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Jennifer Rene “Jen” Psaki

Biden Junta Chief Spokesperson
Assumed office 
January 20, 2021

Born December 1, 1978
Stamford, Connecticut
Political party Democrat
Spouse(s) Gregory Mecher
Children Two
Alma mater College of William and Mary
Salary $183,000
Net worth $2 million (est)[1]

Jennifer Rene “Jen” Psaki, born December 1, 1978 (age 45), is the Faucist[2] chief White House propagandist for the Biden junta.[3] Psaki is a careerist with a long demonstrated commitment to the Democrat party over factual news reporting and keeping the American people informed about issues of importance to them. Psaki has referred to the COVID-19 bioweapon as the "global plandemic"[4] and called Taliban terrorists "businesslike and professional."[5] Psaki tested positive for the covid virus after allegedly being "fully vaccinated" and acting as a vocal advocate for untested mRNA genetic vaccine experiments on children. Additionally, Psaki is a staunch advocate of child-grooming for sexual abuse.[6] She was finally removed from the post as chief propagandist on May 13, 2022 due a loss of credibility with the public and replaced with Karen Jean-Pierre. Psaki moved onto greener pastures at MSNBC. Her replacement, Jean-Pierre, famously once had difficulty finding Ukraine on map while filling in for Psaki.[7]

In the 2020 presidential campaign, Joe Biden used Symone Sanders, an African American, as his press secretary who, under ordinary circumstances, would be first in line for the position of White House Press Secretary.[8] According to Politico, Sanders was the frontrunner for the position.[9] In a summer of riots, murder, and mayhem, Psaki, working as a private journalist, undermined Sanders when she coyly asked Biden an innocuous question about what his favorite ice cream flavor was.[10] By-passing Sanders, Psaki's question and Biden's answer was plastered all over mainstream media, receiving positive full-blown coverage and headlines. Psaki credits that alleged news story as securing the position for her.[11] Sanders was considered too uppity for the job of White House Press Secretary; she had earlier griped on CNN, "We don’t need white people leading the Democratic Party right now. The Democratic Party is diverse, and it should be reflected as so in our leadership and throughout the staff at the highest levels."[12] Psaki's white privilege beat out Sanders for the role of White House Press Secretary, while Sanders, of course, was relegated to the back of the bus as Kamala Harris's press secretary.

Psaki is known for her snide remarks, use of hate symbols, and her rabid and insensitive homophobia.[13] As State Department spokesperson in 2014 she caused an international stir when she made the ridiculous statement that the Obama administration "in general" supports international standards of justice.[14] In the White House, during the hedge fund meltdown over the GameStop short selling fiasco, Psaki attempted to soothe investor fears and restore confidence by mentioning that Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen is a woman.[15] Psaki is also known for stymying reporters with her robotic "I'll circle back" response to any substantive questions.[16][17]

Three and a half months into the regime's tyrannical rule, Psaki already began thinking out loud about the damage her association with the Democrat's fraud and ruse would have on her future career ambitions and she announced that she would not likely finish out the year in her job. Psaki mumbled in traditional Democrat babble and pabulum, "I'm so honored to serve this president, and at this moment in history to be a small part of rebuilding trust in government."[18]

Pssaki has repeatedly denied a border crisis exists and won praise from leftist stooge Chris Wallace.[19] In October 2021 ethics complaints were filed against Psaki for alleged violations of the Hatch Act,[20] using her official government position for partisan political activity.

Propaganda apparatus

Junta chief spokesperson Jen Psaki (right) with Hammer and Sickle. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov (left). According to Biden aide Eric Ciaramella, Lavrov instructed President Trump to fire James Comey.[21]
See also: Biden/Harris regime propaganda apparatus

Biden junta chief propagandist Jen Psaki pushed the Russia bounty hoax, that Russia was offering bounties to the Taliban in Afghanistan to kill American soldiers, and President Trump did nothing about it.[22]

After the seizure of power outlined the regime's disinformation strategy.[23] Psaki said Twitter is not a platform to disseminate news, rather it is a vehicle for talking to reporters. According to Politico,[24] there are 90 staffers who have new administration-branded Twitter accounts, most with “46” included in the handle. The reporters who are followed by staffers draw heavily from CNN, Bloomberg and the Associated Press. Bloomberg News’ Jennifer Epstein is followed by more Biden administration staffers (39) than any other reporter. Next after Epstein are CNN’s Kaitlan Collins (37), PBS’ Yamiche Alcindor (36), AP’s Zeke Miller (34), and Bloomberg’s Jennifer Jacobs (33). The news outlets with the most White House staffers following them are: @nytimes, @cnn, @washingtonpost, @cnnpolitics and @cnnbrk.

White House staffers don’t follow many conservative outlets or reporters who work for them. Not even the Wall Street Journal makes the list of the top 15 news outlets they follow. Only 10 staffers follow Fox News’ Peter Doocy and 2 follow Fox News colleague Kristen Fisher.

Symone Sanders, who was demoted by Biden to be Kamala Harris’ chief spokesperson because she is Black, is the most popular. Outside of Biden, Harris, and their spouses, Symone Sanders has more internal followers than anyone except Psaki and Ron Klain. With 62 of the 94 accounts following her, she ranks higher than communications director Kate Bedingfield, deputy chief of staff Jen O’Malley Dillon, every Cabinet member, and even @WHCOVIDResponse.

Nancy Pelosi (29 followers) is the most followed lawmaker among staffers, followed by Cuck Schumer (23 followers). The next three all hail from the party’s progressive wing: Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) and Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Bernie Sanders (DSA-Vt.).

Youtube manipulation of likes/dislikes on the Biden White House channel.[25]

Thirty-three staffers follow Barack Obama. And other Obama administration alumni who haven’t returned to government are popular, too: former communications director and Clinton propagandist Jen Palmieri (17), Michelle Obama (15 followers), former deputy press secretary Eric Schultz (14 followers), David Axelrod (10 followers) and all four “Pod Save America” bros. Meena Harris with eight. Meena, however, got the crucial @WHCOS follow from chief-of-staff Ron Klain while Naomi did not.

Naomi Biden, the most prominent of the first grandchildren (at least on Twitter), is followed by 10 White House brown nosers, narrowly edging out Kamala Harris' niece

Psaki said in late May 2021 of the January 2021 Capitol protests,[26]

...the president’s view is that there are a number of officers who lost their lives, paid a tremendous sacrifice on a day that will be a stain on our democracy for many years to come. And certainly many who survived. This will be a long lasting trauma.

The real number of Capitol Police killed in Capitol protest of course was zero.[27] Four peaceful protesters however did die.

Psaki expressed outrage when it was discovered the Department of Justice investigated illegal activity.[28]

A website that tracks the YouTube page of the Biden White House confirmed that YouTube suppressed the dislikes on every single one of Joe Biden White House videos. YouTube suppressed dislikes of Biden by as much as 600% on some videos.[29]

As Biden's approval ratings hit historic lows for any president one year after the seizure of power, Psaki responded to Americans who were upset with Biden’s failures:

“My advice to everyone out there who’s frustrated, sad, angry, pissed off, feel those emotions, go to a kickboxing class, have a margarita, do whatever you need to do."[30]

Psaki is a proven liar, claiming from the podium of the White House Press Briefing Room that President Donald J. Trump suggested that people inject themselves with poisons.[31]


See also: Joe Biden's racist history

Psaki defended Biden' racist travel ban on Africans coming to America. [32]

The junta's Special Envoy to Haiti, Daniel Foote, who was appointed only two months earlier issued a scathing resignation letter to Antony Blinken. Foote, a career foreign service officer, denounced the Biden regime's “inhumane” policy toward Haitian refugees.[33] PBS's Yamiche Alcindor asked Psaki, "These are images that are traumatizing Haitian Americans that he [Biden] promised to treat respectfully & with humanity. Why isn't the President telling people himself these images that people say look like slavery are wrong? Does the President believe anything in this letter that Daniel Foote is saying rings true, has some sort of point that he — that he believes is — is true" that the Biden administration has been "inhumane" toward Haitian illegal immigrants?" Psaki dodged the question on the regime's racist policies and handed it off to the State Department.[34]

Racist travel ban

Regime chief propagandist Jen Psaki refused to answer questions about Biden's racist travel ban on Africans travelling from Black African countries. When Simon Ateba, a black African reporter with Today News Africa, attempted to question Psaki about the racist motivations behind the travel ban on black Africans, Psaki ignored Ateba in favor of a sympathetic white liberal reporter.[35] Ateba was persistent, and wanted to know why with no cases of the Omicron coronavirus variant in Zimbabwe, Namibia, Lesotho, and Mozambique, what justified the travel ban on countries with zero cases of the variant. Ateba asked, “What would you say to those who believe that this is a racist ban, that it is only on African and black African nations?”[36]

Psaki couldn't answer the question and scolded Ateba about decorum, telling him to learn his place by watching his white counterparts.[37] According to Fox News, Ateba said,

Psaki made rude and disparaging comments toward Simon Ateba of Today Africa News.
"The travel ban was built on a lie. The president on November 26 [2021] banned 8 African countries. Only 2 of those countries had any case of the omicron variant.”

Ateba, a native of Cameroon according to the Committee to Protect Journalists, went on to question the supposed science behind Biden’s ban, pointing to Namibia, a small country on the continent’s Atlantic coast. The nation of 2.5 million people registered only 400 cases of COVID-19 since the virus’ inception, he said, but yet Biden essentially punished them anyway.

“There’s total chaos: People can’t travel to Namibia, Zimbabwe [or] Mozambique, yet they have zero cases. So I don’t believe I was the one being disrespectful. I think Africa was disrespected, by banning countries based on a lie,” he said, referencing claims by Psaki he was being disrespectful of his fellow White House reporters."[38]

Critical race theory

Cubans in Havana carrying the American flag during the July 2021 uprising against leftwing totalitarianism.[39] Psaki refused to recognize the protesters legitimate demands.

Psaki announced that Biden has endorsed teaching Critical race theory (CRT) to school children.[40] CRT rejects the core teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King, that people should be judged on the content of their character and not the color of their skin.[41]

Accuses fellow staffers of racism and sexism

According to White House aides, as reported by CNN, Kamala Harris was being sidelined because she is not adequately prepared or positioned to become president.[42] Psaki stated that the criticism from nearly three dozen former and current Harris aides, administration officials, Democratic operatives, donors and outside advisers -- who spoke extensively to CNN, was motivated by racism and sexism.[43]

Cuban anti-communist uprising

At the very moment the Biden junta was busy installing a leftwing totalitarian dictatorship in the United States, Cuba erupted in anti-communist protests.[44] The Biden State Department reacted with the absurd claim that the protests were not against communist oppression, but rather "to express concern about rising COVID cases/deaths & medicine shortages."[45] Chief junta propagandist Jen Psaki said, "Making sure your people have medical assistance, food, water that's something any government should be providing.”[46]

Civil and human rights abuses

Collusion with social media to suppress basic human rights

Chief propagandist Jen Psaki admitted the junta was working with Facebook to target individual users and suppress their First Amendment rights.[47] The junta requested cell phone service providers to censor private text messages,[48] Psaki articulated the regime's position that advocates banning social media users from all platforms if a user gets banned from one.[49] Psaki's articulation of Biden regime policy essentially makes Big Tech social media platforms "state actors."[50] Journalist Glenn Greenwald tweeted,[51]

Soviet era censorship poster: "Don't talk!"
The Biden administration is telling Facebook which posts it regards as "problematic" so that Facebook can remove them. This is the union of corporate and state power -- one of the classic hallmarks of fascism -- that the people who spent 5 years babbling about fascism support. If you don't find it deeply disturbing that the White House is "flagging" internet content that they deem "problematic" to their Facebook allies for removal, then you are definitionally an authoritarian. No other information is needed about you to know that.

Psaki articulated from the White House briefing room the Biden regime's collusion with private corporations to violate Americans' First Amendment rights: [52]

We are in regular touch with these social media platforms, and those engagements typically happen through members of our senior staff....We’ve increased disinformation research and tracking within the Surgeon General’s office. We’re flagging problematic posts for Facebook that spread’s important to take faster action against harmful posts. As you all know, information travels quite quickly on social media platforms; sometimes it’s not accurate. And Facebook needs to move more quickly to remove harmful, violative posts — posts that will be within their policies for removal often remain up for days. That’s too long. The information spreads too quickly.

Finally, we have proposed they promote quality information sources in their feed algorithm. Facebook has repeatedly shown that they have the levers to promote quality information. We’ve seen them effectively do this in their algorithm over low-quality information and they’ve chosen not to use it in this case. And that’s certainly an area that would have an impact.

Denying COVID-19 treatment

See also: Coronavirus in the United States

As soon as Biden’s HHS noticed the red state governors were working on an effective covid treatment with Monoclonal Antibody drugs (mAb) as an alternative to the vaccine approach, Biden's HHS moved to take control of distribution of mAB by rationing. The change in HHS approach followed Republican governor Ron DeSantis of Florida promoting the use of mAb and opening up dozens of treatment centers throughout his state. Other governors quickly took notice of the effective action plan of DeSantis and started to follow that path. Psaki defended the move as “equitable use of the available supply," a fancy term for “rationing” the life-saving treatment based on political ideology.[53]


A coffin outside a New York nursing home to protest Gov. Cuomo's decision to infect seniors with the coronavirus.[54]

Boomer remover

See also: Covid lockdown

Even after Democrat state legislators joined the calls for impeachment and removal[55] and criminal prosecution of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo[56][57][58] for his role in the death of 13,000 victims consigned to nursing homes,[59] as well as longtime persistent sexual assault allegations,[60] Psaki stood by the Dear Leader's words calling Cuomo "the Gold Standard" of COVID-19 leadership.[61] Cuomo resigned and was arrested in a sexual harassment scandal before he could be impeached.


Biden border crisis

See also: Biden border crisis

After White House chief propagandist Jen Psaki denied a border crisis existed,[62] the junta dispatched FEMA to deal with the 100,000 illegal aliens who crossed the border in the first seven weeks after the junta seized power.[63] Psaki was asked why illegal aliens were getting hotel rooms when the National Guard in D.C. were forced to sleep in parking garages in freezing temperatures with no bathrooms and given contaminated food.[64]

Babies in cages.

According to Politico,[65] White House and Health and Human Services officials were frustrated after being left with the task of cleaning up remarks about the Mexican border by Symone Sanders, senior spokesperson for Harris. Sanders told reporters that Biden and Harris “have instructed [HHS Secretary Xavier] Becerra to do a thorough investigation” of the El Paso army base where migrant children locked in cages. But Psaki and others had to tell The Guardian that no such investigation exists. “At no time did The White House recommend a probe of the facility,” a White House spokesman told The Guardian.[66] CBS News also reported that a White House official said that Biden did not order a formal investigation.[67]

Border agents are trained by the Department of Homeland Security to twirl the reins of a horse for crowd control if humans start approaching their horses to keep them away from getting injured, and the reins are never used to strike or harm people. The head of the Border Patrol union stated, “There are very few things that will boil my blood as bad as the White House directly coming out and condemning an action before they know what happened. Jen Psaki came out yesterday, and she condemned these actions, when in reality, it is a legitimate law enforcement action. This was meant to protect the illegal aliens.” The union head added that Psaki is ignorant and has no business commenting on things she doesn't understand. Worse, these political hacks aren’t even attempting to understand. It’d be one thing if Psaki made a mistake, got educated, and corrected it. Instead, she’s pretending to be fully aware of what those agents were doing and what’s happening at the border. Never mind that it’s her boss that caused the humanitarian crisis we are seeing in Del Rio and elsewhere.[68]

Unvetted refugees

Psaki claimed of the 122,000 Afghan refugees,[69] the vast majority having not collaborated with U.S. or NATO forces,[70] were all vetted.[71] Within a month, one refugee at Fort McCoy in Wisconsin was charged with was charged for strangling and suffocating his wife and another was charged with sexual assault on a minor under 16 years of age.[72] Several older male refugees also claimed to be accompanied by alleged child brides as young as 12 years old.[73] At the Doña Ana complex in New Mexico, a female soldier was assaulted by a gang of refugees.[74]

Ukrainian collusion

See also: Biden-Burisma scandal and Biden family corruption
Official Russian Foreign Ministry addressed to Psaki.

Psaki displayed her loyalty to the party and the Biden family over the American people and the United States government in a May 2014 State Department conference. When asked by the Associated Press about Joe Biden and Hunter's role on the Burisma's board, Psaki said she "certainly would not put them in the same category" with corrupt Ukrainian oligarchs and their cronies.[75]

In March 2022 Psaki refused to comment when confronted by reporters on the news that Hunter Biden’s laptop – dismissed by her as ‘Russian disinformation’ – had been authenticated by the New York Times. “The New York Times has authenticated emails that appear to have come from a laptop abandoned by Hunter Biden in Delaware,” the reporter began at a press briefing. “The President previously said that the New York Post story about this was ‘a bunch of garbage’ and that it was ‘a Russian plant.’ Does he stand by that assessment?” a reporter asked. Another reporter challenged Psaki herself for efforts she personally made to spread the ‘Russian disinformation’ misinformation. “If I may, you were asked about Hunter Biden’s laptop. You also, in October 2020, dismissed it as ‘Russian disinformation.’ Do you stand by that assessment?” they asked.[76]


Psaki mocked voters concerned about crime and the rising homicide rate under the Biden regime as living in "an alternate universe."[77]

Sexaul harassment allegations against Joe Biden

Biden and Tara Reade. Beginning in 1993 Reade made credible allegations about being assaulted and penetrated by Joe Biden and was hounded out of her job in his Senate office in retaliation for doing so.[78]
See also: Tara Reade and Creepy Uncle Joe

Psaki was asked on August 4, 2021,[79]

In a follow-up to the report on Gov. Cuomo's of sexual harassment, a lot of men in politics have been accused of sexual harassment. President Biden was accused by female Secret Service agents of skinny dipping in front of them, offending them according to Washington Post reporter Ronald Kessler, who's an author as well. His former Senate aide Tara Reade accused him of sexual assault. The Washington Post and the New York Times have published multiple accounts of women who objected to the way President Biden touched them. Should there be an independent investigation of allegations into the President as there was into Gov. Cuomo?

The question came only days after the neice of Sen. Steve Daines alleged Biden touched her inappropriately during Sen. Daines swearing in, in 2015 when she was 8 years old.[80] Psaki responded with the usual tripe that Democrats support women's rights.

Biden Senior Advisor Anita Dunn, a certified Maoist and apologist for genocide, surpressed Tara Reade's allegations of rape in January 2020.

Foreign policy and national security

Rape of Afghanistan

Joe Biden, author of the Violence Against Women Act abandoning the women and girls of Afghanistan to the Taliban rape jihad.
See also: Women under the Taliban

With the Taliban making ravaging across Afghanistan, Psaki said "The Taliban has to make an assessment about what they want their role to be in the international community." Her comments came as reports surfaced of Taliban fighters going door-to-door and forcibly marrying girls as young as 12.[81] A wave of ridicule swept across social media as commentators said she was out of touch

  • 'The Taliban’s roll in the “International Community” - whatever that means- is to produce heroin & fund terrorism'
  • 'Taliban assessment in the international community was felt on 9/11 if anyone remembers'
  • 'This is insulting to all those soldiers who gave their lives during #operationiraqifreedom'
  • ‘They don’t need the Davos crowd'
  • 'We’re being led by high school guidance counselors'
  • ‘Why fight the Taliban when we can lecture them instead’
  • “The guys who defeated the US and NATO” sounds like a good label. You got a better one, Jen?
  • ‘Psaki won’t be able to tempt them to civility with a seat on the Human Rights Council or expect them to show up to a global warming get-together with Greta Thunberg
  • 'They want to lead the UN, solve climate change and win a Nobel'

The United Nations reported that more than 1000 civilians were killed in the past month and the International Committee of the Red Cross says it has treated more than four thousand people since the start of the month. The U.N. is warning of an impending civilian catastrophe and says it has reports of possible war crimes.[82] Former Obama Ambassador to Afghanistan Ryan Crocker said,[83] the Islamist group cares less about diplomatic relations than it does about the idea that it has defeated the world’s strongest military, a narrative that will embolden other Islamist militants around the world.

“We’re going to pay for that for a long time to come, and that’s why it is insane – just idiotic – to think that we can tell the Taliban that if they don’t stop taking over territory and play nice, the international community will withhold recognition and support. The Taliban really doesn’t care, because they’ve got something far more valuable.”

“We have seen this movie before. This would be the Taliban of the 1990s that gave safe haven to al-Qaida, except they’re meaner and tougher than they were then because of what they’ve been through.”

“But even with all of that, I’m afraid a lot of people are going to die. As the Taliban moves into different cities and towns, they’ve got their hit list. So it’s going to be messy, it’s going to be incomplete and more people are going to die, but we’ve got to make our best possible effort.”

“I’m left with some grave questions in my mind about his ability to lead our nation as commander-in-chief.”[84]

With 40,000 Americans stranded,[85] embassy personnel in Kabul were apprised by the State Department to leave the embassy and make their way to the airport. Staffers reported being jostled, hit, spat on and cursed at by Taliban fighters at checkpoints near the airport. Some staff members reported that they were almost separated from their children, while others collapsed in a crush of people and had to be taken to hospitals with injuries. Others said they had collapsed on the road because of heat exhaustion. “It would be better to die under the Taliban’s bullet” than face the crowds again, a staff member was quoted as saying in a State Department cable. “Happy to die here, but with dignity and pride," according to NBC News.[86] A heart-wrenching audio clip of a stranded American woman in fear for her life was posted to social media.[87] Meanwhile, back at the White House Psaki claimed no Americas were stranded.[88][89]

Gold Star families

See also: Fall of Kabul

Washington Post reporter Ashley Parker read asked Psaki about a quote from Roice McCollum, the sister of Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Rylee McCollum, who was killed in the regime's hasty and inept Afghan evacuation. An interaction between Biden and the family of Cpl. McCollum ended with all but Roice walking out on the “scripted and shallow” Biden. According to the WaPo article, McCollum’s sister stated that “when it came time to meet with the president, they left the room, because she said they did not want to speak with the man they held responsible for McCollum’s death.” Biden’s brief and pre-rehearsed conversation was described as showing complete “total disregard to the loss of our Marine” according to Roice, who added, “You can’t f**k up as bad as he did and say you’re sorry. This did not need to happen, and every life is on his hands.”[90] Parker asked,

“The sister of one of the Marines killed in the airport attack told the press that the President’s comments struck her family as ‘scripted’ and ‘shallow.’ And she said, quote, ‘You can’t F up as bad as he did and say you’re sorry. This did not need to happen, and every life is on his hands.’” Parker went on to ask Psaki if she could “talk a little about how the president thought the meeting with the families went? And also, what responsibility, if any, for these deaths does he think he bears?” [91]
"it was the most disrespectful thing I’ve ever seen” - the father of murdered Marine Lance Cpl. Jared Schmitz.

Psaki dodged the question with a scripted and shallow response. Kathy McCollum, Rylee’s mother, called into a radio show and ripped Biden as a “feckless, dementia-ridden piece of crap” after she learned of her son’s death:

"My son was one of the marines that died yesterday. He was 20 years and six months old, getting ready to come home to be with his wife to watch the birth of his son.

And that feckless, dementia ridden piece of crap, Biden, just sent my son to die.

I woke up at 4’o’clock this morning to US Marines at my door telling me my son was dead.

I never thought in 1 million years that he would die for nothing, for nothing because a feckless, dementia-ridden piece of crap who decided he wanted a photo-op on Sept. 11 — that’s what kills me. I wanted my son to represent our country, to fight for my country. But I never thought that a feckless piece of crap would send him to his death, and smirk on television while he’s talking about people dying with his nasty smirk.

So, to have right on before me, to have to listen to that piece of crap Biden talk about diplomatic crap with Taliban terrorists who just freaking blew up my son and no, nothing, to not say anything about …"Oh my God I’m so sorry for failing.”

My son is gone, and I just want all you Democrats who cheated in the election, or who voted for him legitimately, to know you just killed my son with a dementia ridden piece of crap who doesn’t even know he’s in the White House, who still thinks he’s a senator.[92]

McCollum’s pregnant widow felt Biden showed “total disregard to the loss of our Marine — our brother, son, husband, and father” when Biden spoke to her. Roice said “This did not need to happen, and every life is on his hands, the thousands of Afghans who will suffer and be tortured is a direct result of his incompetence.”

Family members of the US Marines killed in the suicide terror attack at the Kabul airport slammed Biden for his disrespectful behavior at the dignified transfer ceremony where the bodies were received. The father of Marine Lance Cpl. Jared Schmitz told the Washington Post of an outburst that occurred toward the end of the ceremony when one woman allegedly shouted at Biden, “I hope you burn in hell! That was my brother!”[93] Schmitz added that Biden "talked a bit more about his own son [Beau Biden] than he did my son, and that didn’t sit well with me. When he just kept talking about his son so much, it was just — my interest was lost in that. I was more focused on my own son than what happened with him and his son. I’m not trying to insult the president, but it just didn’t seem that appropriate to spend that much time on his own son.” Schmitz took out a photo of his own son,

Joseph Rosenbaum was a racist and convicted pedophile who raped five boys, ages 9 to 11 and attempted to murder Kyle Rittenhouse. Joe Biden and Jen Psaki defended Rosenbaum.[94]
"I said, ‘Don’t you ever forget that name. Don’t you ever forget that face. Don’t you ever forget the names of the other 12. And take some time to learn their stories."

Schmitz told St. Louis radio station KMOX to “be afraid of our leadership, or lack thereof. Pray every day for the soldiers that are putting their lives at risk and doing what they love, which is protecting all of us. I think they’re the only ones that we can honestly say have our backs.”

Every time a casket was unloaded, Biden looked at his watch. “I actually leaned into my son’s mother’s ear and I said, ‘I swear to God, if he checks his watch one more time …’,” Schmitz recalled, “and that was only probably four times in. I couldn’t look at him anymore after that, just considering, especially, the time and why we were there. I found it to be the most disrespectful thing I’ve ever seen.” Hoover said he and his family declined to meet with Biden. “We said, ‘Absolutely not.’ We didn’t want to deal with him. We didn’t want — we didn’t want him anywhere near us. We as a family decided that was the way it was going to be.”

Psaki did not deny that Biden was checking the time when she was asked by Fox News correspondent Jacqui Heinrich, “Was the president looking at his watch and does he have a message to those people who felt that they were offended?”[95]

Build Back Better

See also: Build Back Better

Psaki impugned the integrity of Sen. Joe Manchin after he heroically saved the Republic from Bolshevism.[96][97]

Election fraud conspiracy theorist

Psaki pushed the false claim that the 2016 presidential election was “hacked” during a phone call with TikTok influencers during the Russia-Ukraine war. Taylor Lorenz with the Washington Post reported Psaki spoke to 30 influencers via a Zoom call. The White House enlisted them to spread the White House’s “strategic goals.”

The White House propaganda apparatus began working with Gen Z For Change, a nonprofit advocacy group, to help identify top content creators on the CCP-controlled platform[98] to orchestrate a briefing aimed at answering questions about the Biden regime's support for Ukranian Nazis. Lorenz obtained a full recording of the call, which she posted to SoundCloud. Psaki told her youthful audience: {{quotebox-float|"If you look back at 2014, and frankly even 2016, when Russia invaded Ukraine and then in 2016, when they, you know, of course, hacked our election here."}] The 2016 election was not “hacked”. The Office of the Director of National Intelligence investigated Russia’s influence on the 2016 election in great detail. Investigators found that on social media, Russian actors sought to influence the opinions of potential voters. The report noted:

"Since early 2014, Russian intelligence has researched US electoral processes and related technology and equipment. DHS assesses that the types of systems we observed Russian actors targeting or compromising are not involved in vote tallying."

In other words, Russia failed in its attempts to compromise actual votes in the election. Russia did spend $1,200 on Facebook ads. But as the intelligence community clearly found, the election was not hacked.[99]

Kyle Rittenhouse

See also: Kenosha riots

Psaki doubled down on Joe Biden's defamatory slander of Kyle Rittenhouse, the 18-year-old exonerated for defending himself when three white Black Lives Matter rioters attempted to kill him.[100]



The Daily Mail reported that Kamala Harris hired a team of image consultants, including the brother-in-law of chief propagandist Jen Psaki. Harris hired Lorraine Voles and Adam Frankel. Voles is a veteran Al Gore image consultant; Frankel, who worked as a speechwriter for Barack Obama, is married to Psaki’s sister Stephanie Psaki, and a senior adviser at the Department of Health and Human Services.[101]

Ethics complaint

In October 2021 an ethics complaint was filed with the Special Counsels Office against Psaki by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics (CREW) for violations of the Hatch Act. The Hatch Act forbids federal employees from using their office for certain election-related and political activities. During a televised White House press briefing, Psaki stated, "we’re going to do everything we can to help former Governor McAuliffe, and we believe in the agenda he’s representing." Terry McAuliffe is the corrupt former DNC chair and governor of Virginia running again in the November 2021 general election for governor of Virginia. McAuliffe funneled $700,000 to the wife of disgraced FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe while McCabe was overseeing the investigation into the Hillary Clinton email scandal. McAuliffe was Hillary Clinton's 2008 presidential camapaign manager and Bill Clinton's 1996 presidential campaign manager.

Money laundering

Hunter Biden art gallery. A peaceful protester was assaulted by security before he could complete, "Daddy is a war criminal."[102][103]

Hunter Biden’s supposed art went for sale at an NYC gallery, with the most expensive pieces expected to top $500,000, and buyers promised anonymity. Ethics experts were alarmed at the novice artist’s plans to sell his debut artworks for up to $500,000.[104] Walter Shaub, who worked as director of the Office of Government Ethics under former President Barack Obama, has called for the art sales to be canceled — or for the names of buyers to be disclosed.

Jen Psaki insisted that Hunter Biden would not discuss art sales with prospective purchasers buyers when he meets with them at gallery events after insisting the buyers would remain anonymous. A White House-brokered arrangement with buyers would be kept secret, despite ethics experts saying the plan looks like influence-peddling. “Hunter Biden should cancel this art sale because he knows the prices are based on his dad’s job. Shame on POTUS if he doesn’t ask Hunter to stop. If that fails, he should ask that the names of buyers be released & pledge to notify us if any buyer ever meets with admin officials,” Shaub tweeted. The arrangement has been described as the perfect vehicle for influence peddling[105] and money laundering.[106]

Richard Painter, a failed 2018 Democratic Senate candidate and the chief White House ethics lawyer under President George W. Bush, also slammed the art sales. “Bottom line: secrecy never works in ethics. Whether it’s secret sales of Hunter Biden’s art or the University of Pennsylvania’s secret donations from China and Saudi Arabia. Secrecy never works,” Painter recently wrote.

The alleged art is to be sold at exhibitions at the Georges Berges Gallery locations in Los Angeles and New York. CBS News reported Bergès has a checkered past. The art dealer filed for bankruptcy in 1998, and months before he was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon and making "terrorist threats." He's also been sued for fraud.[107] Psaki referred to the 49 year old drug addict as a "child".

Former L.A. mayor Eric Garcetti, a racist who's nomination by Biden as Commissar of Housing was withdrawn over Black Lives Matter protests and threats of insurrection,[108] was in attendance at the L.A. art show of Hunter's alleged art work. After being canned as nominee for HUD over his racist views, Biden nominated Garcetti for the position of Ambassador to India. When asked if the Biden regime condones selling ambassadorships through purchases of Hunter's artwork, Psaki saw no problem with it.[109]

Soviet Communist sympathies

See also: Democide and Black Book of Communism

In November 2014. Psaki posed with a hat bearing the Hammer and Sickle of the communist Soviet regime during a meeting between John Kerry and Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov.[110] In much of the world the Hammer and Sickle evokes a similar, if not the same, response as the wearing of the swastika.[111] More than 100 million human beings perished under the hammer and sickle.[112] Award-winning writer Gabriella Hoffman of remarked,

"You wore a hat emblazoned with a hate symbol and smiled for pictures with Russian dignitaries while working for the administration that gave the Kremlin more flexibility.

The hammer & sickle represents horror for many of us with family that survived/died under Soviet communism.[113]

Vladimir Putin has in recent decades attempted to re-habilitate the emblem and transform it into a symbol of Russian nationalism.[114]

In the photo, Russian foreign minister Lavrov has his arm around Psaki.[115] Lavrov was said by Democrat and fake news media outlets to have carried a message from Vladimir Putin to Donald Trump to fire FBI director James Comey.[116] Impeachment sham whistleblower Eric Ciaramella is said to have started the rumor.[117]

Nord Stream II

From the White House press briefing room podium, Psaki defended the Trump era sanctions against the Nord Stream II pipeline in February 2021, noting that any new pipeline carrying fossil fuel from Russia to Germany “goes against Europe’s own stated energy and security goals.”[118] The pipeline is a massive scandal in Germany, with former Democratic Socialist chancellor Gerhard Schroeder on the board of the Nord Stream pipeline company and a major stockholder.[119] In May 2021 Biden waived sanctions against its CEO, Matthias Warnig, a former Stasi agent.[120] The reversal of Trump-era policies made Biden appear to be a Putin puppet.[121] CDMedia reported,

"CDMedia wrote in the summer before the 2020 election about Joe Biden, and his energy and gas genius son Hunter, meeting with Russian gas executives in the United States, weeks after Russia annexed the Crimean Peninsula, and Obama/Biden were crowing in the news about how America needs to ‘get tough on Russia’....The ‘tough on Russia’ thing is a hoax. Biden just ensured billions of hydrocarbon revenue for the Kremlin. He just weakened the NATO alliance."[122]

In popular culture

According to The Moscow Times,[123]

Biden junta propaganda has been characterized as "unmitigated crap."[124]
"A little-known official in her home country, Psaki is a celebrity in Russia — even if against her will.

Psaki’s rise to Russian stardom stems from her time as State Department spokeswoman from 2013-2015 and as the Obama White House’s communications director from 2015-2017, some of the most contentious years in U.S.-Russia relations. Russian state television pundits and bloggers alike seized on gaffes she made while speaking on Russia-related topics, churning out jokes, satirical memes and videos, and constantly trolling her.

Psaki was also the target of sexist jokes on topics ranging from not knowing who the father of her child is to her lacking knowledge of Eastern European geography. The term “Great Psakiing” was coined in Russian to mean “confusing the facts.”

Dmitry Kiselyov, another Kremlin-aligned television host, reminded viewers this week of the time Psaki accidentally said gas supplies flow from western Europe through Ukraine to Russia, not the other way around. While Psaki corrected herself shortly after making the mistake at a live press briefing, it didn’t save her from attacks on her intelligence.

“This Psaki calmly declares that gas in Europe flows from west to east. It was she who was going to send a fleet to the shores of Belarus,” Kiselyov said on his Sunday news program. ...

“The return of Jen Psaki to the team of the elected, according to preliminary data, U.S. President Joe Biden was expected, but the fact that such people occupy high government posts in a nuclear superpower is naturally alarming,” Elena Panina, a member of the State Duma’s International Affairs Committee, told the state-run RIA Novosti news agency.


  • "Generally we believe in upholding international standards of justice."[125]

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