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Social justice warrior

A social justice warrior, often abbreviated as SJW, is a type of leftist who acts like a small child and physically assaults people and breaks things. SJWs typically hold the racist view that white people are the source of all evil.[1] The term is a pejorative for those who engage in identity politics and political correctness or wokeism. A large percentage of social justice warriors are secular leftists.

Prior to the explosion of the internet, only a small number of societal problems were brought forth at any given moment, racism perhaps being foremost.

Daniel Greenfield wrote about the phenomenon at Frontpage Magazine:

Social justice warriors use the language of civil rights to assert their private victimhood identity. This can range from the simple, race and gender, to a list of dozens of sexual identities, psychological disorders and survivor of assorted traumas. And let’s not forget disabilities (real or imagined) and morbid obesity.[2]

In Asia, South America, Central America and the Middle East, there are no social justice warriors decrying "white privilege", "Asian privilege", "Hispanic/Latino privilege" or "Arab privilege".

In India, the Philippines, Korea, Japan, Nigeria, Pakistan and in South American countries a type of colourism exists preferring fair skin due to the effects of mass media and in some cases due to past colonialism (in the colonial period manual laborers would work long hours in the sun and their skin would darken while the wealthy lived a life of leisure indoors).[3]

SJW atheists

See also: SJW atheists

Postmodernism and Marxism are both atheistic ideologies (see also: Atheism and postmodernism).

Keri Smith wrote at the news website Medium:

I don’t yet know what to call this part of the left. Maajid Nawaz calls them the “Regressive Left.” Others call them SJWs (Social Justice Warriors) or the Alt-Left. The ideology is post-modernist cultural marxism, and it operates as a secular religion. Most are indoctrinated in liberal elite colleges, though many are being indoctrinated online these days. It has its own dogma and jargon, meant to make you feel like a good person, and used to lecture others on their ‘sin.’ “Check your privilege”- much like “mansplaining” and “gaslighting”- all at one time useful terms- have over time lost a lot of their meaning. These days I see them most frequently being abused as weaponized ad hominem attacks on a person’s immutable identity markers….a way to avoid making an argument, while simultaneously claiming an unearned moral highground in a discussion.

I have been wondering why more people on the left are not speaking up against violence, in favor of free exchange of ideas and dialogue, in favor of compassion. But I know why. I was in the cult. Part of it is that you are a true believer, and part of it is that you are fearful of being called an apostate — in being trashed as a sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, Islamophobic, xenophobic, fascist, white supremacist nazi.[4]

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