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Separatism is a term used to describe a belief hed by a specific group of people, that is, the desire to remain separated from different groups of people. The reason, as well as the degree of the desired separateness, may vary significantly from group to group.

Forms of Separatism

Religious Separatism

This is a belief held by most conservative christians of many denominations and is especially common in Fundamentalist Christianity. They believe that Christians should remain separate from other religious groups, and intermarriage with non-christians is avoided.

Cultural Separatism

See also: Separate Development

There are many different forms of cultural separatism, however all aims towards the same goal: preserving a certain ethnic/cultural group's culture. These groups desire separateness from other ethnic groups and races. In some cases cultural separatism is merely a form of Christian Separatism, like the Calvinist Boers and paleoconservatives.

Racial Separatism

Very similar to cultural separatism, although here the emphises falls on race and not culture. While cultural separatists desire their ethnicity to be protected against all other cultures, regardless of race, racial separatists seek to preserve a the purity of a specific race, which may consist of many ethnicities. It should be noted, however, that cultural separatists can be ragarded partially as racial separatists, since an ethnic group always consists of people from the same race.