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Dennis Rodman is an ex-NBA-basketball player.

He did not play basketball in high school (his older sisters, on the other hand, were All-Americans at Louisiana Tech University) but after high school had a growth spurt. He ended up playing at Southeastern Oklahoma State University in Durant, Oklahoma, where he was drafted in the second round by the Detroit Pistons.

During his career he was known as an exceptional rebounder with a knack for knowing where a missed shot would go, but also as a temperamental teammate (at one point, only communicating with team ownership via another teammate who was essentially a bench scrub; when he was traded the "scrub" also ended up with the team to serve as the go-between).

In 2013 Rodman visited North Korea and met the dictator Kim Jong-un. He said that the communist tyrant is a "friend for life".[1] He has visited the country a total of four times, including in January 2014 for Kim Jong-un's birthday. When asked why he would not use the opportunity to raise the issue of the imprisoned American missionary Kenneth Bae, he lashed out at CNN.[2]