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Trump Peace Plan for Israel & Palestine (2020) involving a two-state solution.[1]
1947 UN Partition Plan, rejected by the Arab States.

The two-state solution is the hypothesis of agreement that is being discussed by the key actors in the Arab-Israeli conflict. According to this hypothesis, the solution to the now historic war would lie in the creation of two separate states in the western part of territory of the British Mandate of Palestine, one Jewish and the other Arab. In that proposal, Arabs residing in the West Bank or Gaza Strip would be given citizenship of the new Palestinian state, which would also be offered to Palestinian refugees; as for Arabs residing in Israel, they would be given the opportunity to choose which citizenship to have: Israeli or Palestinian.

Discussed especially during the Annapolis Conference in November 2007, it is an idea that, with variations, has a history dating back to the 1930s.

After the Oslo Accords in 1995, parts of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip were ceded to the Palestinian Authority, thus, starting in practice the two state administration of the territories.

Currently 143 United Nations member states have formally recognized "Palestine" as a state (see also: List of States which recognize Palestine as an independent state.), stretching from Africa to Asia, Europe to Latin America.. Around 150 countries maintain diplomatic relations with the "Palestinians" in one form or another... In October, 2011, "Palestine" was granted full membership at the U.N. cultural organization, UNESCO, in a diplomatic victory won despite stiff resistance from the United States and Israel.[2]

A pro-Arab website expresses the "Palestinian" view concerning the border of "Palestine" by declaring they want a border which existed prior to the Six-Day War:

The value of a UN resolution recognizing an independent state for the Palestinian people, with its borders running exactly along the 1949 Armistice line, which was the border between Israel and the West Bank until June 4, 1967, should not be undermined.[3]

The "State of Palestine" was recognized immediately by the Arab League and several other Islamic nations, at the expense of recognition of Israel. It maintains embassies in these countries (which are generally simply Palestine Liberation Organization delegations).

In November 2012, "Palestine" was granted the status of a non-member observer state by the United Nations General Assembly. This move was applauded by the Holy See[4] which recognized the "State of Palestine" in 2015[5] and supports a two-state solution in the Arab-Israeli conflict.[6]

On April 2024, the Biden regime vetoed the State of Palestine request for full United Nations membership at the Security Council.[7]

Russia, China[8] and Ukraine[9] support the two-state solution.

Trump Peace Plan (2020)

In 2020 President Trump proposed a plan involving the establishment of new frontiers between Israel & Palestine and the mutual recognition of the countries.[1][10]

The January 2020 American peace plan for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, sometimes called the Trump plan, is a set of political and economic proposals presented on January 28, 2020 by the President of the United States Donald Trump as the path to peace between Israelis and Palestinians and a basis for negotiations in the peace process.

The plan proposes a fifty billion dollar international effort to enable the development and definitive establishment of the Palestinian state, when the Israelis would retain Jerusalem as their indivisible capital, with the Palestinians establishing theirs on a fraction of East Jerusalem.

The Israelis would keep the Israeli settlements in the West Bank but the Palestinian territory would remain equivalent in size to that of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip before the Six-Day War, through additions of territory from the Negev Desert for purposes economic and residential.

In 2024 Trump, reportedly, pulled support for a two-State solution by saying: "There was a time when I thought two states could work. Now I think two states is going to be very, very tough. I think it’s going to be much tougher to get. I also think you have fewer people that liked the idea. You had a lot of people that liked the idea four years ago. Today, you have far fewer people that like that idea".[11]

During the June CNN Debate with Biden, when Trump was asked if he would recognize the State of Palestine he replied: "I'd have to see".[12]


The main groups opposing the two-state solution are Hamas, (the Muslim Brotherhood-backed [13][14][15] with pro-terrorist cash funding it, especially Qatar[16]) groups behind the "palestine" activism on campus: like Islamic extremist [17] Hatem Bazian founded SJP, and its off shoot WOL (by Holocaust ceremonies interrupter[18] Nerdeen Kiswani[19]); PFLP's Samidoun; Arab and Zionist radical groups including among Evangelicals[20] who believe it all belongs to the Jews. In 1947/8 the Arab states opposed the principle, declaring war on Israel on the basis of Arab racism to consider the entire area an Arab homogeneity. In the words of Nazi collaborator[21] Jamal Husseini serving then as the Arab Higher Committee (AHC) spokesperson, that it would undermine "the racial homogeneity" of the Arab world.[22]

"Multiple polls have shown that the majority of Palestinian civilians support Hamas’s Oct. 7 massacre and the idea of a Palestinian state in the 1948 borders, meaning the destruction of Israel."[23]

Pro-Israel personalities typically point out that Israel has repeatedly had to defend itself against attacks by neighboring Arab states and counter that reverting Israel's border to borders which existed before the Six-Day war would not allow Israel to have defensible borders.[24]

The Israeli government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is openly opposed to the proposed "Palestinian" statehood, he supports Jewish settlements on the West Bank, and is threatening retaliatory action. Former US officials, notably former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are also opposed.

Timing and rejection

Though some Israelis are in favor of a Palestine state, the Oct 7 atrocities changed this to be in a small minority.[25] Even those who supported it pre Oct 7, "oppose Palestinian statehood due to security Threats."[26]

The criticism of the three lefti governments of: Spain (socialist Sanchez), Norway, and Ireland is about the timing,[27] [28] and the government of Ireland extremist stand post Oct 7. Notably the strange statement when little Enily Hand was freed.[29] Or the extreme anti Israel statements by a high-ranking Spanish official declaring in a video statement following the country's recognition of Palestine as a state: "From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free."[30][27] Ugly was especially the May 30, 2024 stand, at the UN, "Norway, Belgium, Ireland and Slovenia refused to support a proposed Israeli resolution calling for the immediate release of the hostages."[31] (Slovenian liberal 2023/4 government, is probably the most anti-Israel in Europe after Ireland. In Jan/2024, it was the first European govt. to join a 2022 petition against Israel in The Hague.[32] Days later, Iranian Slovenian foreign ministers met in Davos on Jan 17, 2024.[33] It even was extra warm to offer condolences after butcher Raisi died. In contrast, in 2021, the then conservative government of Slovenia was very pro Israel, and supported it strongly during Guardian of walls op.[34]).

Even liberal France's Macron who supports the act said the time isn't ripe, that he is "ready to recognize a Palestinian state if the PA makes reforms."[35]

Plus: 'Anyone with a basic understanding of geopolitics can see that May/2024 stunt by the leaders of Spain, Ireland, and Norway is anything but a genuine effort toward peace. First, it’s important to note that these countries haven’t so much as recognized a Palestinian state as they have conjured one. Little thought has been given to the geographical boundaries of this new state, which, given the territorial disputes with Israel, is a rather critical point to have agreed upon. And what about this new state’s governance? Will Hamas or the Palestinian Authority be in charge? Will there even be elections? Second, was this a stand for Palestinians or for Hamas? It’s curious that Spain, Norway, and Ireland decided to recognize Palestinian statehood after the October 7 Hamas attacks, not before. If it looks like a reward for the October 7 massacre, it’s because it is.'[36]

Australia rejected recognition of a Palestinian state. [37]

So did Denmark Danish parliament rejected proposal to recognize Palestinian state.[38]

Irish Christians regret recognition of 'Palestine': "For our government to think that the appropriate response to these wicked Hamas deeds and evil intentions is to reward them with a fictional state is deeply shameful and is a stain on our beloved Ireland." Calling it a disgrace and that: "this move achieved nothing other than awarding the terrorism and barbarism of Hamas on 7.10, and it encourages future acts of terrorism."[39]

And Spain's socialist Sánchez who hurried to recognize a Palestine state, lost the elections soon after.[40]

Then: "Armenia takes revenge on Israel by recognizing a Palestinian state." 'Jerusalem was not surprised by Armenia's decision to recognize Palestine due to its relations with Azerbaijan and its immediate support for Hamas after the October 7 massacre.'[41]

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