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Milkshaking refers to the journalist-promoted act of throwing store-bought milkshakes at political opponents.

Note that the people the liberal media don't like are called "controversial", but the act of milkshaking is not considered controversial to them.[1] Milkshaking is considered to be a childish and cowardly tactic, employed by immature leftists who do not have the maturity, the intelligence or the courage to debate or to argue against those they disagree with, for the purpose of provoking fights and to attempt to silence viewpoints those leftists do not like.

The tactic originated in May 2019 when an Islamic leftist protester threw a milkshake at British conservative activist/journalist Tommy Robinson as the latter confronted him about his aggressive behavior in Warrington, England, in an attempt by the protester to silence him. The offender was met with immediate retaliation as Robinson and several colleagues beat down the punk, who falsely labeled Robinson a "fascist" (despite the milkshake thrower behaving as a fascist himself) as he screamed at Robinson while cowardly running away.[2] Video of the incident quickly went viral and, in a case of "monkey see, monkey do", other impressionable leftists in the United Kingdom and in the United States quickly picked up on the tactic as a form of violence to commit against conservatives in public. While British liberal media, in a transparent attempt to cover for the original milkshake thrower, flimsily denied that the drink had been thrown but "slipped" out of his hand (despite video evidence clearly showing that the offender threw the drink), other liberal media opinionators such as Vice Media's Kim Kelly and Vox Media's Carlos Maza called for this tactic to be employed by other leftists against conservatives, even though publicly inciting acts of violence against others (such as what milkshaking is) is illegal under the law.

Since the original incident, leftists who use this tactic have escalated the severity and criminality of such attacks by adding foreign substances into those "milkshakes", such as quick-drying cement (a caustic substance which causes chemical burns and can cause blindness if it ends up in the eyes, as well as blunt force injury should the "milkshakes" be thrown after hardening) and acid (which likewise does serious injury), turning those into dangerous weapons which its users know will inflict harm against its targets. The use of cement in milkshakes was most notoriously used in a brutal attack by Antifa against journalist Andy Ngo, who was viciously assaulted and blinded by the hate group in a targeted attack as he documented an Antifa riot in Portland, Oregon on June 29, 2019 while Portland police, in dereliction of their duty, did nothing to stop the attack.[3][4]