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Liberal Bias is a much debated, and hot-button topic in the United States. There is more than just anecdotal information to suggest it is very real.

The Media Research Center Key Findings

Surveys over the past 25 years have consistently found that journalists are much more liberal than rest of America. The Media Research Center has compiled the relevant data on journalist attitudes, as well as polling showing how the American public's recognition of the media's liberal bias has grown over the years.[1]

  • Journalists Vote for Liberals: Between 1964 and 2004, Republicans won the White House seven times compared with four Democratic victories. But if only journalists’ ballots were counted, the Democrats would have won every time.

  • Journalists Say They Are Liberal: Surveys from 1978 to 2005 show that journalists are far more likely to say they are liberal than conservative, and are far more liberal than the public at large.

  • Journalists Reject Conservative Positions: None of the surveys have found that news organizations are populated by independent thinkers who mix liberal and conservative positions. Most journalists offer reflexively liberal answers to practically every question a pollster can imagine.

  • The Public Recognizes the Bias: Nearly nine out of ten Americans believe journalists sometimes or often let their personal views influence the way they report the news, and most say this bias helps liberals. Even a plurality of Democrats agree the press is liberal.

  • Denials of Liberal Bias Many journalists continue to deny the liberal bias that taints their profession.

  • Admissions of Liberal Bias A number of journalists have admitted that the majority of their brethren approach the news from a liberal angle.




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