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The Munich massacre refers to the 1972 terrorist attacks at the summer Olympics in Munich, Germany. The Palestinian terrorist organization Black September kidnapped and murdered 11 Israeli athletes and coaches, and killed a police officer in the process.

Of 8 terrorists, 5 were killed and 3 were temporarily imprisoned until released to Libya in exchange for a Lufthansa passenger jet that had been taken hostage.

In response, Israel launched Operation Wrath of God, a series of clandestine activities directed at members of Black September and the Palestine Liberation Organization.

A German newspaper revealed,[1] that one of the three Arab "Palestinian" 'terrorists released after the massacre of the athletes at the 1972 Olympic Games remained in Berlin and worked there for PLO offices under a false identity, with the local security services aware of this.'


Cruelty of 1972 Munich Attackers: Among the most jarring Details are these: The Israeli team members were beaten, and, in at least one case, was castrared. What they did, they cut off his genitals through his underwear and abused him.[2]

Neo-Nazi help

Neo-Nazi, Willi Pohl, aided Palestinian perpetrators of 1972 Munich Massacre.[3]

There was a further Neo Nazis plan proposed to kidnap German politicians in an operation code named “Mosque.” [4]

Neo-Nazi cheerleaders

In Munich on September 16, 1972, ten days after the massacre of the Israeli athelets, a Nazi fascist rally, "the First National European Congress of Youth," was held. The 600 delegates cheered Black September to the rafters.

Delegates also extolled Sirhan Sirhan, the Palestinian who killed Senator Robert Kennedy.[5]

Abu Mazen

Mahmoud Abbas - Abu Mazen was behind financing the Munich massacre[6][7][8] and in 2010, he lauded Munich massacre Leader.[9] In 2016, [10] Mahmoud Abbas's party Fatah called the 1972 Munich terrorist attack in which Palestinians brutally tortured and murdered the Israeli Olympic team a "heroic operation."

At 50 Years to 1972 Munich massacre

On Aug 16, 2022, Palestinian Authority leader Abu Mazen, visiting Berlin, belittled again[11][12] the Holocaust. This time by his outrageous statement about so called "50" supposedly "committed." German chancellor, Olaf Sholz later on condemned him,[13][14] As well as condemned by Yad Vashem,[15] the US among others. [8] His lies about the Holocaust enraged Germans.[16] His distortion of history and of facts regarding anti-Terror defense actions brought about strong reaction.[17]

After the storm, the German police opened an investigation against the Palestinian President Abu Mazen on incitement.[18][19][20][21]

Following Abu Mazen's scandalous remarks, former German parliamentarian: 'Germany should send money to families of Munich victims rather than Palestinians.'[22]

After Abbas' remarks, a security guard of Arab origin saluted the Nazi salute an Israeli delegation in the Olympic village in Munich.[23][24][25][26] The 19-year-old German security guard of "Arab descent" Nazi saluting, has been suggested to be connected to the incident with remarks made the same day by Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas.[27]


Andy Ngo commented when Biden junta Attorney General The Squad leaning Merrick Garland "logic," stated that if violence occur at night - it's "not" terror, then what about the Munich massacre?[28]

Palestinian Authority's glorification

In 2021, the Palestinian Authority praised Munich massacre as a 'quality operation.'[29]

As late as 2022, "Palestinian" schoolbooks deny Holocaust, legitimize Munich massacre. It also incites against, lies about the Jewish faith, slander Jews as a whole.[30]

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In July/2022, it was announced that the German government plans to pay compensation to the families of victims slain by Palestinian terrorists at the 1972 Munich Olympics.[31]


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    Among the most jarring Details are these: The Israeli team members were beaten, and, in at least one case, was castrared.

    "What they did, they cut off his genitals through his underwear and abused him," Ms. Romano said, of her husband, Yossef. Her voice rose.
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  4. Von Gunther Latsch und Klaus Wiegrefe, Files Show Neo-Nazis Helped Palestinian Terrorists in Munich 1972 Massacre, Der Spiegel, Jun 18, 2012.

    Files Reveal Neo-Nazis Helped Palestinian Terrorists

    Forty years ago, the massacre of Israeli athletes and coaches overshadowed the Munich Summer Olympics. Though it was never proved, left-wing extremists were suspected of working with the Palestinian terrorists behind the operation. But previously unreleased files seen by SPIEGEL prove that neo-Nazis were involved instead -- and officials knew about it… A Crazy Plan Pohl says that he proposed an international press conference in Vienna, which he would give together with a PLO official. According to Pohl, he flew to Vienna via Paris, which was corroborated by the statement his friend Abramowski made to the BKA foreign intelligence agency at the time, namely that Pohl was in Austria during the Olympics “to take care of something for the Palestinians there.”

    When he saw on television that the hostage-taking operation had failed, Pohl left the country. A few days later, he was back in the Middle East, where PLO intelligence chief Abu Iyad was determined to get revenge. In Pohl’s account of events, he says that Iyad blamed the German authorities, more than anyone else, for the fact that the Munich operation had turned into such a disaster. Besides, says Pohl, Iyad believed a rumor that Israeli officers had led the failed rescue effort by German police.

    From the standpoint of the PLO intelligence chief, this meant that Germany had intervened in the war between Israel and the Palestinians, making Germany an enemy that had to be dealt with. According to Pohl, Iyad asked to suggest possible German targets of future attacks. A few days later in Cairo, Pohl presented what he now calls a crazy plan.

    He proposed occupying several city halls throughout Germany and taking local politicians hostage. Then, on Christmas Eve of 1972, a group of militants would storm the Cologne Cathedral. The goal was to force Germany and other countries to comply with a list of demands. The operation was given the code name “Mosque,” says Pohl.

    In mid-October, Pohl and Abramowski traveled to Madrid to receive weapons for these and other operations. They boarded a train to Munich, via Paris, taking the weapons with them. This is Pohl’s version, which essentially corresponds to information in the released documents.
  5. Tal, Eliyahu. PLO., WZO, 1982. 69.

    'We Are Anti-Israeli, Not Anti-Jewish" This distinction has often been claimed by PLO spokesmen.

    However, since the late 1960s, the PLO has maintained contact with neo-Nazi and other extremist right-wing groups, providing training, smuggling arms, and distributing propaganda...

    Despite the PLO's efforts to appear to be "only anti-Zionist, and not anti-Jewish, it has manifested its hatred for Jews time and again through its activities and propaganda.

    PLO hijacker Lila Khaled stated in her autobiography: "At first I admired Hitler because I thought he was the enemy of the Jews."

    "Carry the warfare of the Palestinians to Europe"

    This was the resolution of a special conference Al-Fatah held in Beirut on August 14 , 1981 with Arafat in the chair. It was decided to cooperate with underground organizations in Europe, as well as to launch attacks against Jewish institutions (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, August 3, 1981, in a report of the attack on the synagogue in Vienna on the same date).

    The Barcelona conference and beyond

    A world conference of neo-Nazi organizations was held in Barcelona in April 2, 1969 with the participation of 100 delegates from Europe and Latin America, including two Fatah recruiters. It adopted a resolution to assist the PLO in every way possible.

    The first manifestation of this help was the recruitment of a former SS officer to command a PLO training camp at Basra, in Lebanon. In September of the same year, Jean Tireault, secretary of the neo-Nazi movement was arrested in Brussels in connection with PLO terrorists acts in Belgium.

    At another meeting held in Paris, March 28 1970, Jean Robert Debbaudt, a Belgian ex- officer in Hitler's Waffen SS, leader of the neo-Nazi rexist Party, offered to place his group at the service of the PLO.

    In Munich on September 16, 1972, 10 days after the mas- sacre of the Israeli athelets, a Nazi fascist rally, "the First National European Congress of Youth," was held. The 600 delegates cheered Black September to the rafters. Delegates also extolled Sirhan Sirhan , the Palestinian who killed Senator Robert Kennedy.

    The Swiss director of the Arab Bank in Geneva, Francois Genoud, was suspected of being connected with the "Spider " network responsible for the transfer of Nazi booty to Swiss bank vaults. His appearance at the trial of El Al plane hijackers in Zurich in 1970 uncovered the complex financial cooperation between the neo-Nazis and the PLO.

    The public prosecutor in Karlsruh, West Germany, investigated a case of arms smuggling to Europe from Arab countries through a PLO affiliate. Three of those arrested were members of the " Adolf Hitler Free Corps" (January 1978).

    Belgian Minister of Justice Jean Gol stated that neo-Nazi terrorist Paul Leroy, arrested in early May 1982, belonged to the extreme right-wing Whersport-sgruppe of Karl-Heinz Hoffman, who was charged with the terrorist explosion at the Munich Oktoberfest (September 28, 1980). Leroy and other members had trained at the PLO's Bir Hassan camp in Lebanon.

    Hoffman himself told Bild am Sonntag he visited Beirut in July 1980 in connection with supplies to the PLO.

    A director of the West German Anti - Crime Bureau stated in a seminar held in Rome (February 1982) that neo-Nazis were being helped and financed by PLO.

    According to FBI reports American neo-Nazis (led by Harold Covington) and Fatah personmel trained together in a camp in North Carolina (Ma'ariv, August 7, 1981). 

    The Austrian Police arrested a neo-Nazi leader, Herald Angelke, for giving shelter to PLO members who had infiltrated into Austria with forged passports (October 1973).

    Security sources in Bonn reported that Otto Albrecht, a neo-Nazi, arrested in West Germany in possession of arms and PLO identity papers, had recruited Germans for training in PLO camps in Lebanon.

    L'oeuvre Francaise , an extreme right - wing group operating in France, agreed to carry out ter- rorist operations at the PLO's request as early as 1977.

    French police in August 1977 arrested a Palestinian terrorist and two extreme right-wing Italians who had trained in Lebanon.

    The Los Angeles Herald Examiner reported on October 8, 1980:

    "agents of the PLO are rushing recruits who had been sent for training in the Middle East to French and German neo-Nazi units."
  6. Abu Mazen Funded Munich Massacre, INN, Apr 29, 2003.
    Mahmoud Abbas, known as Abu Mazen, long the treasurer of the PLO, was the man who provided financing for that attack...
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    ... In 1972, Abu Mazen was responsible for raising the funds, required for the Munich Massacre of 11 Israeli athletes. He acquired much of his subversive skills at the KGB headquarters in Moscow, where he received (at Moscow University) his Ph.D. on Holocaust Denial. No Western society would tolerate a holocaust denier holding a prominent position, but Abu Mazen has been accorded respect...
  8. 8.0 8.1 The daughter of the victim of the athletes massacre in Munich is furious: "Abu Mazen was part of the murder plan", 103FM, Maariv News, 17/08/2022.

    The statement of Abu Mazen, ".. 50 holocausts[sic]" caused a great storm, and triggered many reactions in the world and the political system, with the Biden administration and Germany, which was present, strongly condemned his statement.

    Shlomit Romano, the daughter of Joseph Romano who was murdered in the Munich 1972 massacre, was hosted in Anat Davidov and Golan Yukpaz's program and in 103 FM, and said: "Abu Mazen was part of From the same planning of the murder. Abu Mazen apparently did not make the path we hoped he'd do, and to my great dismay does not understand that the Holocaust does not compare anything else. Holocaust is something that can not be compared to and throw it into the air." "This is not the first time that Germany is not ready against Palestinian terrorism, it happened 50 years ago. Unfortunately, Germany apparently did not grasp to understand how to deal with Palestinian terror then nor today," Romano said...
    Spelling out racist Abu Mazen's belittling (again) the Holocaust Aug 2022. DP, Aug 18, 2022.

    • 1. The sweeping under the carpet of:

      a. His own involvement in the 1972 Munich massacre.

      b. And the Neo-Nazi Palestinian cooperation at the 1972 crime.
    • 2. Belittling the Holocaust, part of Abu Mazen's own long history of Holocaust denial since the 1980s, at least.
    • 3. Attempts to rewrite history of:

      a. The Arab massacre of Jews in 1920, 1921, 1929, 1938, 1947; the massacres by Fedayeen in the 1950s (which Adolf Eichmann assisted in weapons supplies).

      b. Arab Palestinians, pro-Hitler as German official reported in 1937; in that year 'All' of Arab-Palestine celebrated Muhamnad's birthday with flying Nazi swastika and pictures of Hitler (NYT reported on May/23); Arab-Palestinians officially and in general hailed Hitler in 1938 (as reported in the US in Sep/Oct of that year); Al Husseini, the Grand Mufti with Jamal Husseini's Futuwwah modeled on HitlerYouth; Grand Mufti's pact with Hitler in Nov 1941; his tour of concentration camps in 1942; his plan to build death camps in Palestine; his intervention against rescuing Jewish children who were about to arrive in Palestine; his urging the Nazis to bomb Jews in Palestine; his Operation Atlas plot which some say included poisoning some 250,000 Jews of Tel Aviv; Arab "Palestinians" overwhelmingly cheering and praying for the Axis victory (1940) - as Ahmad Shukeiri wrote in his book that about himself and others as "we;" Arab "Palestinian" 80% pro Hitler in Feb 1941 (poll); Jamal Husseini and Ahmad Shukeiri justifying the Holocaust in 1946 and the latter promoting neo Nazi group in Nov 1962 at the UN.

      c. Trying to cast every clash since 1947 as a "massacre." (Asides from the very phenomenon of criminal attaching the Holocaust label to events, even if they are massacres).

      d. neo-Nazi: Udo Albrecht, Karl-Heinz Hoffman and Fatah corporation.

      e. Glorification of terror massacres, for decades.
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    We should stop taking him as we want him to be and focus on what he actually is... Abbas’ thesis ...for good measure he adds that six million dead is a made up figure to prompt sympathy. The real number who were killed, Abbas tells us, was around a million. But in 2003 he told Haaretz: “The Holocaust was a terrible, unforgiveable crime against the Jewish nation, a crime against humanity that cannot be accepted by humankind. The Holocaust was a terrible thing and nobody can claim I denied it.” This statement has been used to portray Abbas’s thesis as some sort of youthful mistake which the mature statesman has moved on from — to show that Abbas is the man so many in the West want him to be. His statement, however, demonstrates nothing of the sort. When he wrote his thesis in 1982 he did not ‘deny’ a Holocaust took place. Rather, he distorted and warped it — changing the very nature of the Shoah (and the number murdered) so the blame for their death lies with the Jews themselves. (He reiterated all these assertions in 2013 to Al-Mayadeen, an Iran-sympathising TV channel in Lebanon.) On Wednesday he ‘clarified’ his remarks in Berlin, saying that “the Holocaust is the most heinous crime in modern human history.” Credulous fools have again ignored what Abbas actually means by that. It’s time we stopped projecting what we want Abbas to be and focused on what he actually is, using his own words. In a speech in 2018 he informed us that Israel is a “colonialist project that had nothing to do with Judaism” — to such an extent that European Jews chose to stay in their homes and be murdered rather than live in Palestine. Do I have to point out the moral degeneracy of such a proposition? It would seem so, given the persistent refusal of so many to take Abbas for what he actually is.

    Tuesday’s events in Berlin are, in the scheme things, trivial. But as so often, a larger truth is confirmed by trivialities.
  12. Ruthie Blum, The Palestinians continue to exploit the Holocaust, JPost, Aug 18, 2022.

    ...The question was not only relevant to the upcoming 50th anniversary of the mass murder committed by the Palestinian terrorist group Black September; it was particularly apt, given the fact that Abbas himself was named by the architect of the bloodshed, Mohammed Oudeh (aka Abu Daoud), as one of the three senior Fatah officials who assisted him in orchestrating the attack.... NOR WAS it surprising, then, that prominent Palestinians praised him for his declarations in Germany. "Mr. President, you are strong," his Fatah faction captioned a photo of a smiling Abbas that it posted on social media. "Continue with God’s blessing and rest assured. We are proud of you and we are all behind you." This was just a taste of the sympathy Abbas received in the PA. As Khaled Abu Toameh reported in these pages on Wednesday, Fatah recruitment head Monir al-Jaghoub said that "no apology for our struggle for freedom" is necessary. Fatah honcho Munther al-Hayek opined that, in Germany, Abbas "remind[ed] the world of the suffering of the Palestinian people..." PLO Executive Committee Bassam Salhi, head of the Palestinian People’s Party, wrote on Facebook, “[Abbas’s] statements in Germany ... holocausts... are truthful and express the position of the Palestinians.” Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine official Tayseer Khaled, another member of the PLO Executive Committee, concurred. "The state of hysteria in Israel and the angry reactions against the president’s statements during his visit to the German capital were expected," he said in a statement... Palestinian hatred of Israel SINCE THIS hatred of Israel and desire for its destruction are as rampant among Palestinians as Holocaust exploitation for political purposes, the sudden widespread outcry over Abbas’s Germany performance is peculiar. As the research organization Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) pointed out in the wake of the event, comparing Israel to the Nazis is central to PA ideology. Decades of examples exist, including from this year alone, which PMW has documented. But one purveyor of the vile distortion is particularly worthy of note in the current context: Fatah Central Committee Secretary-General Jibril Rajoub, who happens to head not only the Palestinian Football Association but the Palestine Olympic Committee, as well. In a May 5 interview on PA TV, Rajoub called Israelis "the new [sic. Rajoub] Nazis who are committing acts of terror officially, and whose prisons are a matching copy of the source of [sic. Rajoub] Auschwitz and the death camps [sic. Rajoub]." This was a reiteration of a January 2 Facebook post in which referred to the Israeli government as "the new Nazis[sic]" and "the living and recognizable model of the [sic. Rajoub]fascist and Nazi thinking of the desire for expansion." In his Olympic Committee role, he called on participants in last year’s Tokyo Olympics – where, for the first time ever, a moment of silence was held during the opening ceremony for the victims of the Munich massacre – to refuse to compete with Israeli contenders. This is the same guy who, in 2012, lauded then-International Olympic Committee president Jacques Rogge for nixing such a moment of silence at that summer’s games in London. According to PMW, after Rogge denied the request of the families of the victims to mark the terrorist tragedy, Rajoub wrote him a letter saying, "Sports are a bridge for love, communication and the spreading of peace between nations, and should not be used for divisiveness and the spread of racism[sic]." NO, HE WASN’T kidding. Abbas wasn’t joking, either, when he likened Israeli actions to Nazi atrocities – yet both suit-and-tie-wearing terrorists must be laughing at Israel and the rest of the West for having short memories that keep the contents of their deep pockets flowing into PA coffers.

    Indeed, Germany, a key European Union donor to the PA, may have egg on its face at the moment. But the chance of its withholding cash to the "pay for slay" entities in Ramallah and Gaza when Scholz’s "disgust" dies down is slim-to-nil.
  13. Abu Mazen: "Israel committed 50(sic) holocausts(sic) on us"; Lapid: "History will not forgive him" AP, Aug 16, 2022.
    The chairman of the Palestinian Authority, who is visiting Berlin, avoided condemning the massacre of the athletes in Munich - and while he was giving his speech, Chancellor Scholz was seen contorting his face. Prime Minister: "a moral disgrace". Earlier, Scholz clarified that for him, Israel is not an apartheid state According to the AP news agency, during the PA chairman's speech, the German chancellor grimaced in displeasure - however, he did not react in real time, but later issued a statement to the German "Bild" in which he criticized Abu Mazen's choice of words. The horrors of the Holocaust are unacceptable," Scholz said.
  14. German Chancellor on Abu Mazen: "Disgusted by his outrageous statements", ICE, Aug 17, 2022.
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    Dayan: "Abu Mazen's hateful words today in Berlin about '50[sic] Holocausts[sic]' are horrifying, the German government must respond appropriately to this unforgivable behavior"... In addition, German Ambassador to Israel Stefan Seibert was outraged by Abu Mazen's words and wrote on his Twitter account: "Germany will not tolerate any attempt to deny the unique dimension of the crimes of the Holocaust." Prime Minister Yair Lapid also condemned the remarks, but Bezalel Smotrich reprimanded on Twitter: "Profile of hypocrisy. That's why your defense minister will continue to invite him to his home. You and he will continue to restore him to relevance in the international arena, strengthen him and give him 'loans' of hundreds of millions to pay salaries to the families of terrorists."

    The terrorist Abu Mazen said the harsh words, when asked if he intends to apologize to Israel and Germany for the actions of the Arab terrorists 50 years ago at the Munich Olympics.
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    The Minister of Culture and Sports responds to the harsh words of the Chairman of the Palestinian Authority: "Any attempt to present a different truth is a complete lie that distorts the face of history." Following the harsh words of Abu Mazen... the Minister of Culture and Sports today (Wednesday) attacked the statements of the chairman of the Palestinian Authority. "Abu Mazen's words are despicable and constitute a terrible disgrace" Trooper wrote, "This year we mark the 50th anniversary of the massacre of Israeli athletes in Munich by Palestinian terrorists - any attempt to present a different truth is a complete lie that distorts the face of history.

    Any attempt to compare the terrible Holocaust with the activities of IDF soldiers protecting the citizens of Israel is distorted and false. There are bad and there are good and we will continue to fight for the diagnosis between them and against any historical distortion, legitimization of terrorism and harm to the Jewish people."
  18. Hamal, Aug 19, 2022:
    The Berlin police opened an initial investigation against the Palestinian President Abu Mazen on his comments this week that Israel did "50 holocausts[sic]" ... The police approved Friday, a report of the German daily in the child according to which Abbas was investigated for a possible incitement to hatred after receiving a formal criminal complaint.
  19. Ashley Cornell, German police are investigating Abbas, S Chronicles, August 19, 2022.

    Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen)’s Holocaust "accusation" ... is now also calling Berlin police to action. "The preliminary investigation into the initial suspicion of incitement to hatred under article 130 of the Penal Code is being processed in a specialized department of the State Criminal Police Station”, a police spokeswoman told the newspaper “Bild” (Friday).

    Criminal lawyer Udo Vetter told the German newspaper: "As a result, an initial suspicion of downplaying Nazi tyranny cannot be ruled out immediately." At a joint press conference with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz at the chancellery on Tuesday, Abbas accused Israel of several "holocausts[sic]" ... sparking outrage...

    Questioned by "Bild", the Federal Foreign Office said the German government assumed that Abbas enjoyed immunity because he was in the Federal Republic as part of an "official visit".

    Augsburg criminal law expert Michael Kubiciel told the paper that it was not decisive whether Abbas was in Berlin at the invitation of the Federal Republic. Many people would accept an invitation from government agencies without enjoying immunity. It is therefore crucial that the person was in Germany “as a representative of another state”. Consequently, the question "whether or not Palestine is a state is of crucial importance," Kubiciel said. Germany did not recognize Palestine as a state.
  20. Abbas's trivialization of Holocaust spurs inquiry by Berlin police, JNS, August 19, 2022.

    Berlin police opened a preliminary inquiry into whether Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas broke German laws against incitement of hatred... "[He] downplayed the most terrible time in the history of our country, and in the history of my family and religious community," said Mike Delberg, who filed a complaint against the Palestinian Authority leader... Abbas’s statements, made during a press conference with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz on Tuesday, were in response to a question about if he would apologize for the massacre of 11 Israeli coaches and athletes by Palestinian terrorists during the 1972 Summer Olympics—as the 50th anniversary of the event approaches. According to the Associated Press [1], downplaying the Holocaust is a criminal offense in Germany, though a preliminary inquiry does not automatically mean a full investigation... The comments drew international condemnation, and Scholz called [2] Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid to clarify that Germany opposes Abbas’s trivialization of the Holocaust. "I am disgusted by the outrageous remarks made by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas … ," Scholz said in a statement [3]. "For us Germans, in particular, any relativization of the singularity of the Holocaust is intolerable and unacceptable. I condemn any attempt to deny the crimes of the Holocaust." Mahmoud Al-Habbash, an advisor to Abbas, defended Abbas’s denial of the Holocaust, saying during a televised address republished by MEMRI [4] that the Israelis "want us to forget history, while they want the world to remember a history which is mostly forged [sic. Mahmoud], exaggerated, fabricated [sic. Mahmoud], with no basis in reality."

    According to Jerusalem Post Palestinian affairs correspondent Khaled Abu Toameh, national and religious groups in the Gaza Strip have condemned [5] the German investigation, saying that the "... committed by Israel are not less than the crimes committed during [World War II] against the Jews and others."
  21. After the storm of the Holocaust: the German police announced the opening of an investigation against Abu Mazen, The Observatorial, Aug 19, 2022.
  22. Eldad Beck, Germany should send money to families of Munich victims rather than Palestinians, ILH, Aug 22, 2022.

    After Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas' Holocaust denial, Germany has increasingly been called on to impose sanctions on the PA and decrease its aid to the Palestinians. Former German parliamentarian Volker Beck proposed a creative idea this week to resolve the crisis regarding the compensation to the families of 11 Israeli athletes who were killed at the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich by members of a Palestinian group. After Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas accused Israel of committing "50 (sic) Holocaust" against Palestinians while in Germany, and refused to apologize for his remarks, Beck who heads the German-Israeli Parliamentary Friendship Group – called on the government to transfer the funds earmarked as Palestinian aid to the families of the Israeli athletes instead. He stressed that according to Olympic security officials, Abbas was involved in the preparations for the 1972 attack and apparently even financed the operation. Since Abbas' scandalous remarks at the joint press conference with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Germany has increasingly been called on to impose sanctions on the PA and decrease its aid to the Palestinians. Between 2021 and 2022, Berlin has sent Ramallah around 340 million euros. The German Foreign Ministry said it does not intend to decrease the funds. It is unclear how much of the aid comes from the German government directly as political foundations and aid and civil organization also contribute. The information is defined by the Bundestag as a "state secret." Relatives of the murdered Israeli athletes have long criticized how German authorities handled the attack and this year announced they would boycott the upcoming memorial ceremony in Munich to mark the 50th anniversary of the massacre due to Germany's "degrading compensation offer."

    German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier has been working on a compromise between the parties that would prevent Germany from being humiliated at the memorial ceremony due to being boycotted by Israel.
  23. German-Arab security employee gives Nazi salute to Israeli athletes, Latest US News Hub, Aug 17, 2022.
    German security employee, of Arab origin, gave the Nazi salute to a group of Israeli athletes visiting the memorial to the dead athletes in the attack on the Munich Olympics in 1972.

    According to information from the newspaper “Süddeutsche Zeitung” the case will be taken over by the prosecutor Andreas Franck, who specializes in cases of anti-Semitism.

    To the man, 19 years old and born in Berlin, he is charged with the use of symbols of organizations that are enemies of the constitution which, according to the German penal code, It can be punished with penalties ranging from a fine to three years in prison.
  24. Security-Mitarbeiter zeigt israelischen Sportlern den Hitlergruß, Süddeutsche Zeitung, 17. August 2022.,

    [Judenhass am Mahnmal für die Opfer des Attentats von 1972: Ein Security-Mitarbeiter der European Championships hat israelischen Sportlern den Hitlergruß gezeigt.] Die Delegation war unterwegs zu Gedenkorten für das von Palästinensern verübte Olympia-Massaker von 1972. Die Generalstaatsanwaltschaft will die Ermittlungen übernehmen. Israelische Teilnehmer an den European Championships sind am Dienstagabend Ziel eines antisemitischen Übergriffs geworden. Ein arabischstämmiger Security-Mitarbeiter zeigte den Hitlergruß in Richtung von 16 Sportlerinnen und Sportlern sowie Funktionären, die im Olympiagelände unterwegs waren, um Gedenkorte an das vor 50 Jahren verübte Massaker zu besuchen.

    Der Vorfall ereignete sich um 19.20 Uhr auf der Hanns-Braun-Brücke, die das Olympiastadion mit dem Olympischen Dorf verbindet - und damit in unmittelbarer Nachbarschaft für das Mahnmal "Klagebalken", das dort an die 1972 ermordeten israelischen Sportler erinnert. Die Generalstaatsanwaltschaft München ist eingeschaltet, Oberstaatsanwalt Andreas Franck, Antisemitismus-Beauftragter der bayerischen Justiz, will den Fall übernehmen.
  25. Karl Keim, Wachmann (19) zeigt israelischen Sportlern Hitlergruß, Regional -, Aug 17, 2022.
    Der Mann soll aus Berlin stammen, ist nach BILD-Informationen ein deutscher Staatsangehöriger mit einem arabischen Namen. Auch interessant.
    Skandal! Security stört Terror-Gedenken mit Hitlergruß, Sportmix,, Aug 17, 2022.
    Skandal in München! Bei den European Championships soll ein Security-Mitarbeiter einer Delegation aus Israel den Hitlergruß gezeigt haben.

    Helle Aufregung bei den European Championships! Mitglieder einer Abordnung waren im Olympia-Park in München, um die Gedenkstätte des Terror-Anschlags auf die israelische Mannschaft bei den Olympischen Spielen 1972 zu besuchen. Die Polizei beobachtete dabei einen 19-jährigen Security, der den Hitlergruß zeigte. Der deutsche Staatsbürger mit arabischen Wurzeln wurde umgehend von den Beamten festgenommen. Wie die "Bild" berichtet, wurde der Mann angezeigt und wieder auf freien Fuß entlassen. Nun ermittelt der Staatsschutz der Kriminalpolizei. Der Security und seine drei Kollegen wurden von den Spielen ausgeschlossen.

    1972 kamen beim Anschlag einer palästinensischer Terrorgruppe elf israelische Sportler und ein deutscher Polizist ums Leben.
  26. Germany: A security guard of Arab origin saluted with the (raised arm) Nazi salute an Israeli delegation in the Olympic village in Munich, Rotter, 18.08.22.

    The spirits in Germany still haven't calmed down after Abu Mazen's words in Berlin - and in Munich there was an anti-Semitic incident: a security man saluted an Israeli delegation in the Olympic village in Munich.

    It happened when members of the Israeli delegation to the European Athletics Championships arrived at the memorial site in memory of the 11 Martyrs. A security man of Arab origin encountered them on the bridge that connects the village and the Olympic stadium, waved his hand high - and a policeman accompanying the Israeli team arrested him on the spot. The suspect, a German citizen Born in Berlin of Arab origin, he was taken for questioning on suspicion of an offense for which the punishment can reach three years in prison.
  27. German arrested for Nazi salute to Israeli athletes visiting 1972 Munich massacre memorial, JNS, Aug 18, 2022.
    The arrest occurred ahead of next month’s 50th anniversary of the killing by Palestinian terrorists of 11 Israelis at the 1972 Summer Olympics. Israeli Ambassador to Berlin Ron Prosor retweeted a Sueddeutsche Zeitung article claiming the 19-year-old German security guard was of "Arab descent," and connected the incident with remarks made the same day by Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas...
  29. Palestinian Authority praises Munich massacre as a 'quality operation', JPost, Jan 30, 2021.
    In a video shared by Fatah on the anniversary of the death of Black September commander Ali Hassan Salameh, the terrorist attack was classified as "a quality operation."
  30.  Ariel Kahana, Palestinian schoolbooks deny Holocaust, legitimize Munich massacre, ILH, Sep 7, 2022.

    An Israel Hayom analysis reveals that despite promises to review its curriculum, the Palestinian Authority continues to use material that incites hatred against Jews and Israel.

    Children in the Palestinian Authority too began their school year on Sept. 1, only instead of the promised education reforms, their schools continue to use the same books that have been heavily criticized for inciting hatred against Jews and Israel.

    On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Munich Olympic massacre, Israel Hayom and the Institute for Monitoring Peace and Cultural Tolerance in School Education (IMPACT-se) – an NGO that that analyzes schoolbooks and curricula for compliance with UNESCO-defined standards on peace and tolerance – conducted an analysis of Palestinian school curriculum. It revealed that history books in PA and UNRWA schools laud and legitimize the tragedy, in which Palestinian terrorists murdered 11 Israeli athletes, describing it as "resistance" to Zionism, and "Zionist interests abroad."

    It also showed that textbooks on World War II omit the Holocaust entirely. They cover the main events in detail, such as the German invasion of Poland, the Battle of Britain, the attack on Pearl Harbor, and the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but not a word about the Wannsee Conference, concentration camps, or any other events related to the Holocaust. Surprisingly, the German government is the main funder of the Palestinian education system, including textbooks. The PA Education Ministry's budget for the implementation of their plan comes from Germany, as well as Norway, Finland, and Ireland. After international criticism, the PA and European authorities made changes to all textbooks for grades 1-12, but IMPACT-se officials say the content became more radicalized, "with hundreds of extreme examples that were introduced systematically that encourage harming civilians, jihad, violence, and incitement against Israel and Jews, in all classes and on all subjects." "Moreover, the new books deliberately omit all the previous attempts for peace with Israel since the Oslo Accords. Antisemitic messages were also found in the books," they said.

    Palestinian children are taught to believe that ... is a racist religion and that J control the media, politics, and finances... are depicted as liars, corrupt, and "enemies of Islam at all times and places," and as such should be eliminated. "Despite the European Union's repeated criticism of the Palestinian Authority, it did not make substantial changes to the textbooks for the 2022-2023 school year," CEO of IMPACT-se Marcus Sheff said. PA President Mahmoud and Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh "must be made aware that there is a price for this – from hearings in the Council of the European Union to condemnation from the European Commission responsible for their funding and the European Parliament." The German Embassy in Ramallah confirmed in a statement that the country "does support Palestinian education, but does not finance the development or printing of the textbooks.

    "We are in constant dialogue with the Palestinian side for further improvements in the education sector and the materials used in it," the statement said.
  31. Spokesman says German government will compensate families of 1972 Munich massacre, TOI, July 37, 2022

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