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Vox Media is an online liberal media company owned by NBCUniversal, comprised of Communist, socialist and SJW activist "journalists" who use the media to further their own liberal agenda while passing off their creative fiction as "news".

One of Vox's most notorious "journalists" was whiny beta male and open homosexual Carlos Maza, who had notoriously called for conservatives and supporters of Donald Trump to be "milkshaked"[1] and also used his position to instigate the YouTube "Adpocalypse" as part of a petty vendetta against conservative commentator Steven Crowder after Crowder commented about Maza's own self-claimed Twitter status as a "gay wonk" on his Louder with Crowder YouTube show in 2019 (which Maza claimed was "homophobic" and "racist"), but when Vox began to see Maza as a liability after he was not satisfied with Crowder simply getting demonetized by YouTube in an attempt to illegally silence him (in violation of the First Amendment) for speaking the truth about Maza[2] and began demanding that YouTube censor all opposing opinions which he did not like and also engaged in childish attacks on his critics on Twitter while refusing to take responsibility for ruining the livelihoods of many independent online content creators[3] (which led to a massive online backlash against both YouTube and Maza in response[2]), the company fired Maza in August 2019 while Crowder's YouTube channel was eventually remonetized one year later.[4]

Vox Media has promoted the party switch myth narrative and falsely implied that the early Republican Party began to stray away from fighting for civil rights several decades after its foundation.[5]