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Climate cultist Greta Thunberg wearing an Antifa terrorist organization T-shirt.

Greta Thunberg (born January 3, 2003) is a globalist mouthpiece for neo-fascism.[1] She began her career as a climate activist/alarmist and moved on to propaganda for the arms industry and NATO warmongering.[2] At the age of 19, Thunberg's estimated net worth was over $1 million.[3] Thunberg has never criticized the NATO/Ukraine terrorist attack on the Nordstream pipeline which released more methane gas into the atmosphere than any other single event in the history of the planet.[4]

Born in Sweden, Thunberg started the "school strike" movement. She is a white privileged tool of wealthy liberal elites who use climate change advocacy to advance their political agenda[5] – she has admitted that "climate change" involves many more topics than just the environment.[6] Her activism began as a result of her mental disorders, as admitted by her father.[7] Participants take Fridays off school to protest against the alleged failure of governments to tackle the alleged problem of man-made "global warming". Thunberg has acquired a cult-like following and is regarded by some far-leftists as a prophet.[8][9] While she sailed from Europe to the United States to prove her support for an eco-friendly lifestyle, her team flew to the U.S.[10] She and other climate change alarmists have been angrier at other countries than the largest polluter on the planet, China.[11] Additionally, Thunberg is so radical and far-left that she attacked left-wing France, led by globalist environmentalist Emmanuel Macron, for not doing enough to advance environmentalism.[12] She has made false and inappropriate statements for which she was forced to apologize.[13]

Climate activist and shaman Jake Angeli at the Arizona Climate March in 2019. In 2021, Angeli led the occupation of the U.S. Capitol building.[14] The reference to Ragnarok in the lower left hand is a doomsday scenario of the Nordic gods often cited by white supremacists.[15]

In its article on Thunberg, Wikipedia has responded to criticism of her, her activism and her influence over easily impressionable children (particularly by encouraging them to engage in truancy from school for the sake of supporting climate alarmism) by using her age and her various psychological disorders (she is said to have autism, Asperger's syndrome, obsessive-compulsive disorder and selective mutism) as shields against criticism, claiming that her detractors have "launched personal attacks" and "increasingly rely on ad hominem attacks" and refer to them as "climate change deniers" in an attempt to discredit their criticism, but their attacks on Thunberg's critics hypocritically rely on racist and sexist ad hominem attacks themselves, as well as heavy use of highly questionable data and anecdotes from non-credible liberal-biased sources such as The Guardian, Scientific American, the New York Times and Vox Media.

Greta Thunberg in stereotypical Freddy Kruger shirt meets with Ukrainian dictator Volodymyr Zelensky.[16]

On September 23, 2019, Greta Thunberg gave an address to the United Nations in which she referenced a "mass extinction" caused by "global warming", and told world leaders, "How dare you!" for continuing to burn carbon and failing to prevent a fictitious impending "apocalypse". Thunberg criticized economic growth without realizing that her birth created economic growth, to make room for her to live upon this planet requires economic growth, her need for food daily, her desire for clothes, housing and consumer goods creates the demand for economic growth. Her perspective, coming from a zero sum society where population growth is stagnant and lags behind the developing world, can be seen as the views of a white privileged racist.

Sky News was one of the few networks[17][18][19][20] to fairly cover Thunberg's U.N. address.[21][22][23][24] Climate crisis marches were held globally, and Thunborg led the Manhattan march.[25] In Arizona, climate crisis advocate and shamanist Jake Angeli made local headlines in support if the march.[26] In January 2021, Angeli led the assault on the U.S. Capitol building and sat in the chair of the presiding officer during the electoral college certification of Joe Biden.[27]

Liberals have idolized Thunberg. For example, the theologically liberal Church of Sweden labeled her a successor of Jesus Christ.[28] With the media and left-wing activists using her to advance their agenda, Time Magazine named Thunberg Person of the Year in 2019.[29][30]

Thunberg has been accused of not speaking her own mind in her speeches, but being used as a mouthpiece by her unscrupulous handlers for their fraudulent politically-motivated "climate change" agenda and reading from scripts prepared for her by them. She does not appear to do well in her speeches when she either goes off-script or does not have a script to read from,[31] and she and her handlers also appear not to handle adversity (including opposition to their agenda, or hard questions about said agenda or about Thunberg herself) very well either; when she was confronted with tough questions from Rebel News reporter Keean Bexte during a tour stop in Edmonton, Alberta, Thunberg gave claims contradictory to public statements she made and refused to answer other questions before one of her handlers cut off questioning and whisked her away while threatening to sic the police on Bexte,[32] while her Edmonton "climate march" rally was confronted by a Rebel News-sponsored billboard truck challenging the viewpoints being funneled through Thunberg by her handlers, as well as by counter-protesters supporting the oil industry, who voiced opposition to the rally and its racist and anti-capitalist Marxist supporters.[33]

In March Thunberg announced she may have contracted the ChiCom flu as a result of her globetrotting activities.[34]

She also supports abortion,[35] which in September 2021 caused backlash even among some climate activists. She may also support neurodiversity, as she considers her Asperger syndrome a "superpower".[36]

Supporters of Thunberg have also shown themselves to be hypocrites when it comes to their claims about "supporting" the environment and wanting to "save" the planet; at the Glastonbury Festival in England in June 2022, after Thunberg gave one of her scripted speeches at the event, Glastonbury attendees, who voiced full-throated support for her message in mindless fashion, dispersed soon after, leaving the festival grounds trashed with their garbage for others to clean up.[37] When the trashing of the festival grounds following Thunberg's speech was reported by Twitter posters with the inclusion of photos showing how much garbage there was on the grounds, Twitter employees intervened and tampered with the posts by claiming them to be "out of context" to cover for the "climate change" hypocrites; however, the Twitter employees completely missed the point of the posts, as even though the photos they claimed as "out of context" were from past Glastonbury Festivals at the same site, they were originally posted to prove a point that there has been a historical pattern of such behavior by the festival attendees and that it continued at the 2022 event, as illustrated by accompanying photos posted by the Gateway Pundit.[37]

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