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Mahmoud Abbas

Mahmoud Abbas (Arabic: محمود عباس) (born March 26, 1935) is the current president of the Palestine National Authority. He is a member of the political party Fatah.[1]

Political views

On March 15, 2013 Abbas explained that “there is no difference between our policies and those of Hamas.”[2] In his New ear’s speech, Abbas praised Haj Amin al-Husseini, a instigator of pogroms against Jews and ally of Adolf Hitler.[3] In addition Abbas is a Holocaust denier.[4] While accusing Israel of committing an “ethnic cleansing”, Abbas stated that “no Jew, civilian or otherwise, would be permitted to live in the future Palestinian state he envisions.”[5]

Abbas refused to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. In July 2016 Netanyahu created a video in which he asked Abbas to fire his advisor Sultan Abu al Einein, who had called to slit the throat of every Israeli. He also criticized Abbas' political party Fatah for praising a terrorist attack which murdered 24 civilians on Facebook and called him to instruct the party's social media manager to stop the praising of such terrorist attacks.[6]

In 2016, Abu Mazen's Fatah claimed to have 'Killed 11,000 Israelis'. In a bid to whip up support.[7]

Corruption & theft

Abbas is infamous for his despotic ways and his epic corruption. He has amassed a private fortune of hundreds of millions, money diverted from foreign aid[8] and from louche business deals he has made for himself and his two sons Tareq and Yasser. As well as plain stealing from funds he was given from Arafat's PM when assumed office.[9] In addition to that, instead of openly stealing from the P.A., Abbas employed his two sons, Tareq and Yasser. Contiuing a "tradition" set forth by Arafat who $1 billion in tax revenue relayed by Israel for Palestinian workers.[10] He has provided well-paid government jobs to his own relatives and to the relatives of others in the PA government, assuring their loyalty.


In 2021, especially after beating to death of a critic of the PA, there were demonstrations[11] --quelled brutally[12]-- against the oppressive anti human rights "moderate" PA. Some called for outside help.[13]

Hateful theories

In 2015 he presents Holocaust as something Jews "say."[14]

In 2018, Abbas has justified the Nazis and tried to rewrite history.[15]

In Nov 2021, Abbas’ Advisor: Allah is punishing world with COVID-19 for ignoring Palestinian plight. [16]

Glorifying murder / terror

Pattern: 'condemns and encourages the "martyrs of Fatah": Abu Mazen in a double game.'[17]

A 2022 report per study: Palestinian children learn to murder Jews. In Palestinian Authority schools, textbooks' incitement to violence, terror and anti-Semitism increasing.[18]  


In April 2022, supreme Sharia judge and Abbas advisor: ‘Ramadan is a month of jihad, conquest and victory.’[19]

Blood money - payments to terrorists families goes up per Jews they murdered

Pay for slay

The money transfer for racist Arab terrorists increases per Jews they murdered. 7 percent of the Palestinian budget goes to the families of martyrs and security prisoners.[20][21] Expert on the Palestinian arena:[20]
In addition to the payment of salaries, the Palestinian Authority also provides financial assistance to the children of the prisoners... "The authority has tried over the years to define it as a social benefit, but we were able to overturn that decision in court," Eviatar says. "Because basically the only element that determines how much everyone gets is your years in prison. Your years in prison are derived from the extent of the offenses of your murder, the indictment. The aid goes up in direct proportion to the number of Jews you killed indicating it is far from social."

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