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Conservative insights

Conservative insights are truths discovered or ideas implemented, for the benefit of all, as a result of the conservative movement:

  • that Reagan's public exhortation to "tear down this wall" would result in tearing down the Berlin Wall. Not only did liberals oppose Reagan's statement, but they felt it was foolish and senselessly provocative.
  • "Stop ERA"
  • the Laffer Curve: decreasing taxes often increases government revenue.
  • that more guns leads to less crime. For example, see John Lott.
  • that "Choose Life" license plates would be popular and productive.
  • that requiring abortionists to have hospital privileges within 30 miles of the operation to handle complications would reduce victimizing abortions. This is known as the 30-mile rule.
  • the Coase Theorem: in the absence of transaction costs, the market finds the most efficient level of activity regardless of who owns property.
  • that Hollywood Values leads to higher incidence of breast cancer, because they are more likely to have an abortion, which can cause breast cancer, at younger ages; Hollywood Values likewise leads to premature death from drug addiction, depression and other self-inflicted harms.
  • the Best of the public
  • Conservapedia's Law

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