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Reform UK is a conservative political party in the United Kingdom that seeks to achieve Brexit and secure UK independence from the European Union. It is led by Nigel Farage, it was formerly known as the Brexit Party


The Brexit Party was founded in April 2019,[1] and it grew very quickly.[2] In May 2019, it received four members in the Welsh parliament after several Assembly Members defected from their respective parties,[3] and it also received Labour Party defectors.[4] Even members of the Liberal Democrats left to join the Brexit Party.[5] In five weeks of its creation, the Brexit Party's membership surpassed 100,000.[6] In the May 2019 European Parliament elections, the party performed strongly, winning the most votes of any party.[7] Later in the year, the party began taking over local town councils.[8]

In an IpsosMORI poll in October 2019, the Brexit Party was found to be "on the side of the British people" more than other parties in the eyes of the British public.[9]

On November 11, 2019, Farage announced the Brexit Party would not contest seats won by the Conservative Party in 2017, in an effort to not divide the pro-Brexit vote in the December snap election.[10] The party did not win any seats in the election, but it did help the Conservative Party take Labour-held seats by acting as a spoiler, and Farage's one-way cooperation with the Conservative Party helped the latter win additional seats.[11]

After the UK left the EU on January 31, 2020, it was proposed that the Brexit Party change their name. In October 2020, Farage had applied to the Electoral Commission to rebrand the Brexit Party as Reform UK. He stated the party would now campaign on opposing COVID-19 restrictions.

Political positions

In addition to supporting a clean exit from the European Union and restoring UK sovereignty, the Brexit Party supports protecting "free individuals, families and businesses from excessive government interference", as well as reforming the voting system, cutting VAT on fuel, scrapping the proposed HS2 railway and abolishing the House of Lords, television licence fee, postal voting, the inheritance tax and waste exportation. They also support ending all privatisation of the NHS, abolishing student loan interest and providing free broadband in deprived areas.[12] The party's beliefs are inspired by Athenian democracy.[13] Besides supporting a clean Brexit, the party takes conservative and populist positions,[14] including reducing immigration levels.[15]

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