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The Green New Deal is a radical communist and totalitarian plan to destroy America introduced into the 116th Congress by the Democratic party.[1][2]

The House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis was formed by Speaker Nancy Pelosi in 2019 under pressure from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and two Marxist groups known as the Sunrise Movement[3] and the Justice Democrats.[4] However, the purpose of the committee is not to deal with an alleged climate crisis, but rather promote a far left social agenda.

House Committee on the Climate Crisis

The new committee is responsible for creating a plan with draft legislation by January 1, 2020. It has absolutely no chance of becoming law before the 2020 presidential election without a presidential signature and approval of the Republican Senate. There are numerous states whose state budgets are dependent on fossil fuels, and Democrats in both houses who take money from the fossil fuel industry who will never vote for the legislation.

The Committee and proposal are entirely a tax-payer funded exercise in futility, designed to manufacture a crisis and create a tax-payer funded recruitment drive for the environmental and anti-capitalist movements.

Its scope and mandate makes clear its vision:
"The select committee shall have authority to develop a detailed national, industrial, economic mobilization plan for the transition of the United States economy to become greenhouse gas emissions neutral and to significantly draw down greenhouse gases from the atmosphere and oceans and to promote economic and environmental justice and equality."
The Green New Deal advances non-environmental projects, such as,
"social, economic, racial, regional and gender-based justice."[5]
Ocasio-Cortez’s claims it will eliminate poverty:
"The Plan for a Green New Deal (and the draft legislation) shall recognize that a national, industrial, economic mobilization of this scope and scale is a historic opportunity to virtually eliminate poverty in the United States and to make prosperity, wealth and economic security available to everyone participating in the transformation."


Ocasio-Cortez's plan calls for, within 10 years a

  • national, energy-efficient, “smart grid;
  • Upgrading every residential and industrial building for state-of-the-art energy efficiency, comfort and safety;
  • Eliminating greenhouse gas emissions from the manufacturing, agricultural and other industries as well as from America’s transportation and infrastructure network, the sort of legislation that provoked the Yellow Vest movement;
  • Funding “massive investment” in reducing existing greenhouse gasses.
The new committee will have total oversight of American industry, with a mandate for pushing union membership. Under “Scope of the Plan,” a section on labor states the committee’s final plan shall:
"Require strong enforcement of labor, workplace safety, and wage standards that recognize the rights of workers to organize and unionize free of coercion, intimidation, and harassment, and creation of meaningful, quality, career employment."

Reparations, Medicare for All, and basic income

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Ocasio-Cortez sees this plan as being a vehicle through which social equality might finally be realized through the use of reparations to right historical injustices. The final Green New Deal will
"mitigate deeply entrenched racial, regional and gender-based inequalities in income and wealth (including, without limitation, ensuring that federal and other investment will be equitably distributed to historically impoverished, low income, deindustrialized or other marginalized communities in such a way that builds wealth and ownership at the community level)."
The plan includes universal income and Medicare for All: The plan, it says, shall
"include additional measures such as basic income programs, universal health care programs and any others as the select committee may deem appropriate to promote economic security, labor market flexibility and entrepreneurism."
The plan also imagines creating governmental support for "transitioning" minority communities. The deal shall:
"ensure a 'just transition' for all workers, low-income communities, communities of color, indigenous communities, rural and urban communities and the front-line communities most affected by climate change, pollution and other environmental harm including by ensuring that local implementation of the transition is led from the community level."
Ocasio Cortez’s plan calls for creating a national jobs force to help people participate in this "transition." The Green New Deal shall
"provide all members of our society, across all regions and all communities, the opportunity, training and education to be a full and equal participant in the transition, including through a job guarantee program to assure a living wage job to every person who wants one."

Ignores Paygo provision

Ocasio-Cortez's plan would be financed by taxpayers, the Federal Reserve and other institutions the government can create.
"The Federal Reserve can extend credit to power these projects and investments, new public banks can be created (as in WWII) to extend credit and a combination of various taxation tools (including taxes on carbon and other emissions and progressive wealth taxes) can be employed."

This proposal violates the House Paygo provision, which mandates all new spending proposals must carry with them cuts in programs for existing constituencies, or proposals for tax increases to offset added spending. Ocasio-Cortez's Medicare for All proposal, which Bernie Sanders and Nancy Pelosi both claim to support, adds spending more than two times America's Gross Domestic Product,[6] making the Medicare for All provision a fantasy, Ocasio-Cortez a simpleton, and Pelosi and Sanders bald face liars to stupid people. Paygo is Pelosi's own rule that she herself formulated as Speaker of the House.

Fossil fuel donors

Select committees typically have subpoena power. Members could presumably wield subpoenas to investigate oil and gas companies. No sooner than the vote for Speaker was taken, Pelosi's flunky Steny Hoyer moved to strip the new select committee's subpoena power.[7] Hoyer has accepted more than a quarter of a million dollars from the fossil fuel industry.

Without subpoena power, the Committee on the Crisis is effectively toothless, revealing how much of a crisis Democratic Congressional leadership considers global warming to be. The committee can only propose 'solutions'. Democratic senior leadership basically gave the kiddies a sandbox to play in while the kiddies await coming of age and the retirement of Senior Democratic leadership.

The ruse

Economist Thomas Sowell, in his 1995 book, The Vision of the Annointed, outlined the general pattern with multiple examples.[8]

  • STAGE 1. THE ‘CRISIS: Some situation exists, whose negative aspects the anointed propose to eliminate. Such a situation is routinely characterized as a 'crisis'
  • STAGE 2. THE ‘SOLUTION’: Policies to end the ‘crisis’ are advocated by the anointed, who say that these policies will lead to beneficial result A. Critics say that these policies will lead to detrimental result Z. The anointed dismiss these latter claims as absurd and ‘simplistic,’ if not dishonest.
  • STAGE 3. THE RESULTS: The policies are instituted and lead to detrimental result Z.
  • STAGE 4. THE RESPONSE: Those who attribute detrimental result Z to the policies instituted are dismissed as ‘simplistic’ for ignoring the ‘complexities’ involved, as ‘many factors’ went into determining the outcome.

Later in the book Sowell adds other potential responses:

  • Goals are redefined after the fact to give the public the illusion of success regarding the policies put in place.
  • Bad motives are ascribed to the opposition or to society in general.
  • The good intentions of the anointed are highlighted.
  • They attack the accuracy of the data showing failure.


Congressional supporters of the Green New Deal as of December 1 2018:

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