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Pallywood refers to the habit of "Palestinian" activists of using Pseudo-events to advance their narrative. The use of posing and staging photos, and using English-language signage in a non-English-speaking-region in order to curry favor with sympathetic media organizations. The word is a combination of "Palestinian" and "Hollywood".[1] Documented since at least 1982.[2]


The term “Pallywood” refers to the staging of scenes by Palestinian journalists in order to present the Palestinians as hapless victims of Israeli aggression. They are able to succeed in this endeavor in large part due to the credulity and eagerness of the Western press to present these images, which reinforces the skewed image of the Palestinian David struggling valiantly against the overpowering Israeli Goliath...

This is possible due to both the mobilization of the Palestinian (and Arab and media for that matter) to work in the service of the nation... The list of fabrications in the Arab and Muslim press is staggering: from the 1982 Israeli incursion into Lebanon, where Norman Podhoretz's article "J'Accuse" Commentary charged some American media and journalists with anti-Semitism for their biased and counter-factual reporting on a list of issues and events including the alleged poisoning of Palestinians schoolgirls; to the claim of injecting the HIV positive virus into 300 Palestinian youth; to the Jenin "massacre" that never was; yo the triggering and resulting violence of the first Palestinian intifada (1987-92), and then the second (2000-2004).

The first known method of fake news, fake image in that area, was probably in the 1920s, by the ex-Mufti Haj Amin Al-Husseini to incite the masses against the Jews, a photomontage of a flag hanging over the mosque in Jerusalem was distributed ahead of the kilings.[4]

He had distributing tens of thousands of the well-known forged photographs showing the mosque.. a pile of black blackened ruins. The inscription on these pictures brazenly announced that the .. shrine in Islam had been bombed [sic] to pieces by the Jews... forged photographs showing the mosque lying in ruins.[5]

After the Mufti al-Husseini's led atrocious attack of the Hebron Jews (pious non-Zionists) in 1929 Hebron massacre, al-Husseini disseminated photos of the slaughtered Jewish corpses with the switched-around libel that the dead where actaully "Arabs" as if killed by Jews![5][6]

Explained: This type of blood-libel is today frequently used against Israel by the Palestinian Authority together with the Axis of the Islamists and the International Left, and is widely dissmeninated in the media and universities worldwide.[6]

In modern era, it was more intensively used especially since the boy, Muhammad Al Durra which was actually killed by Islamic terrorist fire, blamed falsely on Israel.[7] It was used widely at a long bloody 2000 intifadah.

Classic (publicized in Dec. 2021):

  • Clip shows how "Palestinian" operatives stage, prepare kids to play, fallen or injured for press. Actors in staging are "Palestinian" press and its Red Crescent too. It's this racist hatred motivated industry of such drama fake imagery that incites the Arab masses.[8]

Far from being just ridiculous, it is actually dangerous. The lies, kill. Columnist, writing in 2015, amidst intifadah of stabbing:[9]

These days the knife intifada is raging under the false flag "Al-Aqsa is in danger!" A short line connects the lies of the Nazi Haj Amin al-Husseini to the lies of Holocaust denier Mahmoud Abbas

In the Middle Ages the false blood libels were used as a stage of preparation for bringing the Jews to the stake. The character assassination brought about the murder of the body. We must internalize this simple truth today. Only 86 years ago, in 1929 in Hebron, the Jews were massacred under the false slogan "Jews desecrate al-Aqsa," and these days the intifada of knives is raging under the false flag "Al-Aqsa is in danger!" A short line connects the Nazi lies of Haj Amin Al-Husseini to the lies of Holocaust denier Mahmoud Abbas.

We encounter these lies every day, but avoid connecting them to the whole picture that reveals the murderous intent.

Here are some examples:

The plot of the assassination of the Arab child Muhammad al-Dura in alleged IDF shootings; the fabrication that Israel distributes drugs among Palestinian youths; the slander that Israel [sic] harvests organs from Palestinian victims; the claim that Israel murdered Arafat; Spreading the fake "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" about a criminal [sic] Jewish connection to take over the world. Even the demolition of the "Twin Towers" in New York "the man on the street" in the Arab world attributes to the...

To total "art," the Arabs have brought the malicious lie when dealing with their murders. Gershon Mesika, who saved the life of a Jewish girl from an Arab stabbing, is accused by the Palestinian Authority of stabbing and threatening his life.

In Ramallah, the [Arab led] car bombings are presented as road accidents that the Jews use to kill [sic] the Arab drivers. Apparently, not for nothing do they have a proverb: "He hit me and he cries, he was first, he complaints," only instead of "Hit" - say: "Kills."

The art of lying came to a peak following the abduction and murder of the three boys, the 14th, in Gush Etzion, in a column in the official newspaper of the PA, which claimed that the "occupation" [sic] fabricated this crime to create a cause for "aggression" in Gaza. That is, we murdered our three children ...

The knife attack is also the upside down: according to their report, Arab hands are killed "in cold blood" by police and settlers on the false claim that they attacked Jews with knives. The IDF [sic] planted the knives on the spot. Even when an Arab bypassed cars in a traffic jam in Gush Etzion, sprayed them with automatic fire and accidentally killed an Arab driver, their media claimed without blinking: the Jews [sic] murdered him, and staged a burial for him.

And here is what happened: After a few stabbings, the authorities closed the Gilboa (Jalamah) crossing for a while, through which thousands of Arabs from Israel pass freely to support Jenin - from vegetable sellers to dentists. Out of anxiety to their livelihood, the governor of Jenin addressed his public, including schools in Qabatiya where most of the killers came from, calling for an end to the stabbings, because the victims are in vain.

According to a reporter for the Voice of Israel who interviewed him, they responded. He also deployed his own security personnel, who stopped several terrorists along the way. And here I ask: If it was the IDF that planted the knives, what does it have for the governor of Jenin to go to the students of Qabatiya and send people to stop threats?

Rather, in deep in their hearts the liars know the truth. There is, for example, nothing more acceptable in the Arab world than Holocaust denial. And yet Issa Krakra, a former "minister" of prisoners, writes: "Israel murdered [sic] more than two million Palestinian children ... The number of Jewish children murdered in the Holocaust ... the Nazi did not exceed one and a quarter million ..." Well? Was there or was there not a Holocaust?

The slander of spreading toxins is attributed to Jews throughout the Arab world, and yet they flock to Jewish doctors and hospitals. The two systems, the real and the false, lie within them in a kind of coexistence, however

In their publicity - in the media, in educational institutions, on the street - only the false version is 'politically correct' (enjoys political correctness) and alas for those who dare to come out with the truth. Therefore, do not be surprised to hear a person passionately recite false plots and then, with common sense and based on verified facts, tell the truth.

Pallywood manufactured skyrocketing "numbers" of so-called "refugees":[10]

The number of “Palestinian refugees” has grown from 711,000 in 1948 to a staggering 5,703,546, as of December 31, 2020. Outrageously, since 2010 alone, the number of “Palestinian refugees” has risen by 883,317 people.

In comparison, two days after the establishment of the State of Israel, the headline of the New York Times declared that Jews were “in grave danger in all the Moslem lands” and that 900,000 would “face the wrath of their foes.”


Some examples:

  • Gaza family notices camera, begins crying. (Jan-2009).[11]

  • Dr./propagandist (Hamas, 9/11 hijackers supporter) Mads Gilbert staged photos from hospital room Jan-2009).[12]

  • In 2010 it was exposed, Arab-Palestinians burn grain fields belonging to Arab-Palestinians - in order to blame it on Jews.[13]

  • The 2011 sophisticated plot to kill an Imam, explode the Hassan Bek mosque and making it look like as if it was not by the criminal Arab Muslim family. An event that could have had distasteful results[14][15]

  • The Oct 2011 Arab arson of mosque at Tuba-Zangaryye.[16]

A local who dared told media that it was not done by Jews, his house was sprayed with bullets.[17]

  • In Mar 2012, two Arab boys of Beit Zarzir were arrested and confessed to spray-painting swastikas and "Death to the Arabs" on their school walls.[18]

  • 2012, fake photo, first tweeted by Khulood Badawi, supposedly a "Palestinian" girl killed in an Israeli airstrike.[19]

Tablet Magazine's Adam Chandler exposed one, a terrible image of a grieving father holding his dead child as mournful doctors look on helplessly. Hamas's military wing, the Al-Qassam Brigade, sent the picture out on Twitter. It's a dead child all right, but it took place in Syria, not Gaza, and had nothing to do with this week's violence.

It's powerful to see the wounded being rushed into ambulances, and in the crucial battle for public sympathy, some Palestinians put on a show for international news cameras, as the web site Honest Reporting shows in this video.

The video shows a Palestinian in a beige jacket being hustled away due to an apparent injury following an Israeli airstrike. Moments later, it appears the same Palestinian has miraculously recovered.

  • An obvious event: Arabs burn mosque in Baqa al-Gharbiya. 2012.[21]

  • Documentation: Arabs are staging a price tag near Eli in 2014. It comes after, for years, Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria have been claiming that Arabs and left-wing activists are systematically treating them with false accusations of carrying out "price tag" attacks and sometimes even proving this with photographs.[22]

  • Gaza Beach Boys actually killed by Hamas, not by IDF in 2014.[23]

  • On July 14, 2014, police arrested Arab of Reineh, the suspect who spray-painted graffiti near the Reineh mosque the day earlier. The inscriptions, which included spray-painting of the Star of David and saying "Am Israel Chai" were spray painted in red.[24]

  • July-2014, blue-helmeted photojournalist Rani Rayan, in Gaza city.[25]

  • In July 2014, a #BBCtrending analysis has found that some date as far back as 2009 and others are from conflicts in Syria and Iraq.[26]

  • An eyewitness reporting in August-2014 re Gaza:[27]

The scene was too neat.

I had just arrived outside the shattered remains of a large mosque in central Gaza City last week. It had been pulverized by an Israeli airstrike. There was rubble, glass and metal everywhere. But on a patch of ground in front of the structure, visible for everyone to see, was a small, dusty carpet.

On top lay piles of burned, ripped copies of the Koran, Islam’s holy book. The symbolism was obvious, almost too perfect. It was clear that someone had placed them there to attract sympathy for the Palestinian cause. A television crew spotted the pile and filmed it. Mission accomplished...

In Gaza... more raw, more visceral, and yet at the same time, more subtle than Israel’s media machine.

Take the attack in the Beach Camp neighborhood of Gaza City last week. Hamas militants blamed an Israeli strike; Israel declared that Hamas accidentally fired a mortar into the neighborhood. Children had died.

In the middle of the road, where the kids were killed, was a small pool of blood. At first glance, it evoked a sense of sadness and outrage. As I looked closer, I noticed a child’s slipper in the middle of the blood. The slipper was intact. There were no bloodstains. And next to the slipper, a black plastic toy gun.

Again I noticed a television cameraman drawn to this powerful image. I moved on.

Earlier that day in Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, as the dead and wounded were being rushed into the building, I saw a girl, no older than 7, dressed in a yellow and blue dress, speaking in front of a television camera.

“Bring back my brother and father,” she cried, visibly upset.

Her mother, seated next to her, whispered into her ear and nudged her.

“They were kids,” the girl continued, following her mother’s coaching. “They were just playing. What is their crime, for Israel to target them? They are just kids.”

  • In 2018, Hamas paid family to claim Gaza baby was killed by Israeli tear gas.[28][29]

  • In May-2018, A "Palestinian" jihadi on crutches, is suddenly healed during the Gaza protests.[30]

More examples have been documented by HR[31] and others.[32]

  • In 2019, Islamists "Palestinians" (et al) made rookie mistakes impersonating orthodox Jews on twitter.[33]

Around the time, also 4chan linked racists created fake Twitter accounts, posing as "Jewish." To libel Jews.[34]


  • 2020-2021.
A parody account, in a thread called "How to tweet like a Palestinian: Starter Pack Step 1: Lie,"[35] exposed a long series of Pallywood - using photos from other events (especially from Arab on Arab crimes in Syria and Iraq) and "Palestinzing" them to defame Israel especially in 2020/2021. One example, debunking Pallywoody lie:[36]
"This is not a shot from a movie." Fact: "It's a shot from a Lebanese movie called Kingdom of Ants."

In April 2021, Omar Shakir tweets a 2015 pic whereby police drain a violent Arab rioter while escorting a Jewish victim -- to distract from a wave of Arab racist attacks, in a sick hobby proudly fiming it.[37][38] The clips increased incitement in the Arab sector[39] "The embodiment of antisemitic racism."[40][41][42][43][44] Arabs targeting Jews (more so ultra Orthodox who by in large avoid IDF draft). Despite being notified of tweeting an unrelated photo, Shakir did not delete it
  • On April 25, 2021, after some 10 days of raging racist Arab violence targeting Jews, especially those known to be, by in large, avoiding IDF draft, Omar Shakir (with a history of anti-Israel bigotry for years, by now heading HRW branch), reposted a photo, not for related recent events but from 2015 - whereby Israeli security arrests an Arab rioter and escorted a Jewish victim of Arab rioters - under the headline "Israel's discriminatory [sic] rules summed up in a photo."

Which again tells you about his support for racist Arab violence and mischaracterizing security and safety in derogatory terms. Despite being called out for misplaced old photo, as of months later, he still refused to remove tweet.[45]

  • On Apr 10, 2021:[46]
The host of MSNBC’s “The Mehdi Hasan Show” tweeted a libelous claim on Saturday about a supposed Israel Defense Forces sniper injuring a Palestinian boy.

  • Among Hamas' distributing fake or manipulated news and images ahead of Guardian of walls,[47] there was a footage of a burning tree on the Temple Mount, to enrage the Israeli-Arab public. It was a tree, Hamas itself set ablaze the portrayed it as though this was part of a campaign by radical Jews to take over the Temple Mount.


In addtion, the operation Guardian of the Walls was characterized by a murky wave of Fake News. The Palestinians, Hamas and also the PA, ran pictures of children who were allegedly killed in Gaza and these children were killed in Afghanistan, Syria and elsewhere. There was no one to report these things. Following false posts, people take to the streets to express solidarity with the Palestinians, as we have seen in Europe and the United States. It is impossible to know where this is going, it may be that even Biden got Fake News.
  • Some staged horror pictures or those taken out of context and also in incorrect information. One notable example of this is a picture of a boy kneeling with his shirt stained with blood. It was shared for example by a tweeter.., which has about 20,000 followers, and has won thousands of likes and hundreds of shares.[49]

  • Hamas has posted a recording, falsely attributing it to one of its kidnapped hostages it holds.[50]

  • Al Jazeera, still after months of arrested and tried Ahmed Daoud & 2 other racist Arabs who threw molotov cocktail (May/15/21) in a plot to burn Jews, mistakenly burned an Arab family's child, thinking it's a Jewish family as it didn't have its Muslim Ramadan lighting on.

Arab Muslim, Mahmoud Daoud, of a 'good' established family --his father owning a restaurant and his brother-on-law is son of justice Khaled Kabub,[51] (BTW, in 2018, it was reported that the restaurant treated Jews in a discriminatory fashion. Arabs enter to eat without waiting in line, Jews wait outside.[52])-- with two other Arabs decided they wanted to burn Jews alive. Thinking it was a Jewish family, since there was no Muslim Ramadan celebrated decoration there.[53] He, with two other[54] racist Arabs, plotted to, then on May 15, 2021, two threw molotov cocktail into the house injuring a 12 year old Arab boy of the Jantazi family. The plan and intention was to burn the house.[55] "Out of hatred and a nationalist-racist motive, and with the intent to kill human life."[56] Ahmad Daoud laughed at the court building when asked if he wanted to say sorry to the victim family, instead he asked: "Do I look good?"[57][58] Yet, Al Jazeera, months after knowing that it was Arabs who attacked, still carried that tweet in its article. Blaming --like in so many bigoted Arab libels against-- Israeli Jews.[59] The first to come up with this libel was the unreliable Siha Mekomit (Hebrew “sister” of the English +972 site) within 5 minutes of the arrack.[60]

  • Students expose fake social media reports on Israel-Gaza, to set record straight (May/2021).[61]

Hamas and its supporters spreading Pallywood, fake images, students exposed fake social media reports on Israel-Gaza, to set record straight. (Guardian of Walls)[61]

Misrepresenting a pic of Muslim Palestinians firing fireworks from Temple Mount at Jews who were at the Western Wall - into hyping old bloodlibel - the "all aqsa under atrack" lie (May/2021)
  • May 2021.

In a picture, shared with some 15.2 million, Islamist MK Ayman Odeh[62] shows, supposedly Al Aqsa Mosque on fire and blames Jews who are celebrating their occasion at Western Wall which was not only unrelated but false.

Actually, fireworks were fired by Muslims from the Temple Mount toward the Western Wall below where thousands of Jews were gathered for Jerusalem Day celebration.[63] Even biased BBC exposed it, another Pallywood dangerous.

  • Typical Pallywood fake news:
    vicious racist Arab terrorist with knife running towards people to murder, is eliminated. Yet, lying Al Jazeera reports it as if he was just "killed" a supposed "poor innocent civillian Palestinian." This happens repeatedly, only to smear Israel.[64] (In addition. Qatar's linked Arab racism infested Al Jazeera posts a picture of religious Jews - eventhough its majority even avoid IDF draft - to make sure a sheer hateful association is made.)

  • Muhammed Elkurd, aside from glorifying terrorism, he's been spreading fake "stories"[66][67]

  • Haaretz playing along with lying Pallywood "converting" living Russian child into a "dead Palestinian" named "Rahaf" (May/2021)
    In May, 2021, Pallywoodists (Example: @AhmaddRizwaan, May 15, 2021) spread around on Arab and other social media a living Russian girl's face, named her "Raaf," lying she was "killed"...[68] Haaretz, reportedly, played along with this lie.[69]

  • An image (such as on May 20, 2021 by Al Faatiha on FB) does not show a Palestinian boy cleaning his own family’s blood. Image origin: the boy was cleaning up after the slaughter of a cow in his parent’s slaughterhouse.[70]

  • Pallywood lying about Syrian child... (May/2021)

Photo (posted by Sam Rouk, May 27, 2021, for example) does not show a "Palestinian" child protecting his baby sister during an airstrike. The photo is from 2015 and shows a scene photographed in Syria and not during the recent airstrikes in Palestine.[71]

  • As the escapees Arab terrorists of Sep/2021 (who were treated too well in Israeli prison[72][73][74] and were given too much freedom which were of the reasons they were able to) were caught days after, they were humiliated and broken. Arab Palestinian propagandists spread photoshopped pictures of them "smiling."[75][76] The photosopping by Pallywood continued on at the capture of the last 2 escapees.[77] Neverthless, Arab-Palestinians admitted that capture of Gilboa prisoners shows Israeli intel prowess.[78]

  • Arab "activist", Basel al-Adara [Basil al-Adraa, Basel al-Adra], another B'Tselem guy, another Haaretz's[79] fake source, creating "fake" crimes. In 2021, Basel al-Adara was caught setting up fire and then lying, blaming it on Jews. Producing a blood libel. Not the first time Betselem spreads blood libel.[80]

  • In Oct 2021, Pallywoody "activists" flooded Billie Eilish's Instagram account with anti-Israel "palestine" themes via fake accounts, bots, after promoting her new album to Israelis.[81]

  • In Dec 2021, it was reported, that over 150 Hamas Muslim Brotherhood accounts with 407,000 followers have been removed from social media. Many posed as young women, with the intent to “manipulate public debate for a strategic goal where fake accounts are central to the operation."[82]

  • Parody Twitter account "protests" at Pallywoody Free Palestine presenting non-Israeli as supposed "IDF." A soldier with old weapons... and uniform never wore by IDF. (Dec/2021).[83]

  • Dec 2021.

Another obvious play by three Arab "Palestinian" women "mourning/lamenting," while one "supports" the other one "crying", a third one makes a commotion with her waving hands - all solely for the cameras, checking if the cameraman is still there... he isn’t there. Oops. it suddenly stops. All of it. The show.[84]

  • Islamic Republic of Iran created a fake social network "Aduk", masquerading as if it was Ultra-religious Jewish and or "settler." The Islamic Republic posted anti-Arab racist posts in order to stoke violence and defame Jews.[85]


  • In Feb 2022:[86]
    Israeli-Arabs' news agencies published a video entitled: "The IDF shot a journalist", the Arab social networks laugh at the announcers, because the journalist in the video looks like she is staging a bullet hit and there is not a drop of blood on it, this is how it is when you intentionally "forget" to indicate that it is a sponge bullet.

  • Arab propagandists and radical lefty Mekomit site shows a picture of a guy threatening with a gun at Arabs near Eli. But the fuller picture: 3 Jews were attacked by over 100 Arabs who ascended from the village of Krayot. (Apr 2022).[87]

  • Documented in Apr 2022, another B'Tselem fake by its Arab propagandist Basel Adra [Basel al-Adara, Basil al-Adraa, Basel al-Adra]:[88]

A left-wing activist arrived at a residence farm with a masked Arab armed with an iron bar. After the Arab snatched the cell phone from a Jewish resident who documented it, left-wing organizations announced that settlers had attacked Arab activists and shepherds... Residents of Ma'on Farms tell the Jewish Voice this morning that a number of similar incidents have taken place recently in which left-wing anarchist activists come to the farm grounds along with Arabs from the area to create provocations, and take over the farm grounds by grazing.

  • Activist on Apr 20, 2022:[89]

Muhammad Samiri is a Palestinian journalist with over 300,000 followers from around the world, who he uses to tweeting and inciting against Israel. Today, for example, he tweeted that Israel is harming al-Aqsa and attached the video of a fire in a compound there ... only that this fire was caused by a Molotov cocktail that the Hamas rioters threw there ... of course he deleted it after we exposed his lie!.


  • April 2022.

Adding fuel to the fire in Jerusalem, a radical left wing group pushes a Pallywoody lie, such as on a terrorist firing at Jews from within their mosque.[90]

  • April 2022.[91]
    As part of the Al-Aqsa Mosque lying industry spread by the Palestinians, this video is distributed showing "the.. mosque that was desecrated and its windows smashed by the occupation [sic]."
In another video.. attached, you can see that the rioters from the mosque smashed the windows to shoot fireworks at the police.

  • Exposed in Apr 2022.[92]
This is how the "Palestinian" method of fraud works. With professional photography teams, actors, directors, sending videos to the world that Israel is allegedly "attacking" and "injuring."

Actors in disguise as if they were supposedly "religious Jews", another one dons Israeli Army uniforms or similar, holds a weapon. One of the staff members makes sure the child laying the floor is in the "right position", ready, set, go!

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    According to Dutch-Canadian journalist Pierre Van Passen who was in Palestine at the time, fabricated pictures of Muslim holy sites in ruins were handed out to Hebron Arabs as they were leaving their mosques on Friday, August 23, 1929. The captions on the pictures claimed that the Dome of the Rock was bombed by the Zionists.
    In the year 1929, the Mufti of Jerusalem called on his followers to rally to the defence of the Haram al-Sharif – the Arabic name for the Temple Mount – from an attack by the city’s Jews. It is the place where, for centuries, the First and Second Temples stood, and so for Jews it the most sacred place on earth. It is also important to Christians as the setting for events described in the Bible. After the Islamic conquest of the region, it was where the al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock were built, and is considered one of the most holy of places to Muslims.

    There was no threat to the site, on which many Jews will not set foot because of its sanctity, but the Mufti knew that that the Haram al-Sharif is such a powerful, unifying symbol that any perceived danger to it would rouse his followers to violence. Even then he had quite a bit of expertise in inciting anti-Jewish riots, having done so in 1920 and 1921. In 1929 the hoax achieved the desired effect and, after six days of rioting in several locations, many had been injured and 243 had died, including 100 Arabs...

    Back in 1929, Great Britain was governing a territory they called Palestine, putting back on the map a name from history, just as they then referred to Iraq as Mesopotamia. They were doing so, not as colonizers, but in order to carry out the will of the League of Nations –the body representing the world community in those days – that a Jewish state should arise there.

    It was concept at first championed by Britain in its Balfour Declaration of 1917, but by 1929 London had shifted its position to what it considered even-handedness towards the Jewish and Arab communities. In practice that meant abandoning their responsibility to assist the Jews in nation-building, including by limiting Jewish (but not Arab) immigration. For the local British administration, even-handedness somehow meant actually encouraging the Arabs to commit anti-Jewish violence. The League of Nations / United Nations Mandate ended in 1948 and, against all the odds, the State of Israel declared its independence, although it didn’t get control of the entire area set aside by the League until 1967. That was all long ago, but what goes on at the UN today – and among many of its members – nevertheless reveals a sense of being entitled to rule on Israel’s every action, to the point of determining the right of the country – and only that particular country – to exist.

    Just as once the British saw themselves as even-handed referees, today there is a new fairness doctrine. Under its rules, Israel – an open, democratic, peace-loving nation – is no better than a totalitarian, death-worshipping regime; in defending itself it is no more in the right than the aggressors; and in endangering its own people to protect the enemy’s non-combatants, it is equivalent to those who intentionally kill and maim. Israel’s enemies are never allowed to lose the wars they start. None of their territory is considered permanently forfeited, and all the damage they incur must be “proportional” to what they can inflict, with the bill for the repairs paid by someone else.

    And if the media, most of which covered the recent round of fighting by adopting the narrative of Israel’s enemies – “Hamas’s truth,” if such an oxymoron is possible – it hasn’t much different over the decades. One foreign correspondent who was an exception to that pattern, who chose to sought out the facts and reported events truthfully, was the Dutch-born Canadian journalist Pierre Van Paassen.

    Van Paassen was in Jerusalem in 1929, when the mob rampaged through the city, attacking any Jew they happened to encounter. He wrote that they screamed not only “Death to the Jews,” but also “The government is with us.” The British administration was indeed with the Arabs, refusing to allow the Jews to arm themselves until – because there was no else to stop the mob from attacking the government headquarters – they finally distributed guns to them. “A few shots fired into the air dispersed the bloodthirsty mob,” he wrote. “The Jews alone had saved British prestige in the Holy Land and in the entire Near East.”

    When riots spread to other locations, van Paassen headed to Hebron, arriving soon after the violence had subsided. He discovered that doctored photos depicting the Haram al-Sharif apparently in ruins had been distributed in order to incite Friday worshippers, with labels falsely claiming the holy site had “been bombed by the Zionists.” For six days, with the police absent, mobs of Arabs had attacked their Jewish neighbours, killing 67 of them in what became known as the Hebron Massacre.

    Van Paassen entered the house of a rabbi, where some of the Jews had sought protection. “We found the twelve-foot-high ceiling splashed with blood. The rooms looked like a slaughterhouse…The blood stood in a huge pool on the slightly sagging stone floor of the house.” Smashed personal possessions lay strewn about, along with severed body parts. Although the authorities prevented him from collecting the body parts as evidence, he was still able to provide the world with a first-hand description of what had happened.

    While in Jerusalem, Van Paassen managed to obtain an interview with the Mufti himself, Muhammad Amin al-Husseini, the chief instigator of the 1929 riots. The same man had been behind the riots of 1920 (with the encouragement of some British officers) and in 1921; he would go on to foment killing on an even greater scale, particularly during the Arab Revolt of 1936-39. In 1920, the violence had been timed to take place just before the San Remo Conference, where the First World War allies would finalize the division of the territories surrendered by the Ottoman Turks. The allies, with the endorsement of the League of Nations, would create a series of “mandates,” new proto-nations that would take the place of the defunct 400-year-old empire.

    Those mandates included Syria, Lebanon, Iraq – today failed states all. Another was Israel, which was to inherit “Palestine,” which originally accounted for four per cent of the Ottoman territories. After the British took the lion’s share of the Palestine Mandate to form what is now Jordan, the Jews were left with only one per cent – and they’re still fighting to hold on to that. The Mufti was very clear with van Paassen that he would never tolerate any kind of Jewish state, no matter how small: “There will be no peace until they go,” Husseini told him, “The British will have to put a soldier with a bayonet in front of every Jewish home if they want peace without a wholesale exodus of Jews. Our people are at the end of their patience. They cannot bear the sight of the Jews any longer.” Taking the journalist to a window in his chambers, the Mufti indicated the Muslim holy places: “That is the sanctuary the Jews want to tear down. Here they plan to rebuild the Temple of Solomon.”...

    From Palestine, van Paassen travelled to Egypt, where he discovered that the pogroms in Jerusalem were being presented not as Arab attacks on Jews but as the opposite. There were “tens of thousands of forged photographs showing the Mosque of Omar (sic) in Jerusalem a pile of blackened ruins,” he later wrote. “The inscription on these pictures brazenly announced that the holiest shrine in Islam had been bombed to pieces by the Jews. Pamphlets also had been scattered setting forth in detail… (a) plan to rebuild the Hebrew Temple on the site.” There were photographs displaying an image from Hebron Massacre, the bodies of murdered rabbinical students lying in the foreground, but with a caption claiming they were slain Arabs.

    While in Cairo, van Paassen managed to obtain an interview with the head of Al-Azhar University, the foremost place of learning in the Muslim world. He later recalled his thoughts as he anticipated the interview: “One would have expected Cairo, capital city of the most progressive Arab state, to be the logical fountainhead of Pan-Arabism.” Surely this eminent Sunni leader would believe the “official” version of the events in Jerusalem, in which his fellow Muslims were the victims and the Jews were intent on destroying the holy places. So Van Paassen must have been taken aback by what the “Sheik-President” of Al-Azhar said to him:

    “We know perfectly well that the Jews have no designs on the mosque, but they have very different ambitions in Palestine. That is a legitimate aspiration. We, too, here in Egypt want to rebuild an Egyptian culture. We are Egyptians first. We have nothing in common with Pan-Arabism. Its aims are absolutely outside the sphere of our national interests.”

    Van Paassen asked the Al-Azhar president – he is unnamed in the journalist’s account – what he thought of the Grand Mufti. The laughing reply was that “there were no ‘grand’ muftis or ‘eminences’ in Islam.” At one point, van Paassen recalled, “The Sheik jumped to his feet. His face…was now distorted with anger…’
  6. 6.0 6.1 Yad Vashem USA, Vol. 34-No.3, January/February 2008..

    The Nazi Connection to Islamic Terrorism: Adolf Hitler and Haj Amin alHusseini. By Chuck Morse. iUniverse, Inc. 2003. 186pp. Reviewed by Gary Selikow...

    In 1922, al-Husseini was appointed Grand Mufti of Jerusalem by the British. He organized a reign of terror against moderate Moslems who showed any sign of accepting the Jews, and in 1929 organized further pogroms agianst Jews in Jerusalem, Motza, Hebron, Safed, Haifa, Tel Aviv and Jaffa, as well as Jews living in the countryside. The ancient Jewish community of Hebron was destroyed. After the massacre of the Hebron Jews, al-Husseini disseminated photos of the slaughtered Jewish corpses with the (false) claim that the dead where actaully Arabs killed by Jews!

    This type of blood-libel is today frequently used against Israel by the Palestinian Authority together with the Axis of the Islamists and the International Left , and is widely dissmeninated in the media and universities worldwide. As Morse points out: "The preposterous and quite bizzare proposition prsented today is that the State of Israel and it's armed forces are deliberately and knowingly killing innocent Palestinian Arabs. Such propaganda ,serves the same purpose today as it did in the time ofal-Husseini, not to mention mediaeval times, namely as a means of fanning the flames and hatred, and stoking the fires of genocide against the Jews."
  7. S. Plosker, "On This Day: Al-Dura and the Advent of Pallywood", Honest Reporting, Sep 30, 2015
  8. @YoniMichanie Tweeted:
    Imagine being so desperate to demonize the Jewish state that you use Palestinian children and members of the press to stage fake Israeli attacks against civilians. This is the sort of misinformation that not only perpetuates the conflict, but also fuels global antisemitism.— Yoni Michanie (@YoniMichanie)
    December 4, 2021
    • Emily Schrader - אמילי שריידר @emilykschrader Tweeted Dec 4, 2021:
    Unbelievable - Palestinian children and press stage injuries for press coverage.
  9. Elyakim Hatzni, Lethal Weapon: The Lie, News1, Nov 24, 2015.
  10. The bottomless UNRWA pit of despair, PMW, Mar 18, 2022.
  11. A day with our troops in Gaza, Ron Ben-Yishai, Ynet, Sep 1, 2009.
    Ron Ben-Yishai reports from Gaza after spending day with IDF forces fighting in Strip... The family suddenly notices the cameras, and immediately, the expression on their faces changes. "We have no food," they say in Arabic, as one of the youngsters suggests we interview him in English about their plight. Givati troops are extremely concerned about being portrayed as abusing innocent civilians. Perry points to a stack of canned goods, water bottles and other provisions. "We provided some of that and they cook and eat quite well," he said. The Palestinians seem to understand him and one of them smiles. It's a war – they had to try.
  12. Charles Johnson, "A Staged Scene in a Gaza Hospital? - Update: CNN Yanks Video", lgf, Jan 8, 2009.
    Norwegian doctor Mads Gilbert, a radical Marxist who openly supports Hamas and the 9/11 hijackers, is seen once again in this CNN video about the death of a “freelance cameraman’s” brother in Gaza — and the footage in the hospital room was very likely staged for propaganda effect.
  13. National Left: Feiglin Supports..., Srugim, Feb 5 , 2012.
    In the national left movement, it is probably afraid of the strengthening of Moshe Feiglin in the Likud and went out against him in a wild slander. In the Facebook page, they wrote that he "protects racists who burn Palestinian grain fields..." What about the murder of Arlazov?! ... Here the national left exaggerated already. Those who burn these Palestinians grain fields are the Palestinians themselves, as we published in 'Srugim' a year and a half ago.
  14. Eli Senor and Yoav Zeitun, The plot: an explosion in a mosque in Jaffa, a "price tag" for camouflage, YNet, 17.05.11.

    The explosive device, which was intended to explode in Hassan Bek and murder a senior sheikh, was seized a few hours before it was buried. According to the suspicion, family members from Jaffa conspired to simulate a far-right action. They also nearly blew up the entire Scientology building in disguise as ultra-Orthodox, trying to eliminate a Tel Aviv municipal official, a Bat Yam businessman and a resident of the north, on a mission sent by a lawyer who ordered criminal acts to profit - and to take revenge.

    It was very close to being the explosion that could ignite the entire country and ignite a fire of hatred between Jews and Arabs. Just a few hours before the bomb was detonated, the police uncovered a criminal plot by family members from Jaffa, who were also allegedly also operated by a law firm owner who was the "brains" and initiator. They planned to eliminate a senior Muslim cleric at the mosque, under the guise of a far-right operation. But this was ostensibly only a small part of their plans, some of which were also carried out in Bat Yam, Holon and the north, and fortunately did not claim human life or cause enormous damage.

    Today (Tuesday) the details of an affair known to the police as a "bouquet of violets" were allowed to be published, and astonished the investigators due to the scope, sophistication and consequences. It began with an investigation handed over to the Tel Aviv District Central Unit ("Saar") towards the end of last year, regarding attempts to set fire to the magnificent new Scientology Center on Jerusalem Boulevard in Jaffa...
  15. Avi Ashkenazi, On target: The Imam of the Hassan Beck Mosque Maariv (Makor Rishon), 17/5/2011.

    Shortly after the assassination gang from Jaffa is exposed, more details are revealed. According to the suspect, Noir Dhaka, who was in conflict with the Bakri family was a target for assassination.

    ... Family members arrested several weeks ago intended to eliminate the Imam by placing a powerful explosive device under his car while it was parked in the courtyard of the mosque.

    The assassins, according to the suspicion, chose the timing of the assassination shortly after the massacre in Itamar, where members of the Fogel family were murdered. To disguise the motive in fact, immediately after the bombing, they intended to paint graffiti at several addresses in Jaffa, where it would be written that those responsible for the assassination were people from the far right who carried out a revenge operation as part of "price tag" operations. "They hoped that in this way all the fire would be diverted from them," said a senior Tel Aviv police official.

    The gang members were able to organize a 1.5-kilogram luggage made up of a number of standard materials. Police say that thanks to the activity of detectives from the undercover unit of the Tel Aviv police station, the incident was avoided.

    The act of deception

    The commander of the IDF, Lt. Col. Shlomi Michael, is the one who gave the order to the detectives to arrest the three members of the family. That was three weeks ago in the early hours of the morning, in a raid carried out by detectives on the house of one of the suspects who later became a state witness.

    They found the explosive device. It was only when the police saboteurs arrived at the scene that the detectives realized the magnitude of the danger, after it became clear that this was a particularly sensitive charge that the saboteurs worked for long hours in neutralizing while at the same time the police had to evacuate.

    Dozens of families from the Ajami neighborhood fear that the bomb will explode and cause damage.

    A few days after the suspects' arrest, the suspects, including the state witness, said that the explosive device was intended to explode a few hours later in the evening under the imam's car. "We have no doubt that if their planning had been successful and the imam had been killed and at the same time they would have created a deception operation because the liquidation was linked to price tag activity, it would have put the whole area in a spin," a senior police official said.
  16. Channel 2: Lighters of the mosque in Tuba Zangaryye - probably not Jews, Srugim News, 15.01.12.
    Four months ago, the country was buzzing around the burning of the mosque in the Bedouin village of Tuba Zangaryye in the north. Yesterday, an article was broadcast on Channel 2 in which the voices of the villagers were heard saying that a clan conflict in the village was the cause of the arson. Will all the defenders retract their words? Does not seem to. Watch the article from Channel 2.
  17. S. Cohen, He argued that Jews did not burn the mosque and his house was sprayd with bullets, INN, 15.01.12

    The head of the Tuba Zangaryye Council, Zvika Fogel, talks about the reign of terror in the village streets, and about the doubts surrounding the identity of the mosque's lighters a few weeks ago.

    Shortly after midnight, a young man who last night in front of Channel 2 cameras spray-painted the mosque in his village in Tuba Zangaryye spray-painted his home in Tuba Zangaryye. This is what the head of the council in charge of Tuba Zangaryye, Brigadier General Zvika Fogel, says in the Channel 7 diary.

    At the beginning of his remarks, Fogel refers to the things mentioned in the article, according to which there are quite a few questions that raise doubts about the identity of the mosque's lighters. The questions raised in the article arose a few weeks ago on Gal Chen's blog, which wrote that after the reports and the shock surrounding the burning of the mosque, she went to the village to examine the incident closely and revealed many doubts. In her blog, Chen wrote: "What the media did not mention is that it is easy to see that the words are written in charcoal.

    That is, the lighters waited until coal was formed to write the abusive address. This can take some time, especially if you do not want to be severely beaten. Too bad they forgot the spray. In addition, the fact that the caption is placed under the smoke, and not covered by it, indicates that the destroyer did his writing after the fire subsided - or that it is a person with a very strong intuition about how to fire the fire. I examined the burnt-out mosque, where the fire had burned so vigorously that it shattered the tiles. I wondered how it was possible that the villagers did not smell the fire when it started, and managed to put it out before it destroyed the mosque so much. Is it possible that no one smelled the smoke, or heard the sounds of the explosion? ".

    Chen also wrote: "Zangaryye, it should be noted, is located at the top of a steep hill. Arriving at the mosque will require a climb of about two hundred meters inside thorns and stones. It is not easy to do it with a barrel of oil, especially when you come from the West Bank. It's in the middle of the dark night. Let's make a brief overview of the data: According to popular opinion in the country, settlers from the West Bank decided to carry out a price tag in retaliation for the murder of Asher Palmer, who was killed in Hebron, in Tuba-Zangaria. Up a hill, they set fire to a mosque in the middle of the village in the middle of the night. ". They probably felt really safe if they were not afraid to wait for the coal to form.

    A few hours later, the crime was discovered, and the entire Israeli political system was quick to condemn it. President Shimon Peres went to visit the place, and he was buzzing with journalists. The angry young people of the village waited for the evening, and set fire to the council building, which is run by a Jew. A few days later he fled, fearing for his life. I was called crazy, but something here is not working out for me. "

    Vogel refers to things, but points out at the outset that he does not accept any statement from a blogger, especially after she stated, among other things, that he fled the scene and no longer serves in his position, a fact that is not true. However, he says that "some of the facts cannot be denied." "It may not be pleasant to say, but when you say of such a case that it is a 'price tag' it is called burying your head in the sand and drawing the event in the act of extremists, because if it is discovered that someone from the area, or the village, did it the war will go out." "Fogel prefaces the question of whether the guy, a disabled IDF graduate of the flotilla, who declared in front of the cameras that he was not a Jew who burned the mosque, risked his life, and said that his house was spray-painted on the house's windows, doors and walls." This was to be expected, "he adds, reiterating his determination that the amount of weapons hidden in the homes of the residents of Tuba can be divided into five infantry battalions. "Until now, no steps have been taken to stop the threat." He says the police are doing a good job of defending themselves, but it is difficult for Rosh Pina police to accept so much responsibility with so little manpower. He adds that this is a village whose majority of residents are interested in integrating into Israeli society, but 15-20 percent of them want to rule terrorism in the streets. "One day it came out on us," he warns.

    And as for his own fear he states that he is indeed afraid. "Any normal person who has a family would be afraid," he says, recalling that after the mosque was set on fire, the council house was set on fire and the community center, the old age home and the clinic were damaged by rioters.

    As for his personal future, he says that he sacrificed for decades for the country, and intends to continue to be right to contribute to it and even risk for it, but will not do so for Tuba-Zangaryye ...
  18. Reshet Bet - Arab Boys Admit Spraying "Death to the Arabs", Reshet Bet, March 13, 2012.

    Arab boys Admit to spray "Death to Arabs" First publication: 13.03.12. The two boys, residents of Beit Zarzir, confessed during their interrogation and were released under house arrest Two boys from Beit Zarzir were arrested and confessed to spray-painting swastikas and "Death to the Arabs" on their school walls. They also broke into the school warehouse and smashed windows in the institution.

    At the end of their interrogation, the two were released under house arrest.
  19. "A Just Cause Needs No Fake-Out Photos." Varda Epstein, TOI, Mar 12, 2012.

    When your cause is just, you don’t need fake-out photos.

    Turns out a photo of a Palestinian girl -- allegedly killed by Israel on Monday-- that went viral on Twitter was a fabrication. Is anyone surprised?

    The Israel Defense Forces blog has exposed the truth behind a photo that went viral on Twitter Monday with over 300 retweets and quickly became the top tweet for the hashtag #Gaza. The photo, first tweeted by Khulood Badawi, depicts a bloodied Gazan girl lying in her father’s arms, her heartbroken mother looking on. The caption alleges the girl was killed during one of yesterday’s retaliatory IAF strikes.

    Turns out the photo originates in 2006 and is unrelated to any Israeli action. Reading about this, only one conclusion comes to mind: when your cause is just, you don’t need to fabricate photos.
  20. Beware of 'Pallywood' Magic, IPT News, Nov 16, 2012.
  21. The Butterfly Effect, Nov 7, 2012.

    Recently a mosque in Baqa al-Gharbiya was burned on Saturday, there was an internal conflict there between the worshipers and the municipality in Baqa so one of the clans there decided to burn the mosque, religious Jews do not burn on the Sabbath.... אפקט הפרפר.. לא מזמן שרפו מסגד בבקה אלגרבייה ביום שבת, היה סכסוך פנימי שם בין המתפללים לבין העירייה בבקה אז אחד החמולות שם החליטו לשרוף את המסגד, דתיים יהודים לא שורפים ביום שבת אסור לגעת באש...

  22. Gil Ronen, Documentation: Arabs are staging a price tag near Eli, INN, 01/22/14.

    The documentation is clearer than ever: Arabs cut down their own olive trees, write 'price tags' and run for the media.

    [Staged Price Tag]

    For years, Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria have been claiming that Arabs and left-wing activists are systematically treating them [2] with false accusations of carrying out "price tag" attacks and sometimes even proving this with photographs.

    On Tuesday, however, one of the most compelling videotaped testimonies to date was collected for the despicable behavior of the "price tag" attackers.

    The documentation was made by K., 27, one of the prominent "hill boys", who recently enlisted the services of Ari Kaniel, CEO of IS for legal and security consulting. Kaniel convinced K. to document the actions of the price tag attackers instead of confronting them, And so he did on Tuesday, when he encountered a group of "directors" on the slopes of Eli in the direction of Krayut, near Qusra, in an area that is beyond the territory of the settlement. K. is shocked to see a group of Arabs who were engaged in the felling of dozens of olive trees, with some "securing" themselves and others with vests of the Red Crescent organization. "This is not a post-harvest pruning, to improve the trees, in which small branches are cut," Kaniel clarified to Channel 7, "but a felling from the trunk." "There are dozens of trees," he said. "K. almost cried when he told me about what happened." K. was arrested only two months ago on suspicion of committing an act similar to the one the Arabs committed yesterday. He has been suffering from such complaints for about 10 years.

    "They collect the firewood and then go to the media and claim that the settlers made a 'price tag,'" K. explained. "We were sure that was what they would do and indeed, K. returned to the scene this morning and found that they had written in yellow on an olive and rock tree, the words 'price tag'."

    Advocate Itamar Ben Gvir of the Honenu organization, who has been accompanying the young man for some time, said in response: "The photos show that the Israeli police persecuted K. for a long time in vain, and in fact the Arabs slandered him. If Jews were photographed in the photos, they would be detained until the end of the proceedings. We demand equal justice and law enforcement, even if it suddenly turns out that the whole concept of the police is wrong."
  23. US Expert: Hamas, not Israel, Killed Boys on Beach in Gaza War, Hillel Fendel, INN, Jul 5, 2015. One of the incidents most widely disseminated as “proof” of Israeli war crimes during its defensive Operation Protective Edge in Gaza last year was the deaths of four Arab youths on a Gaza beachfront used exclusively by Hamas terrorists. Foreign journalists reported as fact that Israeli war planes had bombed a beachfront, killing four youths—and the incident was highlighted in the recent UN Human Rights Council Commission of Inquiry.
  24. Isaac Solomon, Suspicion: Arab sprayed inscription of price tag, July 14, 2014.
    The inscriptions included a spraying of Star of David and "Am Israel Chai" were sprayed in red. The police investigation increases suspicion that this is a prank of aimed to arouse provocation. Nazareth police station officers have arrested a 19-year-old resident of Reineh in recent hours, the suspect who spray-painted graffiti near the Reineh mosque yesterday. The inscriptions, which included spray-painting of the Star of David and saying "Am Israel Chai" were spray-painted red and discovered by passers-by, a complaint was filed and following intelligence activity and the suspect was arrested.
  25. Exposed: The Self-Inflicted Hamas 'Massacre' Blamed By the Media on Israel James Delingpole, Breitbart, Aug 1, 2014. An enterprising blogger's diligent spadework has revealed the truth behind an Israeli 'massacre' that never was. (H/T Jonathan Foreman) According to the Hamas version of events - widely promulgated in the media by ITN, the Telegraph and the Belfast Telegraph - an Israeli airstrike on a crowded market place during a partial ceasefire in the Shijaiyah neighbourhood of Gaza City on July 30th, 2014 was responsible for the deaths of 17 people, including blue-helmeted photojournalist Rani Rayan. However as Thomas Wictor has incontrovertibly demonstrated using close analysis of film footage of the incident, the deaths were not caused by Israeli...
  26. Neil Meads, “#BBCtrending: Are #GazaUnderAttack Images Accurate?” BBC, 8 July 2014.
    a #BBCtrending analysis has found that some date as far back as 2009 and others are from conflicts in Syria and Iraq.
  27. Sudarsan Raghavan, "A reporter explains what it’s like being trapped in the Gaza propaganda war", Washington Post, August 4, 2014
  28. Jacob Magid, "Hamas paid family to claim Gaza baby was killed by Israeli tear gas, says cousin", Times of Israel, June 21, 2018.
    Hamas paid family to claim Gaza baby was killed by Israeli tear gas, says cousin Mahmoud Omar, arrested by Israel for terror-related offenses, tells interrogators his relatives lied: 8-month-old Layla actually died from fatal blood condition that runs in family.
  29. Susan McFarland, Charges: Hamas leader paid Gaza family to say Israel killed girl, UPI, June 21, 2018
  30. MIRACLE IN GAZA: Allah heals Palestinian jihadi on crutches! – (VIDEO), RS, May 15, 2018.
    And they wonder why we call them ‘Fakestinians’! Well, there are other reasons too…but this is so Pallywood it’s pathetic.
  32. The Best of Pallywood - Posts, Facebook
  33. Israel Advocacy Movement - Anti-Israel Twitter Accounts
    -Leah Rosenberg, "Islamists made rookie mistakes impersonating orthodox Jews on twitter", October 31, 2019.
  34. Josefin Dolsten, "Fake Twitter accounts are impersonating Jews and promoting anti-Semitism", TOI, 21 August 2019.
    Disinformation campaign aims to spread anti-Semitic conspiracy theories about Jewish (falsely) involvement in slave ...4chan, a popular post called for a "massive movement of fake Jewish profiles on Facebook, Twitter etc":...
  35. The Mossad: The Social Media Account @TheMossadIL Tweeted:
    How to tweet like a Palestinian: Starter Pack Step 1: Lie
    (Feb 13, 2020)
  36. The Mossad: The Social Media Account @TheMossadIL Tweeted (Feb 14, 2020):
    We almost forgot this one! Claim: "This is not a shot from a movie." Fact: "It's a shot from a Lebanese movie called Kingdom of Ants."
  37. New Trend in Jerusalem: Arabs Attack Jews, and Then Post It On TikTok. By Hana Levi Julian. 6 Iyyar 5781. April 17, 2021.
  40. "The attacks documented in Tiktok are part of the new anti-Semitism," Globes, April 19, 2021
  41. Y. Weiss, "Indictment Filed Against Arab Who Slapped Jew on Light Rail Train", Modia, May 4, 2021.

    A screen shot of the Arab slapping the boy on the train, April 14.

    The Yerushalayim District Prosecutor’s Office has submitted to the city’s Magistrates Court for Youth an indictment against a 17-year-old Arab, who attacked chareidi teenagers on the Light Rain Train in Yerushalayim last month.

    The indictment charged the Arab with an attack due to racist motives, and harm to privacy.

    According to the indictment, on April 14, the suspect boarded the train at the Safra Square station, together with six other minors.

    A few minutes later, at the Shimon Hatzadik station, two chareidim boarded the train and sat down on one of the benches in the train car that the group was sitting in.

    The suspect noticed the chareidim and decided to attack them. When the train arrived at the Shu’afat station, the suspect approached the chareidim, waved his hand, and forcefully slapped their faces, as the entire event was being filmed by his friend.

    As a result of the suspect’s actions, one of the chareidi boys suffered strong pains in his cheek, and his glasses were broken. The second chareidi felt pain and his glasses flew off his face due to the force behind the slap. According to the indictment, the suspect then sent the video clip of the attack to several other people.

    Later, the video clip reached another person, who spread it to many others on social media, captioned in Arabic with the words, “You’ll continue erasing, and I’ll continue uploading, it’s either the Palestinian nation or you.”

    At the same time, the Prosecutor’s Office also submitted a request to extend the suspect’s release under restrictive conditions.
  42. Elisha Ben Kimon, Haim Goldich Tiktok attacks: The GSS and the police arrested suspects who beat Jews in Jerusalem Ynet, May 14, 2021.

    Four suspects were questioned following two assaults. In one case, a man was beaten in East Jerusalem and his car was set on fire. In another case, a Jew was beaten by Sheikh Jarrah. Three have already been indicted. One of the assailants: "It is better than nothing, but shows helplessness" The GSS stressed: "Violence - terrorism for all intents and purposes".

    Their GSS investigation revealed the involvement of the suspects in the acts and further arrests are expected. Three of them have already been indicted, for a terrorist act of aggravated injury, arson and intentional sabotage - racially motivated.

    In the indictment filed by the Jerusalem District Attorney's Office, the attack was described as "an attempt to lynch a Jewish citizen." It was further emphasized that he was part of the "wave of riots and violent attacks against police and civilians, which has plagued Jerusalem since the month of Ramadan and is currently a 'national plague' ...
  43. Tik Tok terrorism: An Arab from Jerusalem is accused of attacking an ultra-Orthodox Jew for racist motives, 0404, May 3, 2021.

    An indictment was filed today (Monday) in the Jerusalem Magistrate's Court against Ramzi Radaida (Radaideh), an 18-year-old Arab resident of the city, for assault that causes actual damage out of motive of racism or hostility towards the public and assault simply out of motive of racism.

    According to the indictment, about two weeks ago in the evening, the Arab walked with his friends on the bridge leading from IDF Square to the Jaffa Gate.

    The Arab approached one of them and unexpectedly kicked us in the waist. The force of the kick was repelled on a low fence and fell on the other side of it. Immediately afterwards, the defendant continued to walk along the bridge, approached M. and slapped him hard on the cheek, resulting in M.'s dome being thrown over the bridge. While M. moves away from the defendant and bends down to lift the dome, an object is thrown at him by another person and M. begins to flee the scene.

    According to the indictment, part of the assault incident was filmed by the defendant's friend, apparently so that the Jews could multiply in the assault and mock them.

    The prosecution asked the court to order the arrest of the defendant until the end of the proceedings against him.
  44. Minister Ohana on the "Tik Tok terror" background to nationalist-racist acts and not pranks. 0404, Apr 23, 2021
    The Minister of Internal Security, Amir Ohana, addressed today (Friday) the growing Arab violence in recent days and what has been called "Tiktok terror."
  45. Antisemite of the Week: Omar Shakir - Bigot with a Vengeance,, May 1, 2021.

    2014: Shakir defended Steven Salaita, a University of Illinois professor who was fired over his countless antisemitic tweets...

    Shakir made an effort to make the Jewish man on the left below appear "white" and the Palestinian woman on the right below appear "brown", masterfully hiding the fact that Israel's Jewish population is comprised of majority Mezrahi/Sephardic Jews (brown) vs. Ashkenazi (white-passing) Jews.

    Shakir also took to Twitter to post about the current riots in Jerusalem. Rather than being honest and exposing the Arab youth gangs terrorizing the city's Jewish population, Shakir once again vilified the Jews and attempted to bring in irrelevant American social justice issues - this time police brutality - into the picture. He was instantly called out by us for deceivingly posting a photo from the 2015 riots. Despite being exposed for blatantly lying, he has yet to remove the tweet.
  46. MSNBC host tweets libel about IDF sniper targeting Palestinian boy, JNS via Cleveland, J News, Apr 14, 2021.
  47. Hamas has been TikToking about Jerusalem, Israeli-Arabs for a year, Yonah Jeremy Bob. May 20, 2021.

    ...the report clarifies that there was a sophisticated and premeditated incitement campaign by Hamas to achieve the chaotic effect that has occurred in some Israeli-Arab communities.

    For example, to connect itself with Sheikh Jarrah and extend its ideological influence from Gaza into east Jerusalem and among Israeli-Arabs within the Green Line, Hamas sent out a steady stream of messages that “Jerusalem will remain the conscience of the Palestinian nation.”

    Next, the report quotes a Hamas spokesman, Abu Obeida, who called on Israeli-Arabs to take concrete acts of support for Hamas, knowing that the organization “had swords and shields for you.” In addition, Hamas distributed fake or manipulated news and images, including footage of a burning tree on the Temple Mount, to enrage the Israeli-Arab public.

    In fact, Hamas itself set the tree ablaze, but portrayed the incident as though this was part of a campaign by radical Jews to take over the Temple Mount.
  48. Achikam Himmelfarb, "In the information war Hamas won and we lost", Channel 20. 1 In Tammuz 5781 (11/06/2021) Special interview.
    Apart from the battle on the ground, in the last round of fighting against Hamas, we were also exposed to the battle for information on social networks. In the arena of war, Israel is showing great progress and sophistication, in everything related to information our situation needs to be improved, and urgently. Special interview with the orientalist and network activist.
  49. The operation in Gaza is accompanied by a lot of Fake News in the world. We've nade some order. The operation in Gaza is accompanied by Fake News around the world by Israeli opponents and supporters. The whistle - Guardian of the walls.
    Globes' whistle team, May 18, 2021.

    A photo that was tweeted in Turkey and claims the difficult situation in Jerusalem, but originated in a Lebanese.

    The operation in Gaza and the events that preceded it in Jerusalem are, it turns out, receiving a lot of interest on news sites and social networks in Turkey. It seems that no small part of this matter is reflected in staged horror pictures or those taken out of context and also in incorrect information. One notable example of this is a picture of a boy kneeling with his shirt stained with blood. It was shared for example by a tweeter named KEKE, which has about 20,000 followers, and has won thousands of likes and hundreds of shares..

    The Turkish fact-check Tait checked its origin and found it unrelated to the events that took place in Jerusalem on May 10, as claimed by some of the participants in the photo. In fact, it is unrelated to any event that occurred in reality. This is a picture from a Lebanese film from 2012 called "The Kingdom of the Ports", whose fictional plot concerns the second intifada from 2002.

    Another photo shared on social media in Turkey shows the bodies of children lying in a row wrapped in shrouds. A Turkish tweet claimed that she was photographed in Jerusalem in recent days. Batayit checked and found that the photo was taken in August 2013 in Syria. Similar to this picture, other pictures originating from the war in Syria were distributed on the networks. In the case of another photo, in which a girl is seen crying over her dead brother, there is indeed a connection to our local confrontation, but she was taken in Jabalya in 2014, and not in 2021 in Jerusalem, as claimed.
  50. Lahav Harkov, "Hamas using ‘cheap manipulation’ with fake hostage video, Israel says", JPost, June 7, 2021.
    Mengistu’s mother said it was not her son’s voice in the recording.
  51. Omri Maniv Tweeted (June 17, 2021):

    One of the accused of terrorism and attempted murder of Jews in the story of the throwing of the Molotov cocktails in Jaffa is apparently the opposite of the terrorist's profile: Ahmad Daoud is a member of one of the richest and most connected families in Jaffa - yachts, luxury cars and many real estate properties in Israel and Turkey. His sister is married to the son of Tel Aviv District Court Vice President Justice Khaled Kabub.

    His father Mahmoud owns the Old Man and the Sea restaurant (the one in the Jaffa port,...) But the father also funds a lot of money for events of the northern faction of the Islamic Movement, of Raed Salah and Kamal Khatib, the one affiliated with Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.
  52. Selection at the Old Man and the Sea restaurant in Jaffa: Arabs enter to eat without waiting in line, Jews wait outside. Rotter News, May 28, 2018
    Selection at the Old Man and the Sea restaurant in Jaffa: Arabs enter to eat without waiting in line, Jews wait outside
  53. Dana Levi (@Danale) Tweeted: June 20, 2021:
    This is Ahmad Daoud, the manager and son of the owner of the Old Man and the Sea restaurant in #Jaffa, #Israel Three weeks ago, during Operation Wall Guard, he decided to take an active part in the fight against the Jews. [3] According to the prosecution, he left the restaurant, met with friends, took a Molotov cocktail and went to burn the Jews living near his restaurant in Jaffa. He threw a bottle of Molotov cocktail into one of the houses that was not decorated with garlands for #Ramadan. [4] Only Ahmad did not know that the family from which he burned the child was an #Muslim family. Which did not turn on the illumination of decorations on the house for the holiday. He burned a 12 year boy and his family. [5] [6]
  54. Eli Senyor,Yoav Zitun, "3 Arrested over Jaffa home firebombing that seriously hurt boy, 12", YNet, June 9, 2021.

    Security forces say suspects, who are residents of Ajami neighborhood of city, planned to attack Jewish-owned homes in area out of nationalist motive, fleeing the scene after realizing they misidentified the house inhabited by Arab family... the assailants were planning to firebomb Jewish-owned homes in the area in revenge for the clashes in Lod and on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, but due to a misidentification they threw a Molotov cocktail into the home of the Jantazi family.

    "After the suspects realized they had made a mistake, they ran from the scene despite their plan to firebomb other Jewish-owned properties in the area...
  55. Gilad Morag, Ahiya Raved, "Accusation against Molotov cocktail throwers in Jaffa: "The goal - to burn the families to death", YNet, June 17, 2021.
    The three defendants, including two brothers living near the house where a 12-year-old was seriously injured, planned to damage Jewish homes during the riots, but misidentified and threw a Molotov cocktail at an Arab family home. Shin Bet: "They realized they were wrong and fled the scene."
  56. Arie Yoeli, "An indictment against the Arabs who threw Molotov cocktails in Jaffa", Srugim News, June 17, 2021.
    Remember the blood libel on 'Duma 2' against the right that burned a 12-year-old boy in Jaffa? The prosecution today filed serious indictments against three Arabs from Jaffa for terrorist acts of throwing Molotov cocktails.

    The defendants, out of nationalist motives and in order to arouse fear or panic among the Jewish public in Jaffa, agreed among themselves to bring about the deaths of Jews wherever they are Jews, by burning Jewish homes on their occupants. That evening, the defendants met at the home of Rizk Jarboa. In Daoud's presence, Rizk and Raed Jarboa prepared means to set fire to residential houses, including Molotov cocktails. Later, after Rizek Jarboa and Daoud hid their identities, the two threw Molotov cocktails at two nearby residential apartments, with the aim of setting the apartments on fire and burning their occupants to death ...

    The two threw a Molotov cocktail at the window of a first-floor apartment in a building on Kedem Street, where two women were staying at the time. They also threw a Molotov cocktail at an open balcony that was empty of people - as a result of the Molotov cocktails being thrown, a fire broke out on the spot and exterior walls in these apartments were burned and damaged. From there, the two turned onto Ibn Sina Street in Jaffa, and continued the arson attacks with the intent to murder Jews. The two threw a Molotov cocktail at the entrance to the house, where two people were staying at the time. As a result of the dumping of the Molotov cocktail, a fire broke out on the spot and the entrance floor of the house was burned and damaged. Next, they threw a Molotov cocktail through a window into a residential apartment, where seven members of the Gentazi family were staying at the time.

    Respondent 1 threw a Molotov cocktail at the minor's family home, out of a mistaken thought that he was living in a Jewish family home. "All Molotov cocktails were thrown by the respondents, at homes that they saw as Jewish homes, out of hatred and a nationalist-racist motive, and with the intention of killing human life."
  57. Pyro and thug in Jaffa - director of the Old Man and the Sea restaurant Mignews, June 22, 2021.

    Channel 13 of Israeli TV published a report on Ahmed Daud, one of the arsonists of a house in the Ajami quarter of Jaffa.

    Daud and his accomplices confused an Arab house with a Jewish one and threw a Molotov cocktail at it. As a result, 12-year-old Mohammed Jintazi received severe burns, and his sister was also injured.

    Ahmed Daoud is the son of the owner of the famous Old Man and More restaurant. He is also the director of this restaurant. He wanted to burn the Jews who live near his restaurant.

    In court, Ahmed Daoud behaves like a hero. Dowd laughed in the face of the reporters who asked: "Maybe you want to ask for forgiveness?" He shouted to his friends in the audience: "How do I look, handsome?"

    The Daoud family is one of the richest in Jaffa. It owns real estate in Israel and Turkey, luxury cars. etc.

    The family earned their initial capital from drug deals in the 1980s. The father of the family, Mahmoud, at a certain stage decided to go into legal business.

    Mahmoud is one of the main donors of the Northern Wing of the Islamic Movement in Israel. All mass events of the movement are carried out with his money.

    The report on Channel 13 recalls the scandalous incident during the Eurovision Song Contest in Israel. Representatives of Iceland then came forward with the flags of Palestine. After that, they arrived at the Old Man and the Sea restaurant, where they had a big party with the workers, urging the Arabs to “occupy Tel Aviv”.

    Channel 13 also showed a clip from three years ago, which captured the order in the Old Man and the Sea restaurant, Jews stand in a huge and slow line, Arabs pass freely.

    Correspondents said that both Ahmad Daoud's accomplices in the arson were also employees of the same restaurant.

    It is also reported that Daoud was released from custody two months ago.

    Daoud was detained after brutally beating up 56-year-old Tango Cafe in Jaffa. Daud was furious because the owner of the cafe refused to turn down the music...
  58. Kan news.@kann_news Tweeted (Jun 17, 2021)
    Ahmed Daoud, the main defendant in throwing Molotov cocktails at family homes in riots in Jaffa - one of whom caused the serious injury of 12-year-old Muhammad Jantasi, in the Tel Aviv District Court @ittaishick
    [Description from clip: Do you want to say something? Daud: Laughs. Do you want to say something to the Gintazi family? Daud: Waving and laughing. Do you want to apologize maybe? Daiyd: Laughs, moves and sits down with a smile.]
  59. H. Fitzgerald, "The Truth About That ‘Arab Boy In Jaffa Burned By ...’, NER, , 22 May 2021.

    ... Of the thousands of media outlets around the world that carried the original story, in which Jews were blamed — either directly or by clear implication — for throwing the firebomb that burned the face of the Arab boy, how many, do you think, will print the correct version of the story, and how many will simply let it slide into the Lesser Lethe, now that it has been shown that Jews had nothing to do with it? Having milked the story, part of the latest Gaza conflict, for every last bit of anti-Israel outrage it could provoke, why would the world’s media want to simply confuse audiences by telling them the truth?

    Do you think that if the two Arabs who had thrown the firebomb hadn’t made a mistake, but as they intended to, threw the Molotov cocktail into a house where Jews lived, burning the face of a 12-year-old Jewish boy, that the Arabs in Jaffa who — along with some Jews — had demonstrated such fury when they thought Jews had firebombed an Arab house, would utter a syllable of sympathy it the victim had been Jewish, and the perpetrators Arabs? Of course not.

    What must the Arabs in Jaffa now be thinking? They are no longer morally outraged. They save their moral outrage for the Jews and the atrocities they attribute to them. No, their fury is of a different kind: it’s a blend of embarrassment and anger. “How stupid you make all of us Arabs look, by firebombing the wrong house. Can’t you get your murderous act together?”

    These Palestinian blunders happen so often that the Israelis have mordantly given them a name: they call them “work accidents.” Most involve the mishandling of explosives, leading to a hoist-by-their-own-petard situation.

    Here are just a handful:

    On August 24, 2020, four members of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad were killed in bomb-making accident in the Gaza Strip. The bomb apparently blew up just as they were preparing to use it. A “work accident.”

    In April 2018, members of the same group were killed in the southern Gaza Strip along the border with Israel. But Israel had nothing to do with it. An explosion struck the three-wheeled vehicle they were riding in; the PIJ said, without elaborating, that all four were killed “during preparations,” implying they were preparing an attack against Israel. Possibly they struck their own I.E.D. The Palestinians aren’t saying. Another “work accident.”

    In March 2018, a lone member of “Palestinian Islamic Jihad” blew himself up while preparing a bomb. A “work accident.”

    In February 2017, a Hamas field commander, Muhammad Walid al-Quqa, 37, and presumably no novice in handling explosives, died from injuries sustained while “setting up” something, according to a news release from Hamas’ al-Qassam Brigade.

    In July 2014, Hamas rockets misfired, and instead of landing in Israel, landed inside Gaza, hitting a playground in a Gaza City refugee camp and a building inside the compound housing its largest hospital. Among the dead in this example of “making your own goal” were many children.

    In July 2001, six Palestinians belonging to Fatah blew themselves up in a refugee camp near Nablus. They had apparently been preparing a bomb. Another “work accident.”

    Now the Palestinian perpetrators, caught on CCTV throwing the firebomb into the wrong house, have been exposed both as would-be cowardly murderers, and as figures out of “Dumb and Dumber.” I was reminded of what happened on Al Quds Day, May 9, where a group of Iranian students, apparently outside a university in Tehran, waving PLO flags and posters with pro-Palestinian slogans, were poised to set fire to a large Israeli flag that had been prepared specially for the event. But the man assigned to set the flag on fire failed to take prevailing weather conditions into account, and in the seconds it took for the flag to light, a large flame jumped toward him and his clothing caught on fire. Shrieking, he ran off. His fate has not been reported.

    I wonder how many reports will now appear in the non-Israeli or non-Jewish media, informing us that it was Arabs, trying to maim and kill Jews by throwing a firebomb into what they thought was a Jewish house, who had instead targeted by mistake the house of an Arab family, and it was their firebomb that severely burned that 12-year-old Arab boy. I’ve been looking at the English-language media online, but so far, I haven’t been able to find a single one.
  60. The 'Dwabsha 2' incident turned out to be another blood libel of the left, Arie Yoeli, Srugim News, May 15, 2021.

    It took the left exactly 5 minutes to investigate the incident in which a Molotov cocktail was thrown at an Arab house, and to accuse the right of a Duma 2 incident, until it became clear that the suspicion was that Arabs were in fact responsible.

    Sabbath-keepers were unaware of the blood libel being hatched against the right during the Sabbath.

    During Saturday night, unknown individuals threw a Molotov cocktail at an Arab house in Jaffa. As a result of the flare-up, a 12-year-old boy was injured and was hospitalized in critical condition, while being anesthetized and respirated.

    It took the left exactly 5 minutes to investigate the incident and understand that these were right-wingers who tried to murder Arabs in Jaffa. This is how the left-wing website 'Sicha Mekomit' described the incident: "Right-wingers threw a Molotov cocktail into an Arab house in Jaffa."

    Left-wing spokesman on social media Eldad Yaniv, has already called the event "Duma 2".

    And MK Yair Golan, who recognizes the processes, has already given his regular lecture on right-wing terrorism.

    But a few hours later, it became clear that the police suspected that these were Arabs who apparently misidentified and threw the bottle into a house of Arabs instead of a house of Jews. To this suspicion are added testimonies from Jaffa residents, which testify to a number of people who marked the homes of Jews and Arabs in the past week.

    Another Molotov cocktail was thrown at the home of non-Arab diplomats. In another incident, Arabs burned the cars of MK Efrat Reitan of the Labor Party.

    (The fire in B'Tselem's offices: the cause is a short circuit [7])

    As in the arson of B'Tselem offices, which this time too which did not happen, first and foremost inciting against the right, sharing the incitement in the world, and then apologizing half-heartedly, when it was caught lying.
  61. 61.0 61.1 Sue Surkes, Students expose fake social media reports on Israel-Gaza, to set record straight, TOI, May 20, 2021.
  62. Yoseph Haddad @YosephHaddad Tweeted (Apr 11, 2022):

    Less than a year ago, Ayman Odeh raised this tweet, which reached millions around the world, to present a distorted picture as if Jews were burning al-Aqsa and inciting at the beginning of the Wall Guard operation against Israel, thus helping to ignite the fire that led to fighting and riots inside Israel And his rebellion!

  63. Judah Ari Gross @JudahAriGross Tweeted (May 10, 2022)
    Additional footage of the incident appears to show that the fireworks were fired from the Temple Mount toward the Western Wall below (where thousands of Jews were gathered for Jerusalem Day celebrations).
  64. Yosef Haddad tweeted (Oct 1, 2021):
    Happy to humiliate Al Jazeera on their home turf... I will continue to expose the Israeli truth and fight lies and incitement in the world media!
  65. Avi Kaner (@AviKaner) Tweeted: Joke of the day by Al Jazeera fake news network. Part 1 - fake tears and injuries. 8:22 AM · Jun 7, 2021
  66. Mohammed El-Kurd - Canary Mission

    “‘Jerusalem on tipping ! Jerusalemites and ready to explode at any moment !’ hopefully a third intifada.” Mohammed El-Kurd, Twitter, Oct 23 2014

    "... a cop is a cop nowhere [sic] in the world and a cop is an extension of these colonial systems, is an extension of capitalism, is an extension of white supremacy in a lot of ways.” Mohammed El-Kurd, YouTube, May 19 2021


    Mohammed El-Kurd has glorified terrorists, spread incitement and whitewashed the Hamas terrorist organization. El-Kurd has also spread hatred of America and Israel, demonized Zionists and promoted hatred of the police.

    In 2021, El-Kurd spread misinformation about Israel during interviews on major U.S. television networks CNN and MSNBC, as well as on social media...

    El-Kurd retweeted a May 19, 2021 tweet that quoted Kwame Ture: "The United States is the greatest de-humanizer in the world, and Israel is nothing but a finger of the United States of America. It de-humanizes all over the world, and our fight today is a fight for humanity."

    Kwame Ture, otherwise known as Stokely Carmichael, was an organizer in the U.S. Civil Rights movement, “Honorary Prime Minister" of the Black Panther Party (BPP) and an advocate for revolutionary socialist Pan-Africanism. Ture reportedly said "I have never admired a white man, but the greatest of them, to my mind, was Hitler." ...

    Spreading Misinformation

    On May 16, 2021, El-Kurd also tweeted: “While settlers can drive into a crowd of Palestinians have full backing and support by police, Palestinians are killed extrajudicially. #ApartheidIsrael"

    On May 10, 2021, Palestinian rioters threw stones at an Israeli vehicle, injuring the Jewish driver who then lost control of his car and swerved off the road, hitting several people.

    Rioters continued to pelt the driver with stones and approached the vehicle, attempting to attack the driver, before an Israeli police officer arrived at the scene and fired warning shots to disperse the mob.

    On May 16, 2021, El-Kurd posted on Twitter: “The IOF shot & reportedly killed a man after his car crashed into a police car in Sheikh Jarrah. We expect increased police brutality & isolation from the city as the blockade of the neighborhood continues. Watch militarized police aim to shoot the press attempting to film."

    On May 16, 2021, a Palestinian driver rammed his car into a temporary police roadblock in Sheikh Jarrah, injuring seven Israeli officers. The attack was captured on video.

    El-Kurd included in his Twitter post a video of the car-ramming that was edited to misrepresent the event.

    On May 19, 2021, El-Kurd tweeted: “Even if ‘Hamas sent a 7yo girl to the border’—which it didn’t, & that’s only believable to those who are deeply racist—a fascist murderous terrorist IOF pig pulled the trigger and killed that girl, not Hamas. This is a pervert’s ‘she was asking for it’ argument."

    El-Kurd’s tweet was responding to one of his own, a few minutes earlier, which included CNN video reporting [00:00:19] on Hamas sending a costumed 7 year-old girl to the Gaza border fence in March 2018.

    Contrary to El-Kurd’s claim that the girl was killed, Israeli forces returned the child safely to her parents.

    On May 24, 2021, El-Kurd featured in a Democracy Now! Video posted to YouTube saying [00:02:35] Israel was “senselessly carpet bombing a strip where people, two million people, are besieged."

    During OGW, Israel used targeted strikes on terrorist targets and did not carry out a "carpet bombs of Gaza."
  67. Akiva Van Koningsveld, The Financial Times’ Next-generation Palestinian Activist: ‘Israel is a Child Killing Entity’, HR, July 15, 2021

    ... The piece mainly focuses on Mohammed el-Kurd, a writer who has denounced Jewish Israelis who are seeking to reclaim ownership of properties in the eastern part of Jerusalem that were confiscated from them or their families between 1948 and 1967 when Jordan occupied the West Bank, including the holy city.

    El-Kurd and his sister Muna live in one of these properties in the neighborhood of Shimon Hatzaddik/Sheikh Jarrah, and both were recently arrested for participating in violent protests essentially calling for the ethnic cleansing of Jews from the area. That, in and of itself, is revealing — and, indeed, el-Kurd is seemingly an antisemite who in reality works to preclude the possibility of enhanced coexistence between Israelis and Palestinians...

    Furthermore, while El-Kurd’s claim to fame is that he “reports” on happenings in Jerusalem, he often simply disseminates lies. On May 10, for instance, El-Kurd posted a video to Twitter that he claimed proved Israelis were “readying themselves” to “invade” the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

    But the clip actually showed Jews praying at the Western Wall.

    El-Kurd also spread a fake story about a stabbing attack by “settlers.”
  68. Lorena Khateeb | لورينا خطيب @kh_lorena Tweeted:
    Stop spreading lies and fake news - share the truth about #Israel.
    May 15, 2021
    Stop spreading lies, this little angel originally from Moscow, and still alive ( Alhamdulillah ) - Hamas bears responsibility for all civilian casualties in the Gaza Strip because they use them as human shields Glad to be of help.

    May 16, 2021

  69. Haaretz plays Pallywood: a Russian living girl is "converted" into an Arab Palestinian supposed "dead victim" with a name: "Raaf" DP , Dec 9, 2021
  70. [FALSE: This image does not show a Palestinian boy cleaning his own family’s blood], Pesa, Nay 25, 2021
    An online search for the original image shows that the boy was cleaning up after the slaughter of a cow in his parent’s slaughterhouse.
  71. FALSE: This photo does not show a Palestinian child protecting his baby sister during an airstrike. Pesa, June 9, 2021
    The photo is from 2015 and shows a scene photographed in Syria and not during the recent airstrikes in Palestine.
  72. Carmel Dangor @carmeldangor Tweeted (Oct 12, 2021):

    Mahmoud Arda is the architect of the escape from Gilboa Prison. He planned and led the tunnel excavation for no less than 9 months. Arda was the last to get out of the tunnel - and the first to get caught. Here are some excerpts from his police investigations:...

    I have known for 15 years that under the showers, in all the cells the floor is weak, and it is possible to dig a tunnel - but I did nothing, because our situation was good, there were universities, good food, visits and cell phones...
  73. [12], Hamal, Oct 12, 2021. The escape architect from Gilboa Prison: "I have known for 15 years that the floor under the showers is weak - but I did nothing, because our condition was good"
  74. Yoseph Haddad @YosephHaddad Tweeted (Oct 12, 2021):
    When the fugitive terrorist testifies their situation in good prison because they have a university, good food, visits and monlons we should all get a tone. Are VIP guests or terrorists with blood on your hands?! We must now in prison for security prisoners to make an extreme revolution from end to the edge!
  75. The terrorists who were caught "smiling and fresh": this is how the photos were treated in the Palestinian feed, Elior Levy, Ynet, Sep 11, 2021.
    The escaped prisoners who were caught tonight were documented by the security forces as exhausted and beaten. But surfers from the PA who wanted to raise Palestinian morale changed the images in Photoshop. Islamic Jihad calls for a general strike.
  76. Yoseph Haddad (@YosephHaddad) Tweeted (Sep 11, 2021)
    On social media in the Arab world, Zakaria is portrayed as fearless, laughing at the faces of the security forces during his arrest.

    But what actually happened?

    On the right - Photoshop On the left - the truth

    Did I mention a floor rag?
  77. Palestinians again doctor images, showing last 2 fugitives grinning post-capture, TOI Staff, Sep 19, 2021.
    Iham Kamamji and Munadil Nafiyat have been widely regarded as 'heroes' among some Palestinians. Palestinians again doctor images, showing last 2 fugitives grinning post-capture Munadil Nafiyat in an image from the Shin Bet (left) and one doctored for social media (right). (Shin Bet/Screenshot) Doctored images of the last two recaptured fugitives circulated on Palestinian social media on Sunday, showing the two men grinning after being captured by Israeli security forces nearly two weeks after their escape. Iham Kamamji and Munadil Nafiyat, both members of the Islamic Jihad terror group, were apprehended in the West Bank city of Jenin, the Israel Defense Forces said early Sunday. Kamamji and Nafiyat were among six Palestinian security prisoners who escaped from Gilboa Prison in northern Israel earlier this month. The arrests of the two fugitives — a week after the four other escaped prisoners were recaptured in northern Israel — brings to a close a massive 13-day manhunt following one of the worst jailbreaks in Israel’s history... Originally from Kafr Dan, near Jenin, Kamamji was arrested in 2006 and jailed for life for the kidnap and murder of a young Israeli, Eliahu Asheri. He expressed pride in the murder at his trial... Nafayat, who was arrested in 2020, has been charged with illegal arms dealing. Before the prison break, he was in pretrial detention.
  78. Khaled Abu Toameh, "Palestinians admit capture of Gilboa prisoners shows Israeli intel prowess", JPost, Sep 19, 2021
  79. הארץ, באסל אל-עד׳רה, 29 באוגוסט 2021.
    Haaretz, Basel al-Adara, August 29, 2021: "the settlers... they are bold, I die of fear."
  80. Responses to exposing the Jewish voice: "To exhaust the law with the lighter from B'Tselem", Elchanan Groner, HaKol, 05/10/2021.

    The head of the Mount Hebron Council: "The video clarifies who came to stir and destroy." My Israel: "Systematic Harassment to Exhaust and Defeat the Jewish Residents." MK Smotrich: "This has been their method for many years - olives are cut down and lighters are blamed to blame the settlers."

    The revelation of the HaKol H. that B'Tselem activist Basel al-Adra is suspected of setting fire at Khirbat al-Mufkara village in an attempt to produce a blood libel against Jews is making waves and provoking many reactions. A video from a soldier's helmet camera was also published in the version, in which the activist was seen confronting the officer against the background of the arson he said he had seen shortly before. The organization "My Israel" responded: "Every Saturday, Arab rioters come under the auspices of anarchists from the left and disturb the Jewish communities and Jewish farms in the area. It is not by chance that they come especially on Shabbat and holidays. Everything is systematic, organized, well-funded.

    "Once upon a time it was Ezra Navi, the convicted pedophile, who was caught red-handed for admitting the extradition of Palestinian land sellers to the PA. Today it's others. The main thing remains the same: systematic harassment is well organized and funded, in order to exhaust and defeat the Jewish residents. They will not succeed. "

    MK Bezalel Smotrich, chairman of Religious Zionism in response: "Anyone who is familiar with the provocations of B'Tselem and their other anarchist friends should not be surprised. This has been the method for many years. "They did not start with that. Such were the anti-Semitic blood libels against Jews throughout the years of exile. The point is that we are no longer in exile. We are in a sovereign Jewish state. And the fact that the police and prosecutors respond to these blood libels.

    The Ad-Kan ["Up to Here"] organization said: "We are not surprised by the exposure in which B'Tselem activist set fire to a Palestinian structure while shouting that Jews did so, in accordance with the organization's policy of discrediting soldiers and settlers. This is another B'Tselem blood libel against settlers and IDF soldiers." To. We call on the law enforcement authorities to exhaust the law with the lighter from B'Tselem. As we have previously revealed, a key B'Tselem worker in the same area was involved in extraditing a Palestinian land seller to the security of the Palestinian precinct. It is important that the public and law enforcement agencies understand that this is an organization that produces violent provocations and must be treated accordingly."

    Mount Hebron Council Chairman Yochai Damari says in response: "The video clarifies who came to stir, who came to destroy, and who for a long time come to change the narrative and influence High Court judges who are supposed to decide in the petition to remove them from the fire they invaded. Once an Arab was caught knocking himself down and sending pictures to the whole world as if they had hurt him.

    And once again another Palestinian was caught lighting his own equipment warehouse and shouted that the Jews had caused it. If there were no cameras, everywhere they would believe in provocations. I immediately demand the arrest of all the quarrel-mongers and the perpetrators of the provocations, such as the one photographed.
    • Claire @Claire_V0ltaire Tweeted:

    Betselem activist Basel al-Adra caught setting an Arab home on fire and blaming "the Jews". Not the first time Betselem spreads blood libel, but the added crime on top is certainly shocking. Or not...
    Oct 5, 2021.

  81. "Report: Billie Eilish targeted by anti-Israel bots over message to Israelis," ILH, JNS, Oct 14, 2021.
    American singer and songwriter Billie Eilish was targeted by anti-Israel bots on Instagram after promoting her new album in a video for MTV Israel, a new report by the entertainment industry group Creative Community for Peace revealed.
  82. Over 150 Social Media Accounts Linked To Hamas Removed From Platforms, I24NEWS, Dec 2, 2021.
    Some of the Pages claimed to be operated by news entities and communities from the West Bank, Israel and Sinai

    Social media company Meta said on Wednesday that it removed a network of over 150 Facebook and Instagram accounts believed to be linked to Palestinian militant group Hamas.

    "We removed 141 Facebook accounts, 79 Pages, 13 Groups and 21 Instagram accounts from the Gaza Strip in Palestine that primarily targeted people in Palestine, and to a much lesser extent in Egypt and Israel," Meta announced in its monthly Adversarial Threat Report.

    "We found this activity as part of our internal investigation into suspected coordinated inauthentic behavior in the region and linked it to Hamas."

    Coordinated inauthentic behavior is "efforts to manipulate public debate for a strategic goal where fake accounts are central to the operation," as Meta defines it.

    The report states that some of the Pages claimed to be operated by news entities and communities from the West Bank, Israel and Sinai, while others purported to be independent news Pages in the West Bank and Gaza.

    Many accounts posted as young women in the West Bank or Sinai. Most of these accounts were already detected and disabled for being fake or for other standards violations before the network was taken down.

    According to the report, the individuals behind the accounts posted news stories, cartoons and memes in Arabic about current events, criticism of Israeli defense policy, Fatah and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and supportive commentary about Hamas.

    About 407,000 accounts followed one or more of these Facebook Pages and roughly $21,000 was spent by the network for ads on Facebook and Instagram, paid for primarily in US dollars.
    • Avi Kaner ابراهيم אבי on Twitter:
      "Over 150 Hamas Muslim Brotherhood accounts with 407,000 followers have been removed from social media. Many posed as young women, with the intent to “manipulate public debate for a strategic goal where fake accounts are central to the operation.”" / Twitter Dec 2, 2021
  83. Rabbi Linda Goldstein on Twitter (Dec 14, 2021):
    I saw this picture circulating on #FreePalestine Twitter. I’m very upset that: 1. The Russians are now selling AK-47’s to the @IDF; and 2. The IDF is disguising themselves by wearing different camouflage uniforms. You’re not fooling anyone with your disguises.
  84. Abu Ali @Abualiexpress Tweeted (Dec 28, 2021):
    Hebron and the art of the mourning/lamenting .... Possible dubbing of the 10th second in the video: The photographer has already left? Can one stop mourning/lamenting? turned out good?
    Pallywood: more "Palestinian" cry for cameras only [Dec 2021], DP, Apr 18, 2022.
  85. Iran set up fake social media network to stoke violence, tensions in Israel – report, TOI Staff, 3 Feb 2022.

    ‘Aduk’ group, masquerading as a nationalist and ultra-Orthodox news outlet, redistributed extremist and anti-Muslim material to encourage attacks on Arab Israelis, BBC says.

    Iran is suspected of setting up a social media network targeting Israeli nationalist and ultra-Orthodox Jews in order to encourage violence against Arab Israelis and stoke tensions in the country, according to a Thursday report by the BBC. According to the Israeli disinformation watchdog FakeReporter, which uncovered the group’s suspected Iranian origin, its goal was to help fuel “religious war” by amplifying “fear, hatred and chaos.”

    According to the report, the “Aduk” or “strictly religious” group presented itself as a “virtual religious union for the religious public.”
  86. Shirell Lallom (@shirellaloom) Tweeted (Feb 7, 2022):
    Israeli-Arab news agencies published a video entitled: "The IDF shot a journalist", the Arab social networks laugh at the announcers, because the journalist in the video looks like she is staging a bullet hit and there is not a drop of blood on it, this is how it is when you intentionally "forget" to indicate that it is a sponge bullet.
  87. Elhanan Groner (@elchangr) Tweeted (Apr 5, 2022):

    The Mekomit site shows a Jew threatening with a gun to Arabs near Eli. Look at the fuller picture taken by Ari Kaniel of the Ayin LeZion organization.

    3 Jews were attacked by over 100 Arabs who ascended from the village of Krayot towards Eli.

    If the resident had not pulled out a weapon I do not know what would have happened.
  88. Shalom Friedman, Watch: This is how left-wing organizations produce a blood libel, Hakol, Apr 5, 2022.

    A left-wing activist arrived at a residence farm with a masked Arab armed with an iron bar. After the Arab snatched the cell phone from a Jewish resident who documented it, left-wing organizations announced that settlers had attacked Arab activists and shepherds.

    This is how left-wing organizations and anarchists produce blood libels against the Jews of Judea and Samaria.

    Yesterday, left-wing activist Itai Feitelson arrived with other activists and Arabs near the Maon farm in the southern Hebron hills.

    Shortly afterwards, Basel Adra from B'Tselem posted a video documenting one of the residents allegedly attacking Feitelson...

    But further documentation of the incident, a few minutes earlier, shows that the story of the incident is completely different. A few minutes earlier, a farm resident had documented Feitelson approaching the farm along with a masked Arab armed with an iron bar.

    In the video, it appears that suddenly the Arab snatches the device from the resident's hands and begins to flee.

    Immediately afterwards, more residents from the farm were called to the scene and tried to locate the stolen cell phone, and so the confrontation began, during which the resident from whom the cell phone was stolen tried in response to snatch the camera in Feitelson's hands. [14]

  89. Yoseph Haddad @YosephHaddad (Apr 20, 2022):

    Muhammad Samiri is a Palestinian journalist with over 300,000 followers from around the world, who he uses to tweeting and inciting against Israel. Today, for example, he tweeted that Israel is harming al-Aqsa and attached the video of a fire in a compound there ... only that this fire was caused by a Molotov cocktail that the Hamas rioters threw there ... of course he deleted it after we exposed his lie!.

  90. Incitement and Fake: A left-wing organization distributes documentation of a terrorist firing fireworks from a mosque on the Temple Mount as if it were a police officer firing into the mosque., Rotter, Apr 21, 2022.

    Ariel Danino @arieldanino Tweeted (Apr 21, 2022):
    The propaganda machine against Jews: A video taken from the mosque of Arab terrorists who broke the window of their "holy place," and an Arab terrorist sits and fires fireworks direct fire at police and Jews.

    The kangaroo-court organization "Mistaklim" tweets this lie and all the left-wing bots share without even looking at the video.
  91. assaf gibor (@assafgibor) Tweeted (Apr 24, 2022):

    As part of the Al-Aqsa Mosque lying industry spread by the Palestinians, this video is distributed showing "the.. mosque that was desecrated and its windows smashed by the occupation [sic]."

    In another video I attached, you can see that the rioters from the mosque smashed the windows to shoot fireworks at the police.
  92. This is how the Palestinian method of fraud works, Rotter, 04/25/22.

    This is how the Palestinian system works! With professional photography teams, actors, directors, sending videos to the world that Israel is allegedly attacking and injuring !!!


    (At clip, actors in disguise as if they were supposedly "religious Jews", another one dons Israeli Army uniforms or similar, holds a weapon. One of the staff members makes sure the child laying the floor is in the "right position", ready, set, go!)