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"Far right" is Anarcho-capitalism, the belief that capitalism without government and regulation is preferable. It does not advocate the use of force or violence to achieve political objectives.

Misuse of the term

See also: Far Left

Among warring factions of far leftists, they often label their opponents as "far right." For this reason it can sometimes be an ambiguous term used by liberals in a loose sense to mean something completely different – typically in an effort to disparage someone's character and/or position, usually of a conservative who espouses mainstream positions.[1][2]

It is typically used as "a Godwin" by liberals and mainstream media. For example, Adolf Hitler is sometimes described as having been on the "far right." But in reality, he was the leader of the National Socialist Party, so he was really an example of someone on the far-Left. Similarly, he is sometimes described as "Fascist". However, in reality, there were no Fascists in Germany. Fascism was a political system in Italy, led by Hitler's fellow Axis leader Benito Mussolini.

The main difference between Hitler and other totalitarians (like Josef Stalin of the Soviet Union) is that they were war enemies in a struggle for totalitarian control of Europe. The Communist party of that day won the media struggle to claim the title of "Leftist," and labeled their anti-God, anti-free market socialist brethren "Right wing."[3] The systems of big government and economy they imposed on their respective empires had more similarities than differences.

Another group of people some leftists consider to be "far right" and "right wing" are white supremacists and anti-Semitic organizations. In the United States, Democrats accusing Republicans of "racism" masks the white racists in the Democrats' own ranks "living on the dole."[4] This is done to attribute racism with conservatism. In reality, the Democrat Party is in coalition with white racists who get to hide the stigma of their racism by fearing Republicans will cut their entitlement benefits.

In the US, Europe, and the Middle East opponents of democracy typically apply the term "far right" to anyone who criticizes their human rights record or plans to replace the free market system with socialism. The idea behind this sort of name-calling is to associate the critics with the "worst mass murderer ever" (i.e., Adolf Hitler). This is erroneous, if only because both Stalin and Mao Tse-Tung killed at least six times more innocent people. (It is argued, however, that Hitler was also responsible for all of the deaths from World War II, and thus is in the same league as Stalin and Mao.)

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