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Globohomo is the convergence of the globalist, atheist, and homosexual movements. The transgender, pedophile, and LGBT movements are localized apparitions of the broader globalist and atheist agenda. The Urban Dictionary defines globohomo as the "predominant philosophy espoused by the Western economic elite, formally known as "neoliberalism". It combines ruthless capitalism by transnational corporations with a façade of socially-liberal politics...The ultimate end state of Globohomo is one in which all sexual, ethnic, racial and national identity is broken down, leaving the masses demoralized...the term is not exclusively conservative in nature, nor is it necessarily anti-homosexual".

The World Economic Forum is the leading driving force behind the globohomo movement and global fascist agenda.[1] NATO, the European Union, and the United States deep state are subsidiary entities pushing the globohomo agenda.


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President Macron of France speaking at a globalist convention with an open display of their fascist agenda with a swastika.

Globalism is the failed liberal authoritarian desire for a "one world" view that rejects the important role of nations in protecting values, public health and safety or encouraging productivity. The ultimate goal of globalism is the unification of humanity under a one-world government.[2] Globalism incites unnecessary wars, such as the Russia-Ukraine conflict in 2022. Globalists dealt themselves a severe blow when they cut themselves off from the Russian market with sanctions as a result of the Russia-Ukraine war,[3] ushering in a divided world and a New Cold War.[4]

Globalists oppose nationalism, national sovereignty, and self-governance. Instead, they favor open borders, free trade,[5][6] H-1B visas, interventionism, foreign aid, and changing the U.S. Constitution. They oppose strong border security and the building of border walls. Globalists can come from several political leanings, from the far-left to those considered on the right-of-center.[7] George Soros and the Koch brothers are globalists.

Sama sex marriage

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Same-sex marriage advances the homosexual agenda and forces the public to pay benefits for relationships that are not procreative and typically are not even monogamous. This is not only contrary to thousands of years of success based on a one-man/one-woman marriage system and in direct violation of the Bible[8] and most other religious teachings,[9] but also antisocietal as can be shown by scientific device of thought experiment used for investigation of nature of things.

Same-sex marriage has become legal now in twenty-two countries: the Netherlands, Belgium, Brazil, Spain, Canada, South Africa, Norway, Sweden, Portugal, Iceland, Argentina, Denmark, Uruguay, Finland, Luxembourg, Ireland, New Zealand,[10] France, the United States, Germany[11] and the United Kingdom (excluding Northern Ireland) Additionally, in Mexico, same-sex "marriage" is legal in the states of Quintana Roo, Chihuahua, Guerrero and Coahuila, as well as in Mexico City, a federal district similar to Washington, D.C. Other countries, such as Colombia and Chile, recognize civil unions and domestic partnerships.[12][13]


In Norway and Sweden, the adoption of same-sex "marriage" has led to a loss in respect for the marriage institution itself even for traditional couples. In Massachusetts, the legalization of same-sex marriage led to a decline in property values.[14] Also in response to the introduction of same-sex marriage the State Department of Public Health changed marriage certificates to read "Party A" and "Party B" instead of husband and wife.


Since 1991 NATO has become a promoter of globalism,[15] neoconservatism, imperialism, neo-colonialism, and gay parades along with the rest of the homosexual agenda, which Russia (and the Bible) opposes. To justify NATO's continued existence, the most extreme Russophobes of the former Warsaw Pact states and in the West have taken control of its policy direction.[16]

NATO war in Ukraine

See also: Ethnic cleansing in the Donbas and Crocus Hall terror attack

The NATO war in Ukraine is recognized by the Orthodox Christian Church as a struggle between the Western globalists' gay agenda and traditional family, moral, and religious values.[17] For this reason, the international media has ignored what otherwise would be considered a policy of ethnic cleansing of Russians from the Donbas by the NATO-backed fascist Kyiv regime.[18]

Prof. Olga Chetverikova reported in July 2014:

The heart of Burisma Holdings' Yuzov field in the Dniepr-Dontes Basin.[19]
The Dniepr-Donets Basin center of Burisma Holdings on the Kharkov front during the NATO war in Ukraine.
"In late January 2013 when former President Yanukovych still was in power, the Ukrainian government and Royal Dutch Shell inked the country's first major shale gas 50 year profit sharing agreement. Shell plans to develop the Yuzov field in the Donetsk and Kharkiv regions. In June 2014 the company confirmed its intention to go on with the agreement as soon as the conflict gets de-escalated and the situation stabilizes. The information about the deal is classified. The Ukrainian government allegedly cannot refuse the extension of its term. The territory to be explored is 7886 square kilometers, including Slavyansk (situated right in the heart of deposit), Izium, a major part of Kramatorsk and a large number of smaller populated areas like, for instance, Krasny Liman, Seversk, Yasnogorsk, Kamyshevka etc.

In accordance with article 37.2 of the agreement, the local residents have to sell their land and property. In case of refusal they are to be coerced to do it to serve the Shell’s interests. The company’s expenditure is to be compensated by Ukraine at the expense of produced gas.

The government takes on responsibility for finding a solution to all the problems with local authorities.

There are other actors involved in shale gas projects in Ukraine:

– Eurogas Ukraine, some of its shares are owned by British Macallan Oil & Gas (UK) Ltd, which belongs to US Euro Gas;

Burisma Holdings, with Hunter Biden, the son of US Vice President being a member of board of directors.

That is the main goal of those who launched the “anti-terrorist operation” or the Donbass slaughter. They want to establish total control over the Donetsk and Luhansk regions to clear the way for shale gas extraction (80-140 thousand wells). Arable lands would not be used for agricultural purposes, houses and churches will have to be destroyed to erect gas production infrastructure. Ukraine boasts 27% deposits of black earth. It’ll have to sell it abroad. It’s hard to do it in peacetime, but war time changes a lot of things. It’s important to reduce the population leaving only those who are needed to extract gas. ...the goal of establishing control over the Donetsk-Dneprovsk region deposits turned the war against the local people into an operation of extermination. Mass slaughter, spreading fear around turning local dwellers into refugees have become the main tools of implementing the policy of Kiev authorities who came to power after the coup. They serve the interests of transnational companies by being involved in ethnic cleansing of Russian population of Donbass. Human lives, the norms of international law and rules of waging contemporary wars don’t mean anything for those who are responsible for bloodshed. Some experts (E. Gilbo, for instance) say the estimations on how many people should remain in the regions have already been done."[20]

Hromadske TV[21] hosted Ukrainian Nazi journalist Bogdan Boutkevitch[22] during the Maidan coup, demanding genocide of ethnic Russians. Boutkevitch said that Donbas,

"is severely overpopulated with people nobody has any use for. Trust me I know what I am saying. If we take, for example, just Donetsk oblast, there are approximately 4 million inhabitants, at least 1.5 million of them are superfluous. We don't need to "understand" Donbass, we need to understand Ukrainian national interests. Donbass must be exploited as a resource, which it is. I don't claim to have a quick solution recipe, but the most important thing that must be done - no matter how cruel it may sound, there is a certain category of people that must be exterminated."[23]


See also: Russophobia

Anti-Putinism is a neoconservative movement aimed at demonizing Russian President Vladimir Putin in order to promote globohomo.

According to Western propaganda sources, "Putin's Russia is an authoritarian system, with restricted capitalism, a rubber stamp parliament, compliant media, imprisoned or exiled oligarchs, harassed NGOs, marginalized pro-Western democratic parties, and a foreign policy based on confronting Western hypocrisy, double standards, and cultural decadence, all based on money from oil and gas."[24][25] Corporate media television host Sean Hannity claims that Putin is a thug and a "bad actor" who cannot be trusted.[26] Putin critics allege many political opponents have been "Epsteined" or Arkancided.

In response President Putin has been critical of globohomo on many occasions, saying for example,

"Parent number one' and 'parent number two': 'birth parent' instead of 'mother', banning the use of the phrase 'breast milk' and replacing it with 'human milk' so that people who are insecure about their gender will not be upset...This is nothing new...In the 1920s the Soviet so-called kulturträgers also invented the so-called ‘newspeak’, proposing that in this way they could create a new consciousness and change society's values”.[27]


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