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Jennifer Rene “Jen” Psaki

Biden Junta Chief Spokesperson
Assumed office 
January 20, 2021

Born December 1, 1978
Stamford, Connecticut
Political party Democrat
Spouse(s) Gregory Mecher
Children Two
Alma mater College of William and Mary
Salary $183,000
Net worth $2 million (est)[1]

Jennifer Rene “Jen” Psaki, born December 1, 1978 (age 42), is the chief White House propagandist for the Biden junta.[2] Biden hired Symone Sanders, an African American and former Bernie Sanders campaign press secretary in 2019;[3] however Jen Psaki secured the White House job after the election because of her white privilege.[4] Symone Sanders told CNN,

"In my opinion, we don’t need white people leading the Democratic Party right now. The Democratic Party is diverse, and it should be reflected as so in our leadership and throughout the staff at the highest levels."[5]

Psaki is known for her use of hate symbols and her rabid and insensitive homophobia.[6] Psaki is also known for styming reporters and the public with her robotic "I'll circle back" response to any substantive questions.[7][8] As Obama State Department spokesperson she caused an international stir when she made the ridiculous stamement that the United States in general supports international standards of justice.[9]

Psaki colluded with MSM reporters to screen questions in advance.[10] The Biden junta considers Joe Biden's favorite flavor of ice cream to be news, and ignores questions on policy or corruption. During the hedge fund meltdown over the GameStop short selling fiasco, Psaki attempted to soothe fears and restore investor confidence by announcing that Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen is a woman.[11]

Cuomo the Gold Standard of leadership

Even after Democrat state legislators joined the calls for impeachment and removal[12] and criminal prosecution of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo[13][14][15] for his role in the death of 13,000 victims consigned to nursing homes,[16] as well as longtime persistent sexual assault allegations,[17] Psaki stood by the Dear Leader's words calling Cuomo "the Gold Standard" of COVID-19 leadership.[18]

Border crisis

After White House chief propagandist Jen Psaki denied a border crisis existed,[19] the junta dispatched FEMA to deal with the 100,000 illegal aliens who crossed the border in the first seven weeks after the junta seized power.[20] Psaki was asked why illegal aliens were getting hotel rooms when the National Guard in D.C. were forced to sleep in parking garages in freezing temperatures with no bathrooms and given contaminated food.[21]

Soviet Communist sympathies

Psaki with Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov

In November 2014. Psaki posed with a hat bearing the Hammer and Sickle of the communist Soviet regime during a meeting between John Kerry and Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov.[22] In much of the world the Hammer and Sickle evokes a similar, if not the same, response as the wearing of the swastika.[23] More than 100 million human beings perished under the hammer and sickle.[24] Award-winning writer Gabriella Hoffman of remarked,

"You wore a hat emblazoned with a hate symbol and smiled for pictures with Russian dignitaries while working for the administration that gave the Kremlin more flexibility.

The hammer & sickle represents horror for many of us with family that survived/died under Soviet communism.[25]

Vladimir Putin has in recent decades attempted to re-habilitate the emblem and transform it into a symbol of Russian nationalism.[26]

In the photo, Russian foreign minister Lavrov has his arm around Psaki.[27] Lavrov was said by Democrat and fake news media outlets to have carried a message from Vladimir Putin to Donald Trump to fire FBI director James Comey.[28] Impeachment sham whistleblower Eric Ciaramella is said to have started the rumor.[29]

Celebrity status

According to The Moscow Times,[30]

"A little-known official in her home country, Psaki is a celebrity in Russia — even if against her will.

Psaki’s rise to Russian stardom stems from her time as State Department spokeswoman from 2013-2015 and as the Obama White House’s communications director from 2015-2017, some of the most contentious years in U.S.-Russia relations. Russian state television pundits and bloggers alike seized on gaffes she made while speaking on Russia-related topics, churning out jokes, satirical memes and videos, and constantly trolling her.

Psaki was also the target of sexist jokes on topics ranging from not knowing who the father of her child is to her lacking knowledge of eastern European geography. The term “Great Psakiing” was coined in Russian to mean “confusing the facts.”

Dmitry Kiselyov, another Kremlin-aligned television host, reminded viewers this week of the time Psaki accidentally said gas supplies flow from western Europe through Ukraine to Russia, not the other way around. While Psaki corrected herself shortly after making the mistake at a live press briefing, it didn’t save her from attacks on her intelligence.

“This Psaki calmly declares that gas in Europe flows from west to east. It was she who was going to send a fleet to the shores of Belarus,” Kiselyov said on his Sunday news program. ...

“The return of Jen Psaki to the team of the elected, according to preliminary data, U.S. President Joe Biden was expected, but the fact that such people occupy high government posts in a nuclear superpower is naturally alarming,” Elena Panina, a member of the State Duma’s International Affairs Committee, told the state-run RIA Novosti news agency.


  • "Generally we believe in upholding international standards of justice."[31]


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