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Boris Johnson among students

Boris Johnson (born New York, 1964) was the foreign minister of the United Kingdom until July 2018. Previously, he served as the Mayor of London until May 8, 2016. He is a noted supporter of Brexit. In 2008 he was elected to the post of Mayor of London, defeating the incumbent mayor, Ken Livingstone. Johnson is succeeded by Sadiq Khan‎, the first Muslim Mayor of any European capital.

Boris Johnson's campaign for Mayor of London from the Conservative Party was in a majority Labour party dominated region. Johnson promised during the campaign that he would roll back a recent expansion of Central London congestion charging Livingstone had introduced.[1] He also advocated the removal of articulated, or "bendy", buses that had been introduced to London.[2] He also called for minor changes to law and order in London in the form of a ban on drinking alcohol on public transport (the London Underground in particular) [3] and the revocation of free travel for youths who misbehave on buses and trains.


Johnson was born in the New York City. He no longer claims US citizenship because he chose to renounce it following trouble entering the US on his British passport.[4] However, he did not clarify whether he had ever formally renounced his US citizenship before a US consular officer and it is uncertain whether he remains a citizen under US law.

Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs

On 13 July 2016 he was appointed as the British Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs by Prime Minister Theresa May.[5]

In July 2018, due to his opposition to May's Brexit plan which undermined UK sovereignty and independence, Johnson resigned as Foreign Secretary.[6] He was replaced by Jeremy Hunt.

Political views

Boris Johnson announced during the 2008 US presidential campaign that he favoured an Obama victory.[7] However, he strongly supported Brexit and continues to support restoring UK sovereignty.

Johnson is highly critical of Russian president Vladimir Putin. When in March 2018 former Russian agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia were poisoned in Salisbury, Johnson compared Russia's hosting of the World Cup to Adolf Hitler's hosting of the Olympic Games in 1936.[8]

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