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The Yellow vest (also Yellow jacket, French gilets-jaunes) movement began as a popular anti-carbon tax movement in France in response to globalist climate change agreements. The tax hike is part of France’s long-term ecological plan to move the country away from fossil fuels.[1] Per the Paris Climate Agreement, the government imposed an 8 cent per gallon tax increase on gasoline.[2] At least 3 people were killed, hundreds injured, and over 4,000 arrested in protests. The movement has attracted support across the political spectrum. Leftist parties and socialists have joined the anti-tax and anti-social experiment movement.[3][4]

One protester summarized their grievances as climate change advocates "talk about the end of the world, we're worried about the end of the month."[5]

France is the heaviest taxed nation in Europe, with government consuming 47% of GDP.[6][7] Emmanuel Macron, a relatively unknown, was recruited by the global establishment to run against a rising populist movement led by Marine Le Pen in 2017. Macron has failed to deliver on any promises and is regarded as a puppet of elitists and the European Union. Dissatisfaction with globalization and the loss of sovereignty is blamed for increasing poverty and decline of the nation.

Similiar movements have appeared in Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Serbia, Bulgaria, and Iraq.


Emblematic of the meaning of the yellow vest, statist and bureaucratic laws require all automobiles in France to carry a yellow vest in case of an emergency. After the latest tax increase eating away their incomes, people felt they were in an emergency situation.[8]

The movement has no central organization or elected leadership. Unlike the EU supported Arab Spring uprisings of 2011, EU this time sent armoured vehicles into the streets of France to smash the anti-climate tax protests.[9]

As violence spread, the BBC was handed a D-Notice by the UK government (Defense-Notice, a legal gag order to censor reporting on "inflammatory" incidents for national security purposes) and ordered to not report on the death of protesters, or to use the words, "France" or "French" on the main page of the BBC website.

Battling climate change by taxation

While implementing the Paris climate agreement, which President Macron strongly supports, the Macron Administration has set a goal of ending the sale of gasoline and diesel vehicles by 2040 in an effort to comply with the Paris agreement's carbon reduction goals.[10][11][12]

In November and December 2018, Macron's program to raise fuel taxes was met with heavy resistance,[13] overwhelmingly supported by the public at large.[14][15]

Deaths, injuries and arrests

More than 850,000 people signed a petition supporting the Yellow Vests. Estimates put the size of the crowds at 287,000 in the streets of cities and towns throughout France. The demonstrations were the largest since the May 1968 protests which led to the toppling of De Gaulle. Macron eventually declared a "social and economic" emergency and ordered a force of 89,000 gendarmerie on the streets to deal with crowds.

An 80 year old woman at home in Marseille went to the window to close her blinds, and was hit by a tear gas cannister fired by the government, and killed.[16] A man in Bordeaux was tossing a police grenade away from the crowd when it blew up, severing his arm.[17] A young woman, Fiorina Lignier, lost an eye when she was indiscriminately shot in the face with a police grenade while attempting to leave the Champs-Elysees.[18] Police ordered the crowd to disperse,[19] but had coraled the people in making it impossible to leave.[20] One person is alleged to have been shot by a French police sniper.[21]


Emmanuel Macron, a rising globalist whose star has crested.

Polls show 80% of France support the yellow vest movement.[22] Even some police have shown a reluctance to follow orders to take action against innocent people. [23]

An old adage says the people in France always win in fight with their government. Macron, whom globalists praise as the "saviour of Europe,"[24] made concessions that violate the EU's budget austerity rules.[25] The taxes collected not only were intended to discourage driving and reduce carbon emissions, they also are a vital component of a wealth redistribution program to immigrants, to manage the Brussels EU-generated migrant crisis.[26]

Macron, who only days earlier chided President Trump before the whole world and condemned nationalist sentiment,[27] unabashedly claimed that "no tax deserves to risk unity of the nation," a rather odd way of saying 'diversity is not our strength.'

Since his election eighteen months earlier, Macron's popularity slid from 66% to 18%. Protesters demanded his resignation. While Merkel in Germany is on her way out, Macron represents a future of Europe that the people do not want.[28]

As the movement grew, students joined in support of workers, opposing the hardships big government imposes on people's everyday lives. A manifesto appeared mirroring President Trump's agenda.[29]

More liberal claptrap

Main article: Liberal claptrap

Speaking in front of flags of both the EU and France, Macron came out of hiding to address the nation.[30] Macron noted retirees had joined the protests and called the protesters thugs, angering more people.

Macron promised to "raise the minimum wage," "tax the rich," tax breaks for overtime and Holiday bonuses,[31] and other "crumbs."[32] Macron blamed the people for suffering from "malaise."[33] Not once did Macron mention the words "climate change," the issue which spawned tax increases, the decline in living standards, and civil unrest.

Most people considered Macron's speech condescending, rude, insincere, and his promises insufficient. His pledge of "No U turns" on his radical climate-driven agenda re-invigorated the movement's priorities to settle for nothing less than Macron's ouster. Work slowdowns and stoppages increased.

Decades of social spending and government diktats already ruined the French economy before Macron took office, leaving it in tatters. Macron promised the same - more deficits to pacify a people who have been bludgeoned mercilessly by the ever increasing size and power of government intruding into their lives. On cue, globist media started blaming the violence on Russian bots.

Italian Minister Matteo Salvini remarked, "History will show that if Macron had focused more on the French and less on Salvini and Italy, he would have a few less problems today."

Christmas market shooting

Following directly on the heels of Macron's national address another terrorist attack on Western Civilization and its cultural traditions occured at a Christmas market in Strasbourg,[34] seat of the EU Parliament leaving 4 French citizens dead and 14 wounded by a moderate rebel shouting "Allahu Akbar."[35][36] The Islamic State claimed credit.[37]

The alleged shooter, Cherif Chekatt,[38] was born in France and allegedly considered a high priority risk by police whom they allegedly were trying to arrest.[39] The alleged shooter was killed in a shoot out. Police allegedly found grenades in his apartment.[40]

Some people suspected the government was behind the Christmas market shooting in sn effort to scare people to stay home and svoid crowds.[41]

Other nation states


The yellow vest movement planned protests in the Netherlands.[42][43]


Hundreds of protestors demonstrated in front of the EU headquarters and called for Belgium's prime minister to resign.[43]


In Bulgaria, mobilization against rising fuel prices began November 2018. Thousands of Bulgarians blocked main roads and border crossings between their countries and Turkey. In the poorest country in the European Union, the slogan has expanded over time around the question of purchasing power.[44]


The rise in the price of gas in Serbia led to protests in June 2018 in several cities across the country. Bosko Obradovic, deputy of the nationalist Dveri party, said "We want normal prices for gasoline, or you will have yellow vests on the streets of Belgrade and Serbia."[45]


In Germany yellow vests demonstrated at the Brandenburg Gate. Protesters also demonstrated against the UN Migrant Treaty.[46]


In Basra, Iraq yellow vest protesters demanded better basic services, such as electricity and water and government corruption.[47] Protester were reportedly fired upon with live ammunition. [48]


Canadian protesters who felt the government was ignoring them demonstated against the UN Migrant Treaty.[49]


The Eygptian governmeit banned the sale of colored vests and arrested a leading opponent of the regime after he posted a photo of himself with a yellow vest on Facebook.


Yellow vests in Israel protested rising prices.[50]

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