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Mohamed Anwar Hadid (November-1948) is an Arab Muslim "Palestinian" real estate tycoon in Los Angeles, (married Dutch-American woman - Mary / Yolanda), who rewrites history of the Middle East, including about inhabitants of the area known then as Palestine.

In response, debunking his rewriting, it was reminded:[1]

Evidence to the Contrary.

Unfortunately, there were also plenty of homegrown Jewish-Palestinian cigarette companies that produced tobacco at the time, but for the purpose of debunking Hadid they have been very useful. What do you know “Palestine” was also printed on Hebrew ads that promoted tobacco or cigarettes for public consumption. Let there be no mistake before 1914 there were perhaps half a million inhabitants in the region. Palestine was an underdeveloped backwater – part of the Ottoman Empire and the Arabs had no autonomous political or administrative status. Among the diverse population of the land, there were also Jews, descendants of an old Jewish community that had survived there for centuries. Jews of Safed, in particular, had an almost undisturbed presence since the time of the Maccabees. But Safed had reached its zenith during the 15th century when many Jews, including illustrious scholars, had arrived after the Spanish Inquisition. Generally, their lives were miserable; they were dhimmis, second class subjects, and over the years their numbers had dwindled due to expulsions, murderous riots, and systemic oppression that kept them destitute for centuries. When Napoleon Bonaparte was in Palestine, in 1799, he noticed the disparaging treatment of Jews. He published a proclamation that also appeared in the French Moniteur newspaper whereby he recognized the Jews’ unique position of being ousted from their own country, and for thousands of years they were subjected to foreign rule that deprived them of their land. But their name and national identity remained intact. There were many similar accounts from travelers across Palestine:

“On the way to prayer at the Western Wall of Herod’s Temple, Jews drew the spite and malice of the resident Arabs, who deliberately scattered broken glass along their path. The Wall itself (the most sacred spot of Judaism) was fouled up with urine and feces, a dumping ground for garbage and sewage” (Robert  S. Wistrich, A Lethal Obsession Anti-Semitism from Antiquity to the Global Jihad, p. 690).

Historian David Landes said the following about the Jews of Palestine:

“Their condition in pre-Zionist Holy Land (and in Islamic lands in general) was comparable to that of Blacks in the post-Reconstruction American South” (Robert  S. Wistrich, A Lethal Obsession Anti-Semitism from Antiquity to the Global Jihad, p. 690).

Palestinians blame Zionism for the deteriorating relations between Arabs and Jews in the region. But Arabs and Jews have always had a patchy history; you go as far back to Maimonides’ Epistle to Yemen (written in 1172) and find this:

“Remember, my coreligionists . . . the Arabs, who have persecuted us severely, and passed baneful and discriminatory legislation against us . . . Never did a nation molest, degrade, debase, and hate us as much as they“ (Hillel Hallkin, Yehudah Halevi, P. 295).

He instigated hatred against Israel.

In 2020, after George Floyd's death, he incited against Israel by linking BLM to Israel, publishing a horrific image.

it showed a caricature of an IDF soldier pressing against a Palestinian man’s neck while embracing an American cop who’s choking a black man with his knee.

That image was the impetus for learning more about the man behind the post, perhaps to understand his motivation for publishing the type of material that does nothing to promote peace and dialogue but instead, it fixates on historical revisionism that ascribes to Israel the world’s afflictions and fuels the nakba (catastrophe) narrative. It portrays Israel as a colonialist entity, an apartheid state, and Israelis into persona non-grata worldwide. The story of the Palestinian refugees and their right of return has a unique way of enlisting the most ardent of activists who embrace an all-or-nothing approach, and their hostility is especially selective – their main focus is castigating Israel and with the help of academics, students, and celebrities the lines are blurred between mainstream and extreme opinions. What is going on here? Is it really all about moral outrage over Israel’s existence?... He likes to vilify Israel just as much as he enjoys building grotesquely opulent mansions for the rich and famous. He may even like the former a little more than the latter. Also, he has a lot of followers, around one million, so do his children who are often featured in his posts.

Hadid NY Post.jpg The Hadids have engaged in spreading alsehood, rewriting history, libels and disseminating Anti-Semitic canards.[2]

His children Bella Hadid, Gigi, and Muslim Dua Lipa dating his son all incited hatred,[3] racism of justifying terrorism targeting simply those belonging to a specific group of people,[4] broadcasting to the many millions of their followers at Guardian of Walls operation before sharp rise in anti-Jewish racism, anti Semitism.[5][6][7]

It is clear to anyone willing to look past the flashing lights and dollar bills surrounding the Hadid family that the family spreads hate against, and advocates for the discrimination of, the Jewish people.

His son Anwar said in text he wants Israelis 'erased'.[9]

In May 2023, this Anwar Hadid posted troubling threatening messages, some interpreted it, it was intended against, Dua Lipa's 41 yr old BF.[10]

It has been said, Mohamed's children inherited much of their Dutch mother's face and all of their racist father's heart.[11]

Mr. Etgar[12] confronted the Hadid family post Guardian of Walls. First, they avoided him repeatedly. Mohammed Hadid finally replied following Hadid's (desperate) posting of photo of athletes in Palestine pre establishment of State of Israel, showing/proving to them (they lied, as) the players were actually not Arabs but Jews, Palestinian-Jews who belonged to a Zionist-oriented organization. Etgar ​concluded: "It reminded me of talking with Arab MK who demand a recognition of an Arab Palestine but ignore the existence of the (Jewish) State."

In 2019, he sugar-coated his daughter's Bella Hadid's racist expression against their own people, Arabs.[13]

On May 13, 2019, he posted on his FB page about "Palestinians" and asserts: "That the Jews (supposedly) never endured under the Hitler era.."[14][15] On Oct 6, 2022, Hadid went "on anti-Semitic social media rant" on Instagram, with wild comparisons to Adolf Hitler.[16]

In Oct, 2021, his son-in-law Zayn Nalik (married to Gigi) struck mother-in-law Yolanda Hadid. [17] Zayn, a racist Muslim of Pakistani origin called Yolanda "you .. Dutch sl*ut." And pushed her into a dresser.[18]

During his latest financial downfall, Hadid, who once boasted about his local Jewish-American friends and how great Israel was, has turned into a fanatic Jew hater and frequently spreads antisemitic misinformation and vile antisemitic conspiracy theories to millions that follow him on social media. His obvious goal is to harm the Jewish people via false narratives and antisemitic conspiracy theories. With a vile antisemitic father like Mohamed Hadid, it's no surprise his misinformed daughters parrot his atrocious Jew hatred.[19]

Construction in Bel Air

For years, neighbours were against his construction in their neighborhood which they charge it disturbs their quality of life.

Mohamed was accused in court of lying. [20] He defamed his neighbour who sued him.[21] And has used the "race card" to claim supposed "islamophobia."[22]

At Swords of Iron

On Nov 24, 2023, Mohamned's daughter Gigi Hadid deletes 'anti-Semitic' post whe posted to her millions of followers falsely accusing Israel of abducting, [sic] torturing, [sic] raping [sic] children. Her example was Ahmed Almansara. But a video of Ahmed and his cousin running through a Jewish settlement looking for people to stab, settling on critically stabbing a 13 year old boy and another man.[23]

On Feb 19, 2024, Mohamed Hadid distorts the Holocaust, and rewrites Jewish history.[24]


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    I sent the photo to Hadids, explained the mistake and wrote that I was very disappointed. Within seconds, Father Muhammad, a millionaire real estate agent and arrowhead of the gang, returned to me. He responded at length and in what appeared to be a restrained rage. My wishes or did not answer the matter, and in other messages he recited about the Palestinian past that he claimed was here...

    The conduct between us reminded me of previous discussions I had with Arab righteous and MKs, who asked us to recognize the rights of the Palestinian people to self-determination, even though they themselves in no way wanted to accept the fact that there is and will be a Jewish state here.

    Despite the opacity, I felt, perhaps childishly, better about myself after explaining to the man that he and his family were spreading lies, half-truths and fueling hatred and terrorism...
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    [Hadid:] "Every week. I will be speaking twice about the Israeli H....ust against the Palestinians... that the Jews never endured under the Hitler Era.." Naturally, his diatribe is full of lies: there is of course no Holocaust against the palestinians, we are not slaughtering their children (even though they have deliberately been slaughtering ours), Gaza is no open air prison [1], we are not keeping or treating palestinians as slaves (although we do employ many, for pay, despite their proclivity to try murder us), we are not all from "Poland, Germany, Russia, and so on" ([2] we are indigenous to the land, despite generations of dispersion across the world), and we are not eliminating their culture. On that last point, most of the food and other cultural aspects touted as palestinian are in fact from the Levant, and are not specifically palestinian. In the case of food, Israelis have adapted it over the course of time, just as the palestinian Arabs did. Bonus comedy points for misspelling education as "Eduction."

    Mohamed Hadid is just another in a long line of antisemites using their large following to demonize Israel and the Jewish people. Such ugliness from a family known for its so-called "beauty."
  15. Boaz Arad 博雅 @aradboaz tweeted (May 18, 2021):
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    (Screenshot of Mohamed Hadid's "Palestinian" plight post includes the line: "That the Jews never endured under the Hitler era..")

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    The 28-year-old British singer was charged with four counts of harassment after he pushed Yolanda into a dresser and called her a "f*****g Dutch sl_t," Daily Mail reports. He was reportedly charged Sept. 29.
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    Mohamed Hadid is best known for being the father of supermodels Gigi and Bella Hadid. A dual Jordanian-American citizen, the once successful real estate developer has recently gone broke.

    Hadid moved into real estate in the 1980s partnering with Saudi Arabian SAAR Foundation owned by multibillionaire sheikh Sulaiman Al-Rajhi, one of Saudi Arabia’s leading bankers. Hadid fell from fame and success in the years after the SAAR Foundation was raided by government agents and accused of financing the Al Qaeda terrorist network.

    Many have noted that during his current financial downfall, Hadid, who once boasted about his local Jewish-American friends and how great Israel was, has turned into a fanatic Jew hater and frequently spreads antisemitic misinformation and vile antisemitic conspiracy theories to millions that follow him on social media.

    In 2019, Mohamed Hadid started comparing the Holocaust to the Israel/Palestinian conflict, falsely claiming Jews were murdering Palestinian children and committing genocide of Palestinians just as the Nazis did to the Jews. The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) working definition of antisemitism, adopted by countless countries including the United States, deems such comparisons as clearly antisemitic.

    During the 2020 George Floyd riots, Hadid took to Instagram to falsely conflate American police brutality to that of the Palestinian struggle, alleging the Jewish nation teaches Americans how to kill Black people through police training programs. Having caused massive outrage amongst Jews and non Jews alike, Hadid deleted the post and issued an apology. Shortly thereafter During May 2021's war between Israel and Gaza, Hadid continued on his social media rampage against the Jewish nation causing many to start questioning his true intentions - did this man want to help Palestinians or did he instead just want to vilify Jews? As many started labeling him a dangerous antisemite, Hadid started a misinformation campaign claiming he couldn't be an antisemite because he himself was a "semitic" person. Attempting to twist the narrative, Hadid failed to mention that the word "semitic" refers to languages and not people.

    He also omitted the actual word 'antisemite', a word that that evolved from 'Judenhass' or German for Jew hatred, initially formulated by a German Jew hater. Hadid also outrageously claimed Hitler hated "us all" - a total lie as the Grandi Mufti of Jerusalem wanted to collaborate with Hitler.. to start ridding the Middle East region of Jews as Europe was doing. This past week however, Hadid navigated from Israel-bashing to promoting Nazi-like conspiracy theories of Jewish power. In a published exchange with a Jewish female Instagram influencer, Hadid openly states "Israel and the Jews control the media" then references "the banker" as well as not being a “media giant" unlike the Jews in his bigoted mind.

    Mohamed Hadid doesn't care about helping Palestinians; his goal is to harm the Jewish people via false narratives and antisemitic conspiracy theories. With a vile antisemitic father like Mohamed Hadid, it's no surprise his misinformed daughters parrot his atrocious Jew hatred.
  24. Michael Starr, Mohamed Hadid: Netanyahu kills more children a day than (sic. Mohamed:) Hitler’s Auschwitz, JPost, Feb 19, 2024.

    Mohamed Hadid ... distorts the Holocaust, and rewrites Jewish history. According to the Auschwitz-Birkenau museum, around 232,000 Jewish and non-Jewish children were deported to the death camp from 1942 to October 1944. About 700 were born in the camp, and more than 700 were liberated in 1945. This would mean about 230 children were killed each day at the camp. According to the Hamas-run Gaza Health Ministry, about 10,000 minors have died in the war from October 7 until January 8, which would be approximately 107 killed per day...

    This is not the first time that Hadid has made comparisons between the Holocaust and Israel’s war against Hamas. On December 17 he compared blindfolded and stripped suspected terrorists to naked Jews prior to their execution during the Holocaust.

See also

"The Mufti.. concocted a new kind of antisemitism that combined traditional Muslim antisemitism, like the anti-Jewish verses you find in the Koran, with the Nazi antisemitism that demonised Jews... His whole ideology was antisemitic and from the very beginning he targeted Jews, not Zionists."
The difference between lies and reality is sometimes just a color on a map

W. Ormsby-Gore as he was preparing the royal commission report, "Though I knew there was ill-feeling between Jews and Arabs, I had not realized the depth and intensity of the hatred with which the Jews are held by the Arabs..."
"It is not Israel's settlement blocks but rather the Palestinian ideological blockade that constitutes the biggest barrier to peaceful arrangements . The Jew-hatred in this region must no longer be played down as a kind of local custom ..."
The only tweet (July 2014) on the Twitter account of the late American Elan Ganeles - murdered by Arab-Islamist "Palestinian" on Feb 27, 2023 hy"d: "I think you're always going to have tension in the Middle East, when there's [are] people who want to kill Jews, and the Jews don't want to be killed, and neither side is willing to compromise."