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Ideology consists of the ideas that influence an entire group or society, and may motivate their actions. Mass communications, media and social media in our modern world makes it easier to create and promulgate new ideologies or modify existing ones.

General Examples

Examples of ideologies include:

Pejorative definition

G. Kuby defines ideology as a thought system of untrue and corrupt words that serves the selfish interests of narrow minority.

In order to achieve for its acceptance, these words are manipulatively disguised as contemporarily conformable “values.” These superficially good-looking values, otherwise generally honored by all society, are then used as a fig leaf to hide the real intentions and plans[note 1] that are effectively of avail only to this minority while harmful to others.[1]

In such ideologies, totalitarian political regimes develop their own language, separating words from truth, so that people would consentingly get hooked by it.[1]


  1. cf."...a prince need not have all the aforementioned good qualities, but it is most essential that he appear to have them. Indeed, I should go so far as to say that having them and always practising them is harmful, while seeming to have them is useful. It is good to appear clement, trustworthy, human, religious, and honest, and also to be so, but always with the mind so disposed that, when the occasion arises not to be so, you can become the opposite. ... a prince should stick to the path of good but, if the necessity arises, he should know how to follow evil" in Machiavellianism.


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