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Hillary Clinton was an undistinguished United States Senator, serving the State of New York for eight years from 2001 to 2008. Other than leading the Democratic effort for Iraqi regime change and singing the siren song of Saddam's WMD, Sen. Clinton can boast of only three minor legislative accomplishments.[1]

When Mrs. Clinton and her husband left the White House in 2001, the family was $8 million in debt, principally legal bills; by 2008, the Clinton's personal net worth exceeded $100 million, plus managing the assets of the Clinton Foundation as well the 2006 Hillary for Senate campaign and the 2008 Hillary for President campaign.[2][3]

The Clintons, who supposedly were broke when they left the White House and paid off victims of Bill Clinton's sexual assaults,[4][5] after Hillary's 8 years in the Senate now are in the top 1% of income earners in the United States.[6]

2000 Senate election

In 2000, Hillary Clinton ran for the New York Senate seat vacated by the Democratic Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan. Backed by the White House, she obtained the Democratic nomination for this Senate seat, and then won easily against Republican Rick Lazio (who entered the race when Rudy Giuliani withdrew). Clinton was a high visibility show horse, working to develop a base in upstate regions. She initiated no major legislation.[7] Clinton is said to have belonged to a conservative prayer group with the purpose of "bringing Jesus back to Capitol Hill."[8] A few of her collaborators in the group include Senator Sam Brownback (R-Kan) and Senator Rick Santorum (R-Pa).

In preparation for her Senate bid, President Clinton offered clemency to members of the Armed Forces of National Liberation (FALN) terrorist group [9] to curry favor with radical Puerto Rican voters among the New York electorate.[10] The FALN bombed Fraunces Tavern in Manhattan, killing four people in 1975. Over a six-year period, the group claimed responsibility for more than 100 bombings that took six lives and injured some 130 people.[11]

Upon being elected to the United States Senate in 2000 Hillary Clinton was declared the inevitable successor to George W. Bush by Clinton mainstream media surrogates.[12][13] The Democratic party voters however was happy to nominate somebody other than whom media sycophants anointed. In what appears a negotiated deal Hillary finally conceded and was given the job of Secretary of State. This was intended to add foreign policy experience to her résumé, a weakness of Presidents Obama and Bush Jr.

As Senator she voted numerous times to build a border wall[14][15] and referred to Mexicans as undesirables.[16]

Warhawk & WMD

Sen. Hillary Clinton led the fight on the floor of the United States Senate among Democrats to grant President George W. Bush authority to remove Saddam Hussein from Iraq. Hillary Clinton claimed, based upon her experience over 8 years in the White House, that Saddam was in possession of Weapons of Mass Destruction, first hand knowledge she had thst even Dick Cheney and George W. Bush did not have.[17] Sen. Bernie Sanders questioned her judgement, and he and his supporters were ostracized and ridiculed by the Democratic party establishment and media sycophants for doing so. [18][19][20]

Speaking on Saddam Hussein's possession of weapons of mass destruction (WMD), Hillary invoked her experience in the Clinton White House:,

I have to say that this is something that I have followed for a decade. If he [Saddam] were serious about disarming, he would have been much more forthcoming. There may be progress, we may be destroying his missiles, there is no accounting for the chemical and biological stocks.[21]

Hillary Clinton further described the situation after weapons inspectors we're expelled during the time when America had two in the position of presidential leadership, "for the price of one."[22]

Hillary convinced Democrats who voted for the War in Iraq based on her expertise that Saddam was in possession of WMD.
In the four years since the inspectors left, intelligence reports show that Saddam Hussein has worked to rebuild his chemical and biological weapons stock, his missile delivery capability, and his nuclear program. He has also given aid, comfort, and sanctuary to terrorists, including al Qaeda members ... It is clear, however, that if left unchecked, Saddam Hussein will continue to increase his capacity to wage biological and chemical warfare, and will keep trying to develop nuclear weapons.[23]

Some have likened her outlook and temperament to Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and George W. Bush rolled into one.

DOMA and gay marriage

Candidate Clinton said in January 2000 that marriage does not include gay unions,

Marriage has got historic, religious and moral content that goes back to the beginning of time and I think a marriage is as a marriage has always been, between a man and a woman.
Clinton said as a Senator she would have voted for the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act, portions of which the Supreme Court struck down in 2012. By 2013, in typical Clintonian fashion, Clinton apologists began pushing the "she's evolved" narrative rather than criticize the naked hypocrisy.


In preparation for her Senate bid, Bill Clinton offered clemency to members of the Armed Forces of National Liberation (FALN) terrorist group [24] to curry favor with radical Puerto Rican voters among the New York electorate.[25] The FALN bombed the historic Fraunces Tavern in Manhattan, killing four people in 1975. Over a six-year period, the group claimed responsibility for more than 100 bombings that took six lives and injured some 130 people.[26]

Illegal fundraising, 2000

In January 2006 Hillary Clinton's New York Senate 2000 campaign was fined by the FEC for failing to accurately report $721,895 in contributions.[27]

Illegal fundraising, 2007

Norman Hsu was a 'HillRaiser', someone who brought in more than $860,000 for her 2008 presidential campaign, and co-hosted a $1 million fundraiser in Beverly Hills. Hsu had been convicted of defrauding investors of over $1 million in 1992 and had a fugitive warrant out for over 15 years at the time. Hillary had been warned about the source of the contributions earlier, but only returned the money after the scandal became public.

Working moms

After making a speech about how New York farmers "are really hurting these days," Hillary dropped into an upstate farming community diner. The manager told her breakfast was on the house. Hillary ordered two orders of scrambled eggs, home fries and rye toast. When she left, Mrs. Clinton, who once took a 15-cent tax deduction as a charitable contribution for her husband's used underwear, stiffed the waiitress.

Not only did she stiff the waitress, when asked by a reporter about it, in true Clinton fashion, she lied. "This is just another wild story." The Free Republic website established the, It Takes a Village To Tip a Waitress Fund, and sent the mother $600.[28] Meanwhile, in crisis-spin mode, the Clinton team reached out to the mother, who was raising a son on $5000 a year before tips, with no healthcare and no child support. Hillary's staff bought a savings bond for the son's education to cover their boss's screw up. The bond would be worth $100 in 13 years, when the child turns 24.

In Iowa it happened again. Hillary ate in a greasy spoon and chatted with a waitress, a single mom of two children. It was the waitress's first day on the job and her primary work was in a nursing home. She was working two jobs to make ends meet. Hillary stiffed the waitress, and then repeated the waitress's story about two jobs on the next few campaign stops.

The waitress felt violated, that the personal story she told she thought was in confidence and now was being used without her permission. When the waitress's picture appeared in the local newspaper alongside Hillary, her boss at her primary place of employment, who was no fan of Hillary, cut her hours. The waitress was last reported as considering voting for Obama in the 2008 Democratic Iowa caucus.


The noted newspaper which covers legislative affairs, The Hill, reported Hillary Clinton received more earmarks for Congressional pork barrel projects than only one other United States Senator. Reforming the earmark process had been among the Democrats top priorities in the 110th Congress, up until the time Democrats voted to rescind the rules aimed at reform that were passed in the first 100 hours of the new Congress in January. Ethics reform and the earmark process is widely attributed as the cause why Republicans lost control of both Houses of Congress after several members had been caught up in ethical scandals. The Hill reported Sen. Clinton received 26 earmarks worth about $148.4 million total, much going to Pentagon contractors.[29]

Voting record

After voting to send troops to Iraq Hillary Clinton voted against funding the troops in Iraq. In May 2007 Clinton voted against raising the minimum wage.[30]

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