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There are significant personal benefits to conservatism. It is particularly powerful and useful in combating:

  1. obesity and other addictions
  2. anxiety and wasting time
  3. deceit and bias
  4. temptation of all kinds

and in encouraging:

  1. self-improvement and self-reliance
  2. seeking the truth and standing up for it
  3. charity
  4. an advanced command and understanding of English as is shown by conservative terms being generated at a faster rate and with much higher quality than liberal terms are. This implies an inevitable conservative triumph over liberalism.

Conservative benefits include all of the following:

  1. it recognizes that ideas, particularly political ideas, do have serious personal consequences[1]
  2. it recognizes that politics and culture are adversarial and deceitful, and helps one filter the falsehoods
  3. it allows one to speak and think freely without distortion by political correctness
  4. it enables one to rise above his personal likes and dislikes[2]
  5. it recognizes the importance of personal self-defense, mentally and physically
  6. it encourages a personal frugality that doesn't waste other people's money ... or one's own
  7. it encourages self-restraint that is invaluable in combating addiction, temptation, and obesity
  8. it encourages self-sufficiency and self-help rather than dependency
  9. it facilitates genuine personal charity, with all its spiritual benefits
  10. it is shared across all religions and cultures
  11. it facilitates extraordinary insights and epiphanies
  12. it helps tremendously in raising and educating the next generation, including one's own children
  13. it appreciates law and order, and the personal value in adhering to it
  14. it helps one to realize the potential of every human life
  15. it reinforces the ideal that if one works hard enough, he can be anything that he wants to be
  16. it encourages family values, mainly financial and emotional assistance within the family as opposed to a centralized bureaucracy
  17. it instills a sense of pride in one's country, which is crucial to becoming a contributing member of its society


It is difficult for widows to remarry because there are relatively few single men available beyond age 50. Only 8% of women who become widows between ages 55 and 64 remarry, and only 2% of women who become widows after age 64 remarry.[3] Also, it becomes difficult to remain attractive as one grows older.

But at a conservative conference in early 2010, an informal survey found a remarriage rate of nearly 100% by the conservative widows in attendance. These results are likely to be found in other samples.


  1. For example, a belief in legalized drugs can lead to drug use and its harm.
  2. Often a debate with a liberal comes down to what he likes and does not like.
  3. "There are 11 million widows to 2.6 million widowers, a ratio of 4.3 to 1. Within 25 years, some demographers predict, the gap could widen to 10 to 1." [1]

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