but is, in fact, biased against conservatives.

The Humanist Report

Mike Anthony of The Humanist Report has produced many videos in favor of Bernie Sanders, against Hillary Clinton, and against Donald Trump.

Jaclyn Glenn

Kyle Kulinski at the political convention Politicon 2018. Kulinski is the individual on the left.

Jacklyn Glenn, a militant atheist, vegan, angry feminist, and closet lesbian, makes fun of people who are voting for Hillary just to put the first female President in the White House (while wearing a Bernie Sanders t-shirt),[133] and endorses Bernie Sanders.

Secular Talk

Kyle Kulinski is an atheist who describes himself as a new atheist and a progressive atheist.[134]

Kyle Kulinski, of Secular Talk, promotes Bernie Sanders in several of his videos,[135] attacks Hillary Clinton and Republicans, and compared Barack Obama to a Republican.

The Secular Vegan

Isaiah, of The Secular Vegan, tells atheists to vote for Bernie, merely because he would be the first non-Christian President.[136]

The Young Turks

Cenk Uygur, of The Young Turks, is a self-described "fervent agnostic".[137]

Cenk Uygur speaks highly of Bernie Sanders,[138] while dismissing Hillary Clinton and Republican politicians as "robots", and practically every week, they release a video disrespecting Conservatives.[139]

Amer Zahr

Sanders’s presidential campaign selected anti-Semitic "comedian," racist Arab-Palestinian, as surrogate. Amer Zahr has expressed support for Zahra Billoo, who resigned from the Women’s March board for her history of making anti-Semitic remarks.[140]

He protested against fighting anti-Semitism and terrorism.[141][142]

Bernie Sander's antipathy towards evangelical Christians holding public office

Related article:


Bernie was born on September 8, 1941, in Brooklyn, New York.[143] His mother was Dorothy Glassberg Sanders, his father was Elias Sanders, and his grandfather was Benjamin Glassberg.[144] Sanders graduated from the University of Chicago with a B.A. in political science in 1964. Sanders has one illegitimate son born in 1969.

During his college years, he was involved in a pro-Vietcong propaganda distribution ring within New York known as the Alternate U.[145][146] According to UV philosopher professor Richard Sugarman, Sanders would wake up every morning saying, "We're not crazy." Sugarman to Vox, "Bernard, maybe the first thing you should say is 'Good morning' or something. But he'd say, 'We're. Not. Crazy.'"[147] In 1988, he ended up spending his honeymoon with his second wife Jane O'Meara in the USSR, with there being a video of him shirtless and singing "This Land is Your Land" with Soviet comrades while drunk.[148]

Also, in the 1980s, Sanders publicly praised the USSR and other leftist dictatorships and called bread lines a "good thing."[149]

Communist background

Im 1963 Sanders spent time at a commune with the Hashomer Hatzair movement in Israel. The movement was a Marxist organization founded in 1913 and saw the Soviet Union as a model, and often flew the Red Flag at events.[150] The commune's founder eulogized Joseph Stalin's death , writing how shocked he and his comrades were,
"to hear of the terrible tragedy that has befallen the nations of the Soviet Union, the world proletariat and all of progressive mankind, upon the death of the great leader and extolled commander, Josef Vissarionovich Stalin. We lower our flag in grief in memory of the great revolutionary fighter, architect of socialist construction, and leader of the world's peace movement. His huge historical achievements will guide generations in their march towards the reign of socialism and communism the world over."
Noam Chomsky wrote that he was fairly close to "Hashomer Hatzair, but couldn't join because it was split between Stalinists and Trotskyites."[151]

Accusations of draft dodging

Sanders was of age to be drafted into the Vietnam War. However, he filed for conscientious objector status on religious grounds.[152] Sanders does not belong to any organized religion,[153] dismissing criticism because he has strong religious feelings.


Sanders constantly complains about the rich 1% but he doesn't live like a common man – he himself is a member of the 1%.[1] Bernie is a millionaire with three homes,[154] one in D.C., one in his hometown in Vermont, and a summer dacha.[155] Together, Bernie and Jane's 2014 total unadjusted gross earnings was $205,617.[156]

Biden's meddling in Israel to aid the left & Sanders

There were charges in Feb 2023, that Biden is meddling in Israel, that the admin is funding "progressive" anti-Bibi movement.[157][158]


On Oct 16, 2022, ahead of the Midterm elections, Bernie Sanders said: I Don’t accept Democrats spending contributed to inflation.[159] That, despite even in lefty media admitting to the contrary. See also Bidinflation


Sander shared Maurer-Stump Award from the Reading-Berks Democratic Socialists of Pennsylvania with DSA founder Michael Harrington in 1988. Sanders told Deidre Riley of the Reading Times, "Revolution can be done through the government, if you raise the right issues." [160]

See also



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