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The Palestinian Authority is the governmental unit that governs the West Bank and Gaza Strip. It was established in May 1994.[1][2] In January 2013 president Mahmoud Abbas signed a presidential decree which officially changed the name of the Palestinian Authority to the "State of Palestine".[3]

It has been noted (Aug/2021):[4]
As much as 40% of the amount donated to Palestinians by Arab countries and others, has been absconded by Palestinian leaders. Yasser Arafat is estimated to have embezzled $1-3 billion alone. Today, the blackmail money keeps flowing in exchange for quiet.

It is an undemocratic system. As on Aug/2021, it has been reminded that the last election there, the iPhone did not yet exist.

Regarding its mass torture, in 2017[5] a verdict was issued of a long detailed account of 1,800 pages: “The Palestinian Authority is responsible for severe abuses, including: the murder, kidnapping, imprisonment, torture, and rape of 52 Palestinian and Israeli citizens, residents of the West Bank.” The verdict described horrifying torture. Electric shocks, hanging upside down for long periods of time, pouring boiling plastic on the body, extraction of nails and teeth, sterilization, sleep deprivation, food restriction, the killing and raping of family members, the removal of a pre-mature baby from her incubator, and other forms of inhumane abuse.

Though officially, the official line in recent years is that the PA stopped executing Arabs for selling land to Jews. And this narrative is repeatedly stressed by Haaretz/Btselem anti-Israel fanatics. The hard fact is, however, that it does still bring about torture and deaths via various methods.[6]

Already in Jan-2014, the Palestinian Independent Commission for Human Rights (ICHR) charged the PA and Hamas with repeated cases of torture, oppression, assaults on freedom of expression and academic freedoms, as well as ignoring court orders.[7]

As Biden visited the area in 2022, the long horrific record of "Palestinian" was probed: Torture, War Crimes.[8] That The Palestinian government is complicit in "rampant, wide-spread, and systematic torture of Palestinian nationals" and Israelis, according to a landmark legal complaint filed .. with the International Criminal Court (ICC).


Palestinian Authority hypocrisy on display. Whike wholeheartedly supporting the BDS movement, a 2021 report published by the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) shows that trade between Israel and the Palestinians in constantly increasing. [9]

Envisioned racist Apartheid "state"

Abu Mazen openly declared his racist 'plan' that no Jew shall reside in his envisioned "Palestine" State.[10] A real apartheid.[11]

Christian minority

Though the Christians in the PA avoid saying so publicly, many of them fear – with good reason – that Muslim aggression against them will only escalate.[12]

The situation of Christians in Bethlehem has deteriorated dramatically in the last century, and especially since the PA took control of the city in 1995. In 1947, Christians comprised about 85% of the city’s population, but that figure had actually tplunged to 16% by 2016, and is estimated since then.[12][13]

2019 report cited "Islamic oppression" as the main source of persecution at Christian small minority of Arab Palestinians.[12]

Current racist Arab-Palestine

  • Anti Jewish hate, racism, incitement, demonization has been documented regularly at Pal Watch.[14]

In June, 2021:[15]

the European Union finally released its report on Palestinian Authority textbooks which includes dozens of examples of encouragement of violence and demonization of Israel and of Jews. Under the guise of “resistance” – another catchword – children are being brainwashed about the glory of martyrdom. Following the report’s publication.

  • The Palestinian Authority showed it's officially antisemitic, in ilifying all Jews. It also, indirectly terms the Bible as supposed "racist."[16]

  • A 2011 survey found, 73% of Palestinians in W. Bank, Gaza agree (today in age, "realistically") with 'hadith' quoted in Hamas Charter about the need to kill Jews hiding behind stones, trees. And 53% were in favor or teaching songs about hating Jews in Palestinian schools.[17]

  • Per a (2014 released) poll conduct by the Anti Defamation League, 97% of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza held antisemitic views, which would rank as the highest proportion in the world.[18]

  • A 2014 poll showed, most Palestinians want to eliminate Israel.[19]

  • In a March 2018 poll:[20]
    63% reject the idea of allowing Israeli Jews to live in the state of Palestine as citizens or residents.

  • In 2020, 93% of West Bank and Gaza population harbor anti-Semitic attitudes.[21]

  • According to the US Congress 2008[22] report "Contemporary Global Anti-Semitism"
"In July 1990, the Palestinian Liberation Organization-affiliated Palestinian Red Crescent published an article in its magazine Balsam claiming that Jews concocted, “The lie concerning the gas chambers.” Gradually, throughout the 1990s, Holocaust denial became commonplace in popular media in the Middle East, particularly in the Palestinian Authority."

Within a 2003 report[23] by Hillary R Clinton:

"I don't believe that there has been an adequate and consistent repudiation of the rhetoric of hate and the incitement of young people by the authorities in the Palestinian Authority. And I think that's so important, and I think it needs to be not just done once, but over and over and over again."

In its prepared statement there it states:

Of concern to our discussions today is the question, to what extent does the current Palestinian education system promote the hate and violence that undermine the foundations for stability and peace? It is clear that the old Palestinian curriculum in the West Bank and Gaza is unacceptable to us and everyone else in the international community genuinely interested in an education system that teaches children the truth, as opposed to hatred. The United States and other donor nations, as well as Israel, have long been concerned that materials used in the Palestinian education system and the UNRWA schools incited hatred. The curriculum--formed around a core of outdated Egyptian and Jordanian textbooks that fell out of use in those countries long ago--contained anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli content and promoted gender stereotypes. Moreover, the textbooks failed to promote critical-thinking, but rather favored rote memorization. The Palestinian Authority, at the urging of the United States and the international community, recognized that neither intolerance nor deprivation of independent thought would serve future generations of the Palestinian people.

In a report [24]  on human rights in the Palestinian territories, the US State Department asserted that:

"Rhetoric by Palestinian terrorist groups included expressions of anti-Semitism, as did sermons by many Muslim religious leaders. Most Palestinian religious leaders rejected the right of Israel to exist. Hamas's al-Aqsa television station carried shows for preschoolers extolling hatred of Jews and suicide bombings."

As Biden visited the area, it was commented:[25]

wonder how many Jews will @POTUS see there. Jews are not allowed to live or work in the Palestinian Authority.
  • Seen in 2014-2015.

Palestinian Authority schoolbooks, 2014-15 (examples): The Holocaust is omitted from all WW2 related discussions. A 2014 schoolbook, uses the term but only on the "Palestinian" Arabs (1948) and claiming, it was "unprecedented" in history.[26]

  • As late as 2022, "Palestinian" schoolbooks deny Holocaust, legitimize Munich massacre. It also incites against, lies about the Jewish faith, slander Jews as a whole.[27]

Reported, for example in 2022: Fatah and the PLO, which control the Palestinian Authority, makes the time of the younger generation "pleasant" during the summer vacation - they do not send them to the pool or the amusement park - but instead educate them in martyrdom, hatred of Jews and glorification of terrorists "The Palestinian Authority is doing everything in its power to poison another generation of Palestinian children to hate Jews, in order to train the hearts of the young and prepare them to participate in terrorist activities."[28]

The bill: "Peace and Tolerance in Palestinian Education Act," already passed in 2019,[29][30][31] was also passed unanimously in Sep/2022 by the House Foreign Affairs Committee.[32] [33]

The 2022 bill: [34]
will create new State Department reporting to address the ongoing issue of incitement and antisemitic content in textbooks used by the Palestinian Authority and the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) – which is especially timely given that, despite UNRWA’s renewed commitments to address this issue in the 2021 Framework for Cooperation, problems with antisemitism and incitement continue to be well documented.

  • In 2022, the US State Department cited Jerusalem-based monitor's findings on Palestinian Authority textbooks.

IMPACT-se has found the promotion of violence, martyrdom and jihad in "all grades and subjects." The presentation of Jews and Christians as "infidels … enemies of God." And denial of Jewish history.[35]

The report documents how the Palestinian Authority enforces a system of apartheid to ensure that every inch of territory under its control is strictly judenrein (free of Jews) by punishing Palestinian land sales to Jews with the death penalty, and by inciting the murder of Jews through financial rewards to terrorists.

  • The racist-apartheid punishing Arabs who sell land to Jews,[37] anti Semitic law,[38] began under the Jordanians, and practiced by Palestinian Authority. The law it and of itself racist,[39] plus it's strong racist overtones.[40] Under Arafat since 1994

such Arabs gave been murdered.[37] Under Abbas, since at least 2009.[41] and have affirmed death penalty.[42] In 2014 the PA had toughened law against Palestinians selling land to Jews.[43] In 2019 one such prisoner died in custody. [44] In 2018, Palestinian-American Issam Akel, was tortured, sentenced to life in prison by PA for selling land to Jews.[45]

Author:[37] It tells us that like the PA today, any successor Palestinian state will be a racist, apartheid state where laws will be promulgated based solely on race and religious origin. Jews will be denied all basic human rights and Arabs who peacefully coexist with Jews will be accused of treason and made targets for murder.

The PA's Apartheid land laws: [46]

-American-Palestinian sentenced to life imprisonment with hard labor for selling land to Jews.

-In 2014, Mahmoud Abbas passed legislation raising the punishment for selling land to Jews to life imprisonment with hard labor.  

-64.4% of Palestinians support the death sentence for selling land to Jews.

  • On Nov 4, 2021, Girls sing: Jews are “the world’s do_gs” and “
  • On Nov 4, 2021, Girls sing: Jews are “the world’s do_gs” and “impure” on PA TV.[47]

  • A 2022 report per study: Palestinian children learn to murder Jews. In Palestinian Authority schools, textbooks' incitement to violence, terror and anti-Semitism increasing.[48]


  • Tens of thousands of Arab surfers praising terrorist attacks and murders of Jews by Arab "Palestinian" terrorists.[49]

  • Before December-25th. An annual racist "tradition" to lie about Israel.[50][51][52]

[This racist Arab "tradition" began at the UN by Arab Syrian Fares El-Khouri each December and then in 1955 by infamous genocidal Ahmad Shukairy devout fanatical Muslim who usefully clinically resurrected, in the sly serpentine way peculiar to him, religious bias and prejudice against the Jewish people. At that speech he also made the hateful Nazism analogy,[53] a mere 6 years after actually rationalizing the massacre of the 6,000,000.[54])].

  • An example of many thousands of Arab racists in the area. In 2021, a 25-year-old with disabilities, who left the house to buy a can of cola and then an Arab resident of East Jerusalem just started abusing him, impersonating a police officer and threatening to arrest him. He filmed everything and shared on tik tok in a post that won hundreds of thousands of shares and shaming this poor guy.[55][56][57]
  • Aug 16, 2022.
    Palestinian Authority leader Abu Mazen [Mahmoud Abbas], visiting Berlin, belittles again[58] the Holocaust, this time by his outrageous statement about so called "50" supposedly "committed." German chancellor, Olaf Sholz later on condemned him,[59][60] As well as condemned by Yad Vashem,[61] the EU,[62] the US among others. [63] His lies about the Holocaust enraged Germans.[64]

His distortion of history and of facts regarding anti-Terror defense actions brought about strong reaction.[65] Following Abu Mazen's statement, a furious daughter of the victim of the athletes massacre in Munich reminded: "Abu Mazen was part of the murder plan." His involvement was recalled.[63] (Indeed, Mahmoud Abbas - Abu Mazen was behind financing the Munich massacre[66][67] and in 2010, he lauded Munich massacre Leader.[68]. In 2016, [69] Mahmoud Abbas's party Fatah called the 1972 Munich terrorist attack in which Palestinians brutally tortured and murdered the Israeli Olympic team a "heroic operation."). Days later, the Berlin police opened a investigation into Mahmoud Abbas / Abu Nazen on incitement of hatred.[70][71] Following Abu Mazen's scandalous remarks, former German parliamentarian: 'Germany should send money to families of Munich victims rather than Palestinians.'[72]

  • Aug 17, 2022.
    Mahmoud Al-Habbash, advisor to Abbas, PA Supreme Shari'ah Judge, defended Abbas’s denial of the Holocaust, saying during a televised address ,that the Israelis "want us to forget history, while they want the world to remember a history which is mostly forged [sic. Mahmoud], exaggerated, fabricated [sic. Mahmoud], with no basis in reality."[73][70]

Related on Al-Habbash:

In 2021 he blamed all world's problems on Israel.[74] In May 2022, he said that "J..s are "foreign (sic) criminals (sic) and thieves." [75]

Palestinisn Authority's media racist cartoon against Condoleeza Rice (Aug/2006)
  • Anti-black racism[76] ​was out in the open, when former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, has been the subject of some viciously racial personal attacks.

In July, 2006, media outlets controlled by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah party the past few days have been using racist rhetoric in their reports, referring to the American representative as the "black woman," "raven," "colored dark skinned black lady" and "black spinster."[77]

In Aug 2006, an anti-black racist 'monkey' Cartoon in Palestinian Authority's controlled Press Al Quds. From The New York Times:[78] "Her comment that the Israel-Lebanon war represented the “birth pangs of a new Middle East”— coming at a time when television stations were showing images of dead Lebanese children — sparked ridicule and even racist cartoons. A Palestinian newspaper, Al Quds," which "depicted Ms. Rice as pregnant with an armed monkey, and a caption that read, “Rice speaks about the birth of a new Middle East."

In addition, the Palestinian media has used racist terms including "black spinster" and "colored dark skin lady."[79][80]

  • Reporter (in 2019) 'The thing that drives Palestinians crazy most at checkpoints - that an Ethiopian soldier checks on them.' A "slave" as they see them.[81]

  • (Related, on racism:
    In Oct, 2021, it was explained why foster families are not so common among Arabs (Israeli Arabs or "Palestinian" Arabs). It's because of their darker skin.[82])

  • Afro Palestinians

Afro-Palestinians are decendants from African Muslim immigrants - the majority travelling to complete the Muslim pilgrimage to Mekka, most live in Jerusalem, Gaza, west Bank town of Jericho.

Some Palestinians still refer to those with dark skin as ‘abeed,’ i.e. ‘slaves.'[83] Report:
Some Palestinians still refer to those with dark skin as "abeed," literally translated as "slaves." Racial slurs against blacks are oddly frequent in a society that has experienced its own share of prejudice and discrimination at home and abroad.

Though many of these Afro-Palestinians have lived in the area for centuries, they are often discriminated against because they are black.

They are only respected by their fellow Palestinians because of their role in Arab Palestinians' fight.[84]

Some have been involved in terror activities one (such PFLP terrorist who planted hand grenades in 1968 injuring 9) interviewed explained hr stopped aiding African immigrants as soon as they saw they have a positive view on Israel (naturally he tried to propagate in interviewed against Israel too).[85] One interviewed said "we are not a Scandinavian country, you know?” he said. “Jerusalem is a mosaic society. It’s a multicultural society.” Elsewhere, like Ramallah, he said, it might have been more difficult.[85]

[Ramallah is where PA headquarters is located and Jericho, where a considerable portion of this community lives, is under PA rule. Gaza has been under Hamas rule].

In June, 2021, following the Guardian of walls, arch terrorist head of Hamas, Sinwar propagated on a lefty media outlet in the US trying to compare events in Jerusalem to Geroge Floyd, a journalist reminded that he should rather tell about discrimination by Arab Palestinians against Afro Palestinians, such as in the Old city.[86]


Glorifying murder [in Arabic]

The so called "moderate" Palestinian Authority has routinely glorified murderers as "shahid" Martyrs, inciting for more bigoted anti-Jewish attacks by Arabs [87] [88]

In 2021, the Palestinian Authority praised Munich massacre as a 'quality operation.'[89]

As an Arab Muslim in Israel, Muhammad Alab Ahmed abu Alkiyan, ISIS, on Mar 22, 2022, went on a massacre spree, combined attack, vehicle-ramming and stabbing, murdering 4 [90][91] because they were Jews, it cheered it: PA hypocrisy: Honor terror in Arabic and secretly condemn it in English.[92] Pattern: 'condemns and encourages the "martyrs of Fatah": Abu Mazen in a double game.'[93]

Blood money - payments to terrorists families goes up per Jews they murdered

Admitting on (Feb.19.2019) that the Palestinian Authority has been paying terrorists that murder Jews
Praising terrorists (2015)

Pay for slay

The money transfer for racist Arab terrorists increases per Jews they murdered. 7 percent of the Palestinian budget goes to the families of martyrs and security prisoners.[94][95] Expert on the Palestinian arena:[94]
In addition to the payment of salaries, the Palestinian Authority also provides financial assistance to the children of the prisoners... "The authority has tried over the years to define it as a social benefit, but we were able to overturn that decision in court," Eviatar says. "Because basically the only element that determines how much everyone gets is your years in prison. Your years in prison are derived from the extent of the offenses of your murder, the indictment. The aid goes up in direct proportion to the number of Jews you killed indicating it is far from social."

Incitement to violence

  • In April 2022, in the orchestrated plot to bring about turmoil especially in sensitive Temple Mount, the Palestinian Authority was very much behind agitation.[96][97]
  • In Oct 2022, PA instructs preachers to praise murderer as hero and glorify Martyrdom-death in Friday's sermons.[98]

Use of kids

Report for UN World Children’s Day: how and why the PA kills its own children (2022):[99]

The PA sends its children to be killed so that it can blame and demonize Israel before the international community. The UN and many governments fall into the PA trap and criticize Israel for killing Palestinian children - even though the PA sent the children to be killed. Were it not for international criticism of Israel, the PA would have no political benefit in killing their own children and Palestinian children’s lives would be saved.

Calls for genocide

On Official PA TV, April 17, 2022, Imam prayed for victory over the infidels and had called to exterminate Jews.[100]


Despite Biden admin. acting very pro "Palestinian" and giving them large sum of aid, Mahmoud Abbas said "We don’t trust America." Fatah official: 'The US is the "enemy."'[101]


In a March 2022 statistic, the poll among Arab Palestinians asked who was "most deserving of representing and leading the Palestinian people." Thirty-one percent picked Hamas, 29% chose Abbas’ P.A., and 33% chose none of the above. Eighty-four percent believe the P.A. is corrupt and 70% believe Hamas is dirty.[102]

See also


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    The verdict described horrifying torture. Electric shocks, hanging upside down for long periods of time, pouring boiling plastic on the body, extraction of nails and teeth, sterilization, sleep deprivation, food restriction, the killing and raping of family members, the removal of a pre-mature baby from her incubator, and other forms of inhumane abuse.
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    About four years ago, a man fell from the window of the third floor of the detention center building in Ramallah, and was found dead. The Palestinian Authority claimed that it was a suicide. But those who are well acquainted with what is happening on the ground are convinced that the truth is different: it was thrown away on purpose. That Palestinian did not murder, steal or rob anyone. His crime was trafficking in land with Jews.

    A "fact" investigation published last Thursday documented operatives of Ta'ayush and B'Tselem allegedly handing over Palestinian land sellers to the Palestinian Authority's security forces. One of them, Ezra Navi, explained that the PA "caught them and killed them" and even bragged in part about it. Since then, human rights organizations are in turmoil. Alongside many who justify the acts, as revealed in ‘MIDA’, there are many who seek to challenge the credibility of the findings.

    One of the recurring allegations in this context is the claim that since 2005 the Palestinian Authority has not executed execution sentences. "PA courts occasionally sentence him to death," Hagai Matar explains on the Local Conversation website, "but Abu Mazen's policy is not to sign execution orders, so no one has actually been executed in a decade." The column, which has meanwhile become the left's defense correspondent, was also quoted by Amira Hess in Haaretz and other places. The source of the data that Matar mentions in his article, by the way, is the B'Tselem website.

    This may be legally the case, but the reality on the ground tells a completely different story. As we shall see immediately, the full truth is much more serious: although the Palestinian Authority does not officially execute, it does cause many deaths by indirect means. Even those who are not eliminated, are sentenced to long and indefinite prison terms in which he is subjected to interrogations with torture, humiliation and severe violence in prison.

    "Shot seven times in the head"

    As mentioned, the incident in which a man was thrown to his death occurred in 2012. Beyond that, over the years there have been many more victims.

    The conversation we had with some field activists was hard to digest. These deal with various aspects of real estate transactions in Judea and Samaria, and tell of a cruel reality. They are exposed on a daily basis to the crimes of the Palestinian Authority, and know it closely; Among other things, they met in person with innocent Palestinians who had "received" special PA treatment from those who sold land to Jews. All the sources for this article sought to remain anonymous. Surely you will understand why.

    Like the case we opened, some of them repeat the same description in different ways: Prisoners deprive the authority of prison life in different and weird ways. In some cases, these are prisoners who were murdered by their cellmates: "Prison authorities put them in cells with premeditated murderers, and everyone knows what's going to happen there," a source tells us. "Sometimes, in some cases I know of, people were murdered like that in Jericho Prison."

    But sometimes you don't even have to go to jail to meet death. For example, in the case of Muhammad Abu al-Hawa, who sold a property to the Elad organization - and was murdered in Jericho on the street in 2006. One of the sources tells us that he lived in Jericho, and paid silence fees to officials in the area. After some time his existence was discovered, the silence fee became more expensive and when he did not meet the payments, his "defenders" shot him. An article published at the time on the Haaretz website describes that the Fatah organization has officially taken responsibility for this:

    Muhammad Abu al-Hawa, 40, a father of eight, a resident of the a-Tur neighborhood in East Jerusalem, was shot dead yesterday in Jericho. Relatives said Abu al-Hawa's car was set on fire with his body inside, after being shot seven times in the head. The Palestinian police handed over the body and the vehicle to the Israel Police, who sent his body for examination at the Pathological Institute in Abu Kabir.

    Police estimate that Abu al-Hawa was killed in retaliation for selling a house to Jews in East Jerusalem. Fatah claimed responsibility for the killings. The car was purchased four days ago by Abu al-Hawa, apparently with the money he earned from the sale of the house.

    This happened a year after the "new policy" of the Palestinian Authority, which Amira Hess and B'Tselem like to quote. Maybe they would have thought differently, if they had read Haaretz.

    The punishment is clear; Navi in ​​fact investigation. Photo cover

    "These people know everything I described to you," says one source referring to the allegations on the left, "and they are deliberately hiding it from the public."

    As for Palestinian traders, another source who buys land from Palestinians in Judea and Samaria says: "I see the fear in their eyes. It is a primordial fear. Basic. And there is a good reason for that." The fear of being captured by the PA mechanisms accompanies any such deal, and it hovers over the deal all the way. "The chances of rescuing a person arrested by the PA are very low," says another source in the field. "The interrogations are very violent. There is physical pressure. Severe physical beatings. I know people who were beaten in the body, and a man whose jaw was broken and detached from the face. He was stitched for 4 months until it recovered. They are hung upside down, cigarettes are extinguished and humiliated."

    After the investigation, a trial takes place, and anyone found guilty of selling land to Jews or in connection with such a sale is usually sentenced to death, awaiting approval signed by PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas. To put it mildly, it is not a matter of pardon or release.

    A source familiar with this reality can tell that it is a very severe imprisonment: "They sit in jail with some of the most serious criminal offenders such as murderers, rapists, thieves and the like, who see the new inmates as easy prey that can be earned by abusing them," he says. "They are humiliated in a very cruel way, and they become the bottom of the prison population. They are charged with cleaning jobs at an angle and the like."

    Beyond that the arrest of a person on this suspicion leads to total family humiliation. Arrest the family members and humiliate his loved ones in public. "I know a family that has undergone a contempt order," says one of the sources. In another case, a man who was a partner in the sale of land was unable to marry his daughters, and only after they reached an extreme age were they forced to marry mentally retarded grooms.

    "The issue of land is taboo"

    Selling land to Jews is considered a very serious offense in Palestinian society, even more serious than cooperating with Israel's intelligence services. "I do not encounter so many arrests for cooperating with Israeli intelligence," a source tells us. "But you do see their rampage towards people related to the real estate issue." There are various justifications for cooperating with Israel: sometimes it works for the benefit of the local population, and sometimes it is done as part of tacit agreements between the PA and Israel.

    But the sale of land is a completely different story: "The issue of land is a complete taboo for them," the source explains, "it comes from very deep roots. For them land and woman are similar things related to the deepest emotions of Arab culture." And just as the dignity of women - which is a pretext for murder in very detailed rules set by local customs - so is the issue of land. "It means that whoever is suspected of this is perceived as desecrating the most sacred values."

    This primordial ideology is, of course, enshrined in law, which in its official wording describes it as "the extradition of land" or "transfer by theft to a foreign body." A term that, due to cultural differences, has no Hebrew equivalent. The penalty for this offense ranges from lengthy imprisonment to execution. It should come as no surprise, then, that the Palestinians are becoming paranoid. "Once someone called me because of various concerns he had," a source tells us. "We drove to him at 4 at night. I sat him on the roof armed to guard him." At dawn they slipped out of the village.

    Ezra Navi was right

    If so, in contrast to the attempts of B'Tselem members and supporters of the Palestinian Authority to downplay the severity of the danger, evidence of a harsh and brutal reality emerges from the field. The danger is daily and tangible, and the extradition of innocent citizens to the PA's mechanisms often leads to serious consequences.

    The "official" numbers provided by the Palestinian Authority and various human rights organizations speak of a complete cessation of executions over the past decade. But field officials estimate that at least a few dozen Palestinians are in lengthy prison terms, and about five of them have died in various and bizarre circumstances. It should be very cruel to hand people over to such a fate, and even more cruel to defend the act in public.
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    The Palestinian Authority is under heavy international pressure, mostly American, aimed at facilitating the transition from proximity talks to direct negotiations with Israel.   The written message recently sent by President Obama to Palestinian Chairman Mahmud Abbas indicated that the American administration is not content, to say the least, with the Palestinian foot-dragging in the peace process, or with what is perceived to be a lack of appreciation for American pressure on Israel (which led PM Netanyahu to accept the two-state solution and to temporarily freeze settlement activity in the West Bank and Jerusalem.)   However, there is no obvious fundamental change in the Palestinian stance. The PA hesitates and refrains from explicit commitment to direct negotiations without any pre-conditions. Instead, it tries to weather the American demands by raising a new proposal to convene a three-way meeting of Palestine, Israel, and America to discuss the agenda of the negotiations, its legitimacy, and the settlement cessation.   While briefing the Egyptian media in Cairo, Abbas divulged last week his version of the failure of the peace talks with former Israeli PM Ehud Olmert and his positions regarding the political settlement of the conflict. Abbas noted that he almost reached an agreement with Olmert, but the negotiations failed at the final stretch because of disagreement on the discussed land swap.   Olmert proposed 6.5% but Abbas accepted to no more than 1.9%. Abbas said that he demanded to divide Jerusalem, with the city’s eastern section handed over to the Palestinians and the western part remaining in Israeli hands, and insisted that the refugee problem must be settled in accordance with an Arab peace initiative from March 2002, and UN resolution 194. He also stressed that he will never recognize Israel as a Jewish state.   "I'm willing to agree to a third party that would supervise the agreement, such as NATO forces, but I would not agree to having Jews among the NATO forces, or that there will live among us even a single Israeli on Palestinian land,” he was quoted by Wafa, the official Palestinian news agency.  

    A state without Jews

    The Palestinians intend to demand the implementation of the UN resolution regarding refugees, from a Palestinian perspective, which gives the 5.5 million refugees and their descendants the right of return and to settle in the State of Israel. In his briefing to the Egyptian media, Abbas presented this strategy and denied the Jewish character of Israel. He maintains that Israel should, in fact, become a bi-national state, but on the other hand that Palestine must become a state “clean” of Jews.   The term “Israeli” used by Abbas means “Jew,” as the PA sees Israeli Arabs, Muslims and Christians alike as an integral part of the Palestinian people. The future State of Palestine, according Abbas, must resist any Jewish presence in its territory. In other words, the PA embraces a racist policy – Palestinian apartheid – directed at Jews, based on denial of Jewish history and the cultural and religious linkage of the Jewish people to the land.   The anti-Semitism embodied in Abbas’ words refers also to his position towards the NATO observers’ force that may be deployed in the West Bank to monitor the implementation of the peace agreement with Israel. He is opposed to Jews being included in this force; meaning, he will ask Germany and all other partner countries in NATO to use their own forces in the West Bank, in an effort to the exclude any Jewish soldiers.   He didn’t explain how these countries would determine who is a Jew, whether according to orthodox Jewish laws or just if one of the parents or grandparents was a Jew. But even Saudi Arabia didn’t dare oppose the deployment of American Jewish soldiers on its land during operation Desert Storm (1990-1), and no one in Israel ever demanded to disqualify Muslim soldiers from serving in the international observers’ forces in Lebanon, the Golan Heights and Sinai.   The racist language used by Abbas is particularly despicable as it doubts the loyalty of the Jews to their country. It is for this reason that his comments call for a firm Israeli and European response.   Note: Wafa, the official Palestinian news agency published on July 28 its version of Abbas’ briefing to the Egyptian media, quoting him as saying: “I'm willing to agree to a third party that would supervise the agreement, such as NATO forces, but I would not agree to having Jews among the NATO forces, or that there will live among us even a single Israeli on Palestinian land”. This version was reprinted by Palestinian newspapers al-Quds and al-Hayat al-Jadida on July 30 and by other Arab newspapers.  

    A few days later Wafa published a new version of Abbas’ interview to the Egyptian media, where he was quoted as saying: “We have no objection to the presence of a third party after the (Palestinian) state is established, and we don’t oppose that the third party will be NATO or any other force. However, I will not agree that an Israeli, even if he is a Muslim, will be present on my land, but I’ll agree only (to the presence) of a third party. The reason for that is stemmed in the fact that the Israeli is the heir of the occupation, while the presence of the third party is temporary as are the Multinational Forces in your country (Egypt) and UNIFIL in Lebanon.”
  12. 12.0 12.1 12.2 A Christian crisis in Gaza and the West Bank, The Jerusalem Post, Dec 25, 2019.
    In the Gaza Strip, the Christian population has plummeted from about 3,000 a decade ago to an estimated 1,000 today, most of them Greek Orthodox.

    “Though the Christians in the PA avoid saying so publicly, many of them fear – with good reason – that Muslim aggression against them will only escalate,” wrote Edy Cohen, a researcher at the center. “Such fears are all the stronger in light of the thunderous silence of the Western [and Israeli] media, in the face of the Christian minority’s ongoing disappearance from the PA and Islamic lands in general.”

    He added, pointedly, that “the ongoing international neglect of the plight of the Christians under PA rule can only lead to the vanishing of Christianity from the place where it emerged.”

    In the Gaza Strip, the Christian population has plummeted from about 3,000 a decade ago to an estimated 1,000 today, most of them Greek Orthodox...

    The situation of Christians in Bethlehem has deteriorated dramatically in the last century, and especially since the PA took control of the city in 1995. In 1947, Christians comprised about 85% of the city’s population, but that figure had plunged to 16% by 2016, and is estimated since then.

    Bethlehem’s mayor at the time said that, “Due to the stress – either physical or psychological – and the bad economic situation, many people are emigrating: either Christians or Muslims, but it is more apparent among Christians because they already are a minority.”

    A study by the Pew Research Center found that the decline in the Arab Christian population was both a result of a lower birth rate among Christians compared to Muslims and the fact that Christians were more likely to emigrate than any other religious group. A statistical analysis of the Christian exodus cited a lack of economic and educational opportunities among a community known for its middle-class status and higher education.
  13. “The Mayor of Bethlehem is Christian, but it is Hamas that’s in charge.” [1], Dec 2005
  15. Liat Collins, "My Word: The apartheid label and libel JPost, June 24, 2021.
    Rather than promoting peace, the delegitimization and boycott efforts have the opposite effect.
  16. Arab-Islamist racism: "Palestinian" Authority is officially antisemitic - it has also a problem with the Bible. DP, Oct 19, 2022.


    An epithet began by the PA in using it on Jews reciting the Biblical verse in Deuteronomy, 6:4 "Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one..."

    Though Haredim, their Rabbis believe it's forbidden now days to ascend the mountain where the Temples stood and visit rather the Western Wall. However, those that are religious-Zionists and follow their masters that permit access, recite the above verse at the Temple Mount. (Some bow, as in Isaiah 27:13).

    Upon those scenes, the PA and Hamas, etc. came up with the phrase as supposed "talmudic", which is false, as it is Biblical.

    Since the "Palestinian" Arabs fear a backlash against openly demonizing the Bible, the Pallywood deceptive lying culture chose that T word, since it can galvanize also Neo-Nazis, that old alliance with Islamists.

    Not that it matters to these both extremists entities - that Haredi anti-Zionism is actually the Talmudic based.

    (BTW the Bible is the source for the Talmud which interprets it [classic example is that 'An eye for an eye', the Talmud explains that it's not literal but monetary compensation], but this is not the point).

    In order to vilify, the bigoted racist "Palestinian" leadership, typically, ironically, used the R word on its victims and its prayer. In other words, the Arab "Palestinian" entity claims the Bible is "racist"."

    Since then, the "Palestinian" Authority recently had 'expanded' the anti-Semitic smear to include any prayers/locations, not even relating to the Temple Mount.

    The Palestinian Authority is officially antisemitic. It calls all Jewish prayer "racist Tal... rituals.", EoZ, October 16, 2022.
    The official Palestinian Authority news agency Wafa, which reflects the official Palestinian Authority positions, reported about Jews worshipping at the Kotel, the Western Wall on Saturday. 

    Not on the Temple Mount - but the Western Wall that Jews visit and pray at every single day...

    There is no difference between the Shabbat prayers yesterday at the Kotel from the prayers at every traditional synagogue on Earth.

    The official position of the Palestinian Authority is that every Jew who visits the Kotel is a "settler."

    The official position of the Palestinian Authority is that every Jew who visits the Kotel is has no right to be there and is "storming" a Muslim site.

    The official position of the Palestinian Authority is that the term "Talmudic," which is the source for virtually every detailed Jewish law from kosher to Chanukah, is an epithet.

    The official position of the Palestinian Authority is that everyday Jewish prayer said daily, worldwide, is considered (supposedly) "racist Tal... rituals [sic]."

    Wafa has previously used the phrase "racist Tal... rituals" to describe Jewish prayer, but up until now it was always in the context of Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount. This is the first time, as far as I can tell, that they are mimicking the same antisemitic language attacking Jewish worship on the Temple Mount to apply to the Kotel as well. 

    By extending its bigoted language to apply to mainstream Jewish worship at the Western Wall, the PA is saying that all Jewish worship is (supposedly) racist and therefore immoral.

    This is officially sanctioned antisemitism, and officially sanctioned antisemitic incitement, by the Palestinian Authority.

    It is undeniable - and indefensible. 

    Which means that it will be almost certainly be roundly ignored.

  17. Gil Stern Hoffman, 6 in 10 Palestinians reject 2-state solution, survey finds, JPost, July 15, 2011.

    73% of 1,010 Palestinians in W. Bank, Gaza agree with 'hadith' quoted in Hamas Charter about the need to kill Jews hiding behind stones, trees. ... 53% were in favor or teaching songs about hating Jews in Palestinian schools.

    When given a quote from the Hamas Charter about the need for battalions from the Arab and Islamic world to defeat the Jews, 80% agreed. Seventy-three percent agreed with a quote from the charter (and a hadith, or tradition ascribed to the .. Muhammad) about the need to kill Jews hiding behind stones and trees.
  18. Newman, Marissa; AP; Tress, Luke; Tress, Luke (2014-05-13). "The 10 most anti-Semitic countries". The Times of Israel.
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    Less than 30% back two-state solution, though most are opposed to violent resistance, and Hamas seems to have gained little support from kidnapping.
  20. Public Opinion Poll No -67 | PCPSR.
    14-17 March 2018. This poll has been conducted in cooperation with the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung in Ramallah.
    63% reject the idea of allowing Israeli Jews to live in the state of Palestine as citizens or residents.
  21. ADL. / Global 100 [2] West Bank and Gaza 2020: 93% Index Score, 93%. 1,900,000 People in this country harbor anti-Semitic attitudes. 2,030,259 Adult population.
  22. United States Department of State | Contemporary Global Anti-Semitism: A Report Provided to the United States Congress" (PDF). 11 March 2008.
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  24. "Report on Global Anti-Semitism". (Released 2005)
  25. Asaf Zilka @AsafZilka Jul 13, 2022
    I wonder how many Jews will @POTUS see there. Jews are not allowed to live or work in the Palestinian Authority.
  26. Schoolbooks of the Palestinian Authority (PA): The Attitude to the Jews, to Israel and to Peace Study, Compilation and Translation by Arnon Groiss and Ronni Shaked Editing and Conclusion by Arnon Groiss. BESA center, Dec 2017. [3].
  27.  Ariel Kahana, Palestinian schoolbooks deny Holocaust, legitimize Munich massacre, ILH, Sep 7, 2022.

    An Israel Hayom analysis reveals that despite promises to review its curriculum, the Palestinian Authority continues to use material that incites hatred against Jews and Israel.

    Children in the Palestinian Authority too began their school year on Sept. 1, only instead of the promised education reforms, their schools continue to use the same books that have been heavily criticized for inciting hatred against Jews and Israel.

    On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Munich Olympic massacre, Israel Hayom and the Institute for Monitoring Peace and Cultural Tolerance in School Education (IMPACT-se) – an NGO that that analyzes schoolbooks and curricula for compliance with UNESCO-defined standards on peace and tolerance – conducted an analysis of Palestinian school curriculum. It revealed that history books in PA and UNRWA schools laud and legitimize the tragedy, in which Palestinian terrorists murdered 11 Israeli athletes, describing it as "resistance" to Zionism, and "Zionist interests abroad."

    It also showed that textbooks on World War II omit the Holocaust entirely. They cover the main events in detail, such as the German invasion of Poland, the Battle of Britain, the attack on Pearl Harbor, and the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but not a word about the Wannsee Conference, concentration camps, or any other events related to the Holocaust. Surprisingly, the German government is the main funder of the Palestinian education system, including textbooks. The PA Education Ministry's budget for the implementation of their plan comes from Germany, as well as Norway, Finland, and Ireland. After international criticism, the PA and European authorities made changes to all textbooks for grades 1-12, but IMPACT-se officials say the content became more radicalized, "with hundreds of extreme examples that were introduced systematically that encourage harming civilians, jihad, violence, and incitement against Israel and Jews, in all classes and on all subjects." "Moreover, the new books deliberately omit all the previous attempts for peace with Israel since the Oslo Accords. Antisemitic messages were also found in the books," they said.

    Palestinian children are taught to believe that ... is a racist religion and that J control the media, politics, and finances... are depicted as liars, corrupt, and "enemies of Islam at all times and places," and as such should be eliminated. "Despite the European Union's repeated criticism of the Palestinian Authority, it did not make substantial changes to the textbooks for the 2022-2023 school year," CEO of IMPACT-se Marcus Sheff said. PA President Mahmoud and Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh "must be made aware that there is a price for this – from hearings in the Council of the European Union to condemnation from the European Commission responsible for their funding and the European Parliament." The German Embassy in Ramallah confirmed in a statement that the country "does support Palestinian education, but does not finance the development or printing of the textbooks.

    "We are in constant dialogue with the Palestinian side for further improvements in the education sector and the materials used in it," the statement said.
  28. Ahikam Himelfarb, "The camps for Palestinian children: puzzles of murderers, playing with weapons and soldiers next to 'bodies.'"

    Fatah and the PLO, which control the Palestinian Authority, made the time of the younger generation "pleasant" during the summer vacation - they did not send them to the pool or the amusement park - but instead educated them in martyrdom, hatred of Jews and glorification of terrorists

    ... "The Palestinian Authority is doing everything in its power to poison another generation of Palestinian children to hate Jews, in order to train the hearts of the young and prepare them to participate in terrorist activities."

    Shvii, issue 405, 13th of Elul 5782, 09.09.22. [4]. [5] [6]

  29. Resolving the conflict between Israelis & Palestinians requires teaching all children to be tolerant. Today, @ADL welcomes the bipartisan introduction of the Peace and Tolerance in Palestinian Education Act & commends @IMPACT_SE for its important work.
  30. Apr 18, 2019.
  31. Omri Nahmias, House Committee passes Peace and Tolerance in Palestinian Education Act, JPost, Dec 19, 2019.
     The legislation is a result of a report by IMPACT-se, which monitors values of peace and tolerance in textbooks.
  32. 117th Congress (2021-2022): Peace and Tolerance in Palestinian Education Act.
  33. [ Sherman's Peace and Tolerance in Palestinian Education Act Passed by House Foreign Affairs Committee Sep 15, 2022.
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  35. US State Department cites Jerusalem-based monitor’s findings on PA textbooks, JNS, June 8, 2022.

    IMPACT-se has found the promotion of violence, martyrdom and jihad in "all grades and subjects."

    A U.S. State Department report on June 2 features research by a Jerusalem-based monitor of educational material in Palestinian Authority textbooks and their systematic messaging regarding the promotion of violence, martyrdom and jihad. Research by the Institute for Monitoring Peace and Culture Tolerance in School Education (IMPACT-se) found that textbooks made for “all grades and subjects” in Palestinian schools contained such incitement.

    The report also discussed IMPACT-se's critique of the Georg Eckert Institute (GEI) report on Palestinian Authority textbooks, "which ambiguously classify the curriculum as promoting UNESCO standards, despite overtly anti-Semitic content," IMPACT-se said in a statement on Tuesday. IMPACT-se is quoted by the State Department as stating that the GEI report includes "omissions, obfuscations and even apologetics for Jew-hate and violence," and that, in fact, "the P.A. curriculum moved further from meeting UNESCO standards and that the newly published textbooks were found to be more radical than those previously published," according to the organization. The State Department’s 2021 "Report on International Religious Freedom,”?" published last week, featured four of IMPACT-se’s country curriculum reports from last year. The State Department report is used to inform U.S. policy and to promote global religious freedom.

    It also cites IMPACT-se reports on significant changes in Saudi Arabian textbooks, such as the removal of content "forbidding friendships with Jews and Christians," the presentation of Jews and Christians as "infidels … enemies of God," as well as claims that the Jewish connection to the Temple Mount was "fabricated [sic]..." The State Department’s section on Qatar cites IMPACT-se’s June and December reports on the Gulf country, directly quoting the conclusion that the country “still ha[s] a long way to go when it comes to removing hateful content and consistently teaching tolerance … yet the improvements that have occurred over the last two academic years in Qatar are still a pleasant surprise.”

    IMPACT-se’s first report on the Yemeni curriculum is cited in the State Department’s Report, reaffirming "disturbing assessments," said the organization. The report quotes IMPACT-se finding that the Yemeni curriculum serves as a "blueprint for radicalization, and would incite violence and hate."
  36. Palestinian Apartheid Exposed at U.N. Inquiry, UN Watch, March 10, 2022.
  37. 37.0 37.1 37.2 Caroline Glick, "Our World: Why is Muhammad Abu al-Hawa dead?", JPost, Apr 18, 2006.

    By murdering him the Palestinian leadership sends a message against peaceful coexistence.

    Muhammad Abu al-Hawa was a 42-year-old father of eight when he died last Wednesday night.

    As Israeli Jews were beginning our Pessah Seders and retelling the story of our exodus from Egypt and our rebirth as a free nation, Abu al-Hawa was being tortured by Fatah terrorists...

    Abu al-Hawa was tortured and murdered because he stood accused of committing what the Palestinians consider a capital crime.

    Eight young children were orphaned last Wednesday night because their father allegedly sold an apartment building in Israel's capital city to Jews.

    The building in question is located in Jerusalem's A-Tur neighborhood, just above the Temple Mount on the Mount of Olives.

    Muhammad Abu al-Hawa was buried in a makeshift cemetery on the road between Jerusalem where he lived, and Jericho where he was murdered. His body was buried there because the Palestinian Authority's mufti in Jerusalem, Ikremah Sabri, has barred all Muslims accused of selling land to Jews from being buried in a Muslim cemetery.

    When the PA was established in 1994, the first legal step its chairman Yasser Arafat and its justice minister Freih Abu Medein took was to declare null and void all laws that had been in force until that date. After plunging Palestinian society into legal chaos, Arafat and Medein reinstated one law.

    That law was a Jordanian law which Israel had revoked in 1967. It made selling land to Jews a capital offense.

    SINCE 1994, dozens of Arab Israelis and PA residents have been murdered on suspicion of selling land to Jews. Abu al-Hawa's murder - like those that preceded it - tells us several important things about Palestinian society.

    It tells us that like the PA today, any successor Palestinian state will be a racist, apartheid state where laws will be promulgated based solely on race and religious origin. Jews will be denied all basic human rights and Arabs who peacefully coexist with Jews will be accused of treason and made targets for murder.

    On Saturday night Sheikh Raed Salah, the former mayor of Umm el-Fahm and the head of the northern branch of the Israeli Islamic Movement, spoke to an audience of some 30,000 Israeli Arabs in Kafr Kana. There he placed Abu al-Hawa's murder in the context of the Arab-Islamic strategy for conquering Jerusalem. His address, which was broadcast live by al-Jazeera, was devoted to calling for the expulsion of all Jews from Jerusalem. He called on his Arab brethren to "save Jerusalem from the hands of the Jews," promising that "Jerusalem will soon be the capital of the world Islamic nation, and it will be governed by a caliphate." Salah's speech placed him in the company of Sheikh Yusuf Qaradawi, the Qatar-based Sunni cleric who acts as a religious authority for both Hamas and al-Qaida. Speaking in Sanaa, Yemen, last December, Qaradawi, who chairs the Al-Quds Foundation, referred to the goal of Islamizing Jerusalem by ending coexistence with Israel as "a civilian jihad that should go side by side with armed resistance."

    Today, there is no figure of authority in the Arab and Islamic world in general and in the Hamas-led Palestinian Authority particularly who would have stood up for Abu al-Hawa. For today's Arab and Islamic leaders, murders like Abu al-Hawa's serve an "educational" goal of terrorizing Palestinians into ending any ongoing relationships they may have with Israelis. Neither Abu al-Hawa nor countless other victims before him had an opportunity to answer the charges leveled against them.

    According to Palestinians and to Jews involved in purchasing lands from Palestinians, in the majority of cases, the Arabs murdered for the "crime" of selling land to Jews never sold land to Jews. At most they were "guilty" of having ties of friendship or commerce with Israelis. The fact that merely having relations with Jews can expose an Arab to allegations of collaboration is enough to convince most Palestinians that they shouldn't have anything to do with Israel or Israelis. So by murdering people like Abu al-Hawa, the Palestinian leadership ensures that Palestinians will be too afraid of being killed to risk peaceful coexistence with Israel.
  38. Avi Issacharoff, Nadav Shragai, "Jordan, PA Arrest 2 Palestinians for Selling Hebron House to Jews", Haaretz, Mar 30, 2007.

    Hebron Jewish Committee: Arrest proves house was purchased legally, exposes anti-Semitic nature of PA...

    Hebron's Jewish Committee condemned the arrest, saying, "The arrest exposes once again the anti-Semitic nature of the PA. We call upon the government to accept the racial hatred prevalent in the PA."
  39. Jerusalem Letter. Israel: Center for Jewish Community Studies, Jerusalem Institute for Federal Studies, 1998.
    Netanyahu, commenting on the murder of two Palestinian land dealers after the PA announced a law stating that Palestinians selling land to Jews would be executed, stated, "I think it is ghastly , monstrous ... a racist law , a Nazi law, a Nuremberg law."
  40. Weissbrod, Lilly. Israeli Identity, In Search of a Successor to the Pioneer, Tsabar and Settler. USA: Rutledge, 2014. p. 176.
    The unrest following the Har Homa decision and the PA (Palestinian Authority) announcement that selling land to Jews was punishable by death (the plot on Har Homa had been sold to a Jew; ostensibly, the death sentence was to deter such sales and prevent legal Jewish building in Palestinian neighbourhoods, but it had strong racist overtones.
  41. Khaled Abu Toameh, PA court: Death to man who sold land to Jews, JPost, Apr, 29, 2009.

    Abbas nazi 248.88 (photo credit: AP)

    First of kind death sentence by PA's chief Islamic judge to deter real-estate deals with 'the enemy.'

    In the first case of its kind, a Palestinian Authority "military court" on Tuesday sentenced a Palestinian man to death by hanging after finding him guilty of selling land to Jews. The verdict came shortly after the PA's chief Islamic judge, Sheikh Tayseer Tamimi, issued yet another fatwa (religious decree) banning Muslims from selling land or houses to Jews.

    The death sentence is seen as an attempt by the PA leadership in Ramallah to deter Palestinians from conducting real estate transactions with Jews. It follows reports according to which Jewish individuals and organizations recently bought land and houses from Arabs in Jerusalem and some areas in the West Bank.

    The man sentenced to death is Anwar Brigith, 59, from the village of Bet Umar, north of Hebron. The three-judge panel found the defendant guilty of violating PA laws that bar Palestinians from selling property to "the enemy." In its ruling, the court, which convened in Hebron, said that Brigith had acted in violation of a Palestinian "military law" dating back to 1979, which states that it is forbidden for a Palestinian to sell land to Jews. The accused was also found guilty of violating a law dating back to 1958 that calls for a boycott against Israel, as well as another law from 1953 that bans trade with Israelis. The judges issued the verdict unanimously and pointed out that the defendant did not have the right to appeal.

    The death sentence, however, must be approved by PA President Mahmoud Abbas. The court was headed by Gen. Abdel Karim al-Masri, who sat together with two other PA security officers, Muhrez Atyani and Nabil Jaber. The court also decided to confiscate Brigith's money and property. Although the PA has never executed Palestinians accused of selling land to Jews, several "suspects" have been kidnapped and murdered by Palestinian security personnel or members of armed groups in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

    Hatem Abdel Kader, a PA legislator from Jerusalem, told The Jerusalem Post that he fully supported the death sentence against "traitors" involved in real estate deals with Jews. He urged the PA courts to issue death sentences in absentia against any Palestinian found guilty of such transactions, especially in Arab neighborhoods of Jerusalem. "We are fighting against Jewish presence and house demolitions in [east] Jerusalem from one house to another," he said. "We are fighting on all levels and thus far we have been successful in preventing the demolition of some 28 houses in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood.

    In the Old City, the number of Jews is about 3,000, as opposed to more than 30,000 Arab residents. Although the occupation is 43 years old, the Jews have been able to seize only 55 houses in the Old City."
  42. Khaled Abu Toameh, PA affirms death penalty for land sales to Israelis Sep 29, 2010.

    The PA says the land law is necessary to prevent the expansion of Jewish settlements in the West Bank and east Jerusalem.

    The Palestinian Authority on Sunday reaffirmed the death penalty for any Palestinian found guilty of selling land to Israelis.

    The decision came in response to a ruling by a Palestinian court according to which such acts were only a “minor offense.”

    PA Prosecutor-General Ahmed al-Mughni appealed against the ruling to a higher court, arguing that the sale of land to Israelis was a “major offense” punishable by death.

    The appeal was accepted.

    That verdict considering such offenses a major offense is aimed at reminding Palestinians of the PA law that prohibits selling land to Jews, Mughni said.

    The land law, which was originally put in force by Jordan between 1948 and 1967, carries the death sentence.

    The PA says the law is necessary to prevent the expansion of Jewish settlements in the West Bank and east Jerusalem.

    In 1997, the PA announced that it would seek the death penalty for any Palestinian convicted of selling land to Jews or Israelis, in accordance with the Jordanian “Law for Preventing the Sale of Real Estate to the Enemy.”

    According to the 1973 legislation, the sale of property to Jews or Israelis constitutes a crime against state security and well-being, punishable by death and the confiscation of the culprit’s possessions.

    The PA later drafted its own law to replace the Jordanian statute. The law is called the “Property Law for Foreigners.”

    It describes the sale of land to “occupiers” as an act of “national treason.” Although the PA has thus far refrained from executing those convicted of selling land to Jews, there have been many extrajudicial killings of Palestinian suspects over the past decades.
  43. Elhanan Miller, Abbas toughens law against Palestinians selling land to Jews, TOI, Oct 21, 2014.
    Following East Jerusalem acquisitions, PA ups penalty to hard labor for life; Fatah spokesman calls land solicitors 'traitors destined to die a humiliating death'
  44. Adam Rasgon, Palestinian man convicted of selling land to Israeli Jews dies in PA custody, TOI, Dec 22, 2019.
    PA police say man died of an unspecified illness after two-week hospitalization; deceased had been held since 2012.
  45. Palestinian-American Tortured, Sentenced to Life in Prison by PA for Selling Land to Jews, David Rutz, Free Beacon, Jan 2, 2019.

    A Palestinian-American was tortured by the Palestinian Authority and then sentenced to life in prison with hard labor this week for the crime of selling land to Jews.

    Issam Akel, an East Jerusalem resident and U.S. citizen, was sentenced Monday by a Palestinian court for "attempting to cut off a part of the Palestinian land and adding them to a foreign country," the Jerusalem Post reports. The official news agency of the PA referred to his crime as "selling a house to the enemy in Jerusalem":

    Akel was accused of acting as a broker in the sale of a house jointly owned by the Alami and Halabi families in the Muslim Quarter in the Old City of Jerusalem. Palestinians claimed that the house was sold for $500,000 to Ateret Kohanim, a Jewish organization that has been purchasing Arab-owned properties in east Jerusalem for several years.The PA, the Palestinians said, has frozen the bank accounts of Akel and the two families.

    Israel's police are investigating the circumstances of Akel's arrest by the PA. There are conflicting reports over whether he was was arrested by Palestinian authorities while in Ramallah or was seized from East Jerusalem. The Post notes he holds an Israeli ID and is immune to prosecution in a PA court.

    Shoshanna Keats-Jaskoll, writing in the progressive Jewish publication Forward, said she heard from people in touch with Akel that he was lured to Ramallah under false pretenses and then tortured. His wife and an American official who spoke with him while he was imprisoned also said he was tortured.

    A man Keats-Jaskoll called "Ali" testified before the Knesset about his experience with torture at the hands of the Palestinians. He said his captors threw hot water and rotten food at him in a cage, forced him to sit on broken glass and hung him upside down. Ali's crime was collaborating with Israeli security forces, a requirement under the Oslo accords but a violation of hardline Palestinian law.

    The case got the attention late last year of U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman, who demanded Akel's release and called his incarceration "antithetical to the values of the US & to all who advocate the cause of peaceful coexistence."

    Keats-Jaskoll added leading left-wing human rights groups like Jewish Voice for Peace and Code Pink had been silent on Akel's treatment by the Palestinians. She also criticized liberal, anti-Israel figures like Marc Lamont Hill and incoming Palestinian-American congresswoman Rashida Tlaib for saying nothing on the matter.
  46. Maurice Hirsch, Adv., "The PA’s Apartheid land laws", PMW, Dec 31, 2018.
  47. Girls sing: Jews are “the world’s do_gs” and “impure” on PA TV, Nan Jacques Zilberdik, PMW, Dec 1, 2021.

    Jews are “the world’s do_gs”

    Jews “defile Jerusalem”

    Jews are [sic] “the impure”
  48. Study: 'Palestinian' children learn to murder Jews, Israel National News, Apr 12, 2022.

    In Palestinian Authority schools, textbooks' incitement to violence and terror increasing.

    A new study by IMPACT-se examined the new textbooks written by the Palestinian Authority's education department and taught in both Palestinian Authority and UNRWA schools, and found that they contain more extremist material than previous textbooks.

    The study, reported by Yediot Aharonot, examined over 10,000 pages of material from the Palestinian Authority's new curriculum, and found a significant rise in the amount of material inciting towards killing Jews, violence, and anti-Semitism.
  49. Animalistic Tens of thousands of Arabs with happy reactions to the murderous attack in Israel, 0404, Dec 16, 2021.

    [Killed in the deadly shooting attack in Samaria: Yehuda Dimentman 14]

    This is how they are ... regularly with smiling likes during terrorist attacks or a disaster that befalls Israel. These are not negligible numbers. To date, 0404 News has blocked tens of thousands of Arab surfers praising terrorist attacks and murders. Boaz Golan: "It is not possible to remove likes on Facebook, even after the surfer has been blocked. Their murderous hatred is inconceivable. On the social network Mikey, we do not let them in at all."

    The hallucinatory Omer Bar-Lev thinks they do not feel good or quarrel with their family and so they murder Jews.
  50. David M. Weinberg, 'Tis the season to nail Israel, JPost, Dec 24, 2020.

    ... THESE SCREEDS demonize Israel and seek to cover up the real reason for Christian decline in Bethlehem: the Palestinian Authority and radical Islam.

    It started with Yasser Arafat. Arriving from Tunis, Arafat immediately set out to suppress the Palestinian middle class across the West Bank, which he understood could be the only real opposition to his planned dictatorial authority. He nationalized most business sectors and squeezed Palestinian small businessmen out of business. Especially hard hit were middle-class businessmen of Bethlehem, mainly Christian.

    Arafat then sidelined the long-time Christian mayor of Bethlehem, Elias Freij, and Arafat’s henchmen led a campaign of terrorism and intimidation against Christian institutions and families in the city. Land theft, beatings and harassment of Christians in Bethlehem by PA security services and other gangs became routine. Forced marriages between Christian women and Muslim men were reported. In 2002, Arafat’s terrorists even took over and defiled the Church of the Nativity for 39 days, holding 200 priests hostage as the terrorists sought to escape Israeli justice.

    The result was an inexorable and ongoing Christian exodus from Bethlehem; a city captured by the PA and taken over by a very intolerant strain of Islam.

    Nevertheless, PA President Mahmoud Abbas annually releases a malevolent Christmas message in which he cynically calls Jesus a “Palestinian messenger,” and goes on to blast Israel for denying “millions” of Christians their “right to worship in their homeland.”

    This is an ugly attempt to apply “replacement theology” (in which Christians are said to have superseded the Jews in a covenant with God) to the Palestinian assault on Israel. In Abbas’s reversed and warped world, the Jewish-Christian Jesus has been replaced by a Palestinian Christ, and Christianity is under attack by the Jews, not the Arabs and Muslims.

    Not only is this untrue, but it ignores the radical Islamic assault on Christians across the Middle East, often with government encouragement and support.

    According to a report commissioned in 2019 by then-British foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt, pervasive persecution of Christians “sometimes amounting to genocide” is ongoing in parts of the Middle East. Millions of Christians in the region “have been uprooted from their homes, and many have been killed, kidnapped, imprisoned and discriminated against,” the report finds.

    It also highlights how states and state-sponsored social media incite hatred and publish propaganda against Christians, especially in Iran, Iraq and Turkey. “The governing AKP in Turkey depicts Christians as a “threat to the stability of the nation. Turkish Christian citizens have often been stereotyped as not real Turks but as Western collaborators.”

    Iraq has lost at least two-thirds of its Christians over the past two decades. More than 600,000 Syrian Christians have been displaced or fled Syria since the civil war began. Other Christians have been massacred and buried in mass graves. In Gaza, Islamic terrorists have bombed churches, killed prominent Christians (mostly Greek Orthodox), and forced others to convert to Islam. In the West Bank, Arab Christians are better off than almost anywhere in the region, but only an estimated 50,000 live there – about 2% of the population, down from 10% in 1920.

    Overall, Christians now make up only 4% of the population of the Middle East, down from 20% a century ago.

    It should be the season for a rigorous world defense campaign on behalf of beleaguered Christians in the Middle East. Instead, ‘tis the season to nail Israel.
  51. Palestinianism: B4 Xmas, racist Arabs push blood libel of fake "persecution" of (sic) Christians, DP, Dec 21, 2021.
    Christian Population in Israel Grew by 1.4% in 2020

    By Aryeh Savir, Tazpit News Agency - 17 Tevet 5782 – December 21, 2021 In 2020, the Christian population in Israel grew by 1.4%, the Central Bureau for Statistics showed in a special report published Tuesday ahead of the New Year holidays. The growth rate of the Christian population in Israel over the years is constant and is always on the rise, the numbers show. For comparison, the growth rate in the Jewish population was 1.5% and in the Muslim population 2.2%. These statistics in a flourishing Christian community in Israel stand in contrast to recent allegations presented by the Patriarchs and Heads of Churches in Jerusalem about a threat to their existence in the Holy Land. [7] ___

    Jerusalem Churches Launch Christmas Blood Libel Claiming They Are Persecuted by Jews - David Israel, Dec 21, 2021 [8] ___

    'Outrageous, False, Dangerous': Israel Rejects Accusations of Religious Discrimination in Entry to Country By TPS / Tazpit News Agency. 15 Tevet 5782 – December 19, 2021 Israel issued a stern statement rejecting and condemning the accusations of any religious discrimination regarding the granting of entry permits into Israel, following allegations by Christian groups on the subject. Wadie Abu Nassar, advisor and media spokesperson of the Assembly of Catholic Ordinaries of the Holy Land, claimed Wednesday that Israel was discriminating against Christian pilgrims and banning their entry into the country while admitting Jewish visitors. "These unfounded allegations of discriminatory conduct are outrageous, false, and dangerous. We expect religious leaders to not engage in and promote the baseless discourse of hatred and incitement that only serve to add fuel to the fire of antisemitism and can lead to violence and cause harm to innocent people," the Foreign Ministry stated. The ministry explained that the renewed outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Israel and the new Omicron variant has "led to a change in the regulations and procedures regarding entry to Israel, just as many other countries have done. These changes, unfortunately, include a ban on tourists entering the country." The Exceptions Committee, which discusses special entry requests, has issued numerous permits, to both Jews and Christians. Some of the approved requests were those that came from the church authorities in Israel, including permits for priests to enter the country for the upcoming Christian holidays, the ministry noted. Israel "prides itself in its ardent devotion to safeguarding and promoting freedom of religion and worship for members of all religions and denominations in the country." "Israel has an open-door policy that allows church leaders to discuss with relevant government officials and authorities a variety of issues, including preparations for Christmas," and is "currently involved in special preparations for Christmas and its surrounding events and ceremonies in order to enable access to holy places for worshippers while ensuring their health and safety," the statement read. "We expect religious leaders to renounce hate speech and invite them to continue the regular and fruitful dialogue with the Israeli government," the Ministry concluded.

  52. Barry Shaw, The Truth About Christians in the Holy Land this Christmas, American Thinker, December 25, 2021.

    Sadly, this Christmas, many Christian leaders must enter into a period of theological soul-searching. Christian diplomats from once proudly Christian nations failed to oppose the United Nations General Assembly resolution that designated the central holy sites of Jerusalem to be exclusively Islamic property, thereby excising both Jewish and Christian history and the biblical heritage of the Temple Mount and the Western Wall. And, following this recent fraud that Israel will never accept, Christian pastors and bishops are now preaching blasphemy against Israelis and the Jewish State. This Christmas, the Archbishop of Canterbury colluded with the Archbishop of Jerusalem in suggesting that the fate of Christians in the Holy Land is being challenged, not by those who have been threatening Christian existence in once Christian majority towns, but by Israel. This is nothing short of a barefaced lie. It more than hints of disgraceful replacement theology, a medieval blasphemy against Jews that, sadly, continues by misguided church leaders to this day. The Archbishops, in an inaccurate and biased article published in the anti-Israel Times newspaper under the dramatic title, “Let us pray for the Christians being driven out of the Holy Land,” more than hinted that Jews were the ones driving Christians out of the Holy Land... They may be religious leaders. They are certainly not statisticians. They admit that the Christian population in Israel has grown. Indeed, there are now more Christians in Israel than Druze. Christians have been free to follow their faith and various churches have taken root in Israel including Roman, Armenian, Syriac, Maronite, Chaldean, Greek Catholic, Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, as well as Anglicans and other Protestants.

    Israel protects the only significant population of Samaritans in the world. It is where the Baha'i faith is centered (in Haifa) after being persecuted in Islamic countries, particularly Iran.  

    And yet, the Archbishop of Canterbury and his colleague in Jerusalem have forged an alliance that picks on the Jews for the persecution of local Christians when, if they were to be truly honest, they would admit that the real danger to Christianity lies in the locations that Israel handed over to the Palestinians to administer, and Bethlehem is a prime example. 

    When Israel was established in 1948, Christians composed 80% of the holy Christian town. This Christmas, Bethlehem Christians are a shrinking minority, less than ten thousand strong. 

    They pretend it’s because of Israeli checkpoints. At least this is what the replacement theologians behind the Kairos campaign allege. 

    Truth is, until Israel handed over control of Bethlehem to the Palestinian Authority the vast majority of local businesses were owned by middle class Christian families who were driven out by the Muslim population who did to the Christians what Arabs had done to the Jews in Arab lands.  In 2006, David Parsons of the International Christian Embassy wrote in a Jerusalem Post op-ed that Christians who remained in Bethlehem “suffer from the same Islamic hostility that is battering Israel, and which views both Jews and Christians as followers of ‘inferior’ faiths naturally destined to be subjugated by Muslims.” He was referring to the edict of Sheikh Yussef Salameh, the Palestinian Authority's undersecretary for religious endowment, who promoted the idea, in 1999 after Israel had left Bethlehem, that Christians should become dhimmis, second-class citizens "protected" by a majority Muslim administration.  It’s an easy search to uncover multiple Christian tales of persecution by Muslims in Bethlehem. 

    Why should they treat Christians better than Jews? Bethlehem became a hot bed of Palestinian terror. Multiple deadly attacks were launched from Bethlehem against Jews in Jerusalem and Kiriat Araba. In 2002, when the IDF moved in to arrest the perpetrators of one particular deadly attack, the terrorists took over the St. Mary’s Church, held priests and nuns at gunpoint, and used the sanctuary of the church to open fire on the soldiers. The Israeli soldiers did not return fire and negotiated the safe release of the Christians.

    By Christmas 2005, one Italian blogger wrote, “The Mayor of Bethlehem is Christian, but it is Hamas that’s in charge.” [10]

    Threats, physical attacks and extortion drove Christians out of their holy town. Their businesses and homes are now occupied by incoming Palestinians. 

    The Kairos lie alleges that Christians fled because of Israeli checkpoints, but these checkpoints didn’t prevent thousands of Arab Muslims entering the town to usurp the homes and businesses of departing Christians.

    This is one fact that the two Archbishops failed to address this Christmas. This Christian persecution has been repeated in the Gaza Strip ever since Hamas usurped power in Gaza during the Palestinian civil war between this Islamic terror group and Fatah. One result of the Hamas takeover has been that Arab Christians have fled the Gaza Strip, some finding shelter in Israel.

    In short. Where Israel handed control over to the Palestinians one direct result has been that Christians inevitably fled. Where Israel retained control, the Christian population increased, prospered and were protected. 

    This is the truth about Christianity in the Holy Land this Christmas.
  53. B'nai B'rith Messenger⁩⁩, 30 December 1955.

    Resurrects Religious Prejudice

    United Nations (AJP) strange, the very last important meeting at the UN of 1955 the — 709th session of the security council last week — had to concern the Israeli-Arab conflict. But, stranger still, this pre-holiday meeting had to bear and hear the embittered voice of the Syrian Ahmed Shukairy resurrect, in the sly serpentine way peculiar to him, religious bias and prejudice against the Jewish people.

    Most of the representatives sitting around the table were well familiar with this sort of Arab, pseudo-Christian anti-Jewish argumentation. One of Shukairy's predecessors, as head of the Syrian delegation, Faris El-Khouri, had long ago indulged in this insidious type of anti-Semitism during each December season. So this was nothing new.

    IN AN attempt to connect the modern Israelis... Shukairy bemoaned: Israel is fishing for trouble in the very waters she has perturbed.

    If any testimony is needed —( and here comes his sinister —inference)—it ...was around Lake Tiberias... Charging Israel with murder in the way of the Nazis, Shukairy continued... Mr. Eban has accused me of religious prejudice...
  54. B. Lerner, "Behind the British Conspiracy," B'nai B'rith Messenger, 12 July 1946, p.6.
    I met Achmed Shukeiri, chief of the Arab Office, who reiterated in his conversation the words of Goebbels justified the murder of six million Jews of Europe "because Hitler could not have been all wrong," and warned that his side was ready to "play along with Moscow." They always play along, the Husseini-Shukeiri mob. Outside the Young Men's Christian Association building in Jerusalem, where the hearings of the Anglo-American Inquiry Committee were being held at the time, I met Jamal el Husseini; he issued the same warning as Shukeiri (he being Shukeiri's chief) of playing along with Moscow, and reiterated his justification of the mass murder of six million Jews "for Hitler couldn't be all wrong... you have got to see both sides of a question, my man, both sides of a question..." Jamal Husseini saw both sides so well that he joined in igniting, at a time most critical for the Allies, the Iraq coup d'etat to gauleiter the Middle East for Hitler...
  55. [11] [12]
    Take a look at the charming Matan: A 25-year-old with disabilities, who left the house to buy a can of cola and then a resident of East Jerusalem [Arab] just started abusing him, impersonating a police officer and threatening to arrest him. Photographed everything and shared a tik tok in a post that won hundreds of thousands of shares and shaming this lovely guy. We met him and his family who are angry that despite the tik tok terror, he has been released. (Dec 19, 2021)
  56. The court released an Arab who abused and frightened a young man with special needs, Hakol, 20/12/2021.

    The Jerusalem Magistrate's Court has ordered the release from custody of Ala Qaswani [Kiswani, Keswani], an Arab from the Beit Hanina neighborhood of Jerusalem who is suspected of impersonating a police officer, abusing a helpless person with special needs and distributing videos in which he allegedly abused a young man. In the video, a Qaswani is heard telling a young man with special needs that he is suspected of stealing a bottle of Coke and he is taking him into custody in the Russian compound. The helpless young man looks frightened at being approached and replies 'not enough ...' several times. The video, which was uploaded to Qaswani's Tik Tok account, was handed over to the police, where he was summoned for questioning...

    The video also shows how Qaswani touches and disturbs an ultra-Orthodox guy in a pharmacy.

    The Qaswani family from Beit Hanina is considered a seller and became famous about a month ago after the assassination of one of her family members, Muhammad Kiswani in the area of ​​the Orient Hotel in the German Colony in Jerusalem. The background is a clan conflict of several years with a family from the village of Beit Iksa near the Ramot neighborhood in Jerusalem. Shortly after the murder, members of the Kiswani clan, most of whom live in the Beit Hanina neighborhood, arrived at the house and began destroying the house of the murder suspects using a shovel and threw numerous Molotov cocktails at the house and a vehicle parked there.

    They later set fire to a store and other properties belonging to the rival family.
  57. Shira Dabush (Cohen), Tik tok terror returns: An Arab impersonated a "policeman" from the Israel Police and abused a helpless Jew, and this is not the first time. HIDABRUT, 16 Tevet 5782. 20.12.21.
    Itamar Ben Gvir: "It is not enough to stop, we need an indictment"

    A video that was uploaded to social networks in recent days by Itamar Ben Gvir - makes a name for itself.

    The video shows a young and helpless Jew being asked by an Arab worker employed in the construction of the light rail and impersonating a police officer from the Israel Police, to present an identity card.

    Here is the conversation between them, Shudai will upset and upset you too: "Where are you from?" The Arab asks. "I live in the Sanhedria," the young man replies. Arab: "Bring an ID card." Jew: "What, are you a policeman?". Arab: "We are police."

    A Jew, as he takes out of his pocket his ID card: "Are you not taking me to jail?". Arab: "I'm not taking you to jail. Open to see." The Jew opens his ID card and while asking the Arab: "Are you doing this to everyone?". Arab: "Okay. You have an interrogation, and you come to me on the Russian pitch. Come. Put handcuffs on his hands, and come." At this point, the Jew has already really panicked, begging for his life: "No, enough ...".

    Alongside the video, Ben Gvir wrote the following words: "Tiktok terror is back! Ala Qaswani monitored traffic in the construction of the light rail in Jerusalem, filming abuse of a boy with a disability and up to his tik tok account and this is not the first video he humiliates Jews and up to his tik tok account. "It's not enough to stop. An indictment should be filed!", He concludes.
  58. Stephen Pollard, Abbas's Berlin press conference confirmed a deep truth about the Palestinian president, The JC, Aug 17, 2022.

    We should stop taking him as we want him to be and focus on what he actually is... Abbas’ thesis ...for good measure he adds that six million dead is a made up figure to prompt sympathy. The real number who were killed, Abbas tells us, was around a million. But in 2003 he told Haaretz: “The Holocaust was a terrible, unforgiveable crime against the Jewish nation, a crime against humanity that cannot be accepted by humankind. The Holocaust was a terrible thing and nobody can claim I denied it.” This statement has been used to portray Abbas’s thesis as some sort of youthful mistake which the mature statesman has moved on from — to show that Abbas is the man so many in the West want him to be. His statement, however, demonstrates nothing of the sort. When he wrote his thesis in 1982 he did not ‘deny’ a Holocaust took place. Rather, he distorted and warped it — changing the very nature of the Shoah (and the number murdered) so the blame for their death lies with the Jews themselves. (He reiterated all these assertions in 2013 to Al-Mayadeen, an Iran-sympathising TV channel in Lebanon.) On Wednesday he ‘clarified’ his remarks in Berlin, saying that “the Holocaust is the most heinous crime in modern human history.” Credulous fools have again ignored what Abbas actually means by that. It’s time we stopped projecting what we want Abbas to be and focused on what he actually is, using his own words. In a speech in 2018 he informed us that Israel is a “colonialist project that had nothing to do with Judaism” — to such an extent that European Jews chose to stay in their homes and be murdered rather than live in Palestine. Do I have to point out the moral degeneracy of such a proposition? It would seem so, given the persistent refusal of so many to take Abbas for what he actually is.

    Tuesday’s events in Berlin are, in the scheme things, trivial. But as so often, a larger truth is confirmed by trivialities.
  59. Abu Mazen: "Israel committed 50(sic) holocausts(sic) on us"; Lapid: "History will not forgive him" AP, Aug 16, 2022.
    The chairman of the Palestinian Authority, who is visiting Berlin, avoided condemning the massacre of the athletes in Munich - and while he was giving his speech, Chancellor Scholz was seen contorting his face. Prime Minister: "a moral disgrace". Earlier, Scholz clarified that for him, Israel is not an apartheid state According to the AP news agency, during the PA chairman's speech, the German chancellor grimaced in displeasure - however, he did not react in real time, but later issued a statement to the German "Bild" in which he criticized Abu Mazen's choice of words. The horrors of the Holocaust are unacceptable," Scholz said.
  60. [ German Chancellor on Abu Mazen: "Disgusted by his outrageous statements", ICE, Aug 17, 2022.
  61. Storm following the words of the terrorist Abu Mazen Chairman of Yad Vashem: "His abominable words - horrifying", 0404 - 17/08/2022.

    Dayan: "Abu Mazen's hateful words today in Berlin about '50[sic] Holocausts[sic]' are horrifying, the German government must respond appropriately to this unforgivable behavior"... In addition, German Ambassador to Israel Stefan Seibert was outraged by Abu Mazen's words and wrote on his Twitter account: "Germany will not tolerate any attempt to deny the unique dimension of the crimes of the Holocaust." Prime Minister Yair Lapid also condemned the remarks, but Bezalel Smotrich reprimanded on Twitter: "Profile of hypocrisy. That's why your defense minister will continue to invite him to his home. You and he will continue to restore him to relevance in the international arena, strengthen him and give him 'loans' of hundreds of millions to pay salaries to the families of terrorists."

    The terrorist Abu Mazen said the harsh words, when asked if he intends to apologize to Israel and Germany for the actions of the Arab terrorists 50 years ago at the Munich Olympics.
  62. [@EU_Commission Vice-President/Promoting our European Way of Life (Migration, Security, Health, Skills, Education, Culture, Sport, fighting Antisemitism, FoRB)] Margaritis Schinas @MargSchinas:
    The statement by PA Pdnt Mahmoud Abbas is unacceptable. The Holocaust is an indelible stain on European history; it erased Jewish life and heritage in many parts of our continent. Holocaust distortion is dangerous. It feeds antisemitism and has a corosive effect on democracy.
    -- Aug 17, 2022.
  63. 63.0 63.1 The daughter of the victim of the athletes massacre in Munich is furious: "Abu Mazen was part of the murder plan", 103FM, Maariv News, 17/08/2022 .

    The statement of Abu Mazen, ".. 50 holocausts[sic]" caused a great storm, and triggered many reactions in the world and the political system, with the Biden administration and Germany, which was present, strongly condemned his statement.

    Shlomit Romano, the daughter of Joseph Romano who was murdered in the Munich 1972 massacre, was hosted in Anat Davidov and Golan Yukpaz's program and in 103 FM, and said: "Abu Mazen was part of From the same planning of the murder. Abu Mazen apparently did not make the path we hoped he'd do, and to my great dismay does not understand that the Holocaust does not compare anything else. Holocaust is something that can not be compared to and throw it into the air." "This is not the first time that Germany is not ready against Palestinian terrorism, it happened 50 years ago. Unfortunately, Germany apparently did not grasp to understand how to deal with Palestinian terror then nor today," Romano said...
    Spelling out racist Abu Mazen's belittling (again) the Holocaust Aug 2022. DP, Aug 18, 2022.

    • 1. The sweeping under the carpet of:

      a. His own involvement in the 1972 Munich massacre.

      b. And the Neo-Nazi Palestinian corporation at the 1972 crime.
    • 2. Belittling the Holocaust, part of Abu Mazen's own long history of Holocaust denial since the 1980s, at least.
    • 3. Attempts to rewrite history of:

      a. The Arab massacre of Jews in 1920, 1921, 1929, 1938, 1947; the massacres by Fedayeen in the 1950s (which Adolf Eichmann assisted in weapons supplies).

      b. Arab Palestinians, pro-Hitler as German official reported in 1937; in that year 'All' of Arab-Palestine celebrated Muhamnad's birthday with flying Nazi swastika and pictures of Hitler (NYT reported on May/23); Arab-Palestinians officially and in general hailed Hitler in 1938 (as reported in the US in Sep/Oct of that year); Al Husseini, the Grand Mufti with Jamal Husseini's Futuwwah modeled on HitlerYouth; Grand Mufti's pact with Hitler in Nov 1941; his tour of concentration camps in 1942; his plan to build death camps in Palestine; his intervention against rescuing Jewish children who were about to arrive in Palestine; his urging the Nazis to bomb Jews in Palestine; his Operation Atlas plot which some say included poisoning some 250,000 Jews of Tel Aviv; Arab "Palestinians" overwhelmingly cheering and praying for the Axis victory (1940) - as Ahmad Shukeiri wrote in his book that about himself and others as "we;" Arab "Palestinian" 80% pro Hitler in Feb 1941 (poll); Jamal Husseini and Ahmad Shukeiri justifying the Holocaust in 1946 and the latter promoting neo Nazi group in Nov 1962 at the UN.

      c. Trying to cast every clash since 1947 as a "massacre." (Asides from the very phenomenon of criminally attaching the Holocaust label to events, even if they are massacres).

      d. neo-Nazi: Udo Albrecht, Karl-Heinz Hoffman and Fatah corporation.

      e. Glorification of terror massacres, for decades.
  64. Ryan Jones, "Palestinian Leader Enrages Germany With Holocaust Lies", Israel Today, August 17, 2022.
    — German media slams chancellor for remaining silent as Mahmoud Abbas spewed poisonous falsehoods about Israel and the Jews.
  65. Trooper attacks Abu Mazen: "Shame, this year marks the 50th anniversary of the Munich massacre", Israel Hayom, 8/17/2022.

    The Minister of Culture and Sports responds to the harsh words of the Chairman of the Palestinian Authority: "Any attempt to present a different truth is a complete lie that distorts the face of history." Following the harsh words of Abu Mazen... the Minister of Culture and Sports today (Wednesday) attacked the statements of the chairman of the Palestinian Authority. "Abu Mazen's words are despicable and constitute a terrible disgrace" Trooper wrote, "This year we mark the 50th anniversary of the massacre of Israeli athletes in Munich by Palestinian terrorists - any attempt to present a different truth is a complete lie that distorts the face of history.

    Any attempt to compare the terrible Holocaust with the activities of IDF soldiers protecting the citizens of Israel is distorted and false. There are bad and there are good and we will continue to fight for the diagnosis between them and against any historical distortion, legitimization of terrorism and harm to the Jewish people."
  66. Abu Mazen Funded Munich Massacre, INN, Apr 29, 2003.
    Mahmoud Abbas, known as Abu Mazen, long the treasurer of the PLO, was the man who provided financing for that attack...
  67. Yoram Ettinger, Who Are You Abu Mazen (Mahmoud Abbas)?, "YNet", Jan. 14, 2005.
    ... In 1972, Abu Mazen was responsible for raising the funds, required for the Munich Massacre of 11 Israeli athletes. He acquired much of his subversive skills at the KGB headquarters in Moscow, where he received (at Moscow University) his Ph.D. on Holocaust Denial. No Western society would tolerate a holocaust denier holding a prominent position, but Abu Mazen has been accorded respect...
  68. Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, Abbas Lauds Munich Murder Leader, INN, July 4, 2010.
  69. Sick: Mahmoud Abbas's party Fatah called the 1972 Munich terrorist attack in which Palestinians brutally tortured and murdered the Israeli Olympic team a heroic operation...

    StandWithUs, Sep 6, 2016.

  70. 70.0 70.1 Abbas's trivialization of Holocaust spurs inquiry by Berlin police, JNS, August 19, 2022.

    Berlin police opened a preliminary inquiry into whether Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas broke German laws against incitement of hatred... "[He] downplayed the most terrible time in the history of our country, and in the history of my family and religious community," said Mike Delberg, who filed a complaint against the Palestinian Authority leader... Abbas’s statements, made during a press conference with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz on Tuesday, were in response to a question about if he would apologize for the massacre of 11 Israeli coaches and athletes by Palestinian terrorists during the 1972 Summer Olympics—as the 50th anniversary of the event approaches. According to the Associated Press [13], downplaying the Holocaust is a criminal offense in Germany, though a preliminary inquiry does not automatically mean a full investigation... The comments drew international condemnation, and Scholz called [14] Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid to clarify that Germany opposes Abbas’s trivialization of the Holocaust. "I am disgusted by the outrageous remarks made by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas … ," Scholz said in a statement [15]. "For us Germans, in particular, any relativization of the singularity of the Holocaust is intolerable and unacceptable. I condemn any attempt to deny the crimes of the Holocaust." Mahmoud Al-Habbash, an advisor to Abbas, defended Abbas’s denial of the Holocaust, saying during a televised address republished by MEMRI [16] that the Israelis "want us to forget history, while they want the world to remember a history which is mostly forged [sic. Mahmoud], exaggerated, fabricated [sic. Mahmoud], with no basis in reality."

    According to Jerusalem Post Palestinian affairs correspondent Khaled Abu Toameh, national and religious groups in the Gaza Strip have condemned [17] the German investigation, saying that the "... committed by Israel are not less than the crimes committed during [World War II] against the Jews and others."
  71. After the storm of the Holocaust: the German police announced the opening of an investigation against Abu Mazen, The Observatorial, Aug 19, 2022.
  72. Eldad Beck, Germany should send money to families of Munich victims rather than Palestinians, ILH, Aug 22, 2022.

    After Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas' Holocaust denial, Germany has increasingly been called on to impose sanctions on the PA and decrease its aid to the Palestinians. Former German parliamentarian Volker Beck proposed a creative idea this week to resolve the crisis regarding the compensation to the families of 11 Israeli athletes who were killed at the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich by members of a Palestinian group. After Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas accused Israel of committing "50 (sic) Holocaust" against Palestinians while in Germany, and refused to apologize for his remarks, Beck who heads the German-Israeli Parliamentary Friendship Group – called on the government to transfer the funds earmarked as Palestinian aid to the families of the Israeli athletes instead. He stressed that according to Olympic security officials, Abbas was involved in the preparations for the 1972 attack and apparently even financed the operation. Since Abbas' scandalous remarks at the joint press conference with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Germany has increasingly been called on to impose sanctions on the PA and decrease its aid to the Palestinians. Between 2021 and 2022, Berlin has sent Ramallah around 340 million euros. The German Foreign Ministry said it does not intend to decrease the funds. It is unclear how much of the aid comes from the German government directly as political foundations and aid and civil organization also contribute. The information is defined by the Bundestag as a "state secret." Relatives of the murdered Israeli athletes have long criticized how German authorities handled the attack and this year announced they would boycott the upcoming memorial ceremony in Munich to mark the 50th anniversary of the massacre due to Germany's "degrading compensation offer."

    German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier has been working on a compromise between the parties that would prevent Germany from being humiliated at the memorial ceremony due to being boycotted by Israel.
  73. PA Presidential Advisor Al-Habbash Defends Mahmoud Abass's "50 Holocausts" Comment: He Was Speaking On Behalf Of Us All; We Are The Real (sic) Semites, The History Of The Jews Is (sic) Fabricated, Memri, Aug 17, 2022.
    Source: Palestinian Authority TV.
  74. All of the world’s problems, including the Coronavirus, are because of Israel says Abbas’ religious advisor, claiming that Allah is punishing Israel and its supporters for "injustice(sic)" against Palestine, Palwatch, Nov 26, 2021.
    "The punishment that is befalling all of humanity including economic collapse, epidemics, climate change… everything that is happening in the universe is because of the [sic]injustice" of Israel's "oppression," states PA.

    (Official Palestinian Authority TV, Nov 26, 2021).

  75. J..s are "foreign (sic) criminals (sic) and thieves" declares PA Supreme Shari’ah Judge, Palwatch, May 3, 2022.
    Waving Israeli flags and singing the Israeli national anthem on Temple Mount "will ignite a religious war in Jerusalem" threatens Supreme Shari’ah Judge of Palestine and Abbas’ Advisor, who warns that Israel "is playing with fire and will be burned."

    WAFA, official PA news agency, May 3, 2022).

  76. Condi Rice and Palestinian Racism By Observer Staff, Oct 4, 2006.
    Condi.. Rice has returned to the Middle East, and under the headings of Muhammed cartoons, sexism, and racism, it should be remembered that 2 months ago a Palestinian paper printed an ugly cartoon mocking Rice’s (grotesque) statement that the Lebanon war marked the “birth pangs” of a new Middle East. The cartoon showed Rice pregnant with an armed monkey. And no, nobody here burned down an embassy to protest it, did we?.. But the Palestinians also could learn something from our Secretary of State about multiculturalism.
  77. Aaron Klein, "Rice labeled 'black spinster'", YNet, July 31, 2006.

    Palestinian media use racist terms including 'colored dark skin lady'.

    While US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has been in the Middle East meeting regional alongside Israel's military campaign in Lebanon, media outlets controlled by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah party the past few days have been using racist rhetoric in their reports, referring to the American representative as the "black woman," "raven," "colored dark skinned black lady" and "black spinster."

    The Palestinian media coverage follows an article last week in which WND reported senior Fatah members staged an anti-American protest outside the main government building in Ramallah while Abbas met with Rice. Most media coverage of last Wednesday's Ramallah protests claimed ralliers were affiliated with Hamas and Islamic Jihad.
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    This cartoon, first illustrated by a Palestinian daily newspaper, describes US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice as a pregnant woman with an armed monkey.
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    [Soldier at Qalandiya checkpoint, archive (photographers have nothing to do with what is said in the article) (Photo: Flash 90)]

    Commentator Zvika Yehezkeli referred to the way Ethiopians protested in the Arab and Palestinian media: "A Gaza worker told me he could not accept that a slave would check on me."

    ... In general the whole matter of the dark-skinned in the Arab countries and also in Islam is a huge story of its own. "... Abd - slave in Arabic - an inferior slave who is bought is black, dark-skinned."

    You told me that you came across this this week when you were in Gaza and met workers from Gaza there.

    "True. First of all I also met it in the territories but this week I got it really strong. I came to Gaza with Alon Ben David, we did an article in the envelope to mark five years to the war. Put him in the Kerem Shalom crossing. In this crossing there is the part where Israel unloads the goods The Palestinian forklifts from Gaza. I asked them to let me in their part to talk to them as freely as possible. It is difficult for them to really say what they think about the Gaza government. When the camera went down on the floor they spoke more freely. Mine is near Ashkelon I will go back there and it will be okay, you are fine. I told him but you always want to send us to places where our parents came, to Iraq. He says to me 'I have no problem with you, I have a problem with Ethiopians and Russians. "And I can not accept that a slave will examine me."

    I mean he can not have an Ethiopian soldier be in position and check on him?

    "Yes. Islam from its inception and even before Islam, all Arab signs would buy black slaves in Africa. The color black is an inferior color in Islamic society."

    So what does it do to him when an Ethiopian soldier stands in front of him?

    "Oh ... do you know what he told me? 'I can not stand this thing. This is for me the greatest humiliation I get - that you put an Ethiopian soldier.' Look how much this social stratification of colors is imprinted, and so it was in Africa. Today in Africa - the horrific massacre in Darfur was among those who are less dark-skinned and darker-skinned. The word slave is black in Arabic. Even the word crembo is the head of Africans, blacks because crembo is dark. Western countries will stop stopping the slave trade. "The color black is perceived as inferior, and the thing that drives them crazy the most is us with Ethiopian soldiers checking them out and it really drives them crazy."
  82. Racism: anti-black racism among Arabs ("palestinians" / Arabs in Israel), Oct 14, 2021.

    Kann news (@kann_news) Tweeted (Oct 14, 2021): "The boy said they did not want him because of his skin color": Why are foster families not so common among Arabs? [20]

    Muhammad (pseudonym), a father in a foster family for a 10-year-old girl, in an interview with Eran Singer on the 'Merhavit' program 'Kan Reshet Bet' 14.10.21 Published Oct 14, 2021 9:28 AM

  83. Pilgrimage to a New Self: The African Quarter and its people, Jerusalem Quarterly, Nov 16, 2002.

    In Focus... Racial slurs against blacks are oddly frequent in a society that has experienced its own share of prejudice and discrimination at home and abroad.

    On the Edge of Acceptance

    It was not the first nor the last time that these black Palestinians would feel the prejudice of a Middle East that continues to carry a pronounced color consciousness. "Fair and Lovely," a "skin lightening" product once popular (and now considered decidedly passé) in the United States is advertised regularly on Arabic satellite television. Some Palestinians still refer to those with dark skin as "abeed," literally translated as "slaves." Racial slurs against blacks are oddly frequent in a society that has experienced its own share of prejudice and discrimination at home and abroad.
  84. M. E. Taylor, "The revealing story of Afro-Palestinians and how they made Jerusalem their home," Face2FaceAfrica, August 24, 2018.
    Meanwhile, there are other large communities of Afro-Palestinians in Jerusalem, Gaza and the West Bank town of Jericho, with many of them being descendants of slaves or soldiers brought in during Ottoman times.

    Though many of these Afro-Palestinians have lived in Palestine for centuries, they are often discriminated against because they are black.

    They are only respected by their fellow Palestinians because of their role in the country’s struggle for independence.
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    A community of African Muslims has lived for generations in two former prison buildings right next to the Temple Mount. Today, it numbers 350 staunchly Palestinian members.

    When asked about the African migrants who have flocked to Israel from Eritrea and Sudan in recent years, Qous said that initially they tried to help them, “but most of the time we’ve been faced [with the fact] that they have good recognition of the State of Israel, and… we have a bad perspective about the [Israeli] occupation.”

    The Afro-Palestinians are fervently committed to the Palestinian nationalist cause. According to Qous, most of the Afro-Palestinians of Jerusalem have served time in Israeli prison and the police know they are “a bad group.” ...

    Ali Jiddah planted four hand grenades on Strauss Street in downtown Jerusalem in 1968. The blasts injured nine Israelis and Jiddah spent 17 years in Israeli prison....

    In spite of their strong identification as Palestinians, there is nonetheless a degree of racial discrimination against them by the broader Arab population. 

    “Some Palestinians still refer to those with dark skin as ‘abeed,’ literally translated as ‘slaves,'” Charmaine Seitz wrote in a Jerusalem Quarterly article on the African community in 2002. “Racial slurs against blacks are oddly frequent in a society that has experienced its own share of prejudice and discrimination at home and abroad.”

    But Jiddah ...

    When the Africans first came to British Mandate Palestine, said Qous, they faced “a lot of difficulties in order to be accepted in [Palestinian] society.” After the first generation of immigrants married local Arab women, they became better integrated.

    “Now we don’t have this kind of problem here, because we are not a Scandinavian country, you know?” he said. “Jerusalem is a mosaic society. It’s a multicultural society.”

    Elsewhere, like Ramallah, he said, it might have been more difficult.

    “Black, white,” said Mohammed, the elderly merchant, “we’re all one.”
  86. Boaz Arad 博雅 @aradboaz: תמיד אפשר לסמוך על וייס ניוז שיתנו במה לארכי-מחבל על מנת לקדם את המיתוג של הקונפליקט הישראלי פלסטיני כמאבק בין לבנים לשחורים ולהשוות את מה שקורה בשייח ג׳ראח להריגתו של ג׳ורג׳ פלויד. סינוואר לוחץ על כל הכפתורים הנכונים של הסמול האמריקאי. You can always rely on Vice News to give a platform to arch-terrorists in order to promote the branding of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as a struggle between whites and blacks and to compare what is happening in Sheikh Jarrah to the killing of George Floyd. Sinwar presses all the right buttons of the American left. Jun 7, 2021 Asaf Yaari @asafy Replying to @aradboaz: שיספר איך מפלים אפרו-פלסטינים, למשל בעיר העתיקה בירושלים He should tell how Afro-Palestinians are discriminated against, for example in the Old City of Jerusalem. Jun 7, 2021
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    Moshe was struck down first in the murderous attack; Doris's paramedic nephew was unable to save her; Laura had the strength to fight back while being mercilessly attacked, and Menachem was stabbed dozens of times while taking a walk.
  91. StandWithUs (@StandWithUs) Tweeted (Mar 22, 2022):

    Doris Yahbas. Rabbi Moshe Kravitsky. Lora Yitzhak. Menahem Yehezkel.

    These are the names of the 4 innocent people who were murdered in today's terror attack in Be'er Sheva, southern #Israel.

    May their memories forever be a blessing. [22]
  92. Itamar Marcus, PA hypocrisy: Honor terror in Arabic and secretly condemn it in English, PMW, Mar 24, 2022.

    PA to Palestinians: The murderer was a “Martyr” [March 23, 2022] 

    PA Minister to Israeli Minister:  "I am deeply shocked by this terror attack." [March 22, 2022].
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    In recent times, there have been increasing expressions of incitement and encouragement of terrorism by senior Fatah figures, the organization headed by the Palestinian Authority chairman who takes responsibility for the attacks.
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    Nearly four years ago, the Knesset enacted the "Terrorist Salary Offset Law" to try and stop the PA's payments to security prisoners - despite the pressure - the payments did not stop - "The aid goes up in direct proportion to the number of Jews you killed," Alon Eviatar, an expert on the Palestinian arena, explained to N12. "The only element that determines how much everyone gets is your years in prison."

    Payments by the Palestinian Authority to terrorists who carried out terrorist attacks and are being held in Israeli prisons This is one of the main points of contention in every Israeli dialogue with the PA and Abu Mazen. And what steps is Israel taking to prevent the transfer of funds?

    "7 percent of the Palestinian budget goes to the families of martyrs and security prisoners," Lt. Col. (Res.) Alon Eviatar, an expert on the Palestinian arena, explains in a conversation with N12. The rivalry between the organizations leads to the suspension of payments to some of the prisoners.
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    "As the number of dead"

    PA pays salaries to terrorists who killed Jews, but the criteria for the amount of the allowance are nauseating: the number of Jewish deaths, the years of imprisonment and the degree of the terrorist in the terrorist organization.
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    هكذا يتعامل الفلسطينيون ، بتشجيع من السلطة الفلسطينية وحماس ، مع أحد أقدس الأماكن للإسلام .... عيب عليكم! [23]

    This is how the Palestinians, with the encouragement of the Palestinian Authority and Hamas, deal with one of Islam's holiest places... Shame on you!
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    “Allah, delight us with the extermination of the evil [sic] J-ws,” imam on PA TV ... Prayer for Ramadan by Imam on PA TV: "Grant us victory over the infidels.. Allah, delight us with the conquest and liberation of the Al-Aqsa Mosque...."

    [Official PA TV, April 17, 2022] .
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  102. Daniel Greenfield, Will Biden fund ISIS in (Arab Islamists in) Israel to aid the Palestinians?, JNS, March 29, 2022.

    The "Palestinian people" have spoken. Will Biden listen to them?

    "In the name of Allah, the merciful and compassionate," said Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas, “we would like to welcome Secretary Clinton.” “Blinken,” someone corrected him.

    “Sorry, Blinken,” said the 86-year-old Islamic terrorist leader.

    U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken had to travel thousands of miles to find a leader even more unpopular and out of it than the one he had left behind at the White House. That was last year. This year, Abbas got Blinken’s name right, but not much else.

    In 17 years (and just one election), Abbas has seen a lot of secretaries of state come and go to get their pictures taken with him before sending him a few hundred million dollars.

    Last year, Abbas told Blinken that he had “postponed the elections” because of Israel and that the moment he gets his paws on Jerusalem, “we will hold them immediately and without any delay, because ultimately what we’re interested in is to establish democracy throughout Palestine.” This year they can’t be held either, because Abbas still doesn’t have Jerusalem.

    The last Palestinian Authority presidential election was in 2005. Abbas won. The last parliamentary election was in 2006. Hamas won. The presidential and parliamentary elections have been postponed since then but are expected to resume any time now. If not, blame Israel.

    Since elections won’t be happening anytime soon, a recent poll reveals that 73% of the “Palestinians” occupying the West Bank and Gaza Strip want Abbas to resign. If elections were somehow held today, the Hamas presidential candidate would win 54% of the vote while Abbas would only get 38%. So you can see why there will be no elections.

    Sixty-one percent want to tear up all agreements with Israel (since they haven’t kept them, that would be a technicality), 70% don’t want to negotiate with Israel and 64% don’t even want to negotiate with Biden. Fifty-eight percent oppose the “two-state solution” that is the touchstone of the entire peace process.

    Seventy-three percent believe that the Koran predicts that Israel will be destroyed, but only 32% believe it will happen in 2022. Under these circumstances, the last thing the Biden administration wants is democracy for the quarreling foreign jihadist tribes who invaded Israel over the last few centuries and were rebranded with the name of the European colonists known as the Philistines.

    Blinken is fine with Abbas postponing the elections forever, because otherwise the terror clans will do what they did the last time that Bush naively allowed elections and vote for Hamas.

    And that would be inconvenient because Hamas won’t pretend that they aren’t terrorists.

    Four Israelis were murdered last week by a Muslim terrorist attack at a mall in Beersheva.

    Despite  the terrorist’s Islamic State membership, a Hamas spokesman praised “the executor of the heroic operation” and promised more “heroic operations: stabbings, ramming and shooting” like the car-ramming and stabbing spree that killed a rabbi who ran a soup kitchen and two mothers of three. So much for the claim that Hamas will inhibit the rise of the “extremists” of ISIS. P.A. media also hailed the terrorist, Muhammad Abu al-Kiyan, who was shot and killed by an Israeli bus driver who chased him down on foot, as a “martyr.” If the P.A. follows its usual “Pay to Slay” policy in this case, it won’t just be financially supporting the usual stable of PLO, Hamas and Islamic Jihad families, but also an ISIS terrorist’s family.

    And that will mean American taxpayers will end up subsidizing ISIS terrorism in Israel, as the Biden administration explores ways to bypass the Taylor Force Act’s ban on terror funding.

    At a joint press conference on Sunday with Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, Blinken gave a speech mostly blaming Israel for future violence during Passover and Ramadan. That speech was followed by another ISIS attack in which two heavily armed terrorists opened fire on a bus. The Islamic terrorists were taken down by cops who had been eating nearby, but not before they killed two officers.

    Hamas celebrated the “valor and courage” of the ISIS terrorists, as did Islamic Jihad. Hezbollah, backed by Iran, praised the ISIS attack as an “important and most effective practical response to the infamous and treacherous normalization meetings that some Arab regimes are carrying out with the enemy entity,” referring to the anti-Iran summit in Israel with the foreign ministers of Bahrain, UAE, Morocco and Egypt.

    Iran’s pro-Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps outlet, too, praised it as a “martyrdom operation.” When it comes to Israel, Iran and ISIS are on the same side. Much as Al-Qaeda and Iran were on the same side when it came to the terrorist attacks of September 11.

    Blinken meanwhile used the visit to pitch Israelis on a Biden plan to remove the IRGC, Iran’s terror hub, from the list of foreign terrorist organizations, claiming it would be “symbolic.”

    He failed to condemn the terrorist attack as an ISIS attack, calling it “senseless” violence.

    At his joint press conference with Abbas, Blinken also failed to condemn terrorism or to note that ISIS, with the tacit support of his PLO hosts in Ramallah and of Hamas in Gaza, was planting its flag in Israel. Instead, Blinken once again condemned Jewish Israeli “settler violence.”

    Like Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland’s previous visit, the formula of Biden administration officials condemning Israeli “settler violence” while promising to “strengthen” the terrorists of the P.A. is as familiar as it is evil. The P.A. is an unwanted institution whose leader 73% of the people he rules over want to see out of office. And 49% want to dissolve the Palestinian Authority.

    Considering the decades of failure, misery and terrorism wrought by the failed Clinton initiative to create a Palestinian state, it’s long past time for everyone to turn the page on this disaster.

    Neither Arab Muslims nor Israelis want Abbas or the P.A. Only diplomats like Blinken and Nuland insist on keeping the senile tyrant of Ramallah in office until he dies.

    In a final statistic, the poll asked who was “most deserving of representing and leading the Palestinian people.” Thirty-one percent picked Hamas, 29% chose Abbas’ P.A., and 33% chose none of the above. Eighty-four percent believe the P.A. is corrupt and 70% believe Hamas is dirty. The “Palestinian people” have spoken. Will Biden listen to them?

    The root source of the corruption is the hundreds of millions of dollars Blinken came bearing last year for the regime of a corrupt, senile autocrat who didn’t even know whom he was talking to. There’s more money coming this year to prop up the terrorist regime.

    All in the name of a peace which doesn’t exist and that the majority of “Palestinians” don’t want.

    The United States has gone from using its foreign aid to the P.A. to prop up PLO, Islamic Jihad and Hamas terrorism against Israel to subsidizing ISIS terrorism.

    Will ISIS be a final red line for the corrupt farce of a two-state solution and a peace process?