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Rolling Stone is a bi-weekly magazine that primarily publishes stories about the music industry, but it also reports on more serious topics with a liberal bias. Founded in San Francisco in 1967, the magazine has undergone changes in focus and image ever since.

In June 2022, Rolling Stone published numerous pro-abortion articles after the reversal of Roe v. Wade, without publishing pro-life articles to balance them.

Its reporting on politics is considered by conservatives to be extraordinarily one-sided. In its list of the ten worst congressmen, nine out of ten were Republican.[1]

Additional examples of Rolling Stone work include:

  • a story promoting sensational -- but demonstrably false -- anti-ivermectin assertions about an emergency room being filled with victims of the medication. Rolling Stone ran a correction but did not correct its misleading headline.[2]
  • a cover mocking President George W. Bush with a dunce cap in the corner with an inside article by a professor claiming that Bush has a "combination of impotence, laziness and ineptitude for the job"[3]
  • an article by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. insisting that Bush stole the election of 2004,[4] which the former President Bill Clinton then described as "compelling"
  • a pre-election article in 2004 urging voters to cast their ballots for John Kerry.
  • a cover with the Boston Marothon Bombing-terrorist Dzhokhar Tsarnaev[5]

The magazine has employed a number of notable correspondents, including the liberal, drug-abusing, and Anti-Christian Hunter S. Thompson, and the late libertarian P.J.O'Rourke.

Al Gore and Bill Clinton continued to be featured frequently in Rolling Stone, long after their relevancy passed.