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Family values refers to a set of common beliefs held by those who believe the family is the cornerstone of society. It is a phrase most often associated with American conservatives.

Family values often overlap with conservative, traditional, and small town values. They include:

  • Strong emphasis on the sanctity of marriage
  • Opposition to homosexual indoctrination and San Francisco values
  • Opposition to Hollywood indoctrination and propaganda.
  • Opposition to Recreational Drugs, Underage Drinking, and Gambling.
  • Pro-life beliefs
  • Belief in the importance of religion and prayer in everyday life
  • An emphasis on truth and humility
  • An emphasis on hard-work and strong personal character
  • An emphasis on personal responsibility
  • Belief that parents, and not government or public schools, know what is best for their children
  • Emphasis on self-reliance, as opposed to government handouts
  • Respect for historical precedents and longstanding values
  • Teaching respect for the opposite sex, Chivalry
  • Respecting personal property
  • Respecting education
  • Teaching children to respect their elders, particularly within the family

Those who do not agree with these family values sometimes mock those who hold them, even going so far as to call holders of those values "racists" or "rednecks".

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