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Omar S. Shakir (b. 1958) is an Arab-American anti-Israel[1] hater. Active against Israel since he was a student.[2][3]

Shakir was the 2011-2012 co-president of Students for Palestinian Equal Rights (SPER), a forerunner to Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) [5][6] at Stanford University (Stanford). As an alumnus, Shakir has defended SJP and has been a featured speaker at SJP events.[1]

Watchdog on SJP:[4]

SJP and the Holocaust

A Safe Space for Holocaust Abuse

Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) chapters across North America are notorious for harboring anti-Semites who mock the Holocaust, show support for Hitler and wish death on Jews.

29 of these individuals are listed ...

SJP Chapter Holocaust Scandals

Multiple SJP chapters have been complicit in their own abuses of the Holocaust. This includes disrupting Holocaust memorial days, comparing Jews to Nazis on social media and hosting radical speakers who make light of the national Jewish tragedy.

Radical Founder Repeatedly Abuses the Holocaust

The organization’s founder, UC Berkeley professor Hatem Bazian, has himself repeatedly abused the memory of the Holocaust in order to promote his radical anti-Israel agenda...

Shakir defended anti-Semite in court.[5]

All along, Shakir was and is dismissing Israel's security concerns but instead maliciously defaming it.

Hype terminology

An example of Shakir's choice of words, definitions and language. In 2017, he labeled Israel's decision to strip a terrorist convicted on four counts of attempted murder of his Jerusalem residency - as a so-called "war crime."[6]

Apartheid slur

The Apartheid slur[7][8][9][10][11][12][13][14][15] [16][17][18][19][20][21][22] [23][24][25][26][27][28][29][30][31] to delegetimize and demonize Israel was originally invented by genocidal[32][33] Jihadi[34] Ahmad Shukeiri[35] (who in 1940 glorified, prayed for,[36][37] then supported Hitler since 1941,[38][39][40][41][42] justified the Holocaust in 1946,[43] and promoted neo Nazi storm trooper gang[44][45] who guarded Adolf Eichmann[46] and has tortured a 19 year old woman, carved a swastika into her flesh, as revenge for killing Eichmann[47]) He did it in October 1961 in the context of him protesting the Eichmann trial,[48] some 5 and a half years before[49] the so-called "occupation" of the Six-Day War.

(The A slur, and others like it, "Slur-du-jur"[50] the slandering via incorrectness,[51] a demonization[52] terminology exclusively. [VS real apartheid Arab--Islamic Middle East.[53]]).

Shakir and the Apartheid slur

From a 2010 Arab report,[54] he struggled with applying the "apartheid" label on Israel because conditions are not the same as South Africa, such as Arabs in Israel actually do have voting rights.

Shakir led boycott campaigns at Georgetown University and Stanford, and his 2010 event during "Israel Apartheid [sic] Week" was headlined "Apartheid [sic] Is Real.[55]

On February 26, 2015, Shakir tweeted: "'Gaza is not just a 'kind of' concentration camp, it's the hood on steroids.' In April 2016 Shakir implied South African apartheid idea back to 1948.[56]

In that year, In 2016, HRW increased its BDS emphasis, and hired Omar Shakir, an experienced activist, as its "Israel/Palestine director." At HRW, Shakir led BDS campaigns.[55]

It has been noted:[57]

Omar Shakir worked for Human Rights Watch in 2014, then left and joined again in 2016.

In between, he signed a petition supporting the boycott of Muslims - Muslims who care about Palestinians and who care about their own communities.

The crime that these Muslims committed? They showed an interest in learning about the Zionist point of view and attended a workshop in Israel called the Muslim Leadership Initiative.

In reality, what panicked BDSers about the MLI is that it showed that intelligent, caring Muslims could speak to Israelis and learn their perspective as a way to help bring peace. BDS is against any sort of "normalization" because it wants Israeli Jews to be demonized, not treated with respect.

These Muslims who want peace rejected BDS, so BDS called on all Muslims to boycott them - not to let them speak in schools and mosques.

We pledge to not give a platform to any MLI participant to speak about their experiences at our community centers, places of worship, and campuses and call on a complete boycott of MLI. 

Everyone who signed this petition is against peace. They are against dialogue. They are against treating Israeli Jews or Zionists as human beings.

Omar Shakir signed the petition.

HRW claims that Shakir is an objective researcher. Yet they hired him knowing that he was not only a supporter of BDS but he hates Muslims who don't share his opinion about it.

HRW knowingly hires people with a rabid hate for Israel - and deliberately chooses to use these same haters to "research" Israel.

This isn't human rights. This is pure hate. And HRW is part of it.

Shakir was deported from Israel for his harmful BDS activities in November 2019.[58] Though he tried to lie about it,[59] there were evidence, including of another now as our bigot, Linda Sarsour about Shakir's BDS activity.[60]

In 2014, Shakir defended Steven Salaita, a University of Illinois professor who was fired over his countless antisemitic tweets.[61]

In April 2020, in a tweet[62] he shows excitement to another infamous long time instigator, who serves in Btselem for promoting the apartheid slur saying it was "already" a "fact" for some time.[63][64] His argument - refuted.[65]

In April 2021, Omar Shakir tweets a 2015 pic whereby police drain a violent Arab rioter while escorting a Jewish victim -- to distract from a wave of Arab racist attacks, in a sick hobby proudly fiming it.[66][67] The clips increased incitement in the Arab sector[68] "The embodiment of antisemitic racism."[69][70][71][72][73] Arabs targeting Jews (more so ultra Orthodox who by in large avoid IDF draft) Dispite being notified of tweeting an unrelated photo, he did not delete it

A year later, Shakir himself consumed by anger over Israel not renewing his visa, as a revenge propaganda,[74] has also promoted it, abusing the HRW platform.[75] His "report" is baseless, but he/HRW know that.[76]

Despite its length, it is a propaganda document: full of falsehoods and distortions. The world it describes is an alternate reality.[77]

Despite knowing fully well, Omar Shakir, who resided in the area before being Estelle for BDS hate propaganda that most Israelis are 'brown' he chose (in his debunked slur doc) to portray in an imAoeil-2021), in an image, to portray Israelis as "all White" and the Arab Palestinians a p.o.c.[5] Part of an old systematic Arab-Islamic racism to portray its victims of its bigotry as beibg supposedly the "racists."

Fake "racism" - black IDF soldier shown vs Arab terrorist

He expanded the Apartheid term, as so to fit his long-term anti-Israel agenda. Not realizing his expansion would cover many others, but realizing that according to his new apartheid definition, Israel can never escape this terminology, no matter what it does. (Hence proving again, point of pure hatred)[78]

It was summarized that:[61]

The report is filled with outrageous lies and repulsive attempts to hoist America's racial justice issues onto Israel. Shakir made an effort to make the Jewish man on the left below appear "white" and the Palestinian woman on the right below appear "brown", masterfully hiding the fact that Israel's Jewish population is comprised of majority Mezrahi/Sephardic Jews (brown) vs. Ashkenazi (white-passing) Jews.

Shakir also took to Twitter to post about the current riots in Jerusalem. Rather than being honest and exposing the Arab youth gangs terrorizing the city's Jewish population, Shakir once again vilified the Jews and attempted to bring in irrelevant American social justice issues - this time police brutality - into the picture. He was instantly called out by us for deceivingly posting a photo from the 2015 riots. Despite being exposed for blatantly lying, he has yet to remove the tweet.


...measures, wrapped in the language of justice and human rights, would ensure that Israel, the nation-state of the Jewish people, would cease to exist.'..

Like others at HRW, Shakir’s activities before being hired were also BDS-centered, and in the past three years, he sought to have Israel expelled from FIFA -- the world football (soccer) federation, promoted boycotts of Israeli banks and other businesses, and pressured companies like Airbnb to single out Israel for sanctions. Although Shakir and HRW ultimately failed in all of these efforts, they succeeded in adding to the demonization of Israel.

In these propaganda wars, Shakir and HRW officials, led by Executive Director Kenneth Roth, employ terms such as apartheid, in order to mark Israel as an illegitimate state. Since the anti-Israel delegitimization campaign ratched up after the 2001 Durban Conference, where HRW was a major participant, the organization has produced a flood of press releases, reports, and social media posts filled with false allegations of war crimes, atrocities, human rights abuses, and violations of international law -- all part of the Durban NGO vocabulary of eliminationism.

What makes this activity, under the facade of human rights, blatant antisemitism is the unique nature of the BDS and demonization campaigns, in which Shakir, Roth and HRW, among others, single out the Jewish state. The consensus working definition, formulated by the International Holocaust Remebrance Alliance (IHRA), includes actions that single out of Israel. The IHRA antisemitism definition has been adopted by 17 countries, to date, and the German Parliament’s resolution declaring that BDS is antisemitic cited this document.

BDS and the accompanying delegitimization are also closely correlated with violent attacks on Jews and Jewish institutions..


The effort to demonize Israel through comparison to the heinous legacy of the South African apartheid regime has deep roots, going back to the Soviet and Arab campaigns of the 1970s, including the infamous UN resolution declaring that Zionism is a form of racism.

Although Human Rights Watch (HRW) claims that its latest contribution, A Threshold Crossed: Israeli Authorities and the Crimes of Apartheid and Persecution, is based on new material, a quick read reveals the same mix of shrill propaganda, false allegations, and legal distortions marketed by the NGO network for decades.

Omar Shakir, HRW’s “Israel and Palestine director,” is listed as the main author of the 217-page publication, which includes high-quality graphics and layout (with its $90 million budget, money is no object).

Shakir was hired in 2016, after a number of years as a campus activist under headings like ”Apartheid Is Real.” He led HRW’s (failed) effort to press Airbnb and the FIFA soccer association to join the anti-Israel boycott, and repeatedly invokes “apartheid” and “racism” when discussing Israel. For Shakir, who left Israel after his work visa was not renewed and a lengthy court battle, this is revenge propaganda.

In releasing this publication now, Shakir and HRW join numerous NGOs in amplifying the International Criminal Court prosecutor’s recent decision to open investigations of Israel for war crimes, including post-1967 settlements and occupation policies.

The text reiterates the main claims of a 700-page 2017 submission to the ICC from a group of NGOs (Al-Haq, PCHR, Al-Mezan, Al-Dameer) linked to the PFLP terror organization, alleging that “Israel persecutes the occupied Palestinian population and subjects them to the crimes of persecution and apartheid” and condemning what they call Israel’s effort to “ensure Israeli Jewish domination…

Another[80] wrote:
Apartheid? They lied.

Regarding “HRW accuses Israel of ‘apartheid crimes’ for the first time” (April 27), Human Rights Watch has such a long history of anti-Israel bias that even its founder, Robert L. Bernstein, admitted that fact. In his October 2009 New York Times op-ed “Rights Watchdog: Lost in the Mideast” Bernstein highlighted HRW’s anti-Israeli bias:

“Israel, with a population of 7.4 million, is home to at least 80 human rights organizations, a vibrant free press, a democratically elected government, a judiciary that frequently rules against the government, a politically active academia, multiple political parties and, judging by the amount of news coverage, probably more journalists per capita than any other country in the world — many of whom are there expressly to cover the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

“Meanwhile, the Arab and Iranian regimes rule over some 350 million people, and most remain brutal, closed and autocratic, permitting little or no internal dissent. The plight of their citizens who would most benefit from the kind of attention a large and well-financed international human rights organization can provide is being ignored as HRW’s Middle East division prepares report after report on Israel.

“HRW has lost critical perspective on a conflict in which Israel has been repeatedly attacked by Hamas and Hezbollah, organizations that go after Israeli citizens and use their own people as human shields. These groups are supported by the government of Iran, which has openly declared its intention not just to destroy Israel but to murder Jews everywhere. This incitement to genocide is a violation of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide.”

To call Israel “apartheid” flies in the face of the term’s white South African derivation, which the public understands and HRW chooses to obfuscate. By law, blacks had no upward mobility in white South Africa; today in Israel the chairman of the board of Bank Leumi, Israel’s largest bank, is an Arab. In white South Africa, if a black stepped into a “white” bank, he or she could be arrested, imprisoned, tortured and murdered. Only in the biased judgment of HRW, as founder Robert Bernstein made clear, is an Arab “systematically oppressed” by the Israeli government by becoming CEO of Bank Leumi.

Omar Shakir, the author of the HRW report, has a long history of supporting Omar Barghouti’s BDS movement, beginning as a BDS leader at Stanford University. Barghouti has made clear that the sole purpose of BDS is the “euthanasia” of Israel. A student of history, Barghouti knows that the Nazi T4 Euthanasia program was the foundation of the Final Solution as enacted in the Wannsee Protocols in January 1942. His use of the term makes clear he founded BDS to continue to antisemitic eliminationist mission formalized at Wannsee.

In 2015, Shakir signed a petition pledging to honor the BDS movement and boycott the Shalom Institute’s Muslim-Jewish dialogue initiative.

The HRW report is consistent with its founder’s 2009 analysis and flies in the face of the fact that South African anti-apartheid revolutionary Nelson Mandela in 1997 accepted an honorary doctorate from Israel’s Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. No rational person would believe that Mandela would have ever accepted a degree from a country that practiced apartheid.

Another[81] wrote:

This HRW report may matter to antisemitic, left-wing and radical Islamic NGOs and media, but to honest people used to the incessant bleating of these biased activists, it’s just blah, blah, blah.

HRW hired an Arab, Omar Shakir, to skewer Israel with libels such as declaring it an “apartheid state.”

Israel, in reality, is the least apartheid state in the Mideast and North Africa, the only place where minorities, women and gays are free to pursue their dreams. Israeli Arabs are equally represented in academia and slightly over-represented in medical fields. They have members and parties in parliament. An Arab is a Supreme Court justice. Does this sound like discrimination?

If HRW is unhappy with the lives of those living under the PA and Hamas, perhaps they should get Omar Shakir to write another report – but then again, Palestinian on Palestinian misdeeds would hardly be newsworthy.

Vs the reality of apartheid:[82]
It is not for Human Rights Watch or any other self-important agency to re-word the definition of apartheid to suit its ends.

The utter[83]
Twisted Omar Shakir's choice of words, choice of facts, in his intentional blurring and 'salad,' to fit his bigoted campaign.

He wrote in his title (Apr 27, 2021): — 'Summary About 6.8 million Jewish Israelis and 6.8 million Palestinians live today.'

Now, let's turn away from his venomous paper, sort things out and make it clear and authentic:

Israelis, it's majority are Jews, yet, it's largest minority are Arab, most of its Arabs are Muslims , then a sizable Christian community.

You can, on top of these simple non political facts, to choose an add-on, call Arabs with Israeli citizenship as "Palestinian" or not.

BTW, Israeli measures are related to survival and security, which is why certain 'areas' have more stringent measures, against Jews or against Arabs.

The 'A' slur, Omar Shakir is obsessed with since his student years, has no basis.

Shakir called on FIFA to boycott the Israeli national football team because of its apartheid policy. Only this idiot did not take into account that almost half of the Israeli team are players from Israeli Arab society and even the captain is Muslim.[84]

Shakir is aided by another long-time extremely biased[85][86][87][88][89] a Hamas apologist,[90] a "know it all" even propagandist for Hamas.[91] ​even bigot at HRW Ken Roth.[92][93] Twisted Ken Roth is also Soft on monsters of Iran and Syria and big against its rivals .[94]

Hatred and violence perpetuated after Shakir Apartheid-slur promotion

Since Shakir has outrageously used the HRW status, it has boosted even more the excuse for anti-Israel radicals to use the trope.

Then came the Squad[95] to repeat it after of "Palestinian" Arab origin Rashida Tlaib usage of it. An Israeli Arab replied to AOC on the falsehood of applying the term vs reality of Arabs in democratic Israel with full equal rights.[96] The promotion and rising use of the term has contributed to anti-Semitic attacks especially since May-2021 Guardian of Walls.[97] Which as a result, even anti-Israel ardent activist, Bernie Sanders, (who is known to throw the term "racism" frequently at so many situations so often, ridiculously) has asked to refrain from this and such rhetoric.[98] All the while other "activists" such as known anti-Jewish Islamic politicians Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib have not done so.

After daughter of Mohammed Hadid, Bella tweeted a vitriol against Israel including the 'A' slur, and Tala Halawa, an Arab journalist based in Ramallah, working for the BBC, punlished an extreme style piece supporting Hadid's stance, Halawa's earlier shocking antisemitic tweets were exposed, including that "Hitler was right." BBC reporter comes under fire for tweet saying 'Hitler was right'.[99][100][101]

In Sep 2021, in a nod to Abu Mazen, the UK's labor party (after years of being rocked by accusations of anti-Semitism under Jeremy Corbyn) based on racist Arab Omar Shakir's "findings" for a motion that defines Israel as supposedly 'apartheid state.'[102]

Incitememt "activism" after apartheid slur

Ironic "Apartheid" ridiculous meeting headed by Arab MK - elected official in democratic equal Israel- inside Israeli GOVT building

In June-2021, Shakir appeared (via Zoom) at an ironic Arab elected official[103] (Aida Touma-Suleiman) in democratic equal for all Israel "conference" - on so-called "apartheid". The nerve of conducting such a charade inside the Knesset building, trying to defame inside its welcoming "house." The exact contradiction to its false claims.[104]

The malicious lie didn't seem to subside even as Israeli government includes: An Islamic party in the coalition, an Arab minister, 2 Arab deputy chairmen, and 3 Arab committee chairmen, and "Apartheid in Israel" has never looked more ridiculous.[105]

Hamas, Muslim-Brotherhood linked conference

In June 18-23, 2021, Shakir was a scheduled speaker at Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas,[106] Hezbollah, PFLP, Palestinian Islamic Jihad[107] affiliated conference in Turkish Uni.


As Ben & Jerry's board who since 2018 allied with bigot Linda Sarsour announced in July-2021, it will no longer sell in the "territories" (after previously thinking of banning all of Israel), it was revealed that its board, chaired by Hamas, Hezbollah supporter Anuradha Mittal,[108] has invited Omar Shakir, a professional BDS activist, to advise them, rejected calls to hear experts on other side. Expert concludes: This ain't about the settlements. [109]

It was reminded:[110]

Not surprising since Omar S Shakir was kicked out of Israel for being a BDS activist.

First he pressured FIFA, then airbnb, and now Benandjerrys.

His entire "human rights" career has been devoted to pressuring companies to boycott Israel.
13 minutes after Ben & Jerry's statement, Omar Shakir tweeted:[111]
Omar Shakir @OmarSShakir Jul 19 Breaking: @benandjerrys will stop selling ice cream into Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank... More companies should follow suit.


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    Shakir made an effort to make the Jewish man on the left below appear "white" and the Palestinian woman on the right below appear "brown", masterfully hiding the fact that Israel's Jewish population is comprised of majority Mezrahi/Sephardic Jews (brown) vs. Ashkenazi (white-passing) Jews.

    Shakir also took to Twitter to post about the current riots in Jerusalem. Rather than being honest and exposing the Arab youth gangs terrorizing the city's Jewish population, Shakir once again vilified the Jews and attempted to bring in irrelevant American social justice issues - this time police brutality - into the picture. He was instantly called out by us for deceivingly posting a photo from the 2015 riots. Despite being exposed for blatantly lying, he has yet to remove the tweet.
  62. 1:47 PM · Apr 26, 2020, to Hagai El-Ad
  63. Anti-Semitic propaganda is not news. Israel Hayom, Jan 18, 2021. It is surprising that CNN quotes B'Tselem without fact-checking its accusations, especially in light of the network's tireless efforts to do so with ...
  64. When human-rights NGOs adopt anti-Semitic language. Ngo Monitor, Feb 10, 2021. '"Last month, the Israeli NGO B'Tselem launched a discriminatory and hateful campaign titled, “A regime of...
  65. Refuting Btselem’s Israel-Apartheid Accusation Kohelet, 13 January 2021.
    Apartheid is not just a term for policies one dislikes. The legal standard for labeling a government an “apartheid regime” is set quite high—indeed, so high that no country since the end of South African apartheid has ever received the distinction.
  66. New Trend in Jerusalem: Arabs Attack Jews, and Then Post It On TikTok. By Hana Levi Julian. 6 Iyyar 5781. April 17, 2021.
  69. "The attacks documented in Tiktok are part of the new anti-Semitism," Globes, April 19, 2021
  70. Y. Weiss, "Indictment Filed Against Arab Who Slapped Jew on Light Rail Train", Modia, May 4, 2021.

    A screen shot of the Arab slapping the boy on the train, April 14.

    The Yerushalayim District Prosecutor’s Office has submitted to the city’s Magistrates Court for Youth an indictment against a 17-year-old Arab, who attacked chareidi teenagers on the Light Rain Train in Yerushalayim last month.

    The indictment charged the Arab with an attack due to racist motives, and harm to privacy.

    According to the indictment, on April 14, the suspect boarded the train at the Safra Square station, together with six other minors.

    A few minutes later, at the Shimon Hatzadik station, two chareidim boarded the train and sat down on one of the benches in the train car that the group was sitting in.

    The suspect noticed the chareidim and decided to attack them. When the train arrived at the Shu’afat station, the suspect approached the chareidim, waved his hand, and forcefully slapped their faces, as the entire event was being filmed by his friend.

    As a result of the suspect’s actions, one of the chareidi boys suffered strong pains in his cheek, and his glasses were broken. The second chareidi felt pain and his glasses flew off his face due to the force behind the slap. According to the indictment, the suspect then sent the video clip of the attack to several other people.

    Later, the video clip reached another person, who spread it to many others on social media, captioned in Arabic with the words, “You’ll continue erasing, and I’ll continue uploading, it’s either the Palestinian nation or you.”

    At the same time, the Prosecutor’s Office also submitted a request to extend the suspect’s release under restrictive conditions.
  71. Elisha Ben Kimon, Haim Goldich, Tiktok attacks: The GSS and the police arrested suspects who beat Jews in Jerusalem Ynet, May 14, 2021.

    Four suspects were questioned following two assaults. In one case, a man was beaten in East Jerusalem and his car was set on fire. In another case, a Jew was beaten by Sheikh Jarrah. Three have already been indicted. One of the assailants: "It is better than nothing, but shows helplessness" The GSS stressed: "Violence - terrorism for all intents and purposes".

    Their GSS investigation revealed the involvement of the suspects in the acts and further arrests are expected. Three of them have already been indicted, for a terrorist act of aggravated injury, arson and intentional sabotage - racially motivated.

    In the indictment filed by the Jerusalem District Attorney's Office, the attack was described as "an attempt to lynch a Jewish citizen." It was further emphasized that he was part of the "wave of riots and violent attacks against police and civilians, which has plagued Jerusalem since the month of Ramadan and is currently a 'national plague' ...
  72. Tik Tok terrorism: An Arab from Jerusalem is accused of attacking an ultra-Orthodox Jew for racist motives, 0404, May 3, 2021.

    An indictment was filed today (Monday) in the Jerusalem Magistrate's Court against Ramzi Radaida (Radaideh), an 18-year-old Arab resident of the city, for assault that causes actual damage out of motive of racism or hostility towards the public and assault simply out of motive of racism.

    According to the indictment, about two weeks ago in the evening, the Arab walked with his friends on the bridge leading from IDF Square to the Jaffa Gate.

    The Arab approached one of them and unexpectedly kicked us in the waist. The force of the kick was repelled on a low fence and fell on the other side of it. Immediately afterwards, the defendant continued to walk along the bridge, approached M. and slapped him hard on the cheek, resulting in M.'s dome being thrown over the bridge. While M. moves away from the defendant and bends down to lift the dome, an object is thrown at him by another person and M. begins to flee the scene.

    According to the indictment, part of the assault incident was filmed by the defendant's friend, apparently so that the Jews could multiply in the assault and mock them.

    The prosecution asked the court to order the arrest of the defendant until the end of the proceedings against him.
  73. Minister Ohana on the "tickok terror" background to nationalist-racist acts and not pranks. 0404, Apr 23, 2021
    The Minister of Internal Security, Amir Ohana, addressed today (Friday) the growing Arab violence in recent days and what has been called "Tiktok terror."
  74. 74.0 74.1 "Human Rights Watch demonizes Israel via propaganda of apartheid," Gerald M. Steinberg, Jerusalem Post, April 27, 2021
  75. Human Rights Watch 'Israel apartheid' report condemned as 'fiction', Mathilde Frot, The JC, Apr 27, 2021. Board of Deputies president Marie van der Zyl said the report was a "sham which puts rhetoric above fact." "They consistently ignore or downplay the fact that Israel’s security measures in the West Bank and around Gaza are the response to well-documented terror activities. The ridiculous ‘apartheid‘ slur in this report is belied by the fact that, as it stands, Israel’s next Government may well rely on the support of Arab parties, voted for by the country’s fully-enfranchised Arab citizens. "Israel’s Arab citizens have been appointed as ambassadors, professors, Supreme Court judges, hospital directors, and other key roles throughout Israel’s socio-economic landscape. Civil society organizations should be directing their efforts towards reinvigorating the peace process, not trading in false hyperbole that extends the cycle of conflict," she said. NGO Monitor president Professor Gerald Steinberg, also criticised the report writing in the Jerusalem Post that it comprised "the standard mix of shrill propaganda, false allegations and legal fictions." "Exploiting the 'apartheid' image for propaganda is a cynical appropriation of the suffering of the victims of the actual apartheid regime"..
  76. David M. Litman, "The ‘Apartheid’ Smear, Antisemitism and the Unending Battle to Destroy the Jewish State", Algemeiner, April 28, 2021.
    On Tuesday, Human Rights Watch (HRW) — with its history of anti-Israel smears — released its most destructive libel yet against the Jewish State: the “apartheid” libel. The report is baseless, but HRW knows that.
  77. HRW Crosses the Threshold into Falsehoods and Anti-Semitic Propaganda, Kohelet, 26 April 2021.
    Human Rights Watch’s new report, “A Threshold Crossed” accusing Israel of the crime of apartheid is, despite its length, a propaganda document: full of falsehoods and distortions. The world it describes is an alternate reality.
  78. Human Rights Watch's Apartheid Report: Unsurprising Propaganda and False Lies Shlomi Ben-Meir, Presspectiva, 09.05.21
    And that's the little problem with it. The big problem is its big resonance in the international press, eager for any indictment against Israel.
    ... according to the report, there is (almost) nothing Israel can do to not be considered an apartheid state in the eyes of HRW. Even if it withdraws from all territories, establishes a Palestinian state and removes restrictions over the Gaza Strip, the stain will continue to accompany it...
  79. BDS, Omar Shakir, and Israel Eliminationism, G. Steinberg, JPost, July 24, 2019.
  80. JPost, May 2, 2021
  82. Vic Alhadeff, The reality of apartheid, Australian Jewish News, 29 July 2021.

    ...Apartheid was apartheid was apartheid. It is not for HRW or any other self-important agency to re-word the definition to suit its ends. In fact, its own “definition” is so broad that if applied rigorously, almost every person in every nation could be deemed guilty of it. Finally, no nation is faultless. It is simply relevant to note that there is only one country in the Middle East in which the rights of workers, trade unions, women... and ethnic and religious minorities are respected in a way that is consistent with democratic values and practices; that Israel’s Jewish, Arab and other citizens share the same hospitals, universities, public transport, beaches, shopping malls and other public spaces. Most significantly, every Israeli citizen has the same civil and religious rights, including the right to vote, and there have been Arab members of every Israeli parliament since the state was established in 1948 – the most democratic right of all – with 14 Arab members sitting in the current parliament. The situation in the West Bank is more complex. Mahmoud Abbas is in the 17th year of his four-year presidency of the Palestinian Authority, which controls the major urban centres known as Area A. Israel controls the thinly-populated Areas B and C, but has not asserted its sovereignty over any of Areas A, B or C. On the contrary, it has tabled at least three offers that would have established a sovereign, territorially-contiguous Palestinian state over 100 per cent of the Gaza Strip and more than 90 per cent of the West Bank, plus additional territory from within pre-1967 Israel to bring it to 100 per cent. Never did South Africa’s apartheid government contemplate anything that fair-minded.

    The apartheid slur is baseless and a lie.
  83. "Twisted Omar Shakir's choice of words, choice of facts." DP, Nov 29, 2021 [2]
  84. @YosephHaddad: By the way, Omar Shakir called on FIFA to boycott the Israeli national football team because of its apartheid policy. Only this idiot did not take into account that almost half of the Israeli team are players from Israeli Arab society and even the captain is Muslim. June 21, 2021
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  91. YsabellaHazan (@ysabellahazan) Tweeted: Correction: 1. Hamas terrorists*. Condemn Guerilla warfare. 2. Stop giving Hamas the Benefit of the doubt and misleading your followers based on speculation, IDF has intelligence that you don’t. 3. Human shields at the hands of Hamas is a human rights violation. Aug 24, 2021
  92. D Lange, Ken Roth Blames Jews for His Decision to Delete Tweet Blaming the Jews, Israellycool, July 15, 2021.
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  94. Seth J. Frantzman, Human Rights Watch head slammed for tweet on Iran’s attack on Saudi, JPost, Nov 27, 2019. The Head of HRW called Iran's attack on Saudi Arabia “far better than the Saudi crown prince’s attacks on Yemen.”
  95. Hillel Neuer (@HillelNeuer) Tweeted: Congresswoman, that U.N. report accusing Israel of 'apartheid' was authored by 9/11 conspiracy theorist Richard Falk, who was denounced by his own UN chief Ban Ki-moon and by the UK for antisemitism, and it was commissioned by Syria, Libya and 18 other Arab states. #factsmatter Congresswoman, that U.N. report accusing Israel of 'apartheid' was authored by 9/11 conspiracy theorist Richard Falk, who was denounced by his own UN chief Ban Ki-moon and by the UK for antisemitism, and it was commissioned by Syria, Libya and 18 other Arab states. #factsmatter [May 16, 2021]
  96. May 15, 2021. Yoseph Haddad (@YosephHaddad) Tweeted: Hi AOC. I’m Yoseph, an Israeli Arab. I checked the definition of apartheid and you seem to be confused by the propaganda of this political org. Arabs like me have full equal rights and live, learn, work, and play together. Take it from me, I live it. Stop lying. . OMG! After my video calling out @RashidaTlaib Emily comes and destroys the entire squad! [3] [4]
  97. "Jewish American groups appeal to Biden White House after string of antisemitic attacks related to Israel." Michelle Boorstein, Washington Post, May 21, 2021.  
    Near Miami, a family was assaulted as they walked in Bal Harbour on Tuesday. The Orgen family was visiting from New Jersey when a car of people yelling “Free Palestine” and “We’re going to rape your wife,”...since May 8 and that the ADL this week reported finding 17,000 tweets between May 7 and May 14 with variations of the words: “Hitler was right.”... Rubin, who handled Jewish outreach for Bernie Sanders’s 2020 presidential campaign, said the current level of vitriol in the United States against Jews is higher than he’s ever seen it. He pointed to an increased use of the term “apartheid” by progressive politicians and the appearance of White nationalists in the Palestinian cause...“There is language being used to describe Israel that is heading us on a path to arguments about delegitimization, that Israel should not exist, that the issue is that it exists,” said Rubin, executive director of the American Jewish Congress. “Words are being used about Israel that are incredibly unsettling to the Jewish community that go further, and in a direction that makes the community feel very vulnerable. And that vulnerability is not a good place to be..
  98. 5/23: Sanders, Gates, Honoré. This week on "Face the Nation," will the fragile ceasefire in the Middle East continue to hold? Plus, more hopeful signs that we're reaching the end of the pandemic.

    J. Dickerson:
    Let me ask you how this is played out here at home, the ADL says, there were a 193 reports of anti-Semitic incidents this week, up from a 131 previous week, so that's during the period while the crisis began...

    B. Sanders:

    Anti-Semitism is rising in America, it is rising all over the world. We have to combat anti-Semitism. We have to combat the increase in hate crimes in this country, against Asians, against African-Americans, and against Latinos, so we have a serious problem of a nation which is being increasingly divided, being led by right wing extremists...

    J. Dickerson:

    There are a number of liberals who use the the word "apartheid".. a number of liberals in the house used that language.
    The executive director of the American Jewish Congress, who handled Jewish outreach for your campaign, Joel Rubin has said that the use of that language has increased the level of vitriol that has contributed to this Anti Semitism...

    ...we have to tone down the rhetoric...
    .Face The Nation (@FaceTheNation) Tweeted:

    Some progressive lawmakers, including AOC, use the term "apartheid" ... Bernie Sanders' former Jewish outreach director says the charged language can fuel anti-Semitic incidents. "I think we should tone down the rhetoric," Sanders says. 4:00 PM · May 23, 2021

  99. HonestReporting Prompts BBC Investigation of ‘Hitler Was Right’ Journalist E. Miller, HR, May 24, 2021. The BBC has launched an investigation after HonestReporting helped bring to public attention numerous antisemitic tweets from one of its journalists, including a post which stated that “Hitler was right.”
  100. BBC digital reporter Tala Halawa's 2014 antisemitic tweets were unearthed recently. Jerusalem Post, May 24, 2021.
  101. Who is Tala Halawa? BBC journalist slammed for 'Hitler Was Better' tweet from 2014, Internet says 'sack her'. By Alakananda Bandyopadhyay, May 23, 2021.
  102. Ariella Matsden, "UK Labour party passes motion that defines Israel as ‘apartheid state,’" Jerusalem Post, September 29, 2021
    The UK Labour Party passed a motion in their annual Brighton conference to define Israel as an apartheid state and impose sanctions against Israel as a result, the Independent reported on Tuesday.

    The motion further demanded actions against “the building of settlements, reverse any annexation and ends the occupation of the West Bank and the Blockade of Gaza.”

    Human rights groups were quoted in the motion...
  103. Le journaliste arabe sioniste pourfend la députée Aïda Touma-Suleiman, S. Blum, LPH INFO, June 23, 2021
  104. My Word: The apartheid label and libel, Liat Collins, JPost, June 24, 2021.

    Rather than promoting peace, the delegitimization and boycott efforts have the opposite effect.

    Under the title “After 54 years: Between occupation and apartheid,” MKs sat in the House at the taxpayers’ expense and tried to present the case that they suffer from South African-style oppression. 

    Just who is exploiting whom? It takes a special kind of nerve to sit as a serving MK in the parliament and pretend you are a victim of apartheid. It also requires a special ability to avoid history and reality in favor of a “narrative.” 

    Under the apartheid system, for those who need reminding, the white minority completely subjugated and segregated the black majority, who had no vote and no say at all in the corridors of power. 

    There was nothing for which these MKs should be proud. I can’t even reprint in full some of the words that were thrown around. [...] Arab-Israeli Yoseph Haddad, CEO of the Vouch for Each Other NGO, found himself out in the cold. He could definitely make the case that he was being discriminated against. Haddad, who encourages Arab-Israelis to serve in the IDF or do civilian national service and to participate in Israeli society, resorted to tweeting: “I am an Israeli Arab with different opinions and they don’t want me inside. They are the ones who are really apartheid. If Aida Touma-Sliman says that Israel is apartheid, how is she allowed to hold this meeting in the walls of Israeli democracy?”

    MK Ahmad Tibi, whose CV includes work as a gynecologist at Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem, being a former adviser to Yasser Arafat and serving as a former deputy Knesset Speaker – not bad for someone born in an “apartheid” state – told rookie Yamina MK Amichai Chikli he should “be humble” in the face of his seniors. Apparently Tibi doesn’t know the meaning of being humble anymore than he understands what apartheid means, although apartheid is a word he bandies around a lot.

    Among the speakers was “Israel and Palestine Director at Human Rights Watch” Omar Shakir, who participated via Zoom having been denied entry to the country for his anti-Israeli, BDS activities. He also didn’t mince words and came up with the perennial favorite “crimes against humanity.”

    Before the event, MKs from Yesh Atid, New Hope, Yamina, Yisrael Beytenu and Blue and White wrote to Knesset Speaker Mickey Levy voicing their “disgust” and saying that “while freedom of expression lies at the soul of this House, we cannot remain silent when the Knesset is cynically exploited as a platform to undermine the very existence of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state and to slander the state in the outside world.”

    The parley was part of a trend – an attempt to brand Israel as an illegitimate, pariah state.

    Using the words “apartheid” and “occupation” is one way of doing it. Another is condemning Israel for its response when it comes under massive rocket fire from Gaza, as it did last month.

    Rather than promoting peace, the delegitimization and boycott efforts have the opposite effect. The Palestinians are encouraged to use more violence and media-mobilizing tactics hoping to put ever more pressure on Israel. 

    Not everyone is falling for the ruse, however. Last week, Mathias Döpfner, CEO of Axel Springer SE,  Europe’s largest digital publishing house, told the company’s 16,000 employees that anyone “who has an issue with an Israeli flag being raised for one week here, after antisemitic demonstrations, should look for a new job.”

    Also last week, as The Jerusalem Post’s Lahav Harkov noted, the European Union finally released its report on Palestinian Authority textbooks which includes dozens of examples of encouragement of violence and demonization of Israel and of Jews. Under the guise of “resistance” – another catchword – children are being brainwashed about the glory of martyrdom. Following the report’s publication, European Commissioner for Neighborhood and Enlargement Oliver Varhelyi said the EU should review its funding to education in the Palestinian Authority.
  105. @YosephHaddad tweeted: I have a serious issues w/ the MKs from Arab society but in the new gov, they will be the strongest evidence against “apartheid.” An Islamic party in the coalition, a minister, 2 deputy chairmen, and 3 committee chairmen, "Apartheid in Israel" has never looked more ridiculous. Jun 13, 2021
  106. Turkish Uni. to hold Muslim-Brotherhood, Hamas affiliated conference, Lauren Morganbesser, JPost, June 19, 2021.

    The conference, scheduled to take place between June 18-23, will be held under the theme “Challenging Apartheid in Palestine: Reclaiming the Narrative, Formulating a Vision.”

    The conference is hosted by Sami Al-Arian, the founder and director of CIGA. Al-Arian pled guilty in 2006 for his affiliation with the US-designated terror group Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) and was sentenced to time in prison and deported to Turkey...

    Among the speakers listed is Omar Shakir, the director of Israel and Palestine at Human Rights Watch (HRW). Shakir was deported from Israel in 2019 after the Supreme Court ruled that he violated a 2017 amendment to the Entry to Israel Law which allows for denial of entry to foreigners who call for a boycott of Israel.
  107. HRW, Other NGOs Join "Apartheid" Event, Along with Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah, PFLP NGO Monitor, June 17, 2021
  108. Meet Ben & Jerry’s Board Chair: Anti-Israel Activist Has Published Defenses of Hezbollah, Hamas. Anuradha Mittal founded nonprofit that accused Israel of human rights abuses and defended Hezbollah. Alana Goodman, Free Beacon, July 23, 2021

    Ben & Jerry's board chairwoman isn't your average corporate suit. A social justice warrior who's now under increased scrutiny in the wake of the company's announcement that it will boycott Israel's West Bank and East Jerusalem, she has a lengthy history of left-wing activism that includes publishing columns defending Hezbollah and supporting U.S. funding to Hamas.

    Anuradha Mittal, the leading force behind the ice cream company's decision to stop selling its products in parts of Israel, founded the Oakland Institute, which describes itself as an "independent policy think tank," in 2004 and serves as its executive director. The group has published articles defending Hezbollah and Hamas, terrorist groups that seek the destruction of the Jewish state....

    Ben & Jerry's is under increased scrutiny for its decision to join the anti-Israel boycott movement, which follows criticism over the ice cream maker's partnership with anti-Semitic figures during the Women's March in 2018. At the time, the company defended its work with Linda Sarsour, one of the march leaders who was ousted for anti-Semitism...
  109. Eugene Kontorovich (@EVKontorovich) Tweeted: SCOOP (on @benandjerrys): I've been told by @benandjerrys insider that company's board invited @OmarSShakir, a professional BDS activist, to advise them, rejected calls to hear experts on other side. This ain't about the settlements. July 22, 2021
  110. NGO Monitor (@NGOmonitor) Tweeted: Not surprising since @OmarSShakir was kicked out of Israel for being a BDS activist. First he pressured FIFA, then airbnb, and now @benandjerrys. His entire "human rights" career has been devoted to pressuring companies to boycott Israel. Read more: July 22, 2021
  111. @OmarSShakir, July 19, 2021, 10:40 AM, ET
  112. </ol>

"The Mufti.. concocted a new kind of antisemitism that combined traditional Muslim antisemitism, like the anti-Jewish verses you find in the Koran, with the Nazi antisemitism that demonised Jews... His whole ideology was antisemitic and from the very beginning he targeted Jews, not Zionists."
The difference between lies and reality is sometimes just a color on a map
The only tweet (July 2014) on the Twitter account of the late American Elan Ganeles - murdered by Arab-Islamist "Palestinian" on Feb 27, 2023 hy"d: "I think you're always going to have tension in the Middle East, when there's [are] people who want to kill Jews, and the Jews don't want to be killed, and neither side is willing to compromise."