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Univision is a television network serving the Latino community. During the 2016 presidential campaign

Univision unapologetically positioned itself as an anti-Trump network and the defender of the Hispanic community they felt was being attacked by him. [1]

Despite their efforts,

Trump won a higher than expected percentage of the Latino vote.[1]

Univision pulled a scam at a Kamala Harris press conference in conjunction with the Biden/Harris team in Mexico City in 2021. A naturalized American citizen, Maria Fernanda Reyes, was credentialed and planted in the audience among journalists. Reyes was called upon by Harris and introduced as a reporter representing Univision named Maria Fernanda and began with, "It's an honor... I voted for you." Reyes is not a journalist.[2] Univision employs another journalist in Miami with a similar name, Maria Fernanda Lopez, who has never been to Mexico City.