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The Wiphala flag, originally represented the Aymara People but today it is a common symbol of Indigenism.
Mapuche separatist flag used to show support to the Mapuche cause and to show an anti-Chilean and Argentinian sentiment.

The Indigenism ideology is a form of Cultural Marxism in which the White Man is the oppressor and the indigenous people are the victims . The ideology fails to recognize the contribution that colonization was to these peoples and rejects it.

This ideology was spread by the São Paulo Forum since the 1990s in Latin America. Today one of the most important politicians that follows this ideology is Evo Morales, who transformed Bolivia into a "Plurinational State" and implemented the use of the Wiphala flag (Aymara Flag) alongside the Bolivian National Flag.

In Chile and Argentina, the ideology is used to justify illegal takeover of properties, burning of trucks and terrorizing people that is against the Mapuche Cause (even some Mapuches are not in favor of the ideology) and to push for an independent Mapuche State (disguised ethno-separatism, with white Marxists doing the controlling and exploiting under the guise of pretended concern for the countries' indigenous populations, which is akin to what Democrats in the United States do with that country's minority groups[1][2]).

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