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The National League is the older of the two leagues of Major League Baseball, the other being the American League.

In 2007, the 78th All-Star Game, was won by the American League. ASG 2007 Through the 2006 season, American League's teams have won 60 of the 102 World Series played.



In 1875, the National Association of Professional Base Ball Players, a loosely-governed league of professional and semi-professional baseball teams, was falling apart. William Hulbert, president of the Chicago White Stockings, wanted a league with centralized authority, with teams only in cities large enough to support competitive teams. He recruited the St. Louis National Association team, then recruited four western teams in a January 1876 meeting in Louisville, Kentucky. With this core of support, on February 2, 1876, in a New York City meeting, Hulbert founded the National League with eight charter members.

These members were:

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Central division

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