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Sir Keir Starmer (born 2 September 1962, Southwark, London) is the leader of the Labour Party in the United Kingdom. He succeeded Jeremy Corbyn in this position. Before adopting post as Labour leader, he served as Shadow Brexit secretary. Prior to working in politics, he worked as a barrister.


In April 2021, Keir Starmer was photographed drinking beer and eating curry with colleagues, during which time indoor gatherings were banned. Starmer was consequently nicknamed "Sir Beer Korma" by UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson.[1]

At the 2023 World Economic Forum summit, Starmer announced that he would ban any new investment into North Sea oil and gas. Darren Grimes described this policy as "an egregious act of self-harm" and pointed out that it would make the UK poorer, colder and more dependent on foreign powers.[2][3]

Policy and views

Starmer identifies as a "socialist", and supports social ownership and investment in the UK's public services. On the other hand, he is responsible for purging several of the more extreme left elements of the Labour Party's ideology that re-emerged under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn, and expelled numerous far-left party members in 2020.[4]

Starmer is an atheist; he stated that he doesn't believe in God, but stated that he has "a lot of time and respect for faith".[5]


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