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Essay:Greatest Conservative Sports Stars

Most sports stars are probably conservative. Athletes at all levels of competition frequently praise God for giving them the strength to succeed at their sports. Here are some of the greatest:

Athlete Sport Conservatism
Novak Djokovic tennis all-time record-holder for the most weeks (more than 311) as #1, holding the record for winning the most Grand Slam titles (24), Novak Djokovic often gives glory to God with the sign of the Cross after big tennis victories. While he was winning the intense finals of the Australian Open in 2012 (which he's won a record 10 times), he did the sign of the cross after key points and even kissed a wooden cross, which the liberal media falsely described as "kissing his necklace."[1] Djokovic is also outspoken against mandatory vaccination, and gave up some titles rather than succumb to the vaccine tyrants.
Greg Norman golf pro-Trump,[2] Norman brilliantly founded the LIV tour after the PGA Tour boycotted Trump's golf courses. Norman himself won "91 Career Victories (20 PGA TOUR, 71 International and Others), 31 Second Place Finishes (PGA TOUR), 11 Third Place Finishes (PGA TOUR), 331 Weeks at No. 1," and 2 majors.[3]
Mike Piazza baseball Hall of Famer and all-time home run leader among catchers (399),[4] Piazza endorsed conservative black Larry Elder for governor of California.[5]
Burgess Owens football Utah congressman (R-UT district 4) who defeated a Dem incumbent in 2020, Owens spent ten seasons in the NFL as a safety and won Super Bowl XV with the Raiders. A family man with six children, he wrote a book entitled Liberalism or How to Turn Good Men into Whiners, Weenies and Wimps. Owens, who is black, represents a district where blacks are less than 2% of the voters.
Jack Nicklaus golf considered the greatest golfer ever, holding the all-time record for the most major tournament victories, Nicklaus enthusiastically supported President Donald Trump and his campaign for reelection.[6] Nicklaus also criticized as "cancel culture" the transfer of the 2022 PGA championship away from Trump's golf course in Bedminster, New Jersey,[7] where it was scheduled.
Bobby Orr hockey the greatest defenseman ever, Orr took out a full-page ad in New Hampshire days before the 2020 presidential election to endorse Trump, decrying unfair criticism of him and announcing “That’s the kind of teammate I want.”[8]
Jorge Masvidal martial arts (UFC)[9] a high-ranked Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight who holds the record for the quickest knockout (5 seconds), Masvidal campaigned for President Trump and criticized Dems: "The Democrats just think that they are entitled to the Latino vote."[10]
Goose Gossage baseball Hall of Fame relief pitcher who helped lead the New York Yankees to their championship in 1978, and who finished four times in the top five in Cy Young voting and was a nine-time All-Star, Gossage is an outspoken supporter of President Donald Trump and a sharp critic of Democrats.[11]
Boris Spassky chess famed world chess champion who lost the Match of the Century to Bobby Fischer in 1972, Spassky was actually a conservative opponent of communism whose exemplary sportsmanship made that contest happen
Herschel Walker football Perhaps the greatest athlete of the last half-century, Walker had sprinter speed in a lineman's physique with apparent immunity to fatigue. He ranks 12th in career all-purpose yardage in the NFL, and also had a very successful career in the rival USFL and in college. But he is excluded from the NFL Hall of Fame because of his conservative views[12] and/or the demonic NFL's bias against the very best athletes.
Vladimir Putin judo black belt judo champion of Leningrad at age 21, and also proficient in karate;[13]opposed to the homosexual agenda, and pro-life, as President of the Russia
Tyson Fury boxing undefeated WBC heavyweight boxing champion who has held every major professional title,[14] Tyson Fury is outspokenly conservative on social issues, opposed to entitlements for immigrants, and extraordinarily charitable in donating to struggling citizens in the United Kingdom.
Margaret Court tennis greatest tennis player ever in terms of most titles won, most Grand Slam titles, highest winning percentage, etc. But ostracized today by the liberal media due to her conservative views on social issues.
Bubba Watson golf With 9 PGA Tour wins, including two victories at the Masters, Bubba Watson has spoken out against homosexuality[15] and even jokingly said he may run for president. He supports the annual Tim Tebow golf outing and Bubba has adopted a child with his wife, a former professional women's basketball player. His nickname "Bubba" is in honor of Bubba Smith, who is listed in this entry for a different reason.
Lance Berkman baseball switch-hitting slugger who swatted 366 homers while also maintaining a .293 batting average with many bases-on-balls,[16] he has done advertisements against the pro-homosexual agenda Houston bathroom bill (Proposition 1 in 2015). Voters then agreed with him by a landslide 61-39% margin.
Chuck Norris karate Six-time undefeated World Professional Karate Champion, middleweight division, and the first westerner ever to achieve an eighth degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Also became an action film and TV star; now a leading conservative commentator.
Jim Jordan wrestling two-time NCAA Division I wrestling champion, which included defeating a future Olympic gold medalist, and also a four-time state champion; leading conservative in Congress who chaired the Republican Study Committee for the 112th Congress and then the House Freedom Caucus. In Rep. July 2018, Jim Jordan announced his candidacy for Speaker of the House, which he did not win but continues to be one of the most influential congressmen.
Matt Birk football outspokenly pro-life and critical of same-sex marriage, Matt Birk has been repeatedly selected to the Pro Bowl, was the starting center for the Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens in 2013, and is ranked as one of the most intelligent professional athletes; Matt Birk is the keynote speaker at the 2016 March for Life's Annual Rose Dinner
Nolan Ryan baseball went from being one of the greatest pitchers of all time (7 no-hitters) to endorsing Texan Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst as "a proven conservative"
Jon Runyan football one of the best linemen in the NFL who was selected for the Pro Bowl, Runyan was a two-term Republican Congressman (NJ) from 2011 to 2015
Tim Tebow football[17] pro-life, outspoken Christian; an analyst for the lamestream media said about him, "You need to disappear, okay, Tim Tebow?"[18] Pressed for a response, Tebow simply smiled and said, "I can't help him with that. That would be pretty hard."[19]
Josh Hamilton baseball Used to be a drug addict, then became a born-again Christian and was able to play Major League Baseball, winning one MVP award. He has appeared on Glenn Beck's show to talk about his faith and addiction.
Billy Sunday baseball Left a $5,000 a year salary (1891 dollars) as a star baseball player for a $75 a month salary to become a Christian preacher;[20]
Matt Hasselbeck football Pro Bowl quarterback is a Christian who lends his name to "Tweet for Youcef" campaign organized by the ACLJ, in support of the Iranian Christian pastor who has been sentenced to death.
Bill Laimbeer basketball led the Detroit Pistons to two NBA titles by defeating Michael Jordan, Larry Bird and Magic Johnson; for a center, Laimbeer had an amazing outside shot and free-throw percentage, showing the versatility of a conservative; illustrating their double standard, liberals whined about Laimbeer's rough style of play, without complaining about Dennis Rodman
Tim Thomas hockey A conservative, Thomas declined to attend a ceremony staged by the Obama White House after Thomas's team won the Stanley Cup.[21] Thomas is a four-time NHL All-Star as a goalie - a great conservative position to play![22]
Curt Schilling baseball led the hopeless Boston Red Sox to a stunning World Series championship in 2004 after defeating the liberal New York Yankees in the American League Championship Series; for an encore he helped Scott Brown win "Kennedy's seat," an even greater upset. Also was co-MVP of the 2001 World Series, in which he helped the Arizona Diamondbacks defeat the Yankees in one of the biggest World Series upsets in history. Schilling's exclusion from the Hall of Fame is considered to be an unfair snub.[23]
Jim Bunning baseball former Republican Senator (KY); he pitched a perfect game with the fewest pitches ever in the National League (only 90) -- like a true conservative! A Hall of Famer, Bunning is also one of only five players to pitch a no-hitter in both the National and American Leagues.[24]
George Allen football coach The father of conservative Senator George Allen, the coach ran a trick play once for President Richard Nixon.[25]
Mike Ditka football player and coach outspoken pro-lifer when he was considering running for public office
Philip Rivers football endorsed Rick Santorum with a strong statement on religious values; Rivers is also a devout Roman Catholic (he and his wife -- she converted to Catholicism before their marriage -- have eight children with a ninth on the way as of 2018)
Janet Lynn figure skating[26] "Before every performance she would close her eyes and give thanks and praise to God. She believed that God had given her the gift of skating and in each performance she worked to glorify God."[26] Lynn, once the highest-paid female athlete, also has written in support of conservative values.
Ted Williams baseball campaigned for Republicans, served as a fighter pilot, and also criticized the media, which was unfair to him, even denying him the MVP when he hit over .400 in 1941. Then, in 1947, Williams amazingly won the Triple Crown but was again denied MVP by the liberal media.[27] One sportswriter unjustifiably left Williams off his ballot entirely, which included voting for the top ten players.
Kurt Warner football pro-lifer who led two different teams to the Super Bowl, one of whom was the underachieving Cardinals.
Zach Johnson golf won the Masters on Easter Sunday in 2007 against the heavily favored Tiger Woods,[28] when Woods was at the peak of his career, and then gave credit to Jesus Christ; won the British Open in 2015 while reading the Bible along the way.[29]
Trevor Bayne auto racing Gave credit to God for being the youngest Daytona 500 winner
Pete Sampras tennis[30] Held the record for the longest time as #1 in the world—more than 5 years—until tied by Roger Federer due to his winning Wimbledon in 2012.
Mary Lou Retton gymnastics Olympic gold medalist, delivered the Pledge of Allegiance at the 2004 Republican National Convention.
Karl Malone basketball NBA Most Valuable Player and All-Star selection. He overcame troubled youth years and became a role model. Donated to the George W. Bush campaign and visited our troops in Afghanistan.
Steve Largent football former Republican Congressman (OK)
Jack Kemp football author of Kemp-Roth tax cuts as a Republican congressman from upstate New York; was also the vice presidential Republican candidate in 1996
Drew Brees football Led the New Orleans Saints to victory in the 2009 Super Bowl—professed his belief in Jesus Christ.[31]
Wilt Chamberlain basketball the greatest center of all time, Chamberlain was a staunch Republican[32]
Chris Dudley basketball Republican nominee for Oregon governor
Jim Ryun track considered the greatest high school athlete ever (LeBron James is considered the second-greatest), Ryun is also a former conservative Republican Congressman from Kansas
J.C. Watts football former Republican Congressman (OK)
John Elway football supporter of Republican candidates
Lynn Swann football Republican candidate for governor (PA)
Jeff Suppan baseball did a pro-life ad while winning the World Series in 2006
Rick Monday baseball In 1976 he saved an American Flag from burning at the hands of two protestors
Dan Hampton football helped lead the Chicago Bears to their 1985 Super Bowl title, but declined an invitation to a ceremony held decades later by the Obama White House.
Paul Gascoigne soccer Openly made a gesture of support of the conservative Orange Order while playing for Glasgow Rangers, risking the wrath of liberal fans in the process
Paul Azinger golf PGA champion who criticized Obama
Jack Lynch hurling One of the greatest ever dual players. As Taoiseach, reduced taxes and thereby increased employment in Ireland.
Lewis Hamilton auto racing outspoken Christian, describing his 2008 world championship win as "a blessing"
Doug Flutie football endorsed Scott Brown for U.S. Senate in Massachusetts
John Elway football Is a registered Republican in Colorado.
Michael Jones rugby His Christian beliefs caused him to abstain from playing or training on Sundays. Recently endorsed the conservative New Zealand National Party
Ewan Murray rugby Observes the Sabbath and does not play for his club (Newcastle) or country (Scotland) on Sundays.
Eric Liddell track Honoured in both Scotland and China as one of their greatest ever athletes, Liddell refused to run in the 1924 Olympic 100m on a Sunday despite pressure from a number of high-ranking officials including the then Prince of Wales and future King Edward viii. He did compete in the 400m and, though it was not his best event, he won the gold medal! Returned to China as a missionary and was devoted to helping the sick and poor.
Enes Kanter Basketball Actively and vocally opposes Turkish dictator Recep Tayyip Erdoğan
Ronaldinho soccer Supports conservative Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro
Rivaldo soccer see entry for Ronaldinho
Jason Robinson rugby Becoming a born-again Christian enabled him to reform his troubled personal life
Ryan Hall Track Evangelical Christian, said God was his trainer
Annie Oakley Sharpshooter Came to fame in her teens as an exhibition shooter, later to international fame in Buffalo Bill's Wild West show.
Roberto Mancini soccer A former player and current coach of the Italian national team, Mancini is a devout Catholic who opposes foreign-born players representing Italy.
Gerald Ford Football Played center and linebacker for the University of Michigan and led them to two undefeated championship seasons. He was later offered professional contracts by two NFL franchises, but declined in order to attend law school. Later, Ford became minority leader of the House of Representatives and was appointed Vice President following the resignation of Spiro Agnew, and then became president when Richard Nixon resigned. Ford praised and introduced conservative Robert Bork at the beginning of his contentious nomination hearings in 1987; nearly two decades earlier, congressman Ford also sought to impeach liberal Supreme Court Justice William Douglas.

Stars Who Have Taken a Conservative or Religious Position

Athlete Sport Conservatism
Lionel Messi soccer devoutly Christian, Messi often does the Sign of the Cross and then points to heaven after scoring a goal.
Rogers Hornsby baseball considered the greatest righthanded hitter ever, Hornsby never smoked or drank, and never went to the movies out of concern that watching would harm his eyesight.
Gale Sayers football a phenomenal open-field running back and kick-returner who scored 6 touchdowns in one pro game and was the youngest ever inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame, Sayers wrote the best-seller I Am Third (Jesus is first) that became a hit TV movie.
John L. Sullivan boxing the last heavyweight champion of bare-knuckled boxing and the first champion of gloved boxing, Sullivan was a reformed heavy drinker who strongly supported Prohibition.
Babe Ruth baseball defended Catholicism and often went to church, saying that it gave him a standard for him to strive for personally; Ruth also had a conservative-like skepticism of politicians, retorting when told he was asking for a salary greater than the president's: "I had a better year than he did."[33]
Lou Ferrigno bodybuilder and actor strong supporter of Donald Trump, and someone who overcame deafness to succeed
Piotr Malachowski discus throw Conservative Poland's Olympic athlete sold his silver medal a week after winning to pay for the medical expenses of a 3-year-old child with eye cancer. "My silver medal is worth much more today than it was a week ago." [34]
Ben Watson football New Orleans Saints tight end is an outspoken Christian and wrote a book Under Our Skin: Getting Real about Race—and Getting Free from the Fears and Frustrations that Divide Us, which denounces Planned Parenthood.[35]
Adam LaRoche baseball LaRoche walked away from his $13 million contract to spend more time with his family after being told by the team president to cut down the time his son spent in the clubhouse. His public statement on Twitter was "Thank u Lord for the game of baseball and for giving me way more than I ever deserved! #FamilyFirst." [36]
Matt Birk football Former Baltimore Ravens center gave a speech at March for Life and after his '13 Super Bowl victory, skipped the traditional team visit to the White House to be recognized by Barack Obama due to his abortion stance.[37]
James Harrison football "...I'm not about to raise two boys to be men by making them believe that they are entitled to something just because they tried their best." He will return his son's 'participation' trophies - #harrisonfamilyvalues.[38] Also, in response to Colin Kaepernick and the other NFL lemmings who disrespected the national anthem. He said that "If you're on my team and not standing for the Anthem, it better be from a broken leg or I'm gonna give you one"[39].
Daniel Murphy Baseball "I do disagree with the lifestyle, 100%," he said in 2015 in reference to homosexuality.[40]
Kevin Durant Basketball Gives all the credit to Christ as he proves he is the most valuable player in the NBA. The liberal media actually scoffed at his expression of faith.
Gabby Douglas Gymnastics Gave glory to God upon making the cut to represent the United States in the 2012 Olympics, and won the gold in the All-Around competition, as well as with the United States team event.
Tara Lipinski Figure skating Youngest (15) gold medalist in figure skating history, Tara gave credit to St. Therese of Lisieux for helping her win.[41]
Yulia Lipnitskaya Figure Skating Russia's youngest gold medalist proudly displays her Christian cross necklace for the world to see.[42]
Jackie Robinson baseball pioneer in human rights and racial equality, first African-American Major League Baseball player, Republican activist with the courage to stand up against liberal attacks on his character
A.C. Green basketball record-holder for the longest number of consecutive games in the rough, injury-prone NBA, Green has long been an outspoken advocate of abstinence
Lolo Jones Olympic hurdler outspoken supporter of abstinence
Al Oerter track and field a self-confessed "old fashioned Olympian,"[43] this four-time Olympics discus champion spoke out against the use of steroids and their harmful effects during a time when other athletes were relying on them
Bubba Smith football one of the greatest defensive lineman, Bubba Smith gave up a lucrative contract to do beer commercials because of the harmful effect that alcohol has on people
David Tyree football hero of the upset victory by the New York Giants in the 2008 Super Bowl with a phenomenal catch, Tyree spoke out against same-sex marriage, and later tweeted: "People of faith ... direct some prayers my way. Got darts comin from every direction. Blessed are those persecuted for His name's sake."[44]
Roger Staubach football an active Catholic, he told the press he said a "Hail Mary" during his last-ditch 50-yard pass toward the end zone in a 1975 playoff game, which was caught for a come-from-behind victory for his Cowboys; the name for such a football pass has stuck ever since.[41]
Manny Pacquiao Boxing Evangelical Roman Catholic Politician for The Philippians House of Representatives, has spoken out against Gay "Marriage".
Stan Musial Baseball The greatest National League player from the World War II era, Musial was a devout, lifelong Catholic[45] who attended church every week and was married for nearly 72 years to the same woman.
Bill Belichick Football Pro-Trump coach of the New England Patriots who stood strong against the refusal-to-show-up antics of Overrated Sports Star Tom Brady, who may have been egged on by his Never Trump wife. Belichick also once wore an anti-ISIS shirt.[46]
Anthony Gonzalez Football Former wide receiver for the Indianapolis Colts, and is a current Republican U.S. Representative.
Jürgen Klopp soccer Liverpool's Champions League-winning coach has been known to be very open about his staunch Christianity[47] in front of the media - a rarity in secular Germany.
Larry Johnson football Fromer running back of the Kansas City Chiefs. Johnson exposed the NFL's & NBA's homosexual agenda on Twitter[48]
Cristiano Ronaldo Soccer Ronaldo and his family is known for being devout Catholic. Ronaldo met with conservative psychologist Jordan Peterson who had therapy sessions to treat his depression after lost of his son. Ronaldo also refused to wear "gay pride armband" during Euro 2020.

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