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Houthi or Ansar Allah is a Radical islamic terrorist organization and movement emerged from Sa'dah in northern Yemen in the 1990s. The Shiite jihadists[1] are linked to Iran.[2]

Founded by Hussein al-Houthi, It's highly anti-American[3] and openly racist, Anti-Semitic. Even genocidal.[4] Increasingly anti-Christians.[5]

The slogan of the Houthi movement (officially called Ansar Allah), a political and religious movement and rebel group in Yemen, reads "Allah is Greater, Death to America, Death to Israel, Curse on the Jews, Victory to Islam" in Arabic text.[1] The movement occupy Sanaa capital of Yemen and overthrow the real government in late 2014, then began war against Saudi-Arabia.

The Washington Post on Yemeni capital: [2] "Perhaps in no other city is anti-Americanism in such full display today.

Especially recently, they have become more anti-Christian as well, as Houthis threaten Christians with the same fate as priest detained for 4 Years.[5]

They were even seen in Nazi salute.[6]

ADL explains:[4]

The Houthis’ oft-invoked slogan is itself antisemitic. While their Iranian patron encourages chants of “Death to America, Death to Israel,” the Houthis’ own motto goes one step further, proclaiming “Death to America, Death to Israel, Damn the Jews.”  Advocates for the Houthis have argued that this radical language is just for show, that the Houthis “do not really want death to anyone,” and this slogan is “simply against the interference of those governments.”

Yemen’s Houthis officially refer to themselves as Ansar Allah, meaning the Partisans of God. Hailing from the Zaydi minority Shiite sect, the organization emerged in the early 2000s out of a religious revivalist movement in northern Yemen called the Believing Youth.  At that time, a charismatic figure from one of the movement’s leading families named Hussein al-Houthi returned from study in Iran and Sudan and began to amass a following with his fiery sermons.

After 911, in the Middle East, it was Hezbollah who invented the conspiracy on Jews. [7] Three months later, Hussein al-Houthi portrayed that attack as a Jewish conspiracy and suggested Osama bin Laden was probably hiding out in an American hotel. Worse, in that lengthy December 2001 sermon for the Iranian-inspired occasion of International Quds Day, Hussein al-Houthi went so far as to make a case to his followers for genocide against the Jews.[4]

The group received training and military equipment from Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). It has waged a series of bloody insurgencies against the Yemeni government since 2004, overthrowing them and seizing power in Sanaa in 2015. In 2016, the group announced the formation of a government.[1]

Iran smuggles weapons to the Houthis. [8]

Iran's global strategy

Es explained: [9]

the way the [Gaza] conflict was framed both by the Gaza groups and by Iran’s broader regional network, from Hezbollah in Lebanon to the Houthis in Yemen, makes it clear that they all view their regional battles as mere fronts in an integrated transnational jihad directed against Israel by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.


On Jan 22, 2022, during Gaza rally in support of Houthis in Yemen, chants of 'Death ro the Saud clan!' And 'America is the Great Satan!'[10]

Kuwaiti Journalist:[11]
The Palestinians Supported Saddam's Invasion of Kuwait, Hitler in WWII – Now They Support the Houthis, IRGC; Arabs Today Are Less Inclined to Support the Palestinians Cause


Under pressure from ultra liberals, claiming their only concern is the poor in Yemen, Joe Biden decided to end support of war against Houthis. He even removed this terrorist group from the terrorism list.[12] He also decide to hire diplomat to the government which shouts "Death to America!" and curses Jews everyday.[13]

In 2022, a bipartisan House group argued that ‘removing the designation… has done little’ to improve the humanitarian situation in Yemen.'[14]

Reported in Feb/2022:[15]

In an address delivered at a student rally in Hajjah, Yemen, a Yemeni student said that the Houthis will strike New York and Tel Aviv with their drones. He also said that the Houthis’ missiles will continue to strike deep in Saudi Arabia and the UAE. The rally was broadcasted [sic] on Al-Masirah TV (Houthis-Yemen) on January 24, 2022.

Student: “Placing their trust in Allah, our missile forces are continuing to strike deep inside Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Allah willing, our UAVs will reach Tel Aviv and New York in the very near future.”

'Terror org.' by the UN

In Feb 2022, The United Nations Security Council imposed an arms embargo on Yemen's Iran-backed Houthis labeled group as terrorists.[16]

At 2022 Russia-Ukraine war

Yemen Friday 4 Mach 2022 sermon by Houthi scholar Hamdi Ziad:[17] "We Ask Allah that the War in Europe Does Not Stop; Paris, London, Berlin Will Be Destroyed."

The Mar 11, 2022, Friday sermon by Houthi Mufti of Yemen Shams Al-Din Sharaf Al-Din on Ukraine War: 'We Ask Allah to Make the Violence between Them [Russia and Ukraine] Fierce...'[18]


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