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Major League Baseball is an organization which drifts increasingly liberal as many other organizations and persons who pander to the liberal media do. Television ratings for the 2020 World Series dropped to a 20-year record low,[1] and then fell further to only 9.11 million viewers of the 2023 World Series which the lowest audience ever recorded despite the increase in population.[2]

MLB operates two leagues, the American and the National League and has existed since 1903. It is comprised of 30 teams; 15 teams in the National League and 15 teams in the American League (the leagues were previously separate organizations and legally still are; however, with the National League adopting the designated hitter rule, the division is solely for historical rivalry purposes). The Major League baseball season runs from March or April until September or October, and consists of 162 games (or 163 in the event of a tiebreaker). Spring training comes before the main season, usually in February. The playoffs follow the regular season, culminating in the World Series in October. The MLB is popular throughout North and South America as well as Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Japan, China, South Korea and India.


  • MLB came under criticism in April 2021 for deciding to pull the 2021 MLB all-Star Game out of Atlanta in retaliation over Georgia's passing of election integrity and reform laws designed to stop Democrat election fraud by requiring voter ID for absentee voting in the state (which the laws' Democrat and liberal opponents, despite their own history of racist and unconstitutional "laws" designed to deny blacks the right to vote, falsely and hypocritically claim are "racist") while making a deal with Chinese tech company Tencent, which has ties to the CCP regime,[3] as well as hypocritically demanding photo ID to pick up All-Star Game tickets while opposing voter ID for elections.[4] In response, while Joe Biden supported MLB's move, President Donald Trump criticized MLB for its hypocrisy and its use of "cancel culture" to take the All-Star Game out of Atlanta and has called for a boycott of MLB,[5] while Republican lawmakers hit MLB with a threat to its anti-trust exemption over the All-Star Game controversy;[6] meanwhile, White House press secretary Jen Psaki snidely went off on a RealClearPolitics reporter when she was asked why the Biden regime supported MLB moving the All-Star Game out of Atlanta due to the new Georgia election reform laws but refused to boycott the 2022 Winter Olympics due to the history of serial human rights abuses by the 2022 Olympics' host country China and its Communist regime.[7] On April 5, 2021, MLB announced that it would be moving the All-Star Game to Denver - further exposing the hypocrisy of MLB regarding the Georgia voting laws as Colorado, like Georgia, requires photo ID to vote in elections while Denver's Coors Field, the home stadium of the National League's Colorado Rockies which will host the game, requires photo ID to purchase and drink beer at the stadium.[8]

The Leagues[9]

American League
East Division Central Division West Division

Baltimore Orioles Chicago White Sox Houston Astros
Boston Red Sox Cleveland Indians Los Angeles Angels
New York Yankees Detroit Tigers Oakland Athletics
Tampa Bay Rays Kansas City Royals Seattle Mariners
Toronto Blue Jays Minnesota Twins Texas Rangers
National League
East Division Central Division West Division

Atlanta Braves Chicago Cubs Arizona Diamondbacks
Miami Marlins Cincinnati Reds Colorado Rockies
New York Mets Milwaukee Brewers Los Angeles Dodgers
Philadelphia Phillies Pittsburgh Pirates San Diego Padres
Washington Nationals St. Louis Cardinals San Francisco Giants