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Evo Morales (left) with Cristina Fernandez (centre) and Fernando Lugo (right)

Evo Morales (born 1959) is the president of Bolivia. He is Bolivia's first indigenous president, and the leader of the Movement for Socialism (Spanish acronym MAS, for Movimiento al Socialismo) party.

In December 2009 Morales won a second term by a landslide, with 64% of the vote,[1] while MAS won a two-thirds majority in Congress. This result allowed him to implement a new constitution granting new rights to indigenous peoples and to strengthen state control over the economy, which conservatives have denounced as socialism similar to that of Hugo Chavez in Venezuela.[2]

In his tenure Morales nationalized energy companies, mining corporations, and telecommunication firms, that has lead into a big deficit. His economical policy is based on the politics of Cuba and Venezuela.[3]

Morales supports child labor.[4]


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