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Sky News

Sky News is the brand name for 3 completely seperate 24hr TV News networks plus a previously broadcasted TV channel in the Republic of Ireland. Sky News currently broadcasts in the United Kingdom as Sky News UK, in the Middle East and North Africa as Sky News Arabia and in Australia and New Zealand as Sky News Australia. Currently Sky News UK is owned wholly by the Sky Group (formerly BSKYB [British Sky Broadcasting]) whereas in Arabia it is owned 50% by Comcast through its Sky Group subsidiary and 50% owned by the Abu Dhabi Media Investment Corporation whereas unlike Sky News Australia which is owned Wholly by the Australian News Corp subsidiary which is owned by Rupert Murdoch.

Sky News UK

Sky News UK was launched in 1989 by Rupert Murdoch with the name sharing that of BSKYB of which he had a major stake in. Rupert Murdoch continued to own a stake in what is now the Sky Group until he got into a bidding war with Comcast in which Comcast outright purchased the company removing its listing from all stock exchanges and Fox selling all of its shares in the company to Comcast for GBP£12 Billion. Sky News currently has what is seen as a centre-left wing political view with them showing support for the idea of man made climate change theory as well as showing support for the eco-terrorist Greta Thunberg.

Sky News UK is currently broadcast globally with the exceptions being countries who don't allow the broadcast of foreign media such as Singapore or China but can be streamed through their YouTube page or their Website.

Sky News Arabia

Sky News Arabia was launched in 2012 and claims to have independant reporting[1] but due to being operated from the Middle East, this cannot be true due to very strict censorship laws in the region where governments will yank a TV presenter off the air as soon as something is said that is against the state.

Sky News Arabia can currently be watched from the Middle East, parts of Northern Africa, the UK, US, Canada and many more countries as well as online through their YouTube page or their Website.

Sky News Australia

Sky News Austrlia was launched in 1996 by Australian News Channel Pty Ltd. which was owned until 2016 by Seven Media Group, Nine Entertainment Co. and BSKYB; In 2016 News Corp Australia outright purchased the company from the previous owners who each had a 33% shareholding in the company.

Sky News Australia currently has what is seen as a centre-right wing political view with the network being called the Fox News of Australia. Most, if not all of the Hosts on Sky News Australia have a negative view on Climate Change and have frequently called Greta Thunberg an Eco-Terrorist and claim that she is being abused by her parents. Some people (mostly in YouTube comments) claim that Sky News Australia provide more accurate reporting on UK news than the UK media itself.

Sky News Austrlia can be listened to on their website or you can watch clips from their shows on their YouTube channel. At the start of the Delta variant panic, Youtube suspended Sky News Australia, a vocal Biden junta critic.[2]