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Values are meta-qualities, beliefs or feelings. Values can be used to refer to in describing a particular action, in how determining whether an action is "good," or "bad." However values are not necessary just the morals themselves, they refer to the importance of these morals. Conservatives tend to adhere to a very value-based creed. Conservative discourse – such as a reference to "value voters" – reflects this alignment.

Conservative Values

Conservatives have a lot of values, they can be brought into many different categories, sometimes overlapping each other.

American Values

American values are values based upon the Founding of America. Which are E Pluribus Unum, Liberty and In God We Trust. E Pluribus Unum recognizes all American citizens as Americans despite their ethnic background. Liberty ensures all human beings are born equal and are all equal before the law. In God we trust is based on America’s founding of the principle of God, and is the source of moral values. Which all points out that rights come from God, not from men. Because of these values, America has become the freest and most prosperous country in the world. [1]

Family Values

Conservatives value the importance of family. Family values include the importance of marriage, respect, good character, kindness, Chivalry, opposition to hardcore drugs. It also has an emphasis on pro-life beliefs and opposes the homosexual agenda. Other values including eating together, volunteering and fun time. [2]

Judeo-Christian Values

These are the values based upon both Christianity and Judaism. It supports the belief that good and evil come from God, not from the state, government or reason. [3] Modern Christians and other religious people believe that values are absolute, as commanded by God in the Ten Commandments. In this document, God created certain values which man must abide by, and by which human actions are judged. For example, one absolute value referenced in this document is the sanctity of life, embodied in, "thou shalt not murder."

Romantic Values

These values place an emphasis on the individual, as well as the importance of creativity, imagination, innovation, and inspiration. In addition, romantic values celebrate nature as well as rural life. Promotes Charity, Nationalism, and Patriotism is skeptical of human reason and opposes statism.

Small Town Values

The virtues of hard work and self-reliance are celebrated. As well as independence, and promotes the belief of a small government.

Traditional Values

Ideals and Values held to be true for their longevity. Such as the support for family, marriage, and gun-owners. In economic ways, it supports business owners and private property. It opposes socialism, communism, homosexuality, and promiscuity.

Values vs Reason

It is also important for one to understand the difference between Values and Reason. Values can be used to determine good and bad, while reason can be used to determine rational and irrational.

As Dennis Prager states, "Reason can lead people to all kinds of conclusions. For example, asked if he would kill a disabled baby, a distinguished professor of philosophy at Princeton University responded, “Yes, if that was in the best interests of the baby and of the family as a whole.” Can you offer a purely rational reason why the professor is wrong? The only reason I can offer is a belief that all human beings are created in God’s image and are therefore infinitely precious. But the preciousness of all human life is a belief, not an assertion of reason. The Greeks, the founders of Western reason, thought it quite reasonable to leave sickly babies to die of exposure. The baby would just be a burden on the parents and the state. It was faith-based Jerusalem, the other parent of Western civilization, not reason-based Athens, that taught the world to keep sickly babies alive." [4]

As the world continues to move more and more to the left people tend to follow reason rather than live by values.

Culture Wars

A subject of debate in the culture wars in America is whether moral values are subjective or objective - that is, whether they can change from person to person, or whether values are absolute qualities created and referenced by some non-human source like God.

Values and Feelings

Values are a part of feelings. Whether they come from the feeling of the individual, society or of God. They are an emotional appeal. Plus morals values that come from God use the emotion of Faith to backup belief in God. According to the Jungian theory of cognitive functions, the feeling function is about using values. [5]. Based on their study there are two types of these feeling functions which are introverted feeling which is about personal inner values and extroverted feeling which are the values towards society.

Personal Inner Values

Personal Inner Values focus more on what an individual feels is important. They focus on how the external world, people, or situations make them feel personal. Based on these feelings, they develop their own internal value system of what they have deemed to be good or bad or what they feel is important. [6], For instance, Christians feel that God's Morals are important thus they value God. Having personal inner values may be a struggle in a world that challenges an individual's beliefs. Such as the Christian belief that homosexuality is a sin, could be challenged in the world, especially with the struggle of Christian bakers who feel forced by society to make a same-sex marriage wedding cake against their religious beliefs. Not only that but personal inner values do not necessarily have to be about right or wrong as they tend to lead more about personal interest. They are more like opinions and because people have free will can develop into anything. Such as baseball players value the love of baseball. Men love the woman they marry and thus value their life. People also value their pets and their job.

Values Towards Society

Values Towards Society focus more on relationships, and the primary focus is on people and humankind. In doing so it considers the impact a decision may have on the greater good and the people that are on in one's life. [7] It is about connecting with other people as well as helping people. It strengthens people's heart in doing so. Such as feeling responsible to ensure that people feel comfortable and at ease, and encouraging people to go out of their way to do so. [8]


Contrary to belief values actually bring in happiness. Values such as getting married before having a child, building a family, getting a job, self-discipline, delayed gratification, and patriotism and religion have been under attacked by the left. As a study has shown that single parents are generally the loneliest of Americans and the percentage of American adults who have never been married and who have no children is at an all-time high. Having a religion, God, and a country to believe in gives people meaning. Without this meaning, people are becoming more and more unhappy. [9]

Why God’s Values are the Most Important

While there is nothing necessarily wrong with having personal inner values, values towards society, and other values, there is something wrong with putting those values above God’s values. As based on the Second Commandment in doing this creates false gods. False Gods create moral relativism and prevent a moral standard. False Gods occur when people worship anything other than God such as power, money or race. [10]

Leftists Ruin Values

Leftists have ruined values in many ways in such as advocating for the transformation of American Values, promoting atheism, pragmatism, and many others.

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