Bir Hadaj Arab-Islamic racist rape of 10-years-old girl

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The horrific case of three Arab-Muslim Bedouins from Bir Hadaj who broke into homes of Jews, targeting only Jews,[1] in the south of Israel, where on the Friday night between 29-30 of January 2021 - Sabbath, in the middle of the night,[2] one awaited in the car and one viciously[3] attacked a 10-years-old girl at her home in her bed, including attempted sodomy, as another Arab helps with holding a flash light and blinding the girl's vision,[4] and covering her mouth so that she would not call her family.[5] That, after they "went from bed to bed."[6]

He lay down next to the minor, who was awake, then bit and licked her face.[7]

From the chilling story that the girl gave to the police. He came prepared, brought with him a contraceptive, he took it out of his pocket - this is part of the girl's testimony. She described "It's like a pill," she said, as she didn't know what it was. "He took out a plastic bag, opened it and did what he did."[8]

The father adds with a cry, "with three other children sleeping in the same room. They went from bed to bed and checked who was the ideal victim for them."[8]

They were arrested on Feb 4, 2021.[7]

The light sentence - in a routine of leniency to Arabs

Liberal Israeli judge gave the Arab a light sentence, in a plea deal in order to prevent the girl's testimony and bringing out intimate details. The father of the girl stated, he didn't expect much from Israeli courts who (always) look to be lenient to Arabs.[9] ("minorities" - PC term for Arabs in Israel).

And as an Op Ed titled his piece "One law for Arabs, another for Jews."[10]

It was not only criminal, but part of Arab racism (or the fancy term for racism by radical Arab-Muslims: "nationalistic").[11][12] Explained:[1] "in his investigations he said that this is a daily act for them, only for Jews. They are not entering Arab villages, they don't steal vehicles, equipment or hurt Arabs. They only hurt Jews, and I think that has meaning. I also understood data of thousands of live shootings in the area, every day, it's a state of war. There is a war in the Negev between Arabs and Jews."

The case shook Israel.

Protesting light sentence to rapist[13]

The light sentence created a great uproar.[2][14][13]

The father said, he would prefer, trial held by Bedouins.[8]

Conservative MK decried the liberal Judge for giving a mere 200 hours of community service for the terrorist who helped the other terrorist rape.[15]


Girl gets support, gift on her Bat Mitzvah in Nov 2022

In Nov 2022, the girl received a "huge hug" including a monetary gift on her Bat Mitzvah.[16]

Bir Hadaj

Bir Hadaj بئر هداج. Bir Hadaj  ביר הדאג is a Bedouin village that as a routine in Israel gets preferential treatment from authorities, courts, army, especially regarding land issues.[17]

Some examples of racist Arab sexual crimes targeting Jews, deemed (or suspected) nationalistic / racial

  • In Mar-2011, "Palestinian" Arab rapes Jewess, forces couple to have relations in front of him.[18]

  • In 2016, two "Palestinian" arabs and one israeli-arab rape a mentally disabled 20-yrs old jewish girl, urinate on her, spit, call out racial slurs, while one films it.[19]

Some 810 cases already documented as of 2019, including Lipaz Himi, Ori Ansbacher And the 'Gan Hai'r' case.[20]

  • Exposed in 2021/2: The pimping of female prison guards in Gilboa prison - took place between 2014-2017, during which the intelligence officer in Gilboa prison, Rani Basha, responded to the demands of terrorist prisoner Muhammad Atallah, that female prison guards, be assigned to shifts in his wing. During the shifts, on a large number of occasions, Atallah used to sexually harass the female guards, both verbally and physically. In addition to this, rapes were also occurred in 2015 by a terrorist prisoner.

(Rani Basha - רני באשה [راني باشا] Muhammad Atallah - מוחמד עטאללה [محمد عطالله] Bassem Kashkush (Qashqush) - באסם קשקוש [باسم قشقوش]).[21]

  • The Sep 2022, rape by "Palestinian" Arab Adi Tamiza [عدي تاميزة] in Bat Yam,[22] has ben investigated also about the nationalistic motive.[23][24]

Barkhat Abu Essa - [25][26] (From Tel Sheva) برخات أبو عيسى - ברכאת אבו עסא

  • The Feb 2, 2023 Arab[27] Islamic brutal rape of mother in front of her crying children in Gedera, threatening her with a knife,[28] to kill her children,[29] 4-year-old boy fought heroically to save his tied mother.[30] "He tied her hands, feet, eyes and mouth," she said, "the child cried and screamed, he put him in the room. He threatened: 'You don't move until I run away.'" It has been said: "She is crushed, the children are in crazy trauma, the 4-year-old boy keeps saying what bad eyes he had, how he looked, what he did to the mother... the little one doesn't speak, but he only shows his hands tied behind the back, showing closed eyes and a closed mouth. There were three children there, one of them probably sprayed her, it took a while for her to wake up."[31] Suspected also to be nationalistic (racist).[32] Explains an editor:

If it was not rape on a nationalistic-religious background, that Arab would have gone and carried out his plot on one of the girls of the outpost village and not on a Jewess in Gedera. Every murder hurts and murder on a national-religious background even more so. The same goes for murder of the soul.[33]

Following the case, a conservative MK presented a bill: "intended to put an end to nationalistic terrorism and ensure that those sub-humans will rot for many years behind bars."[34]

A former member of the Beer Sheva City Council laments the baby gloves treatment to an horrendous problem. She points to the unfortunate fact that some (such as in the judicial system) prefer to see it as just "criminal" and not seeing the bigger picture of nationalistic (racist) terror, targeting specifically Jews. In addition, the wider problem coming from the Arab sector begins with harassments as a routine to humiliate. She also reminds that this particular clan Abu Assa in the Negev, is also infamous for nationalistic and aggressive behavior. [35]


  1. 1.0 1.1 The lighter punishment for the attacker of the 10-year-old girl in the Negev: "In his investigations he said it was an act against Jews only", Walla!, 10/11/2022.

    In an interview with 103fm, the lawyer representing the girl protested the light sentence the 17-year-old Bedouin who attacked her received - 5 years in prison. According to her, there were indications that he attacked her for nationalist reasons, and explained that the plea deal reached was due to the fact that the girl's family did not want to compel her to testify.... In an interview on 103fm, attorney Roni Aloni Sadovnik, who represents the girl, protested the light sentence, claiming that the act was done on a nationalistic basis.

    "It's an attempt at sodomy and an obscene act," she says. "We had to reach a plea agreement. I represent the girl and the family in the criminal proceedings and in the proceedings before the Ministry of Defense. Since the precedent we set with the Lipaz girl in 2006 who was murdered and raped, an 8-year-old girl in Beit Shemesh, we have waged a struggle of almost 7 years to recognize the girl as a victim of terrorism."

    Why do you think this is a nationalist problem?

    "You have to look at things as a whole. There is a serious trend that has already been identified, of large groups, of Bedouin tribes, that find identification with the Palestinian struggle."

    Is there any indication of this regarding that minor?

    "There are indications. One indication, for example, is that this is a guy who does not have a problem with pedophilia... and he never raped anyone or attacked small children. Suddenly he entered a house, and in his investigations he said that this is a daily act for them, only for Jews. They are not entering Arab villages, they don't steal vehicles, equipment or hurt Arabs. They only hurt Jews, and I think that has meaning. I also understood data of thousands of live shootings in the area, every day, it's a state of war. There is a war in the Negev between Arabs and Jews."

    5 years in prison is a lenient sentence?

    "Certainly. The punishment for an act and an attempt to commit an act is the same punishment. The sentence should be at least 20 years for each of the transfers he was convicted of, so how did we get to five years?"

    The court is always considerate when it comes to a minor

    "That's true, but it's impossible for this to be such an excessive consideration. The entire legislation regarding the punishment of minors should be changed, because there is a 10-year-old minor and there is a minute for the 18-year-old."
  2. 2.0 2.1 Staff, Bedouin teen rapes young Israeli girl, sentenced to five years in prison, The Jerusalem Post, Nov 9, 2022.

    The Beersheba Mayor attacked the court for what he called a "loose sentence" given to the teen Bedouin rapist... The rape occurred after the suspect arrived in the middle night with two others at the home, in a southern Israeli town... the accused suspect entered the 10-year-old's room while looking for valuable items and sat on her bed, before sexually abusing the girl, whose scream scared the criminals off. The men stole around NIS 50 in cash and toys from the child's room.

    The suspect confessed and plead guilty to his crimes as part of a plea deal agreement that saw him receive only five years in prison instead of the seven requested by the prosecution.
  3. Arieh King @arieh_king (Feb 13, 2021):
    The police arrested three Bedouins on suspicion that about a week ago they broke into a house in a settlement in the Negev, stole property worth thousands of shekels and raped a ten-year-old girl. According to the suspicion, the residents of Bir HaDaj, two 17-year-olds and one 21-year-old, entered the girl's room, woke her up and performed a sodomy act on her, with one of them covering her mouth so that she would not call her family. Where are the feminists?
  4. Ido Ben Porat, Bedouin who sexually assaulted 10-year-old sentenced to 5 years in prison, INN, Nov 9, 2022.

    Be'er Sheva court sentences Bedouin who sexually assaulted 10-year-old girl to five years in prison. 'The judges let the criminals off lightly.'

    Following the horrific event, the father said, "This is the horror of horrors, a nightmare. Two masked men of death did what they did to a ten-year-old girl lying in her Shabbat (Sabbath) dress in her bed, in the safest place in the world. And you understand that if I had fired my weapon, I would be the guilty party."

    "He looked around, chose what he wanted to choose, and did what he wanted to do. It was all with complete awareness, as another person shined a flashlight for him on my little girl's face, and then one of the girls screamed and they escaped. When I came out I saw them, I pulled out my weapon, and they ran off."
  5. A 10-year-old girl was raped by three Arabs in her home; Her father says: "It's a nightmare", Now14, Feb 14, 2021.

    The three Arabs, residents of the settlement of Bir HaDaj, two of them 17 years old and one 21 years old, entered the girl's room, woke her up and performed a sodomy act on her, with one of them covering her mouth so that she would not call her family.

    About two weeks ago, a terrible rape incident happened in a small settlement in the south, one of the most shocking and shocking that has happened in recent years. Three Bedouin sneaked into the house, and while the parents were sleeping in the next room - they entered the room of the little girl, only ten years old, and brutally raped her... the father was interviewed by News 12 and told about the difficult incident...

    The father continued and described the shocking incident. "Masked men came, one blinds her and the other commits sodomy," he said. "I didn't hear them, I should have executed them, I left (the room) too late. A man came to enter your house and rape your girl, and you can't shoot? There's nothing lower than that."...The ten-year-old girl will begin a rehabilitation process longer than the terrible traumatic event, which will take a long time to recover from.
  6. Girl, 10, allegedly molested by home intruders in south; father slams ‘anarchy’, TOI, Feb 15, 2021.
    Criminals moved from bed to bed, were scared away by sibling's scream; dad says it was 'nightmare,' argues that had he shot them, he would have been prosecuted.
  7. 7.0 7.1 Yanir Yegane, Broke into the house and entered her bed: 17-year-old accused of sexually assaulting the 10-year-old girl in the Negev, Walla! February 21, 2021.
    The boy entered one of the bedrooms where the ten-year-old and her younger siblings were sleeping at the time. The 17-year-old lay down next to the minor, who was awake, then bit and licked her face. After that he committed a sodomy act on her and when she screamed and called her father, the accused and the other boy ran away from the house.
  8. 8.0 8.1 8.2 The father of the girl who was attacked in her bed: "It would have been better to be judged by the Bedouins" | A chilling interview, Digital 14, Nov 13, 2022.

    A., the father of the 10-year-old girl who was attacked two years ago on Shabbat evening in her bed in the Negev by a Bedouin who broke into the family home with his friends, who was sentenced last Wednesday to only 5 years in prison, says this evening (Sunday) in an interview with Erel Segal about the testimony - The chilling story that the girl gave to the police, about the anger following the lenient sentence and the expectations that were not met the morning of the hearing.

    Watch the chilling interview with A., the girl's father.

    "It is so irrelevant, inappropriate and humiliating for the girl"

    "I was not surprised by the sentence," the father declares at the beginning of the interview and returns to that terrible morning after the rape when he was asked to come with the girl to the police station for physical examinations: "They asked me to come with the girl to the examinations in order to see what evidence they could find in the organs."

    A. mentions in the same context the case of Nirit Zamora, in which the court ruled in the first hearing of her case that it is not possible to know whether the terrorist (Hamza Faiz) who came to murder her in the attack in Gush Etzion actually meant it because of the length of the knife: "This is the case that just crossed my mind that morning of the tests. The matter of these tests and of this penetration - they want to check if he entered a centimeter or three or thirty."

    "It's so irrelevant, inappropriate and humiliating for the girl," he adds angrily, "that I screamed at the policeman who was there that unequivocally I'm not bringing the girl to the tests and that we're going to give her testimony the next morning. And that's what we did - she gave a professional testimony, in front of a child investigator who took the testimony second by second."

    A lawyer said: "If we don't sign a plea deal, there won't be a conviction at all"

    "They have everything recorded and photographed, that's what was passed on to the judge," he alludes to the claim that the rapist's confession is required, "beyond that nothing is needed to prove this thing. There are DNA tests that match the descriptions she described - everything exists. It is not known how it got to the point where it dragged on for two years until such a ridiculous sentence was handed down."

    When A is asked by Segal, who is on the verge of tears, about signing the plea agreement, the father says that he physically did not sign anything and explains: "We had an agreement following a consultation with the lawyer who told us that in light of the findings - if we do not sign a plea deal, there won't be a conviction at all in such a case."

    A. is also furious at the attempt to present the rapist as having repented, this while it was made clear to the family that he did not confess to the crime itself but to the attempted crime: "What does the judge say that he repented? Where did she get that from?!" He adds, "Five days later, when they caught him, he was in the middle of another break-in. He has a case for another 30 break-ins with the same gang that terrorized the entire area for weeks before."

    "He took out a plastic bag, opened it and did what he did"

    At this point, A returns to the testimony given by the girl to the child investigator mentioned earlier, with hair-raising words and particularly harsh descriptions: "The man knew what he was going to do. He came with a contraceptive, he took it out of his pocket - this is part of the girl's testimony. She described "It's like a pill, she didn't know what it was," he continues and apparently adds from the girl's words: "He took out a plastic bag, opened it and did what he did." "There was rape for all intents and purposes, in the worst possible way in the world - in her bed, on Shabbat evening - a girl in a Shabbat dress," he adds with a cry, "with three other children sleeping in the same room. They went from bed to bed and checked who was the ideal victim for them."

    I would prefer to be judged by them in a field trial"

    Regarding the sentence handed down by the judge - only 5 years, despite the prosecution's demand for 10 years, he says: "I can't understand any of them and I don't try to understand any of them. I think it's a shame and disgrace. It's a disgrace of the first degree. For me, this trial should become a trial of the monkeys - as was the case in the US on completely different matters - they think that we monkeys do not know anything," he says angrily towards the judicial system, "and they, the educated elite, can, according to 'professional semantics', confuse our minds and cause judgments that are not even funny."

    "In Bedouin society, if something like this happened, the family of this person would disappear that night and never return to the border of Israel. If they returned, they would slaughter the person on the spot, and if not him, then his brother and his father, and he would pay What a 10 million dinar fine. Frankly? I would prefer to be tried by them in a 'Drumhead court-martial'."
  9. Kann News @Kann_news (Nov 9, 2022):

    A., the father of the girl who was sexually attacked in the south, and after the sentence to the attacker: 'I did not expect anything from the court. They are looking to relieve minorities [Arabs] and not thoughtful of deterrent and the victims. The state has abandoned its children. I do not live with confidence at all, but in the intention of all the time, why wouldn't this happen again with such penalties?' @Mayarachlin.
    [1] [imprisonment for sexual attacker of 10-years-old.

    A 19-years-old was sentenced to 5 years in prison and a fine after he attacked a girl in her bed in the South of the country].
  10. Shalom Pollack, One law for Arabs, another for Jews, INN, Nov 12, 2022.

    Five years for breaking into a Jewish home and attempted rape of a 10 year old in her bed. Sodom, anyone? Op-ed.

    Imagine if a J. entered an Arab village and broke into an Arab house and proceeded to attempt to rape a ten-year-old Arab girl in her bed. The outrage and the horror expressed by Israelis of every stripe would know no bounds. And rightly so. The thud of the national breast beating would be heard around the globe.

    The J.. rapist's trial would be displayed every evening on the news and accompanied by a heated discussion on how many life terms he should get in solitary confinement. There would be a witch hunt against all Right wing Jews. All the so-called 'hilltop youth' with their .. large kippot would be suspected and rounded up and forced in various ways to confess to whatever the interrogators wished to hear.

    Now for reality and not imaginary scenarios. This week an Israeli judge sentenced an Israeli Arab for breaking into a Jewish home and attempting the raping/sodomizing of a ten-year-old Jewish girl in her bed. The judge decided that five years in prison fit the crime. That five years is punishment enough.

    This week we read the portion about the destruction by God of the wicked city of Sedom. Sodom was a well run city with clear laws. It is just that their judges and rules reflected their values. Just what are those "values"

    And last week,

    In a bid to manage the overpopulation of strays in the Palestinian Arab jparts of the city of Hebron, the municipality announced that residents will be paid over $5 for each dog taken off the streets.. Images of Palestinian Arabs killing and torturing animals were posted to social media, triggering outrage. Hebron's mayor, Tayseer Abu Sneineh, was convicted in 1980 for taking part in a terrorist attack in Hebron where six Israeli civilians were killed and around 20 others were wounded. Abu Sneineh and three fellow terrorists were sentenced to life in prison but were eventually released in prisoner exchanges.

    Abu Sneineh shot six Jews in the back as they were praying on Shabbat, and was elected as mayor of Hevron. The mayor is only now getting some attention and criticism.

    After spending three years in jail (when he was paid hefty "pay for slay " bonuses by the Palestinian Authority (that Israel created ) {you can't make this stuff up})he was released when Israel agreed to one of those outrageous prisoner exchanges. Was it one Jew for one thousand Arab killers or was it more? I forget which "exchange" it was. Murdering six Jews made him a shoo-in to be elected to mayor of Hevron. The world did not think this was irregular. There was no news of dog abuse at the time. When it was learned that dogs were abused, Israeli "humanists" demanded the intervention of the Palestinian Authority, something that they rarely dare to do in their effort to not threaten a "peace process" and our "peace partner."

    Do you remember as I do when Israeli progressives of the "Peace Camp" kept silent when Jewish buses were blowing up and cafes bombed? They could not however be silent at the time when a red line was crossed, when donkeys were used to blow up Jews. Why involve the poor donkey in the "conflict"?

    Yes, we all know how the animal-loving Germans cared for their attack dogs after a hard but successful day of attacking Jews.. Is there a common thread connecting the above?

    Abu Sneineh, the local hero was elected democratically by his Jew-hating constituency. Israel was not outraged. On the contrary, the voice of the people of Hebron was respected. Israel continued supplying life support and protection to the terrorist Palestinian Authority and its murderous mayors.

    And the progressives that are so outraged today? They loved to visit and take photos with Palestinian Arab leaders like these.

    Pundits and politicians in Israel and abroad are alarmed and confounded by the success story of this election - Itamar Ben Gvir.

    It's simple. As opposed to the sophisticated progressive experts, the Israeli public did not need abused dogs to know that the emperor has no clothes. They do not want Jews to continue to be victims.
  11. Ilana Curiel, 5 years in prison for a young man who sexually assaulted a 10-year-old, in a case that rocked the Negev: "belittling and humiliating", YNet, November 9, 2022.

    Almost two years after a 17-year-old from the Bedouin diaspora broke into the house where the girl lived, attacked her, committed an indecent act on her and tried to commit a sodomy act, his sentence was handed down. The prosecution demanded 10 years in prison, the judges took into account "extenuating circumstances". Her father: "I didn't expect justice." The victim's family agreed to a plea deal with the attacker to prevent her from testifying...

    According to the amended indictment, the attacker, then 17 years old, arrived in the dead of night in February last year with two others, one of them 16 years old, to a settlement in the south of the country. The two boys broke into the victim's house while the two were sleeping in their rooms, while the third was waiting for them in the car. At one point, the defendant entered one of the bedrooms where the 10-year-old girl and her younger siblings were at the time. He sat down next to the girl who was awake and kissed her hard on the face. The girl asked the accused to explain his actions and he told her "don't worry", but despite this he attempted sodomy on her. He then left the room and the girl called her father. The accused and the other boy left the house, ran to the car where their older accomplice was waiting for them and left the place. The case shocked the entire Negev. Former Prime Minister Naftali Bennett defined the sexual assault as "nationalistic rape", and in March of last year, before being appointed to the position, appealed to Defense Minister Benny Gantz to recognize the assault as a "terrorist incident". Bennett then tweeted that "the Israeli government has lost the Negev. We will get it back into our hands." On Monday, a hearing was held in the courtroom of Judge Judith Shitzer in the Tel Aviv District Court on the appeal filed by attorney Roni Aloni-Sedovnik, who represents the victim and her family, against the Ministry of Defense's decision not to recognize the girl as a victim of hostilities.

    The appeal was filed after a petition submitted to the High Court on the matter was deleted. "The officials at the Ministry of Defense cannot determine that there is no nationalist aspect to the crime in the Negev," said Attorney Aloni-Sedovnik. "The crime is committed by Bedouins against Jews."
  12. [Even I, who hears more every day in my work... - Roni Aloni Sadovnik | Facebook February 10, 2021. [2].

    Even I who hears more and more difficult cases every day in my work and know how to contain them and handle them legally and analytically as it should be - I totally crashed this week. A beloved and dear friend of mine, a man of the land and labo with his hands, a Zionist peasant who built his home in the desert, suffers like most farmers from violent and cruel daily terror of Bedouins who break into his territory, his home and steal everything possible. Two weeks ago I read in the newspaper that Bedouins broke into a house in a settlement in the south at night and besides stealing property, they also raped a little girl who was sleeping in her room, I never imagined in my worst dreams that this was the daughter of my best friends. I thought I died on the spot when my friend called me for advice in a trembling voice and told me what happened to the lovely girl I've known since she was a baby - I haven't been breathing for two days. My heart is broken... The popular Bedouin army that is rampaging in the areas borderline communities ... the Bedouin gangs that are rampaging in the south are not only rampaging for criminal reasons, they are committing pogroms motivated by hatred and nationalistic enmity - this is a conflict over land. Two peoples, one land. The goal of the Bedouin gangs is to drive away the Jewish settlers, the rape of a Jewish girl who is sleeping in her own room in her house is a war crime according to the definition of the UN Security Council and it is time for the Chief of Staff who is busy shaping his path to politics to look down into the eyes of the girl, into the eyes of the mothers in the south, In the eyes of the farmers groaning under a nationalist pogrom from all directions, he will roll up his sleeves and put all the IDF forces into a real military operation to eliminate pogroms against Jews and their property, pogroms against women, children, and individual and group honor...

    Attorney Roni Aloni Sedovnik - representation of victimized women.
  13. 13.0 13.1 Eldar Meman, The attack on the girl in the south: the prosecutor's office is considering the possibility of filing an appeal against the punishment of the Bedouin rapist, 0404 News, 11/21/2022. [3].

    In response to the appeal of the human rights organization in Tselmo, the prosecutor's office announced that it is examining the possibility of filing an appeal against the sentence of the Bedouin rapist in the Negev, who broke into a house in a Jewish settlement and sexually assaulted a 10-year-old girl while she was sleeping in her bed. As recalled, the light sentence imposed on the Bedouin rapist in the south, which was only five years in prison, caused an uproar and outrage among the public. As a result, an organization b'Tsalmo wrote a letter to the state attorney demanding to file an appeal against the sentence.

    A letter from an organization in Tselmo states: "The prelates must file an appeal against the verdict because it is a case of rape that hurt the girl to the depths of her soul and it is very difficult to recover after rape that is a fatal injury to the girl and her family..."
  14. The father of the 10-year-old who was attacked: We will set the country on fire, Kan News, November 11, 2022.
    The uproar surrounding the lenient sentence for a youth who sexually assaulted a girl in her home in the south continues.

    The father of the 10-year-old girl who was sexually assaulted in her home in the south strongly criticized this evening (Friday) in an interview with Moav Vardi the prosecutor's office's decision to impose only 5 years in prison on the youngman who attacked his home: "We will set the country on fire, the king is naked. I say this now on behalf of the girl The police and the state are not of interest to me. If you don't change the policy, there will be a big mess here. There is a lack of logic, a basic lack of morality within these systems."

    The sentence imposed on the attacker is five years in prison and a fine of NIS 70,000. In the background of public criticism of the sentence. The district court in Be'er Sheva published the full reasons that led to the sentencing of the 10-year-old attacker... The judges stated that "to this day, in fact, the defendant has not been able to go deeper and show empathy for the suffering of the minor in the incident." In addition, they emphasized the seriousness of the attacker's actions and called them "every parent's nightmare come true." They also mentioned the fact that even after the severe attack, the attacker returned and committed additional property crimes, several days after the incident.

  15. (The MK of Ben Gvir's Otzma Yehudit decries liberal court) MK Almog Cohen: The terrorist who helped the terrorist rape a 10-year-old girl in the Negev received 200 hours of community service, Rotter, 09.01.23.

    Yesterday, the punishment of the terrorist who was complicit in the rape of the 10-year-old girl from the Negev was announced. That terrorist who shined a flashlight on the girl's face so that she could not recognize him and on that occasion blocked her mouth so that the other terrorist could carry out his plot.

    Do you know what the terrorist's punishment is? You won't believe it. But his punishment is a total of 200 hours of community service.

    Shame! A court that unfortunately serves the criminals. And you want us to believe that court?
  16. Ido ben Porat, A huge hug from the people of Israel to a girl from the Negev: "The holy mothers are reaching out to you", INN, 11/21/22.

    The singer and composer Tova Gadot came to the home of the girl's family who was affected by a Bedouin attacker in the Negev and gave her a unique Bat Mitzvah gift.

    (Tova Gadot with the child - photo courtesy of the photographer [4])

    Tova Gadot, a singer and creator, collected from the public an amount of 26,000 NIS for the girl from the Negev, who was injured two years ago by a Bedouin attacker and who recently celebrated her Bat Mitzvah. Yesterday she arrived together with her husband R' Aviad Gadot, director of the Torat-Lehima [Combat theory] association, to give the girl the gift and the album in the name of the entire nation of Israel. The emotional visit was accompanied by family friend MK Almog Cohen from the Otzma Yehudit party, who is the center of care in the Negev on behalf of the party that will be a member of the government.

    During the visit, Gadot talked with the girl and her family, and heard from them about the national challenges that reached their home, in the form of a brutal Bedouin outlaw. Hundreds of donors responded to Gadot's call and contributed a gift to the girl from the Negev, including the comedian Manny Assyag, and the media people Yinon Magal and Attila Shumpelvi. Upon giving the gift, Gadot excitedly said to the bat mitzvah girl: "You are standing at the threshold of a new world, the holy mothers are reaching out to you and you, like a bride, are blessed and filled with a great light, the light of the holiness of the people of Israel."

    The girl's father said: "About 12 years ago, our daughter who was injured was born. When she was a baby, we stayed with the rabbi who accompanied us in my wife's conversion process, the late Rabbi Avichai Rontsky. A few days after we were in Itamar, one of the most terrible attacks that Israel has ever known happened. The murder of the Vogel family hy"d.

    "I remember that this event shook us to the depths of our souls and I asked the rabbi how we could continue from here and he, in his humility and holiness, calmly said that Ehud and his family went up in the fire of heaven and became a holy tabernacle of the Yeshiva in Itamar (Mishkan Ehud). I could not fully contain it at the time. Even before the construction of this Mishkan, my wife and I got married with our seven children at the end of my wife's conversion process and our return to repentance," he added.

    According to him, "From then until today, this extension is used as land for the canopies of the yeshiva students. Our daughter was about six months old at the time. About two years ago we had an attack during which our daughter was injured and her body mutilated. We went through two years of rehabilitation, strengthening and connecting to the rule. I roared as the girl's mother roared to the whole of Israel, and thus overnight our daughter became a daughter of Israel, a daughter of the whole and not just ours." "Today, after the bat mitzvah she had and receiving the gift from your generosity, the first circle in a long journey is closed, which for us has only begun with a holy connection between brothers and sisters of the Bnei Israel [the Jewish people]. May we all be privileged to please the Creator and ourselves and our friends and neighbors. May we be privileged to put a smile on the face of another Jew every day, that we may put the measure of justice in its proper place so that our children will have the privilege of living in a more reformed society. In our souls this is not far from us but in our mouths and in our hearts. May we have a complete redemption soon in our days. Tikun Olam [5] in the Kingdom of G-d. May we increase love for our spouses in an ever-growing circle and influence love and light on each other. Thank you Beloved brothers and sisters, he concluded.

    Knesset member Almog Cohen said: "When I took office, I approached first and foremost to deal with the issue of security in the Negev, for which I was sent to the Knesset by the public. I met with senior officials in the entire security system, and with forces on the ground who long for a government that will allow them to start operating. To this end, we will take care not only of budgeting and standards, but also for a change of consciousness and clear instructions on the part of the government to act decisively up to the level of the stolen weapons, the drug den and the bed of the terrorist to be arrested or eliminated. This is my duty and our duty to this precious girl whom I feel as if she really is my little sister, to her family, and to the residents of the Negev and the entire State of Israel, And so with G-d's help we will do."

    The ToraLehima organization, which was established to promote Jewish identity and the value of victory in the IDF, stated: "Understanding that the people of Israel are facing an all-out campaign of violent Arab nationalism, we started dealing with the problem of internal security after disturbances caused by Israeli Arabs, including Bedouin gangs in the Negev about a year and a half ago".

    "We have been pointing out for some time the problem of breaking into bases and stealing weapons from the IDF, which are now in the thousands in the hands of Arabs, Bedouins, the drug factory in the training areas, as well as physical harm to Jews by Bedouin nationalists, as happened to this precious girl in her home in the Negev. We call on the commander of the Southern Command, Colonel Eliezer Toledano, as well as the police to stop worrying and act hard against that fifth recruit who harms the people of Israel," the organization said.
  17. Bir Hadaj, Regavim.
  18. Nir Dvori, The rape in "Gan Ha'ir" - an event with a nationalistic background, 03.12.15.

    The Ministry of Defense recognized the rape of the young woman in Tel Aviv in 2012 as an act of hostility. The rapist, a Palestinian from Nablus, also forced the victim and her partner to have sex in front of him. The severity and brutality of the act led to the decision to recognize the victim as a victim of terrorism. The rape that took place in the Gan Ha'ir parking lot in Tel Aviv about three years ago will be recognized as an act of hostility with a nationalist background, the Ministry of Defense decided this morning (Thursday). Following the decision of the "Approving Authority" in the Ministry, the rape victim will be recognized as a victim of a hostile act according to the Rewards Law and will even receive assistance from the National Insurance Institute. The Ministry of Defense explained that the security background of the accused and the seriousness of the act are what led to the decision on the issue. We also noted that the defendant expressed himself several times on different occasions, from which it was implied that he had a nationalist motive for his actions. Among other things, the "Approving Authority" in the Ministry of Defense found statements by the accused concerning the differences between the different nationalities and the Israeli-Arab conflict. In one of his police interrogations, for example, the accused spoke about the difference between "his respectable sister and the Jewish woman who walks the streets", and also about the fact that his Jewish interrogators are not natives of this land but "foreigners and that before 1948 there was no such thing called Israel". "From the totality of the statements it appears that this is an act of violence aimed at harming a person due to his belonging to the Jewish nation," said attorney Yedidia (Didi) Oron, the senior deputy to the ombudsman for the defense system for claims and insurance, by virtue of his authority as the "certifying authority" in the defense ministry. "I hope that the victim of the horrific act will be able to rehabilitate herself and find relief for her pain." "25 years in prison for the rapist" The difficult case occurred in May 2012, when a young woman was brutally raped in the Gan Ha'ir parking lot in Tel Aviv in front of her partner, when the rapist even forced her and her partner to perform sexual acts in front of him. After a few months, the suspect was arrested, who was finally convicted and sentenced to 30 years in prison - exceeding the punishment limit established by the rape law. The rapist, 23-year-old Ahmed Bani Jaber [احمد بني جابر], petitioned the Supreme Court - which decided about two years later to shorten his sentence to only 25 years. The main point of Jaber's argument was that he cannot be given such a long prison sentence for only one act of rape. The panel of judges, headed by Judge Yoram Danziger, rejected the claim and agreed with the district court that recognized both the young woman and her partner as victims of the crime. Therefore, the judges decided that "in this case it is possible to impose on him a punishment that exceeds the maximum punishment fixed for the crime of rape, in view of the existence of two victims of the crime". The judges emphasized that their decision was made "in view of the multitude of sexual offenses committed by Jaber and in view of the cruelty that accompanied their execution". Like the district court at the time, the supreme judges also agreed that "this is an extremely unusual case, which justifies a stricter punishment that exceeds 20 years of actual imprisonment." Despite all this, the judges decided to "reduce the punishment a little" and set Jaber's sentence at 25 years in actual prison, because according to them the punishment was too severe.

    Attorney Roni Aloni Sadovnik, who represents the victim in the attack, said that since Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon took office, "a new wind is blowing both in the IDF and in the Ministry of Defense as far as the status of women is concerned. We are grateful for the open-mindedness and the willingness to examine the requests of rape victims with gender eyes, the recognition will completely change the life of the victim, who has just finished military service now and will be free to take care of herself, learn and restore the fragments of her life."
  19. Avi Ashkenazi, Three Palestinians are suspected of a 20-year-old crippled rapeWalla!, May 25, 2016.

    First posting news: The police arrested two suspects residents of the territories who were allegedly raping a young mentally disabled woman in Tel Aviv, utlrinared on her and called out racist slurs. The case was hidden for fear of confrontations between Arabs and Jews, and hunting was underway for by the third suspect, Israeli citizen whose identification is known to the police. Two Palestinian residents of the territories and an Israeli citizen are suspected of raping a 20-year-old disabled woman with a nationalist motive - this was allowed to be published today (Wednesday). Allegedly, the three were recorded raping the intellectually disabled young woman in a hostel in south Tel Aviv, pouring their water on her, spitting on her and chanting racist slogans during the act. The police hid the affair for ten days for fear of igniting clashes between Arabs and Jews, even though they held two suspects for nine days and are hunting for the third suspect, whose identity is known to the police. One of the suspects, Emad Eldin Dragma (عماد الدين دراغما), a resident of the territories, apparently filmed the rape in order to spread the documentation. He was brought this morning for an extension of detention at the Tel Aviv Magistrate's Court. In the documentation allegedly filmed by Dragama, two of his friends, one of them a minor resident of the territories who was also arrested, are seen raping the young woman and humiliating her. In the hearing on the extension of Dragama's detention, the judge emphasized the seriousness of the incident and the difficult situation of the complainant, who suffers from a disability and mental retardation. Apparently, the investigation of the complainant, who lives in south Tel Aviv, revealed a difficult picture of the acts, and in the hearing it was stated that since the incident she has been in a difficult mental state and needs treatment.

    "This is an incident in which the suspect, together with others, committed serious sexual offenses against the complainant, who is intellectually disabled and suffers from a disability. It is suspected that these were sexual offenses committed along with racist comments and threats to harm the complainant's family, as well as other acts with the aim of influencing and harming her," the judge said at the end of the hearing.
  20. [ Adv. Roni Aloni Sedovnik, 'Following the reports about the rape of the 7-year-old: it's time to talk about national rape,' ILH, June 19, 2019.

    In the event that the published details turn out to be true, the case of the rape of the 7-year-old girl will join the case of the late 8-year-old Lipaz Himi who was raped and murdered, the rape in the city garden, the rape and murder of the late Uri Ansbacher and another series of horrific crimes of nationalist origin. How long will we continue to ignore this phenomenon? The headlines of the journalists this morning herald the decision of the military prosecutor's office to file an indictment on suspicion of rape allegedly committed by a resident of the territories on a 7-year-old girl, and this in the presence of additional witnesses. Meanwhile, the accused denies everything. In such difficult cases, it is important to wait for the results of the legal investigation before the public gets angry, since there is more hidden than visible at this stage, as well as certain details in the story, in my opinion, deserve a deeper examination before the media's investigation. However, the new case calls for shining a light on the alarming phenomenon of daily wild incitement in the Palestinian media and the Palestinian education system, seeing Israelis as subhuman, and Israeli women as daughters without honor (that's what the rapist said in the Gan Ha'ir case to Medovev ["plant"] who was placed in his cell). The incitement of the Palestinian Authority calls on a people who are not an organized fighting force to go out into the territories of Israel and destroy, destroy, kill and harm Israeli Jews in any way. Incitement that shows daily illustrations and cartoons in which IDF soldiers are seen sexually assaulting a female figure wearing the Al-Aqsa Mosque crown or a woman who symbolizes Palestine kneeling in front of soldiers who pull down their pants. The Palestinian Authority assimilates and encourages sexual crimes as a weapon against the Israeli enemy, and we have data from the security forces that prove that the incitement to sexual humiliation of Israeli women in the areas of the seam line is a widespread but silenced phenomenon on both sides. In conversations with Palestinian representatives and security prisoners, I have been told many times that a Palestinian who rapes or commits a sexual offense tarnishes the struggle for the liberation of Palestine and they oppose it, but this is foolishness in its embodiment since the cocoon has risen - do not be surprised by the leadership of Fatah, Tanzim and the Palestinian Authority that so many terrorist attacks also include humiliating sexual offenses against girls, girls and women. When you release a crazed monster into the streets of a city after starving it in a cage, you cannot claim that you are not responsible for what it devoured. The incitement to hate Israelis long ago crossed the limits of the laws of war. This week an international conference on war and justice is being held in Jerusalem, although 810 cases of sexual assault on a nationalistic background have already been counted just in the seam line - to date, the organizers of these conferences have not found a place to discuss these war crimes. Maybe our country believes that if they don't call it by name, it will disappear? The UN Security Council states that a sexual assault committed by a citizen of one nationality against a citizen of another nationality, in a recognized area of ​​conflict between the two nations, will be considered a war crime. Nevertheless, it was very difficult for us to convince the Ministry of Defense that the rape of the late Lipaz Chimi at the age of 8, on Independence Day 2006, there was a nationalistic event. But a firm fight backed by evidence for a nationalist motive did its job, and especially the opinion of Chief Mani Itzhaki who stepped out of the square box and weighed my claims with rational feminist eyes, and chose to break the concept that dominated the Ministry of Defense. Thanks to the gender perspective that Superintendent Itzhaki introduced into his professional considerations, he decided to have a difficult debate with the Ministry of Defense, which for years resisted our request to see the late Lipaz hit by terrorism. Since the recognition, which we see in our office as a historical legal precedent in the history of the struggle for women's rights, we have been able to bring such recognition to another 5 minors and women. Additional girls that I represent in other cases, who were also raped by Palestinians, insist that this was a hostile attack for all intents and purposes and was carried out against the background of the conflict between the nations. And they must be recognized as victims of hostilities due to nationalistic rape. The rape in Gan-ha'Ir [City garden] was also recognized as a terrorist incident, the rape of the late Lipaz Himi was also recognized as an attack after a persistent legal battle that we waged, the rape in 'Gey Ben Hinom' of a student from Bezalel was also recognized as an attack only after a difficult legal battle, and the rape on Sironit Beach was also recognized as a nationalistic terrorist attack as well . Only after a long legal battle. The fruits of our struggle resulted in the fact that even in the case of the late Ori Ansbacher Z"L, the Shin Bet appeared at the scene of the crime immediately even though it was a sex offense before the murder. This should be the case in any case of nationalistic rape.

    Rape has always been a humiliating weapon against the women of the enemy nation - the time has come for the authority to take responsibility and act actively to stop the incitement.
  21. Matan Wasserman, The women's organizations turned to the ombudsman: "The affair of the pimping in the jails is a nationalistic terrorist event for all intents and purposes"Maariv, 07/10/2022.

    The Chairman of the Council of Women's Organizations in Israel sent an urgent letter regarding the affair to the legal adviser to the government, attorney Gali Beharev Miara. She claimed: "The decision not to file an indictment will be a cry for generations and will create an unprecedented crisis of confidence." Following the apparent decision not to press charges of rape against the security prisoner Mahmoud Attallah despite the claims made by one of the prison guards who served as a soldier in Gilboa prison, under the pretext of the lack of eyewitnesses or supporting evidence for her claims, yesterday the chairman of the Council of Women's Organizations in Israel Usherit Stabon sent an urgent letter on the matter to the adviser Attorney General Gali Beharev Miara. In the letter signed by the women's organizations: Emunah, Benot Brit, Witzo, Na'amat, Hadassah Women, Ort Women, Academic Women and Soroptomist, it was written, among other things, to the Legal Adviser to the Government: "The very thought that there is any chance that the State of Israel will not act to bring justice for those female prison guards who were physically injured And in their souls, they hide sleep from the eyes of every citizen in the State of Israel, and in particular from parents who are supposed to send their daughters to the state service." This is a nationalistic terrorist event for all intents and purposes, and a decision regarding not filing an indictment will be considered a cry for generations and will create an unprecedented crisis of confidence among the public. Would anyone think of demanding evidence from a soldier who was attacked by a terrorist without anyone in the area to support his version? Even to the extent that there are evidentiary difficulties, the victims should be allowed to speak in court and remember that the prosecution, especially in crimes of this type, has a role that is not only legal but also public in actually standing by the victims and supporting them without reservation." In conclusion, they claim: "It is needless to say what tremendous mental strength is required from the victim to come to confrontations with those who harmed her and to agree to be exposed to the difficult cross-examinations in court, despite the wounds that have not yet healed, and we will return her face blank? What message will this send to all those victims and victims of sexual assault?"

    The Legal Adviser to the Government stated: "The referral has been received and will be handled as usual."
  22. Ash Obel, Palestinian charged with beach rape of 21-year-old woman in Bat Yam, TOI, 13 October 2022.

    Adi Tamiza, a Hebron resident with a residency permit in Israel, accused of assaulting victim after she refused his advances.

    A Palestinian resident of Hebron was charged Thursday with the rape of a 21-year-old woman on a beach in Bat Yam last month.

    The prosecution alleged that Adi Tamiza, also 21, attempted to strike up a conversation with the victim at 11:30 p.m. as she sat alone at a beach in the Tel Aviv suburb.

    After the girl rejected Tamiza’s approach, the accused, who was accompanied by another man, told the latter to leave, before allegedly grabbing the victim as she stood up to walk home.

    The prosecution said that Tamiza forcefully led the girl north toward Jaffa, telling her, “Come with me, let’s go for a stroll.”

    Despite her protests, Tamiza lifted the girl up and carried her to a hill near the beach. The accused allegedly forcibly stripped the victim as she unsuccessfully fought to escape the attack.

    The prosecution said that Tamiza, who had entered Bat Yam from the West Bank on a valid permit, removed the victim’s phone as she tried to call for help.

    Following the alleged rape, Tamiza returned the victim’s phone on the condition that she give him her phone number, before apparently telling her in Arabic that he loved her.

    Tamiza was arrested at a checkpoint as he attempted to cross back into Hebron.

    During legal proceedings at the Tel Aviv District Court, the prosecution described Tamiza as “a person who poses a great danger to the female public in Israel, taking advantage of a residency permit granted to him for work purposes to commit a cruel act of sodomy in the dead of night against a victim whose very ‘crime’ was sitting at the beach at night.”

    The prosecution described the incident as doing “serious damage” to women’s sense of security.
  23. [Journalist] Yoni ben Menachem @yonibmen (Sep 29, 2022):
    "He grabbed her by force and threw her on the rocks": new details from the investigation of the suspected rape in Bat Yam, a suspicion of a nationalist background was investigated. The arrest of the suspect, Adi Tamiza from the Hebron area, was extended until Sunday.
  24. Daniel Elazar, A Palestinian was arrested on suspicion of raping a young woman on the beach in Bat Yam, Kan news, September 29, 2022.

    "He grabbed her by force and threw her on the rocks": new details from the investigation of the suspected rape in Bat Yam.

    The Tel Aviv Magistrate's Court ordered to extend the detention of the suspect, Adi Tamiza, a 21-year-old Palestinian from the Hebron area, until Sunday.

    Yesterday, the police arrested Adi Tamiza, a 21-year-old Palestinian from the Hebron area, on suspicion of raping an 18-year-old girl on the beach in Bat Yam last week. The Magistrate's Court in Tel Aviv ordered to extend his detention until Sunday. The police investigate all directions of the investigation - criminal and nationalistic. At this stage, the Shin Bet is not involved.

    The rape was allegedly committed last Thursday in the evening at Sea Palace Beach. In her testimony, the young woman said that when she was at the beach, she was approached by two Arabic-speaking suspects, one of whom asked her for a lighter. He then left and was followed by the rape suspect. When the complainant left the beach and started walking towards the bus, the suspect allegedly grabbed her by force, slammed her on a rocky area of ​​the beach and performed a sodomy act on her. Her testimony shows that she struggled with the suspect, and because of that she was injured and suffered bruises.

    "The young woman was taken independently to the Wolfson Hospital in Holon, where she underwent a series of tests in the acute room. The hospital is the one that reported the incident to the police. It was also said in the hearing that the suspect does not have a valid residence permit and that he has no criminal record. The suspect denied that he raped the young woman. He admitted that he was at sea at the time of the incident but denied his involvement in it.

    "This is a horrific incident," said Judge Avital Amsalem Gilboa in her decision. "The complainant was walking on the beach alone and then a stranger came, grabbed her by force, slammed her on rocks and performed a sodomy act on her while inflicting injuries as can be seen in the investigation file. The reasonable suspicion is well-founded.'

    Attorney Yael Finkelman Nissan, who is representing the rape suspect on behalf of the public defender, said that "this is a young man with no criminal record. He denies all suspicions and cooperates with the investigators. We will wait for the police to finish the investigation."
  25. Shlomi Heller, Publication was permitted: Barkhat Abu Essa is the suspect in the brutal rape in Gedera, Walla!, Feb 6, 2023.
    The identity of the 22-year-old Bedouin from the Negev, who allegedly broke into an apartment in the city, tied up the owner of the apartment and raped her while her small children were at home, was revealed. The police claimed in court yesterday that the suspect's DNA was found in the apartment.
  26. The mother's relative says: "She is living-dead, the rapist killed her soul", YNet, Feb 6, 2023.
    After a complete match was found between the DNA at the scene of the rape and that of Barkhat Abu Essa, the young man from Tel Sheva who was arrested, the mother's relative told the ynet studio: "The 4-year-old boy understands that something terrible happened, but he does not understand to what extent. The mother and the children are afraid From every knock on the door. The rapist should receive the most severe punishment"
  27. The suspect in the brutal rape in Gedera: a 22-year-old Bedouin, INN, Feb 4, 2023.

    The main suspect is a 22-year-old man from the Bedouin diaspora who was arrested in JudeaSamaria at the end of an operation. 6 other suspects from the same family were arrested with him.

    The woman testified that the suspect broke into the apartment in the middle of the night through a balcony located on the second floor of the residential building. He tied her up and then forcibly raped her, with her three children in nearby rooms. According to the suspicion, after the rape he stole property and ran away from the house. So the woman called the police.

    "I heard a noise, and then he was already in my room," the complainant said in her testimony. "I tried to fight him off, but he quickly blindfolded me. I didn't have time to really recognize what he looked like. Then he tied my hands and muttered some things in an Arabic accent. During this time, he checked the house and then came back and raped me." After the incident, the woman posted in the neighborhood WhatsApp group: "Yes, my house was broken into. I tried to confront him. He tied me all over my body next to my little son, after walking around the whole house he came back and raped me."

    The woman testified that the suspect broke into the apartment in the middle of the night through a balcony located on the second floor of the residential building. He tied her up and then forcibly raped her, with her three children in nearby rooms. According to the suspicion, after the rape he stole property and ran away from the house. So the woman called the police.
  28. Meir Turgeman, The detention of the suspect in the rape of the mother in Gedera was extended by 9 days: "Attacked with knife threats in front of her crying children", YNet, February 5, 2023.
    At the hearing, the representative of the investigating unit on behalf of the police said that "the burglar entered the house and brutally attacked and raped a victim in front of her children while they were crying. He continued to say, 'If you keep shouting, I will kill them' with knife threats. He tied her hands and feet and also her eyes at one point." The police representative added: "Today, beyond the reasonable suspicion, we already have apparent evidence and a lot of actions to perform. We reached the suspect through security cameras and forensic evidence." According to him, "this case damaged Gedera's sense of security."
  29. Alon Hachmon,, "Close the doors. Break into the apartment and rape me": new details from the shocking rape in Gedera, Maariv, 02/05/2023.

    Less than a day after the brutal rape of a Gedera resident, the suspect, a 22-year-old resident of the Bedouin diaspora, was arrested. His family members were arrested on suspicion of helping him escape. The complainant: "I tried to confront him. He tied me all over my body next to my little son."

    A real nightmare in Gedera: a woman in her 30s was brutally raped early Friday morning by a suspect, who tied her up and caused injuries all over her body. At the time of the attack, the victim's three young children were in the house, including a two-year-old toddler, who slept next to her and witnessed the severe rape that his mother went through.

    Yesterday, less than a day after the shocking event, the suspect in the act was arrested - a 22-year-old from the Bedouin diaspora, who fled to Yosh and after a short time returned to the territories of Israel. Six members of his family, including his father and brother, were also arrested on suspicion of, among other things, helping him escape after the act. The suspect has no Probably a criminal record.

    The security cameras in the area recorded the suspect, who tried to enter by cracking the code at the entrance to the building. After his attempts failed, he climbed a pergola on the entrance floor, bypassed the first floor and took advantage of an open window on the second floor where the victim lives and entered the apartment. The woman, who heard noises, tried to confront the burglar, but he threatened her with a knife and told her that he would kill her children. He stole jewelry and money from the place, and at one point tied the woman up and brutally raped her while her toddler son was nearby.

    It was later reported by the neighbors that the complainant told them that during the entire incident she was mostly afraid that the suspect would hurt her children, and begged him not to do so. The investigation also shows that after the suspect committed the rape, he went to the kitchen, sipped from a bottle of beer that was in the refrigerator and only after about an hour fled the apartment. Later, the investigators collected the remains of the suspect's DNA found on the bottle.
  30. Gedera rape: 4-year-old fights man who attacked his mother with toy sword, INN, Feb 5, 2023.

    Relative of woman attacked in horrific home invasion and rape says victim's young son displayed heroism in defending his mother.

    A relative of the woman who was raped by a home invader in the city of Gedera on Friday spoke with Kan Reshet Bet Sunday about how the family is coping with the horrific crime and the resulting trauma.

    The relative praised the heroism of the victim's four-year-old son, who witnessed the assault and fought the attacker off with a toy sword.

    "He saw everything, and said he saved mother," she added.

    The relative said that "her soul was murdered, the souls of the children were murdered." According to her, the family knew there had been a break-in, but only later did the mother reveal to them that she had been raped. "We didn't understand what she was writing down, we didn't think we would become statistics."

    "He had everything, money, jewelry, and he said he didn't come for that. I visited her in the hospital," she repeated. "I mostly heard crying, she spoke of one of the children told how much of a hero he was, he saved his mom. He fought him and beat him, a four-year-old boy, and a two-year-old who didn't see anything, except for the tied hands."

    According to the relative, the mother asked the attacker to take everything "just don't hurt my children". She added: "We want answers, we don't understand why he did it. We will not be silent."

    Police arrested a suspect in the rape, a 22-year-old Bedouin man, on Saturday. An additional six suspects from Bedioun villages in the Negev were also arrested.

    According to police, the evidence found at the scene pointed to one specific family that seemingly works in the city. Seven suspects were arrested both in Israeli and Palestinian authority territory.
  31. Branu Tegene, The rape in Gedera: a significant figure was investigated who could shed light on details in the investigation, N12, 14.02.23.

    First publication: Questions that arose during the investigation of the rape suspect in Gedera, led the investigators to time the investigation with a warning that they define - "significant" - Barkhat Abu Essa, a 22-year-old resident of the Bedouin diaspora, is still silent in his investigation, but the police estimate - he did not come to her apartment by accident.

    The rape case in Gedera: 10 days since Barkat Abu Essa, a 22-year-old resident of the Tel Sheva Bedouin diaspora, was arrested on suspicion of committing a serious rape in the city. Abu Essa is a suspect who broke into the apartment of a 30-year-old woman, tied her up and raped her in front of her young children. The police investigators estimate that the suspect knew exactly where he was going and followed the victim before the act, and are still trying to understand what led him to that woman. Further to this assessment, and although the suspect is silent in his investigation - the police summoned a significant figure for investigation with a warning.

    The rape victim has already given several testimonies to the police, and quite a few findings have been collected, including a DNA test that directly links the suspect to the rape case. The main question that the researchers are interested in answering at this stage is - why that woman. How did Abu Essa know that the complainant lives and raises three children alone, how did he know what floor she was on, or why he was seen looking for a last name at the front door downstairs.

    The investigators are looking into the matter, and have decided to call in a significant figure for questioning with a warning, who was interrogated for a whole day at the offices of the Central Police Station. They believe that the questioning of that figure can lead them to an answer, which the victim also wants to know - how he came to her. The police emphasized that they are expected to submit a statement Prosecutor in the coming days.

    A few days after the rape, the woman's relative shared a conversation with N12 in the moments of horror and revealed the details of the difficult case. "He tied her hands, feet, eyes and mouth," she said, "the child cried and screamed, he put him in the room. He threatened: 'You don't move until I run away.'"

    The same relative also said: "She is crushed, the children are in crazy trauma, the 4-year-old boy keeps saying what bad eyes he had, how he looked, what he did to the mother," described the relative, "the little one doesn't speak, but he only shows his hands tied behind the back, showing closed eyes and a closed mouth. There were three children there, one of them probably sprayed her, it took a while for her to wake up."

    Yesterday (Monday) the suspect's detention was extended by another 7 days, by agreement. Abu Essa was arrested at the end of a day-long hunt, currently no nationalist background emerges from his investigation. The police stated that although Abu Essa is not cooperating, there is much evidence linking him to the incident. A DNA sample that was found first led to the suspect and his two brothers, the two brothers were released after a laboratory test and Abu Essa remained in custody. The details of the investigation show that he watched over the apartment and was directly targeted at the victim's apartment.
  32. Rape in Gedera: "The phenomenon of rape on a nationalistic background exists Ice, 4/2/2023.

    The arrest of the suspect in the brutal rape in Gedera - a member of the Bedouin diaspora - has provoked the anger of many who refer to the rape on a nationalistic basis and even call for the legislation to be tightened.

    At the end of a manhunt that lasted a day, the police today (Saturday) arrested a suspect in the brutal rape in Gedera, where a woman in her thirties was raped in front of her children.

    The Minister of National Security, Itamar Ben Gvir, responded to the case and commented on the arrest: "The speedy arrest is extremely important for the residents' sense of personal security in the fence and for reaching the truth. The police are tasked with checking whether this is rape on a nationalistic basis and if this is indeed the case, my bill must be quickly promoted Regarding aggravated punishment".

    The one who has already decided that it is indeed rape on a nationalist background is the member of the Knesset on behalf of Israel Beiteinu, Yulia Malinovsky, who commented: "The phenomenon of rape on a nationalist background exists and it is impossible to turn a blind eye to it. Only in the last few months did the rape of the 10-year-old girl take place in the south, now The shocking incident in the fence and on this occasion I congratulate the police forces who arrested the suspect in the act."

    Likud Knesset member Eliyahu Revivo, who is a resident of Gedera, was also shocked: "I was shocked to the core of my soul to hear this morning about the brutal rape of an innocent woman by a man in her home, in our Gedera. It is impossible for the residents of Gedera and the surrounding area to fear for their lives and live in constant fear of the increasing crime. The security of the residents In Gedera, it is completely promiscuous, and I fear that we will see more terrible cases like this."
  33. [Editor] Elad Huminer (Feb 3, 2023):
    If it was not rape on a nationalistic-religious background, that Arab would have gone and carried out his plot on one of the girls of the outpost village and not on a Jewess in Gedera. Every murder hurts and murder on a national-religious background even more so. The same goes for murder of the soul.
  34. Michael Starr, Gedera rape: Law proposed against sexual assault terrorism in Israel, JPost'", February 5, 2023.

    Limor Son Har-Melech: "The bill I will present is intended to put an end to nationalistic terrorism and ensure that those sub-humans will rot for many years behind bars."

    A bill to double the sentence for nationalistically-motivated rape will be submitted on Monday by Otzma Yehudit MK Limor Son Har-Melech following the brutal rape of a Gedera woman [6] in front of her children on Thursday.

    Son Har-Melech explained on Sunday that other politically motivated crimes in the penal code double the punishment. Victims are entitled to additional compensation for nationalistic crimes.

    "The shocking case of rape that took place in Gedera joins the series of horrific cases of rape committed in recent years by Arab terrorists with a clear nationalistic motive, using rape as another tool in the war on Israel. This is terrorism in all respects and should be treated as such."

    Limor Son Har-Melech

    "The shocking case of rape that took place in Gedera joins the series of horrific cases of rape committed in recent years by Arab terrorists with a clear nationalistic motive, using rape as another tool in the war on Israel," said Son Har-Melech. "This is terrorism in all respects and should be treated as such."

    Why did the Bedouin rapist target the Israeli woman in Gedera?

    By noon on Sunday, the police had not released the motives of the alleged rapist and five who were arrested along with the suspect and released later on Sunday. The six were allegedly Bedouin Arab residents of the Negev.

    National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir said on Friday that the police were "checking whether this is rape on a nationalistic basis and if this is indeed the case, my bill regarding the harsher punishment should be quickly promoted."

    Israel's National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir visits Gedera after the horrific rape of a woman, on February 3, 2023.)

    Gedera council head Yoel Gamliel said that he and his community were hoping to see a worsening of the punishment for the crime.

    Transportation Minister Miri Regev also backed legislation to increase the punishment, saying "we will not hesitate to do so."

    According to police, the men broke into the victim's house and raped her in front of her son while the other children slept.

    "The bill I will present tomorrow is intended to put an end to nationalistic terrorism and ensure that those sub-humans will rot for many years behind bars."

    Limor Son Har-Melech

    "The repeated occurrence of such events indicates the lack of deterrence among the terrorists," said Son Har-Melech. "The bill I will present tomorrow is intended to put an end to nationalistic terrorism and ensure that those sub-humans will rot for many years behind bars."

    The legislation proposal on terroristic rape comes after the January 29 sentencing of the rapist and murderer of Ori Ansbacher [7].

    Hebron resident Arafat Irfaya was sentenced to life in prison, an additional 20 years imprisonment, and monetary compensation to the family of Ansbacher.

    Irfaya killed the 19-year-old Israeli teenager in 2019 in an attack that shocked the nation. The terrorist stabbed Ansbacher, raped her and left her to die.

    The terrorist had previously confessed to the crime and had expressed satisfaction that he had killed a Jew.
  35. Ortal Shmueli, A sexual attack on a nationalistic background: we fight the laws of the Bedouin jungle, with baby gloves, Makor Rishon, Feb.8.23.

    When I heard on Friday about the shocking rape in Gedera, I knew deep in my heart, with an inner feeling - before the publication of the name of the rapist, his affiliation and origin - that this event sounded familiar to me related to the Negev. When the name of the rapist was published, who broke into the house, forced and raped a woman in front of her 3 crying children - my heart broke.

    The method of operation of the rape in Gedera is similar to the rape of the 10-year-old in Ramat Negev in January 2021. The surveillance, the knowledge when to exploit a weakness, the unimaginable cruelty. This is how the father of the girl who was raped described it in an interview with YNET on February 14, 2021: "The man moved from bed to bed, checked, chose what was best for him. Everything with complete awareness, together with another person who held a flashlight and shined it on the girl's face," said the father. "You can't go into people's houses and rape girls in their bed. If I had shot him - I would be in prison right now. Something is completely screwed up here in the war against crime. This is complete anarchy, you need an iron fist, you need special units here. The court is worth nothing to me".

    The State of Israel was once again caught with its pants down, only this time the writing was huge on the wall. The Abu Assa family is known for its criminality in the Negev. In the thread I posted on Twitter, from videos downloaded by user Moshe Kozak from around the web - there are disturbing records of quantities of illegal weapons, shooting, wild driving through the streets of villages and cities while shooting into the air. The Bedouin problem in the Negev - no one really wants to solve.

    We try to fight the laws of the Bedouin jungle with baby gloves - but lose the battle. We have been shouting this for years - without deep plowing, without tactical teams, without special forces, without defining an internal enemy that does not distinguish between criminals and nationalists - the Negev will fall and with it the State of Israel. Greater and wiser than me, the first Prime Minister of Israel, David Ben-Gurion, said: "If we do not stand on the Negev - Tel Aviv will not stand."

    The unimaginable cruelty with which the rape was committed in Gedera and the sexually promiscuous behavior is something we in the Negev have known for many years: and the residents of Gedera and the rest of Israel are only now being exposed to them. The sexual harassment of women in the streets, the whistles from the roofs and windows. Beyond the humiliation of the woman and the sexual harassment - there is also the nationalist humiliation. For this reason, I don't call it an event. I call it an attack.

    The rapist in Gedera raped the woman - only because she is Jewish. How can such an event be called if not a "sexual attack on a nationalistic background"? We are constantly hiding behind fake humanity, trying to beautify the situation - when the situation is simply bad.

    As long as we do not spell it out / a terrorist with his intention - to act against Jews men and women - we will not be able to address the problem.
"The Mufti.. concocted a new kind of antisemitism that combined traditional Muslim antisemitism, like the anti-Jewish verses you find in the Koran, with the Nazi antisemitism that demonised Jews... His whole ideology was antisemitic and from the very beginning he targeted Jews, not Zionists."
The difference between lies and reality is sometimes just a color on a map
The only tweet (July 2014) on the Twitter account of the late American Elan Ganeles - murdered by Arab-Islamist "Palestinian" on Feb 27, 2023 hy"d: "I think you're always going to have tension in the Middle East, when there's [are] people who want to kill Jews, and the Jews don't want to be killed, and neither side is willing to compromise."