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Operation Prosperity Guardian

Gulf of Aden
Iran's Islamist Proxies in the Middle East


Folowing multiple terror attacks in the Red Sea by Islamic Republic of Iran's[1][2][3][4][5] proxy Houthis jihadists[6] on commercial ships, on December 18, 2023 the White House said 'Operation Prosperity Guardian' will counter Houthi threats against ships in Red Sea.[7] John Kirby saying: 'These attacks have to stop. They need to stop. They’re unacceptable.'

To (that) date, Houthi rebels in Yemen have launched at least 100 attacks with one-way drones and ballistic missiles, targeting 10 merchant vessels that represent more than 35 different nations, according to a readout of a virtual meeting between security group participants.'

“Operation Prosperity Guardian is bringing together multiple countries to include the United Kingdom, Bahrain, Canada, France, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Seychelles and Spain to jointly address security challenges in the southern Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden, with the goal of ensuring freedom of navigation for all countries and bolstering regional security and prosperity,” said Lloyd Austin on that day.[8]

A day later, a top Houthi official said: "we have capabilities to sink your fleet, your submarines, your warships," according to the IRGC-affiliated Tasnim news agency. "The Red Sea will be your graveyard."[2]

It has been reported that "Iranian spy ship helps Houthis direct attacks on Red Sea vessels."[9]

Opportunistic Iranian attacks

Part of Islamic fascist[10][11][12][13] republic of Iran domination.[14][5][4]

The Houthi opportunistic[15][16] attacks began after the other Iran linked[17][18] Arab "Palestinian" Islamist Gaza dictatorship Hamas regime's onslaught on Oct 7, triggering the Swords of Iron and followed[1] by another Iran proxy Hezbollah[19] attacks on Israeli civilians, as well as attacks on US by Iran linked militias in Iraq and from Iranian bases in Syria.

Economic goals

The goal is to free the movement of international shipping in the Red Sea, as the closure of the Red Sea and Suez Canal will have a long term global, inflationary effect due to disruption of supply chains. Sources say a ship can make only 3 or 4 Asia to Europe roundtrips a year by detouring around the Cape of Good Hope rather than 4 or 5 roundtrips through the Suez Canal, "a massive structural drop in supply capacity."[20] Additionally, EU sanctions on Russian oil have made the European Union more dependent on Persian Gulf oil, which also is affected by tankers having to take the long route around the Cape of Good Hope, adding about 40% or more to the cost,[21] and reducing annual carrier capacity. Each tanker will have to add 6 six days travel time.


The world's top shipping companies, including Maersk and Hapag-Lloyd, stopped using Red Sea routes after Yemen's Houthi militant group began targeting vessels this month, disrupting global trade through the Suez Canal.

Instead they have rerouted via southern Africa, a longer and more expensive journey. The canal is the quickest sea route between Asia and Europe. [22]


Israeli shipping companies have found a creative way to circumvent the maritime blockade imposed by the Houthis on Israel: they direct the ships from the east to the ports of Bahrain and Dubai, and from there the goods are transported by trucks through Saudi Arabia and Jordan. The creative bypass will make it possible to bring goods to Israel before Passover.[23]

Ynet reported on January 21, 2024 that “China and India unload their cargo in Bahrain and Dubai where it is loaded on Saudi and Jordanian trucks and makes its way over land to Israel, where Israeli trucks then receive the goods at the King Hussein border crossing with Jordan.” This route aligns with the India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor (IMEC) that was unveiled in September 2024.[24]

Ongoing direct Iranian expansionist attacks

  • Between Jan 15-17, 2024, the Islamic Republic attacked three countries.

First Iran attacked Iraq - Irbil, Kurdish area. Killing 4 civilians. Condemned by the Arab League.[25]

Then, Syria.

Then on Jan 17, 2024, Iranian missiles strike Baluch militant bases in Pakistan.[26]

Both nations recalled Iran envoys. [27]

All three attacks, condemned by U.S.[28]

Then, on Jan 18: "Pakistan carries out military strikes on separatist targets in Iran following deadly attack on its own soil by Tehran."[29]

  • On Jan 20, 2024, Iranian backed militias attacked US base in Iraq, injuring at least 2 personnel.[30]

In response, on Feb 2-4, 2024, the US hit some 85 (Iran backed) targets in Syria and Iraq.[31] While Republicans criticized that it was too little too late.[32] Then on Feb 7, it eliminated a senior leader of Iran-backed Kataib Hezbollah in Iraq - the group responsible for the attack that killed the 3 US soldiers and wounded many.[33]


At least 130 Iran linked attacks on US, by Jan.11.24

After at least 130 Iran's proxies on US.

On Jan 11, 2024, US-UK coalition strike Iran-backed Houthi targets in Yemen after spate of ship attacks in Red Sea. There were attacks on more than a dozen Houthi targets by air, surface, and subsurface platforms. The attacks were carried out with support from Australia, the Netherlands, Bahrain, and Canada. A U.S. defense official says the U.K. contributed aircraft.[34] Progressives criticized Biden.

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