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Imagination is the action of forming ideas or concepts not present to the senses.

Value of Imagination

Imagination is very valuable, for many reasons. As imagination ignites passion as well as creates and develops the future. Not only that but imagination stimulates creativity and innovation. [1] Imagination leads to elaborate dreams and inventions and theories. The more one uses their imagination, the stronger their ‘imagination muscle’ will become using this ability will tap into a rich source of infinite possibilities. Nearly all successful people use imagination in their favor. [2]

Imagination and Christanity

Contrary to belief imagination is not necessary about fantasy, as there is more to the imagination than fantasy. Actually the church and its theology need imagination more than ever in the history of our world. The Enlightenment falsely taught people to expect God to inspire us only through reason and our experiences. However, once one realizes this is not true and read the parables of Jesus, the writings of John—in fact, much of the Bible one can see that God wants to inspire our imaginations as well. When our imaginations are infused by the Spirit of God, we better see who God is and the challenges of the world around us. [3]

When one's imagination is biblically developed, they can start to see people and things the way God sees them. [4] As imagination is not only a great gift of God; it is also an aspect of the image of God. [5]