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Alexei Arestovich

Senior advisor to Volodymyr Zelensky, Alexei Arestovich, in drag here as "Lyusya".[1]

Alexei Arestovich (born 1975), commonly known as the Baghdad Bob of Kyiv, was the chief official daily propagandist for the Zelensky regime until January 2023. Arestovich was appointed by Ukrainian dictator Vladimir Zelensky as Representative of the Ukrainian delegation to that forged the Minsk Agreements and as Senior Advisor to the President in 2020. He has been described as a "psychopath, gay, egocentric and drug addict Zelensky adviser."[2] Arestovich was fired January 18, 2023 by Ukrainian dictator Volodymyr Zelensky for reporting the truth about Ukrainian missile defense systems installed in residential areas, in violation of international humanitarian law in the rules of war, that subsequently makes a residential area a legitimate military target and results in the death of civilians.[3][4][5] Arestovich was subsequently added to the Myrotvorets kill list.[6]

According to Wikipedia, Arestovych is an organizer of "psychological seminars and trainings" and a charitable foundation "for the psychological support" of terrorists.[7] He is reported to have held the rank of Lt. Col. in Ukrainian military intelligence (GUR).

After the start of a special military operation in Ukraine, Arestovich became the talking head mouthpiece of Ukrainian propaganda. He gave interviews and recorded videos in which he established himself as an unreliable source of information and propagandist. Ukrainian Telegram users became very skeptical of Arestovich's assertions of imminent victory in the face of reality and staggering losses.


Born in the Republic of Georgia, worked as actor and began his paramilitary career in 2014 after the Maidan coup. He took part in the Donbas war, and also played a military expert on TV. From 2018 to 2019, he was listed as a scout in the combat zone in the Donbas near Kramatorsk.

Russia-Ukraine war

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On April 17, 2022, Arestovich said about the situation in Mariupol:

"Zelensky said today that if the defenders of Mariupol die, then Ukraine will withdraw from negotiations with Russia. Then a completely different period will begin – Ukraine will dictate the terms and will fight until the last Russian scumbag dies. Russia will have nothing to respond to, they have a crisis and a catastrophe."

On April 21, 2022, Arestovich said about Azovstal:

Relative AFU troop strength in the Severdonetsk-Lisichansk-Zolote pockets, May 24, 2022.[8]
"They [the Russians] withdrew their troops from there and now it will be easier for our soldiers to kill them daily. They do not have so many troops to surround Azovstal (we need 2-3 times more). The threat of loss of Mariupol receded. They were frightened by Zelensky's ultimatum that Ukraine would withdraw from the negotiations if they killed our military there. They are afraid that Ukraine will withdraw from the negotiation process."

On May 1, 2022, Arestovich said that Ukraine could defeat the Russian group in the Donbas by Victory Day, May 9.

On May 25, 2022, Kyiv regime spokesperson Alexey Arestovich blamed Germany for Ukrainian losses in the Donbas. Arestovich said,[9]

"Let’s be honest: Russia is now having a tactical success in Ukraine, which threatens to develop into an operational one in the Lysychansk-Severodonetsk direction. How can this be explained? The pace of lend-lease, which we expected a month ago, did not materialize. Not at the expense of American or British weapons, but at the expense of German....The German side, delaying the transfer of military equipment to us, is indirectly to blame for the fact that is happening at the front."

Arestovich was enraged by a proposal from some Italy, Hungary, and Cyprus for an immediate ceasefire and for peace talks to begin[10] as the Donbas cauldron was slammed shut and 15,000 troops faced annihilation: "Go f*** yourselves with such proposals, you dumb f****."[11] Arestovich threatened to arrange an "exemplary hysteria" for the United States if Biden would not provide multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) to Ukraine.[12] Some translations read, "throw a tantrum", others read a "model tantrum."

On June 1, 2022, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov told RIA Novosti news that Biden's decision to arm Ukraine with HIMAR missile launchers increases the risk of direct confrontation between Russia and the United States. Biden foreign minister Antony Blinken said the weapons, which have a precision range of up to 300 kilometers, were given on the pretext of a promise by Zelensky not to use the HIMARs against Russian territory. Arestovich immediately threatened, "Crimea is ours…It belongs to Ukraine…And they know it…Therefore, it will fly to Crimea double-time."[13]

According to Arestovich, if the West does not help Ukraine, 500,000 Ukrainians would join the 1,500,000 man Russian Army to form an army of 2 million men.

On January 2, 2023, Arestovich proclaimed “If we are in the Lord of the Rings script a return of the king must happen...If you think rationally, the only way to kill everything that is coming at us from Moscow is to declare a monarchy”.

By August 2023 as the vaunted NATO/Ukraine counteroffensive faltered, Arestovich admitted Ukraine's biggest mistake, early on, was its de-humanization of Russians in its propaganda war, which was dutifully echoed in Western media. NATO/Ukraine originally thought that the war could be won by propaganda and control of information, and that the manufacture and supply of conventional weapons were not necessary. Arestovich admitted that Ukrainian and Western de-humanization of Russians through its mainstream media outlets provided the motivation for Russia to fight back.[14]

War crimes

The Washington Post reported on March 28, 2022, that the Ukrainian military has a responsibility under international law to remove their forces and equipment from civilian-populated areas, and if that is not possible, to move civilians out of those areas. If they don't do that, it is a war crime because they are putting civilians at risk. All that military equipment are legitimate targets. Andriy Kovalyov, a spokesman for the Ministry of Defense's Territorial Defense, whose forces and equipment were positioned in Kyiv, scoffed at that reasoning. Senior adviser to Volodymyr Zelensky, the notorious homosexual Alexei Arestovich,[15] told the Post that "international humanitarian laws or the laws of war don’t apply in this conflict." In response to written questions from The Post, Arestovich said the country's military doctrine, approved by parliament, provides for the principle of “total defense.”[16]


  • The fact is that we (Ukraine) are a banal country. Also, we have a banal collective unconscious... The average Ukrainian is an ideal victim of the information-semantic war.
  • One of the central ideas of Ukraine is to lie to yourself and others as much as possible. Because if you tell the truth, everything will collapse.[17]
  • Zelensky is a weak man, he has two keys: petty pride and fear.

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