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Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn

Leader of the Opposition
In office
September 12, 2015 – April 4, 2020
Preceded by Harriet Harman
Succeeded by Keir Starmer

Born May 26, 1949 (age 73)
Chippenham, England
Political party Labour Party

Jeremy Corbyn, (sometimes nicknamed as 'Jez' by supporters) is a British leftist politician known for his illegal collusion with Russia.[1] He was the leader of the British Labour Party and Leader of the Opposition. He was elected in September 2015, and his predecessor was Ed Miliband.In April 2020, he was succeeded as Labour Leader by Keir Starmer. [2] He is the Member of Parliament for Islington North.[3] Jeremy is the brother of physicist and meteorologist Piers Corbyn.[4]


Early life

Jeremy Bernard Corbyn was born in Wiltshire in 1949 and attended a private school in Shropshire, to which he had moved with his family aged 7. Both of his A-levels were at grade "E", which is the lowest possible passing grade.

Political career

Compassionate liberalism: Corbin dancing on Margaret Thatcher's grave. The gif was used by Bernie Sanders' staffers.

Although Corbyn was 20% down in the polls compared to Theresa May, he has said the public "cannot trust" May. His campaign largely focussed around Tory cuts to the NHS and schools in the name of austerity.[5]

He managed to increase the Labour Party's share of the vote to 40% and gained an additional 30 seats in the House of Commons.

As reported by the Daily Express on 15 January 2018, Corbyn stated that the USA was not the UK's most important ally. Instead Corbyn emphasised the Uk's trade relationship with the EU, India and the genocidal communist regime China.[6]

Jeremy Corbyn refused to condemn Russia for a nerve agent attack in Salisbury, despite having seen the same intelligence that led to the expulsion of Russian diplomats.[7]

During the UK general election 2019 campaign, Jeremy Corbyn began spreading a conspiracy theory that the UK Conservative Party was holding trade talks with the USA about the NHS.[8]

The Labour Party performed very poorly while the Conservative Party won its largest majority since 1987. Corbyn announced he would not lead the Labour Party into another election as a result.[9]

In April 2020, he was succeeded as Labour leader by Keir Starmer.

Political views


Corbyn holds numerous far-left views.[10] He has openly expressed his admiration for Socialist dictators such as Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro.[11][12] He argued for the preservation of the Iran nuclear deal[13] and called the Hamas "an organisation dedicated towards the good of the Palestinian people" which should not be listed as a terrorist organization by the British government.[14] He joined Hamas terrorists at a conference in the Middle East.[15] He also compared Israel with Nazi occupiers.[16]

International and antisemitism

Corbyn was criticized by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for laying a wreath on the graves of the terrorists who committed the Munich massacre.[17][18] He also was criticized for making the Muslim Brotherhood salute at a local mosque.[19] He was suspended from Labour in 2020 over his handling of Antisemitism allegations while he had been leader of Labour.[20]

Immorality and insanity

Corbyn not only supports the backwards, immoral practice of abortion, but voted for anti-free speech policies to place buffer-zones around abortion clinics to prevent pro-life protests.[21] He voted in 2015 against a ban on sex-selective abortion.[22]

He supports abolishing the British Royal Family but acknowledged in 2015 that he is not focused on this goal.[23]

Some positive views

He has taken stances against assisted suicide, which is widely held to be a form of murder.[24]

Personal life

Corbyn has claimed to have Jewish ancestry, which genealogical research has found to be totally false.[25]

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