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Innovation is the use of creativity and imagination to create a new form or method. However, innovation doesn’t always mean creating something new: as innovators often take something that already exists, improve it, change it, make it better and make it the best for their customers. [1] Innovation is what drives capitalism. Capitalism allows entrepreneurs with great ideas to innovate their ideas and to test them in the marketplace. [2] As innovation creates not only new products but new companies, whole new industries and wealth. Wealth which is ultimately distributed all through an economy. The more freedom, the more ideas, the more innovation which creates dynamic economic growth. [3] Economist Adam Thierer explains that the internet was able to develop in a world that embraced what he calls "permissionless innovation”. While Big Government, on the other hand, does not innovate, because unlike private business they do not have to satisfy its customers to grow or survive. [4] Besides the government hindering innovation there is another problem. Economies today lack the spirit of innovation with the downfall of the teaching of the humanities, as the market needs the skills of the ability to think imaginatively, develop creative solutions to complex challenges and adapt to changing circumstances as well as new constraints. [5]

Innovation is also good for the environment. By encouraging innovation and protecting property rights we can protect the environment. As this leads to safer, more efficient power such as nuclear, geothermal, biomass or anything that generates energy at a price consumers want and can afford to pay. Thus innovation produces abundant, clean energy at a fair price without infringing on freedom. [6]

Innovation has also been a big part of the Republican Party. For instance: [7]

  • President Abraham Lincoln helped develop the first transcontinental railroad system.
  • President Hoover helped in the early development of radio broadcasting
  • President Coolidge created our national airways system
  • President Dwight D. Eisenhower started NASA and DARPA
  • President Richard Nixon launched the cable television industry from deregulation.
  • President Ronald Reagan created GPS to be available for civilian use and greatly expanded science research